An Offer He Can’t Refuse Ch. 04

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This story features anal sex, so be warned in case that’s not your cup of tea. Don’t expect realism and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


Squinting her eyes in the glaring sun, Julia looked up at the stage where the boys and girls from Mike’s class waited for their names to be called. They all looked so similar, with their identical graduation caps and gowns, but Julia quickly found her son among the excited seniors about to receive their diplomas.

Julia smiled as her eyes rested on her boy’s handsome face. Even from where she was sitting, midway among the rows of chairs aligned in the schoolyard, their gazes locked. He was smiling back at her. For a moment Julia was tempted to wave at him, but she managed to restrain herself, not wanting to embarrass him in front of his friends. She felt so proud, so happy. And so, so horny.

Earlier, when they left home, she had let Mike drive just so she could suck him off before the graduation ceremony. Thrilled by that unexpected blowjob, Mike had taken his time cruising through town, his head thrown back and his hands clenching the wheel while his mother lovingly and expertly nursed on his fat cock, bouncing her face on his lap and taking him deep in her gullet, massaging his shaft within her throat as she gulped down the constant dribbles of pre-cum oozing from his bloated throat-clogging glans. They were approaching the school’s parking lot when Mike came, flooding his mom’s mouth with seed. Julia cooed as she swallowed down his massive load, loving the taste of her son’s creamy cum and marveling at the sheer amount of sperm he never failed to produce. Before they left the car, sharing a knowing grin, Mike had scooped up a thin milky dribble from the corner of her mouth with his finger, which she promptly licked clean.

Julia involuntarily ran her tongue over her lips as she savored the last traces of her boy’s intoxicating ejaculate still coating her mouth. Looking at him on the stage, so confident and relaxed, she smiled to herself as she recalled what a wreck he had been a few weeks earlier and what miracles her sexual incentives had worked on him since then. Well, on the both of them, actually.

There was a vague nuance of bitterness nagging at her, though, a lingering sense of fear at the thought that her boy was all grown up and ready to leave home. He’d be off to college in the fall, Julia knew, and she dreaded the thought of seeing him go. They had gotten so close recently that the mere idea of not having him around the house and not being able to continue their intense and loving sexual relationship seemed inconceivable to Julia.

Still, that day was meant for celebration and she wasn’t going to ruin it. Letting out a long sigh of mixed contentment and apprehension, Julia relaxed and crossed her legs, waiting for the graduation ceremony to be over so that she and Mike could head back home, where she could finally give him the present he deserved: her wet, needy pussy. ‘Now, that’s a happy thought!’ Julia mused, the corners of her mouth rising up and a warm fuzzy feel radiating from her abdomen.

A nudge on her side broke her reverie. “Look at you, Jules,” said Julia’s big sister Jennifer, with a characteristic smirk in her voice, “the picture of a proud, happy mom! You look great, by the way.”

Turning toward her sister, Julia shook her head and looked down at her simple yet classy light green summer dress. “What, this? It’s just an old rag, Jenny,” she said dismissively, her mind still dwelling on images of her handsome son and his chiseled young body.

“No, not the dress, YOU,” Jennifer insisted, leaning closer, pressing her half-exposed boobs against her little sister’s naked arm. She was wearing a short beige dress, whose neckline revealed way more cleavage that Julia’s outfit did. “You look different, Jules, you’re totally glowing. It’s like…” Jennifer mused, looking at her intently. Then, with a throaty chuckle, she leaned closer still and whispered into Julia’s ear: “You’re getting laid, aren’t you?!”

Julia snorted dismissively, trying to maintain her composure, but Jennifer didn’t fail to notice the thin smile playing on her younger sister’s lips. “Oh my god!” Jennifer tittered. “You really are getting laid!”

Neither confirming nor denying, Julia just shrugged and rolled her eyes in mock exasperation. Undeterred, Jennifer pressed on, whispering conspiratorially in Julia’s ear, her voice vibrating with excited curiosity. “Well, don’t play coy with me now, I knew you were gonna find someone to fuck sooner or later, you horny little whore! So tell me, Jules, I wanna know every detail! Is he younger than you? I bet he is, look at you blushing! How old is he? College stud? No? Younger?! Oh my god, is he one of Mike’s friends?! Is he here right now? Just point him out to me, come on!”

