An Obvious Fix

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Angie and Stewart met like many couples do. Their eyes stumbled across one another through a drunken haze, in a hot and steamy nightclub, when the lights were dim and the energy was weak at the end of the night. Friends had driveled down to just a few, and through the dim window a sparkling gem was desired.

Gradually people left and faded away as the night drew to a close, and that sparkling gem did appear in the form of a hot, sexy, alpha male; a master of the game, a man worthy of being submitted to. A man she would soon be inclined to do anything for. Or so that would be the story if Angie were to tell it.

Stewart laid his eyes on a hot smoking babe with a fuck me raw look on her face and couldn’t believe his luck. That would be his rendition.

Either way, their sexual attraction had lasted a long while. The couple’s relationship had progressed, but not in the typical boyfriend and girlfriend sense. Their keen and inspired minds had created a productive business relationship that fared them both well. They had developed a professional organizing company that specialized in setting up contests.

He ran everything, including her mind.

She gladly submitted to his every whim, in and out of the office.

Occasionally when Angie displeased him, Stewart would shut the door, lower the blinds, bend her over the desk and take care of her right there. He enjoyed watching her smooth, toned, skin inflame. Often, after every slap he would finger her aggressively and command her to beg to be fucked. At that point he would turn on the stereo in the office and order her to whisper. His large spacious office at the end of the wing offered plenty of privacy.

Angie took his punishments in stride, and enjoyed them, eagerly anticipating the end result. After stimulating her to the height of erotic need, he had a habit of licking her to an orgasmic blissful state.

Stewart had insisted on an open relationship and separate apartments. Angie happily agreed, as she did with every one of his ideas. He was her Master and being his faithful hot slut, was exactly what she lived for. She had a few boyfriends with talents in different ways that fulfilled her as well, so Angie was happy with the arrangement, and the path her life was taking.

The idea of formulating a company that handles the logistics of running a contest first came after hours of mind blowing sex. They would often lay back, entwine their bodies, laugh, talk, discuss and soak up each others positive energy. Soon the pair developed a business proposal.

Stewart with his charming, yet assertive persona was a natural born salesman. Angie had a sophisticated style, a sharp wit, and a humbling quality about her that appealed to people and made them want to do what she requested. Those qualities served their business well. They had been operating for five years now and were yielding a decent profit that left them both very comfortable. They were comfortable, but not extravagantly rich.

“I’ve got a busy weekend planned my sexy one,” Stewart said coming up behind Angie and pressing his energy into her fine set of cheeks.

Angie felt his hardness and turned her head to look at her Master. Her bracelets jingled as she sexily curved her long, dark, hair around her face with a quick motion. Angie’s hair hung beautifully around her heart shaped features and brilliantly blue, sparkling eyes. She radiated innocence. Looking into Angie’s eyes always made Stewart hard.

Stewart closed the door to his office and swept away the files on his desk. The knowledge that outside the office, ten employees could potentially hear, or discover them pleasuring one another, accentuated the enjoyment.

Angie knew her Master’s immediate needs were her top priority. Her ass was still tender from her last clerical mistake. She scurried up on the desk, raised her skirt and lowered her knickers and stockings.

Rather than approaching her from behind, after feasting his eyes on her full, round, buttocks, Stewart appeared on the other side of the desk.

“Crawl forward slut and open your throat, you’re going to deep throat me,” Stewart said as he watched his beautiful Angie inch her way forward toward to his cock.

He closed his eyes as her warm mouth surrounded his manhood. She teased and adored his manhood, like the wild vixen she was.

“Ohh babe, that feels so fucking good.”

Stewart slid down Angie’s throat repeatedly, going faster and faster. Just before he was about to go off he pulled out.

“Sit up for me, take off you dress, show me how hot you are.”

Angie raised her dress over her head. Her breasts were full and stood proud.

“Touch yourself for me,” whispered Stewart.

Angie ran her fingers over her gorgeous tits and down the crevice of her slender stomach to her hot spot. She circled her clit and moaned softly while Stewart watched.

