An Ordinary Life Ch. 01

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Erin Bauer had a life that was thoroughly unremarkable, at least in her eyes. She was 38 years old, and lived in a nice but modest house in one of the more affluent subdivisions in Orange County. People remarked that she had a “cute cottage,” which was the way her neighbors said she had the smallest house on the street. Life in Orange County in reality was nothing like television. She worked Monday through Friday as an athletic trainer for the basketball team at a local junior college, a job which also entailed teaching three classes during days and occasional travel during basketball season. Erin didn’t mind, as her schedule allowed her to be home, on days there weren’t games, before her 17 year old son.

Ben was the love of her life. In fact, they had grown closer since the death of her husband. The sudden tragedy left both heart broken, but not bitter, as that was not how his dad would have wanted it. Since the death of Ben’s father, however, Erin’s biggest fear was that she would become one of those parents – the ones that would rather be a friend than a parent. She tried to do what was best for her son, even if he had gone through the typical teenage angst, complete with irrational outbursts including “I’m adopted!” and “I hate you!”

In spite of it all, Benjamin turned out to be a good kid; he played baseball and basketball at the small private school she scrimped and saved to send him to, and he got good grades. Now he was nearly an adult. Erin looked wistfully at the baby album as she thought this, her eyes growing moist. The knock at the back door interrupted her thoughts. She got up to go to the door, but it had opened by the time she entered the kitchen.

“Hi, Mrs. Bauer,” said Kyle, one of Ben’s close friends. He was medium height, but well toned, with well defined muscles. He had dark, unkempt hair that was made to look that way purposely, and electric blue eyes. Erin often thought he was very handsome, and that he probably had girls fawning on him. She often wanted to tell him to take care that he didn’t go too fast, as he was the kind of guy that could easily be taken advantage of by a girl willing to get pregnant to keep such a catch. Mark followed close behind, looking more brooding than usual. He was a foot taller than his friend, more lanky with a paler complexion. He had sandy blond hair and green eyes that Erin adored. He was quiet, but thoughtful. He often did the dishes after Erin fed the boys, under her protest, of course, although she secretly liked watching him bend over the sink, working quietly as she put things away.

Mark and Kyle were over often, usually when Ben was home. But on the occasion he was not there, they were welcomed into her home just as much, if not more. She liked having the house busy, anyway. “Hi boys,” she said with a genuine smile, despite Kyle’s use of her formal name. “Ben won’t be home ’til later – baseball practice,” she said. “Want something to eat?” she asked, opening a cabinet painted in the old farmhouse style.

Kyle looked at her tight ass as she tiptoed to see the high shelf. He no longer tried to hide his lust for the mother of his best friend. He had decided on his 18th birthday that she deserved to be appreciated, like fine art, and that was exactly what he did. Erin hadn’t seemed to notice the change, yet.

“May I have something to drink instead?” asked Mark. She met his eyes for a brief moment, which made his heart quicken.

“You can have both,” she said, moving to the fridge. She was wearing a white Nike T-shirt with black shorts, which were much too immodest for her liking; however, they were the style now, and she was just staying around the house for the rest of the day. She felt the boys staring at her long, tan legs and decided they were thinking she was much too old for shorts like that. If she had known they were thinking how sexy her legs were, she probably would have dismissed the thought of throwing them out. As it was, had already mentally demoted the shorts to the charity box.

“Water or soda or juice?” she asked, moving her ass from side to side as she was trying to find the best way to hide it until she could change clothes.

The effect was predictable for teenage boys, and both began feeling a tingling in their groin that would undoubtedly lead to an erection if she hadn’t stopped. “Water,” Mark said with a dry mouth that sounded as though he were çekmeköy escort parched.

Erin pulled out two waters, throwing her head back and laughing at what she thought was a joke. She set them down, and Kyle ogled her breasts, which were pressing against the tight material of her white T-shirt. She moved to the sink and began rinsing a few dishes, not noticing the young man’s lustful eyes. She was, after all, first and foremost a mother, and boys don’t look that way at mothers.

“Ben said we could use his computer for a project,” Kyle finally said, taking another drink from the bottle in his hand.

“Is it a group project, because if it is, you guys aren’t doing it until he gets home. He is not going to…,”

Mark interrupted. “No ma’m. It’s just a project. Ben always helps with group stuff,” he said, almost surprised at the sound of his own voice.

Erin softened. “Okay, then. But he has to pull his own weight; no more bailing him out.”