As her older sister pestered her incessantly, poking a perfectly Giresun Escort manicured finger into Julia’s side and elbowing her to get some spicy details out of her, Julia did her best to ignore Jennifer’s questioning. She kept her gaze fixed straight ahead, focusing on her adored son standing there on the stage. A thin smile played on her lips as Julia concentrated on her boy’s face. Images of their morning together, vivid and saturated with passion, came unbidden to her mind.

Like most days lately, Julia had been awakened by the feel of her son’s morning wood twitching between her round fleshy asscheeks. His arms were around her, his hands gently caressing her huge mommy-boobs as he nuzzled her face, trailing soft butterfly kisses down her neck. Once her low cooing sounds let him know she was awake, without wasting another second, Mike had reached down to her moist pussy and started running his fingers along her puffy labia. Circling her clit and sliding his digits into her slit, her son had slowly brought Julia to her first climax of the day.

Still kissing her neck and pressing his rock-hard cock against her plump ass, Mike had gathered her gushing girl-cum with his fingertips, applying it to her pliant rubbery sphincter. Julia sighed in delight and relaxed, letting her little hole blossom out for he son’s ass-probing digits, allowing him to lube her up with her own juices. She purred as she felt him run his raging boner along her sopping snatch to coat it in her nectar before guiding it back to her slick rosebud.

Julia moaned in ecstasy at the feel of Mike’s swollen cockhead pressing firmly yet gently against her sphincter and then sliding into her ass. She shivered in his embrace as her butt-ring dilated and then wrapped itself around her son’s girthy meat in a tender squeezing grip. No matter how many times he had buttfucked her recently, Julia always loved the moment when Mike began pushing himself inside her, entering her body through her sensitive little anus. It took her breath away to feel her tiny sphincter being stretched out and opened up to accept her son’s mighty cock into her tight clingy asshole. That sensation of stuffing fullness never failed to send a wave of thrilling pleasure through her whole voluptuous body.

As he always did when he assfucked her, Mike started humping his mother’s bubble-butt with very gentle shallow strokes, patiently jamming inch after thick inch of his shaft into the hugging warmth of Julia’s anal tunnel. Once he bottomed out inside her ass, Mike spooned her tighter, holding her huge tits possessively in his palms as he grunted from the indescribable pleasure of being once again fully sheathed inside his mom’s snug rectum. As he started moving in her, Julia reached back and pried her meaty globes apart with a tiny hand, giving her son better access to her pliant, welcoming anus.

Mike sodomized her deeply, in a firm and steady rhythm. His butt-stretching in-strokes took Julia’s breath away and made her writhe in ecstasy. On the out-strokes she sobbed languidly, disappointed at the emptiness he left in her ass as he withdrew, which in turn made her crave his pistoning cockmeat even more. Squeezing her clutching asshole around him and massaging his retreating length within her rubbery rectum, Julia desperately tried to hold her son inside her warm little hole. She relaxed her anal muscles only when his glans was all that remained inside her, wrapped within the tight grip of her sphincter. Mike stopped there for the briefest of moments before pumping his thick boner into her anus once more, grunting with pleasure as he smoothly penetrated his mom’s amazing bubble-butt until he was buried balls-deep inside her anal depths. Unfailingly, Julia sighed with forbidden bliss as her boy crammed her ass full of cock all over again.

Frigging her clit as he lustfully sodomized her, Mike made his mother cum twice before he finally came deep in her ass, pumping her bowels full of his first massive load of the day. Julia went wild and yelled out her pleasure while Mike’s cock throbbed inside her, unleashing his thick spunk in long jetting spurts, flooding her rectum. She loved how her boy’s pole seemed to get even harder and bigger when he climaxed, stretching her rippling asshole and making her orgasm flare brighter.

As they basked in the afterglow, his cock still buried in her ass and his fingers still diddling her creamy pussy, Julia turned her head and they kissed each other good morning. While her son held her lovingly and caressed her soft curvy body, gently humping his still chubby cock into her ass and pushing his youthful seed deeper inside her anal passage, Julia whispered into his mouth: “Just think, baby, in a few hours it’s gonna be Mommy’s pussy that you fill with your sweet cum…”

Mike’s cock twitched inside Julia’s sperm-sloppy asshole at those words. After he kissed her lips and caressed her huge tits and masturbated her drenched pussy some more, he started buttfucking Giresun Escort Bayan his incredible mother again, all the while murmuring his love for her and praising her beauty in a raspy lovestruck tone that made Julia’s heart swell. After cumming a second time inside her cozy rectum, bringing her to another glorious climax, Mike hugged Julia tightly and rested his head in the hollow of her shoulder. Nibbling her neck as he panted, he kept declaring his adoration for his mom between labored breaths, meaning every word, making Julia go all fluffy inside as she rested in his affectionate bear hug.

