An Eye on the Housekeeper Ch. 03

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Aidra Fox

About 10:30 on Friday morning, the motion detector cameras switched on as Doris entered the apartment. Things began as normal with Doris starting to unload cleaning supplies from the cart and busying her self with straightening up the living room. She suddenly stopped when she saw the note on the pornos. The expression on her face was borderline between panic and desperation. She picked up the tapes and examined them unsure of what to do. She sat on the couch for a few minutes with the videos lying on the coffee table and obviously had a million things running through her mind. Was she going to get fired? Did anyone else know? What did anyone know? Had Peter just seen somehow that she had been watching them or that they had been disturbed? Had she somehow damaged them? She sat on the sofa just looking at the videos for several minutes then finally decided that there was only one thing to do. Doris took the video that was marked like the last one she had watched, plugged it into the video unit and sat down on the sofa with the remote. She stared at the blank screen for what seemed like an eternity, her breaths coming rapidly and her heart pounding. With those million things still running through her mind, she finally pushed play.

The screen switched from blue to the beginning of the video that Doris had expected to see. For a few minutes the scene ran as normal, and Doris visibly relaxed but her slightly lined face still showed confusion. If there was nothing wrong with the tape, why the note? Then the image changed. Doris’ face suddenly lost it’s color when she saw herself sitting in the sofa feverishly rubbing her tits while an inset picture showed the female porn star feeling her self up. Doris looked quickly around as if expecting to see someone else in the apartment while her mind tried to reregister what was happening. She continued to keep looking around the room, perhaps to find the camera but kept getting drawn back to the screen as it continued to change. On the screen the image now showed her with her hand jammed down the front of her pants and a frenzied intense look on her face.

The look on her face at the bursa escort moment was anything but intense, her color was ashen and her expression was more of the mortified category. The scenes continued to change showing different angles of Doris, sometime with an inset in the screen to show what she had been watching, sometimes from the rear so the video screen could be seen in the background. By the time her image on the screen had pushed her pants around her ankles, the shot was low level from the front and Doris was now glued to the images as she watched herself lewdly jam the duster handle in and out of her splayed pussy. Slowly a more resigned look cam across her face as she watched the drama play out, then gradually she became more interested. He had obviously gone to a lot of effort with this video and there could only be one reason; he must have liked what he saw. She wondered if it excited him. What had he done when he first saw these pictures? She was becoming oddly aroused watching herself masturbate on television and knowing that someone else had seen it too. Her pussy began to get moist and she resisted the temptation to rub it for fear that she was being taped again. The female porn star was now getting fucked hard from behind and the image showed herself jamming the duster feverishly into her cunt. Doris’ hand unconsciously traveled to her pussy while she became more and more engrossed in the video. When she finally realized that she was frigging herself again she stopped momentarily, but then continued, after all, what could it hurt? Her video image was now cumming hard on the screen, and she grinding the heel of her hand hard against her clit watching it, her breathing ragged.

Suddenly, the image changes again and Doris froze with her mouth agape. She could still see the image of herself in the throes of orgasm in the background, but the shot was from behind the couch and it wasn’t her head that she saw the back of.. “Oh my God,” she thought, is that Peter?” The image switched to a frontal view with an inset, and Doris was shocked beyond the belief to see Peter sitting on the couch stark bursa escort bayan naked stroking his cock while the inset showed her fucking herself with the duster. She watched intently as Peter’s gaze was locked on the screen and he steadily stroked his rigid cock. As her image on the screen brought herself closer to orgasm, peter stroked faster and his look was more intense, almost hungry. She started rubbing her pussy again, harder and faster this time watching this young man with the hard body masturbate to the images of her masturbating. It was enough to boggle her mind, but the bottom line was that he obviously found this exciting and she was definitely excited now. She unbuttoned her pants and stuffed her fingers down her panties and desperately worked two fingers into her cunt. She frigged herself faster as the image of herself now collapsed on the couch and the image of Peter was obviously very close to cumming himself.. Suddenly, the image of Peter stood up from the couch, one hand still grasping his large hard cock. He turned to face the camera, smiled and crooked his finger in a beckoning motion then tuned and disappeared down the hall. The screen went blank.

Doris sat dumbfounded for at least a solid minute absolutely unsure of what to do. She stared at the blank screen with her fingers still in her cunt. She looked at the entrance to the hallway, then around the apartment then back to the hall. Finally she stood, pulled her hand from her pants and walked slowly down the hall to Peter’s bedroom door. It was slightly ajar, and with her heart beating as though it would come through her chest, she slowly pushed open the door.

I had heard the video go off from the bedroom where I had waited all morning. I stood next to the bed completely naked, my rock hard jutting lewdly out in front of me, looking for all intents and purposes just as I had on the video. I heard Doris step slowly down the hall, and when the door began to open, I thought my heart would burst through my chest. When the door opened, I saw her standing in the door, pants unbuttoned and her mouth still open bursa escort kız in disbelief as to what was happening. I smiled broadly at her and crooked my finger. Her expression softened and she started walking towards me. She stopped and started to say something while pointing towards the living room. I stepped quickly to her and held my finger to her lips. She turned to face me and I quickly took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. She responded quickly and passionately, grabbing the back of my head and running her hand up and down my back. I broke the kiss and lifted her T-shirt over her head. I ran my hand over her silk-clad tits and her knees buckled slightly. Reaching behind her I released her bra and her gorgeous tits spilled out. They were heavy and sagged slightly but they were large and form. My mouth went immediately to them. I circled the nipples with my tongue and then sucked as much as I could into my mouth. Moans were escaping Doris’ lips now and as I pushed her back on the bed she said in a desperate gasp “Oh Please..It’s been so long.” I kissed my way down her stomach and as I reached her panties, she bucked her hips against my face. I couldn’t believe this, she was cumming and I hadn’t even touched her pussy yet.

She wasn’t about to let me take my time. As she regained herself, she wiggled from under me and desperately pulled her pants and panties off. She lay splayed on the bed her pussy glistening. Her ample tits spilled to the side and her thick torso looked amazingly inviting. Without hesitation, she reached up grabbed my cock and gently pulled me down to her guiding it straight to her hot cunt.

“Oh Please, do it. Fuck me hard.”

I pushed easily into her slippery hole and the response was amazing. I felt her pussy spasm and watch watched another orgasm rack her body. Without waiting for her to stop cumming, I began fucking her in earnest.

“Oh yes..yesss Yesss, Oh that’s it Oh FUCK MEEEEE.”

I drilled hard into her watching her tits bounce and her body ripple. She arched her back to meet my thrusts and I could swear that the entire time she simply evolved from one orgasm to the next. I lifted my self up on my hands and pounded hard into her. Her pussy gripped me hard once more and suddenly she literally screamed and I felt a torrent of juice release from her pussy. Her body shook uncontrollably and I spewed an incredible load into her before collapsing on her still heaving chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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