Soon Stewart was behind her, and inside Angie, pumping her deeply as Angie circled her clit. He fucked her wild Pendik Esmer Escort and fast. Stewart laid his hand on Angie’s back as he pumped her with forceful thrusts, over and over again. With a buoyant eruption his sperm filled her pussy.

“Cum now slut,” he whispered. He immediately felt her wet release around his throbbing cock.

The scent of sex permeating the room was replaced with the fragrant aroma of exotic scents as the couple washed each other off in the shower off the main office suite.

The sexy couple wished everyone in the office a good weekend and off they went to enjoy their respective weekends.

That evening when Angie arrived at home, she threw her keys down and let her mind wander. She thought about how Stewart was a thrilling lover. She considered how her interest in work had become weak and how her compulsion to travel and see the world had become strong.

One of her friends had told Angie about a cruise ship that traveled once around the world in a year. A traveler would be able to hook up with it at any port, thus allowing longer stays in different parts of the world. Both her and Stewart could take turns and each take six months off. One of the two of them would need to stay to make sure the business was running smoothly to be on top of things. A good chunk of cash would be needed though.

When Stewart arrived at the airport to pick up his Katcha, he was already hard. He thought about how she enjoyed sucking him off in the airport parking area. It was one of her favorite things to do. It was a good thing he had washed off Angie’s scent. Katcha was such a hot nymph; she would be all over him in minutes.

Sure he enjoyed Angie. She had a sparkle of her own. He wouldn’t trade in anything for his hot, little, innocent, tart that eagerly submitted to him at the office, but Katcha had talents that few women possessed.

Ah, Katcha. Thoughts of her enthusiastic blow jobs came to mind. Katcha was one of a kind and incredibly submissive to his every need. She looked like Cleopatra, but acted like a faithful servant. Her hair was dark, short, and sleek. Just like her body. When she entered a room she glided in, and moved elegantly.

Her tits were a decent size. Katcha liked to attract attention and often showed them off in short, low cut, dresses when they attended charity dances. It was something they enjoyed doing together when she flew in for the weekend. They graced the dance floor with style and always received appreciative glances.

The couple suited each other and they had fun together. Katcha enjoyed adventure, plus she enjoyed Stewart’s devious need to fuck her in a semi private situation at each, and every party. Stewart put his hand on his cock and licked his lips, thinking about the sexual adventure ahead.

When she had packed, Katcha had carefully folded her cat suit, her french maids outfit, her jungle girl, and genie costumes, along with her newest addition, a policewoman’s costume. She had each one especially designed for her by a friend, who was also a seamstress. Role playing was her passion. She rarely came out of character.

Stewart and Katcha’s reunion was exuberant and his airport blow job was spectacular. While she prepared dinner and herself, Stewart ran a few errands.

When Stewart returned and let himself into his apartment, Katcha was kneeling on a mat on her knees beside the door. Her darkly accented eyes and sleek black cat suit with silvery flakes, sparkled and flashed at him as he entered the room. Stewart idly petted her hair.

Katcha purred softly. Stewart sat down and stirred his drink. He took a long swig and snapped his fingers. Katcha crawled sexily towards him, her sleek black one piece suit revealing her luscious curves. It was low cut and allowed her tits to just about spill out it with every movement. Katcha kneeled before her lover looking up at him quietly.

“You look gorgeous tonight Katcha. I bet you’re wet. Put your hand on your pussy and rub hard for me. Make that fabric go inside you.”

Katcha’s breath came fast as she kneeled in front of his chair and started rubbing.

“Go faster.”


“Rub harder!”

“Cum for me!”

Before long Katcha purred her release and sat back down on her haunches. She curved her hands, licked them and rubbed her face. Katcha’s painted on whiskers accented her exotic eyes.

“Good girl. Now pose and freeze for me, with that sexy ass of yours high in the air. And keep grooming yourself Kat.”

As Kat absentmindedly adapted to her role, Stewart undid the flap that allowed Kat’s sexy ass and hot pussy to be free.

Reaching over Stewart took some massage oil and applied it to her ass and pussy inside and out until she was slick.

Kat purred as her Master prepared her. Holding her moist well oiled ass, Stewart slid his cock deep inside his Kat and filled her pussy.