As they cuddled, just like he had done every day since she had promised him her pussy as a graduation present, Mike told his mother how excited he was and how he couldn’t wait to be inside her pussy, not just because it would be the first pussy of his life but because it was hers. Julia had honestly replied that she couldn’t wait either. As they got out of bed, both mother and son were buzzing with anticipation, knowing that their long wait was almost over.

And now, as the fateful moment got closer and closer, Julia could barely sit still, impatient as she was for the graduation ceremony to be over. She was so spaced out thinking her secret thoughts that she had managed to totally tune out her big sister’s incessant questioning. Well, almost totally.

“Okay, okay you won’t say his name, I get it…” Jennifer grumbled, exhaling in resignation after failing to get a single word out of Julia. “Just tell me this: does he have a nice, big, hard co…”

“Shut up, Jenny, jeez!” Julia finally said, suppressing a giggle as she imagined the face Jennifer would make if she only knew the truth. “Just let it go already, they’re about to call Mike’s name.”

“Fine,” Jennifer said sulkily, crossing her arms under her buxom boobs. “But this is not over, Jules.”

‘No, it’s not,’ Julia thought to herself, her heart beating faster as she envisioned what the afternoon would bring.

The corners of her mouth were upturned as she watched her son get handed his diploma. Her eyes met Mike’s as he turned her way and smiled happily at her. Despite the distance between them, mother and son shared a quick but intense moment as they savored the undercurrent of secret eroticism and the cherished promise symbolized by that rolled up piece of paper in the boy’s hand.


After the ceremony was over, after the photos and the selfies and the boring chit-chat with the other parents, after she thought she’d explode a thousand times from the sheer need to be once again locked in her son’s embrace, Julia finally managed to sneak a few minutes alone with Mike.

Slipping away unnoticed in the droning crowd, Mike and Julia held hands as they went to hide under the bleachers in the football field like two naughty schoolkids. Away from prying eyes, mother and son fell into each other’s arms and kissed passionately, moaning as their tongues danced.

Julia pressed herself urgently against her boy, squashing her huge tits against his chest as Mike pawed at her plump ass with rabid need. She desperately wanted him inside her, but, excited as she was, the horny mother still knew that the place wasn’t right for what she had in mind. When she felt her son’s roaming fingers slip under her dress and hike it up over the curve of her protruding bubble-butt, Julia’s head spun and her breath caught in her throat. Crazed with desire, she was barely able to breathe, let alone speak or stop him as Mike’s digits pulled her panties aside and pried her fleshy asscheeks apart, exposing her wanton holes.

Julia mewled like a bitch in heat as she felt her boy’s deft fingers slide toward her slit and anus and then quickly start to work both her holes at the same time, his thumb teasing her tiny puckered rosebud while his index and middle finger glided between the wet folds of her pussy. A strangled cry escaped her slack mouth when Mike pushed his digits into her holes and began pumping her asshole and pussy in a smooth, deep finger-fucking tempo. A quick, blindingly powerful climax hit her within seconds, detonating with all the pent-up incestuous lust she had been forced to repress up to that moment.

“I want you so badly, Mom,” Mike murmured into Julia’s ear as he sawed his digits in and out of her holes, his voice shaking with desire. “I need to be inside you.”

Shivering from the intense pleasure he had just given her, her mind reeling, her pussy leaking rivulets of girl-cum on her son’s digits and down her thighs while her tight asshole twitched around his probing thumb, Julia had to appeal to what little rationality she still had left in her to resist the temptation to just rip Mike’s graduation gown from him, fish his beautiful hard cock out of his pants and let him mount her there and then.

With a superhuman effort, she forced herself to reach back and grab Mike’s hand in her own. Groaning, trembling with frustration and unsatisfied passion, Escort Giresun Julia gently disentangled her son’s deeply buried fingers from her asshole and pussy.

