An Old Friend

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Authors note: All characters are 18 years of age or over. This story is completely fictional, any similarities to actual people are merely coincidental.

Thank you to my fantastic editor Nala Cayenne for making this story so wonderful.


I’ve been with Mike for almost 5 years, and needless to say things have gotten a bit stale. Up to about 3 months ago everything was fantastic. Sex had always been amazing, but we had become an old married couple; it was terrifying. My parents have been together 24 years and their marriage is still fantastic. I always thought that is what all good relationships would be like. Not mine, I guess.

Chapter 1

After spending all evening sitting in front of the TV watching nothing in particular, I got up and shuffled my way to bed. Turning off everything as I passed it, I finally fell silently into bed beside Mike, who, though not a very heavy sleeper, had been asleep for a good hour or so. Obviously, I wasn’t silent enough.

“Mmm? Who… what’s that?”

“Go back to sleep, sweetie. It’s just me.” I whispered, hoping he wouldn’t wake up completely.

“Nahh, I have something better we can do.” He tried to raise his eyebrow seductively, but had sleepy eyes so it didn’t come off the way he intended.

“You’ve got to be up early in the morning. You know how cranky you get if you don’t get enough sleep.”

“Kay.” He fell back to sleep almost instantly. He can’t have been that up for it, I thought, at the same moment my phone vibrated on the bedside cabinet; thankfully it didn’t wake Mike.

The text read Hey you! You up? X. It was from Jake. He had been my friend since before I knew Mike though now the two were pretty good friends also. Unlike Mike’s thin but muscular physique, Jake had been going to the gym for about 6 years, and now looked fantastic. I’d always had a crush on him, and he claimed to have the same feelings towards me, so harmless flirting through late night texts had become pretty frequent.

I replied Call me, then got out of bed and walked back into the living room. I sat in my chair just as the phone began to ring.

“Hey,” I said, my voice sounding sleepier than I thought it would.

“Hey. Is something wrong?” Jake asked.

“No, nothing is wrong. I felt like talking to you, is there something wrong with that?” Great, I thought, 5 seconds into the phone call and I’m already using my “flirty voice.”

He chuckled. “No, of course not. What’re ya doin’?”

“I was just about to go to bed, but I’m not really all that tired. You?”

“You don’t want to know.” I could hear his trademark smirk even on the phone.

“Oh god, you’ve got a girl there? Ew! Why didn’t you tell me straight away? Or text that to me?”

He laughed.

“I’m kidding! I’m in bed watching some awful film about god knows what and I was thinking about you.”

“Great, crap films make you think of me. I’m flattered!” I giggled.

“Oh, quit it. You know what I think of Escort Bayan you.”

“I guess.”

“Come on, Al. Admit it. You’re unhappy with Mike; I could make you so much happier.”

Everyone felt the need to shorten my name, apparently Alice was far too much to say.

“Mike is in the other room, Jake.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I just…” he paused for a moment, “I can see you’re not as happy as you used to be.”

“It’s fine, honestly. It will work out. Look, Jake, I’m going to have to go to bed.” I wasn’t any more tired than when the phone conversation started, but I didn’t want to go into this with him. “You should too, it’s late.”

He sighed. “Ok. I’m here you know. No matter how much I flirt with you, I’m still your friend. You can talk to me.”

I smiled.

“I know, Jake. Night.”

“Night Al.” The receiver clicked for the end of the conversation, just as tears began to fall down my face.

The next morning Mike was up before I was, as usual, making breakfast and rushing around the house. Still feeling awful, I got up and went to the bathroom; I had the day off so I decided to take a long shower. I pulled off my robe and it fell at my feet, then climbed into the cubicle and closed the door, letting the water fall over my face as I stood motionless for about 5 minutes. Even after I was entirely clean, I stayed under the rush of water for no reason at all.

Mike knocked on the door.

“Are you ok, hon? You’ve been in there for quite a while.”

It was quiet for so long that I jumped at the sound.

“Huh? Yeah. I’m fine, just relaxing.” I said un convincingly.

“I’ve got to go to work. Call me if you need me, ok?”

“Ok.” I heard the front door close and got out of the shower, completely drenching the floor, as I stared at myself in the full length mirror. My long, brown hair stuck relentlessly to my shoulders and breasts and my nipples began to harden in the cold, but I didn’t care. My hazel eyes even seemed lifeless, and the curve of my full lips refused to point upwards, instead choosing to join the frown that the rest of my face made.

I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my torso, then did the same with a smaller one for my hair and left the bathroom. In the kitchen I opened the refrigerator and though it was full, nothing appealed to me. Numb, I wound up spending the rest of the morning sitting in my towel.

I was pretty sure I wasn’t in love with Mike any more. I knew how much he loved me and how it would hurt him if I left but I really didn’t know what to feel. I just wanted to avoid everyone and do nothing for a month; I couldn’t even bring myself to grade the papers that I had brought home with me.

For the second time today, I was jolted from my thoughts by a knock on the door.

“One minute!” I called. Who was calling at 11am on a weekday?

“It’s me.”

The familiar voice made me freeze.

“Jake?” I asked, already knowing it was him.

Not sounding at all panicked he said, “Let me in. There’s a rabid dog on the loose!”