Kat purred while Stewart fucked her, raising her sexy ass cheeks even higher in Pendik Eve Gelen Escort the air. With a rhythmic pulse Stewart eased in and out of his sexy vixen. She purred beautifully as he fucked her wet pussy. With a satisfied grunt he deposited a big load of hot cum deep inside her.

“Cup your hand on your pussy and gather my sperm. Good girl. Now lick it all up my sexy kitten.”

Stewart watched as Kat seductively licked and lapped his cum from her hand.

“Good girl. Curl up on the sofa now and have a nap until I call for you again. Leave yourself exposed in case I want to slip in behind you and wake you up with my hard cock.”

Kat walked sexily on all fours, and then jumped onto the sofa. She curled her petite figure into the furniture with her glistening, perfect, cheeks pointed outward.

When Stewart arrived back to work on Monday, Angie noticed how relaxed and happy he looked. She knew better than to ask. Pleasing her man and not making him cross with her, made Angie happy. Besides she had a great time with a Master she had first met at a singles, key exchange party a year ago.

Hunter and her had gotten along so well, that they developed an on again, off again, relationship. He was a strong Master and commanded her beautifully, always making sure she orgasmed first.

In fact, he would make a good traveling companion. The more she thought about it, the more Angie determined that Hunter would very likely, be receptive to her suggestion. Angie decided to take the plunge and trust him with her idea. Hunter was an honest, decent person, but hopefully not too honest.

Angie invited him over the following Saturday night and bought some sexy lingerie for the occasion.

Angie was in the middle of giving Stewart a mind blowing blow job when she decided to spring the question.

“Hunter, how would you like to take a little time off work and go on a nice, relaxing, extended vacation?” Angie asked Hunter playfully when she took a breath while sucking her Master’s cock.

Angie’s head bobbed up and down as she enthusiastically adjusted the pressure and power of her blow job.

“How can I say no,” Hunter moaned as she achieved her goal and his sperm landed in his sexy vixen’s mouth.

Hunter was between jobs and happily agreed to the arrangement that Angie presented.

Stewart kept thinking about the hundred and fifty thousand dollar slot tournament coming up that his firm would be handling. The idea of spending the money kept penetrating his thoughts as he schemed and contrived a way to profit.

When Stewart invited Katcha over, he had full expectations that she would agree to his plan. They made love, joked, discussed, touched and lingered over cognac in front of the fire. After a few hours and a lengthy discussion, the pair decided that this could in fact work. That is how Katcha and Hunter first met.

On the night before the opening tournament, Marty, Angie’s assistant, entered the casino floor through the poker room. As predicted, no one was there. He chose a machine away from the eyes of the surveillance camera and opened it up. Marty configured the machine, then re calibrated it.

Throughout the day people would profit and win big on that particular machine that was part of the bank of tournament machines for that evening. A couple of hours before the big tournament the machines were roped off and stood in silence waiting for their moment to be revealed.

Two people stood out from the rest. It was their natural style and confidence that set them apart. One, was the beautiful woman in the tight skirt and blouse, and the other was the attractive man in the polo shirt, sunglasses and baseball hat.

They stood in the sidelines, with amused smirks, observing the cheating that was taking place as the remainder of the names were being added to the tournament list from a big draw barrel. Hundreds of people had thrown their names in that barrel over a three month period. From separate corners they watched with amused interest as the casino personal fished inside the big mesh barrel and pulled out names one by one.

A young Rep with a hundred dollar haircut picked a name, then radioed it to the girl in the casino guest services booth. Two minutes later the name was broadcast across the casino floor.

You would think the Rep would call out the name as soon as he picked it. Also, there would be a very good chance that the person who won might not be there so therefore another name would be called. But this was not the case.

You see that all the time. Contests are fixed and rigged continually. Look closely and you might just discover your own obvious fix in your situation. In this instance the haircut hero turned to the people in front of him, one by one, and said, “You’re in, or you’ve won.” The rep seemed to know the people by name as well. It was as if there was a separate list in the back, with those people’s names on it.