Sighing at the disappointing empty feel, Julia pushed herself back and took an unsteady little step away from him, murmuring: “Oh baby, I want you too but… Oh my god, I came so hard! My legs are like jelly, I can’t even walk straight!”

Giggling, Julia let herself fall forward, safe in her son’s embrace again. Pulling her dress down to cover her meaty bottom, she whimpered with joy as he held her tight. Taking her boy’s face in her hands, she kissed him lovingly as she said: “Not here, though, baby… I’ll wait for you back home.”

“Let’s go now, Mom,” he said, grabbing her round juicy ass and pulling her closer. “I don’t want to go to the stupid party anyways. I just want to be with you.”

Julia beamed at his words. “Aww, you’re the sweetest boy ever! But no, honey,” she said, straightening up her long blonde hair and trying to regain some composure before they headed back to the schoolyard. “I want you to go, Mike, it was very nice of Joey’s parents to invite the whole class at their restaurant to celebrate. Go and have fun, sweetie, you can take the car and I’ll have Aunt Jenny give me a ride” she said as they made their way into the crowd of parents and graduates again. “I’ll be waiting for you, baby,” she added in a conspiratorial whisper, hooking her arm around Mike’s, “just don’t make me wait too long, okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll just make an appearance and then I’ll run to you,” he said leaning in to kiss her on the cheek, close to the corner of her mouth but not close enough for either of them. “Love you, Mom.”

“Love you too, sweetie,” Julia purred, silently bemoaning the fact that she had to settle for a chaste smooch because they were in public, while what she really wanted was to make out with her son to her heart’s content.

As Mike joined his friends and she started looking around for her sister, Julia couldn’t help but overhear the boys’ conversation buzzing around her.

“Dude, check out Mike’s mom!”

“Whoa, that ass…”

“Those big tits…”

“Man, you’re a lucky bastard, Mike. Your mom is smoking hot!”

“Yeah, totally! I wish my mom looked half as sexy as that…”

“Hey!” Mike roared, turning to confront the other boys. “That’s MY Mom, you bunch of creeps! Stop staring at her or I’ll fucking smash your faces in, all of you!”

Out of the corner of her eye, Julia could see Mike standing tall as he stared down his buddies one by one. He wasn’t the biggest of them, and he was far from aggressive or violent by nature, but his menacing stance and the raging glint in his eyes were enough to convince the other boys that he meant serious business. Shocked by his sudden outburst, obviously worried by his clenched fists ready to swing, they all backed down immediately.

“Jeez, dude! Just chill now, okay? We were just kidding…”

“It was like, you know, meant as a compliment and stuff.”

“Yeah, Mike, we didn’t wanna offend you or anything, totally.”

“Sure, sure…” Mike grumbled dismissively, still casting angry glances at his classmates while they made their way to the parking lot. “Just find yourselves someone else to ogle next time.”

While she searched the crowd, finally locating Jennifer, Julia couldn’t help but grin with naughty joy. The fact that a bunch of teenagers were checking her out and commenting on her sexy looks, while there were plenty of pretty girls their age around, made her feel deeply proud of her curvy middle-aged self. But beside that, it was her son’s attitude that thrilled her to the core. He had defended her and stood up for her, fearlessly and without hesitation, like a man does for his woman. Nothing could make Julia feel as good as the thought of being her son’s woman, and of him being her man.

As her big sister drove her home, Julia felt like her heart was going to burst with love for Mike. She tried to get involved in the conversation, but Jennifer’s chatter seemed distant and meaningless over the echo of her son’s words still resounding in her ears. His possessive, authoritative tone when he had said ‘MY mom’ was enough to get Julia’s pussy all wet and fill her stomach with butterflies.


As she showered, Julia felt giddy with anticipation. It made her smile to realize how emotional she was being. She tried to convince herself that she had no reason to be so nervous, and failed. As much as she attempted to rationalize the whole thing, being the first pussy that her son would fuck was still a big deal to her.

It was a mind-blowingly exciting thought, not only for its taboo nature but also for the specific circumstances of her relationship with Mike. It was about their bond as mother and son, but also as lovers. Because that was what they had become recently: lovers. Julia shivered with silent joy at that thought, that word. The depth of emotion, the unbreakable sentimental link connecting her and her son had grown so much stronger ever since they had become physically intimate. No other relationship in her life had been so rewarding, so intense and, at the same time, so natural. ‘Then why do I feel nervous?’ she wondered.

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