I ran to my bedroom and, fumbling around trying to find something quick to wear, I threw on a night dress. His persistency meant I had little time to even do that, so I ran to the door without underwear on.

“Way to warn me you were coming, Jake,” I said, pulling my hair out of the towel. “So where is this rabid dog?”

“There is none. I just thought it might make you open the door faster; apparently not. I could have been mauled to death.” He tried to keep a serious face, but laughed when I giggled.

“I’m sure you would have been making more of a commotion had there actually been a rabid dog. Coffee?” I’d made my way into the kitchen and was already putting a pot on, after realizing I hadn’t had anything to drink all morning.

“Sure. So what was I interrupting?” he winked.

“Oh shut up. I was just sitting in my towel; the last thing I was going to do was run to the door completely naked.”

“But you said you were wearing a towel.”

“I was technically naked, it being only a towel and all.” Little did he know that I wasn’t wearing much more.

“Kay.” He walked to the living room and threw himself onto the sofa, turning on the TV as he did. “Mike at work?”

I brought over the coffee and sat on the chair opposite Jake. “Yep, always is. So why exactly are you here?”

Ignoring my question he said, “Cool. Daytime TV sucks. So, you going to tell me what was up last night?”

“You came to my house just to ask what was up with me?”

“Yup. So tell me.” I did.

I told him how I felt like Mike and I weren’t happy any more; content, yes, but not happy. He listened as I cried, and sat next to me to hug me while I told him how I felt.


I hit him with a pillow.

“Bummer? I’m devastated and that’s all you can say?!”

“I’m kidding! I’m just trying to lighten the mood. Look, I don’t know what to say, sweetie. It’s your decision. I can’t make it for you. If you’re unhappy, you need to speak to Mike.”

He was right, but I was never good at bad conversations. I contemplated what I would say while Jake held me in his huge arms and rocked me. It was so comfortable.

I finally pulled myself out of his arms and wiped my face. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead.

“It will be ok. Everything will work out fine, you know.”

I didn’t know at all, but as I looked at him, all the flirty texts came back to me. Right then I wanted to kiss him, and so I did.

At first, he didn’t respond and I felt silly, but then he kissed me back. Slowly, unsure even, our lips moved in unison, pressing hard against each other. Soon our tongues were fighting one another, and before I knew it, he’d lifted me off of the sofa and was carrying me to my bedroom. Our kisses grew more passionate by the second and I could feel his erection pressing against me; I moaned against his lips as he put me on the bed and looked at me with incredible lust. Our heavy breathing was the only sound filling the air until he spoke.

“Alice, I… should we…”

Before he could continue, I knelt up and grabbed his collar, pulling him with all my strength into another mind blowing kiss. I felt dizzy as my hands pulled at his hair and moved down his back, tugging at his shirt. He pulled it off, threw it to the floor, and my hands ravished his beautifully sculpted chest. I whimpered; finally feeling his skin on mine was amazing.

His hand found my left nipple, running over it and pinching it lightly; every motion teased me, making me need more of him, all of him.

“Oh, Jake!” was all I could say as he threw me back onto the bed, breathing over me with hungry eyes. He slid up my night dress, and moaned when he saw I wasn’t wearing underwear, kissing me again, with each movement more and more frantic.

“God, I want you so much!” he groaned. The heat between my legs was too much to bear and I think he knew it because his mouth lowered and latched onto a nipple, sucking and licking. When his hand found my dripping mound, I arched towards it; I needed more. His finger parted my cunt lips and slid inside, making me gasp with pleasure.

I couldn’t think, let alone speak, “Oh!” was the only sound that would escape my lips. His fingers and mouth moved expertly and I came. My body rippled, and for a moment I blacked out. He moaned, and I grabbed the band of his pants, ordering him to take them off.

“Oh God, fuck me, Jake! Please!”

He let out a huge sigh of lust and pulled out his massive erection. I stared at it in awe, licking my lips, as he ran his hand over his cock. He rubbed it against my mound, over my clit, then down to my slit; back and forth, teasing me, knowing how much I needed him inside me. I moaned in blissful agony, urging him to enter me.

He did. His cock was massive and he slid in slowly, feeling every part of me as I did him. His cock felt amazing, and we moaned together as the sweet torture of 7 years of flirting finally paid off. It was incredible. He moved in and out of me slowly, then faster and harder. I moaned with each thrust, louder every time.

“You feel so good.” Jake’s low voice rumbled through the room, turning me on more. I could feel my second climax coming, a hundred times more powerful than the first.

I came, hard my back arched and my body shuddered. My nails dug deep into Jake’s back, no doubt drawing blood, but by the sound of his moan, he loved it. He thrust harder and deeper until he came, each wave hot and amazing, into my pussy; I was drenched with him. As the last wave of his orgasm shook, he pulled me up and kissed me slowly, before falling next to me on the bed.

We must have laid there for an hour, just talking as he ran his fingers up and down my stomach and kissed me on the forehead every so often.

“We should move” he said. I stretched and kissed him once.

He smiled, then climbed off of the bed. I watched him walk to his clothes, licking my lips; he just laughed.

I barely had time to sit up before the front door opened. Mike was home.

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