It was an obvious fix; like many Pendik Evi Olan Escort contests are. Just like radio announcers will choose their friends as companions on trip giveaways, regulars were awarded a spot in the tournament through clandestine means. The casino personals tactics were carefully disguised, but to a keen observer the writing was on the wall.

Nepotism runs rampant in many contests. It happens all the time, all around you. Next time you hear a radio announcer joke with the winner, who is really clever and witty, realize that the person you’re listening to may have just been picked to win. It just didn’t happen by chance.

Marty, Angie’s right hand man, could attest to that as he put the dot on the envelope that held the number of the winning machine. His partner James was in the washroom grooming for the contest as Marty put the marked envelope in with the rest. They made a dynamic team and were a hot couple. Marty didn’t want to be deceptive but he didn’t know how James would react. Marty and James were Angie’s and Stewart’s frontline men. They put on a good venue and kept up the contest company’s image of being fun and entertaining.

Katcha dressed conservatively and looked stunning. She wore a long blond straight wig and disguised her eyes with green contacts. Hunter was dressed equally inconspicuously in his, would be, signature look. It was hard to determine Hunter’s features, but his strong chest and muscles were evident in his polo shirt. The two kept snatching glances at one another, an animal magnetism drawing them closer and closer. Katcha wanted a closer look at the man behind the sunglasses.

Marty grabbed the prize box with the machine numbers two minutes before the start of the tournament, leaving James frustrated. He called out Hunter’s name and presented him with the prize box.

Hunter moved the envelopes around. There were two that had marks on the outside. One was a dot and one was a tick mark. It was a little longer than the other one. Why would there be two, Hunter asked himself? He remembered Angie had said specifically to look for a dot, so that was the envelope he chose. James took the prize container and passed it to Katcha after calling out her name. He was relieved to see the marked envelope was still there. She fished around, looked for the envelope with the tick on it, found it, and melted into the background.

The tournament lasted two minutes. Each contestant was to pound the start button repeatedly, accumulating points as they did.

Katcha and Hunter had the highest scores and became first and second place winners. They would both go on to the final round. They had an hour to wait.

Hunter was determined to get to know and fuck the green eyed blonde that had such a strong sexual energy about her.

Hunter had a feeling about her and decided to try his luck. He found her playing a game, sat down at the slot machine beside her and turned his chair. When he lowered his glasses and revealed his intense, blue eyes, Katcha melted.

They immediately clicked. The two developed a natural and easy banter between them that was charged with sexual premonition.

They had a few drinks and their tongues became looser. The sexual attraction between them was invigorating. At one point Hunter decided she was ready for him to make his pitch.

“Do you know why my name is Hunter? Because I was born to find and hunt a hot, sexy women like you. Now that I finally found you, I will make you scream all through the night as I pierce you with my tongue, and cock, over and over again while holding you down. My instinct tells me you want to be dominated. I see you on my bed in torn clothes, barely covering you. Your tanned skin is exposed and ready to submit to my desires. Katcha is a great name. You’ll be the jungle cat that I capture and hold down. Katcha, let me make you a very happy woman,” Hunter appealed.

Hunter delivered his appeal with strong confidence. He watched Katcha turn a shade of red.

“I’ll take it under consideration,” she managed as heat pulsed strong in her chest.

He noticed how hard her nipples had become and backed off with confidence. The finals were about to start anyways. Whoever achieved first and second would win a thousand dollars and five hundred, respectively.

After they won Katcha agreed to a victory drink with the handsome, mysterious, stranger who had caused her clit to jump and caused an emptiness to develop, that needed filling.

“C’mon baby, let me rock your world, and satisfy you beyond belief,” Hunter urged once again, mid conversation.

The casino was attached to a hotel. Soon they were in their room. When she removed her wig and showed him her bangs and sleek black hair, he got even harder for her.

Hunter’s love making was strong and forceful; exactly how she enjoyed it. The variety of positions he put her in, thrilled her. She assumed the role of an innocent. Katcha was shy and timid and needed coaxing. It was the best she could do without the costume to support her role. She longed to be the sexy schoolgirl for him or the wild jungle cat he had described earlier. She wanted to be a jungle cat fucked by a raging wild animal, but for now she played sweet and innocent. Hunter loved it and excelled in his take charge role.

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