Kyle smiled to himself as he remembered a year ago when she had found out they had teamed up for a class that required “group” projects, which basically amounted to Mark doing the work and Ben and Kyle goofing off. He had never seen Ben’s mom so angry, even to the point of raising her voice as the three boys sat on the couch, each wide eyed. Kyle thought she looked untamed and hot; her anger making her even more desirable. “We learned our lesson, Erin. We aren’t ever going to do that again.” He meant it, for although she was hot when she was angry, she was also a little scary. “Come on, Marky Mark,” said Kyle, heading up the kitchen stairs which led to the upstairs bedrooms and office.

Mark hesitated at the base of the steps. “You look nice today, Mrs. B.,” he said shyly, then ran up the steps. His shyness endeared him to her, and she smiled as he took the steps two at a time.

She turned and went into her bedroom, closing and locking the door behind her.

“There she is,” said Kyle after pressing a few keys on the keyboard. “Oh, fuck, she’s taking off her clothes,” he said, shaking his head in disbelief.

Mark sat down in the other chair. “How many hits?” he asked.

“24,000 since Monday,” he answered. The site was a success, and money was coming in quickly. “Nineteen hundred new members,” he added.

Mark made a low whistling sound. He did the math in his head, something which came easily, even when watching a beautiful woman pull her shirt over her head. Kyle was unable to concentrate as much. He was waiting for the icing, and soon he was rewarded. Erin unhooked her bra and let it fall forward, freeing her firm breasts from their constraints. He inhaled slowly, imagining how the 34C breasts would feel in his hands.

“They’re getting their money’s worth today,” said Kyle, leaning back and enjoying the show the “members” of their little club were getting. The idea had been Kyle’s. They were strapped for cash, each wanting the newest gaming system and each being turned down by their parents, for different reasons. They had agreed to each ask for a different system, which would obviously save money because they could play together, or borrow. The notion was not so obvious to their parents, and especially to Erin, who was very practical in nature.

“You have a game,” Erin said simply, and Ben hadn’t argued. It was an old system, which she had bought him two years ago. “If you want one, get a job.” She had long been after Ben to get a job, despite his heavy schedule of practices and homework. Erin thought it was important for him to know what it was like to work, whether they needed the money or not. Ben thought it was unreasonable, so when Kyle presented “The Plan,” he hesitated only for a moment.

It was quite simple: create a voyeur site and charge for access. Ben’s mom was the obvious choice, as she was hot. This took some convincing, but Ben agreed once they accepted a camera in the bathroom was off limits. Three cameras were purchased, and mounted in Erin’s bedroom. To the boys’ dismay, nothing had happened since the site’s opening a month ago. Erin dressed, undressed, and went to bed; no hot action here. Yet, people continued to pay. “Because she’s hot,” Kyle explained, “and there are some weirdos who get their kicks from this stuff.”

Ben was baffled, but the first check had verified Kyle’s theory. $3000 was equally divided, and $500 cevizli escort was put into an account for “Mission Vista, Inc.”, a corporation set up by Mark. They told their parents it was a lawn care business, and suddenly they were enjoying the freedoms that “responsible young men” deserved.

Kyle watched as her panties and shorts were removed in one quick move. He moaned in disappointment as she disappeared into the master bath. “Got to get a camera into the bathroom,” Mark was saying. Kyle nodded his agreement. the image of her tight ass implanted in his mind.

“Maybe once people start dropping off because of the lack of action, we can convince Ben,” he said, but he felt doubtful.

They did random upkeep and maintenance on the site, and checked the company that verified credit cards for them. Soon, there was movement on the monitor as the bathroom door opened. Mark and Kyle were quiet, watching with heavy anticipation. Both had promised Ben they would only work on the site, that they would never check it out and spy on his mom, and both had found it impossible to stay away. While Mark felt heavy guilt for his betrayal, Kyle felt it was the ultimate compliment.

A clear view of Erin wrapped in a lilac colored towel, with her hair done up turban style in a white one. Her bare shoulders and neck made her look almost regal as she held her towel laden head high, balancing it effortlessly as she made her way to the luxurious king bed. Pillows of varying shapes and sizes lined the headboard, and Mark always thought it would be pleasant to make love to her propped up on all those pillows. His cock stiffened, straining against his pants.

Erin hesitated, opening a drawer and pulling something out. “Is that what I think it is?” asked Kyle, leaning in toward the monitor. With a click, the image turned full screen. “Holy fuck,” he breathed.

“Move,” said Mark, straining to see. Kyle leaned back, and Mark saw a vibrator for the first time in his short 17 year old life. It was fairly thin and about sinx inches long, with a smooth surface then came to a rounded tip. “Is she going to…?”

“Oh, yeah,” said Kyle, settling into the leather office chair. It was a nice ergonomic kind, large and padded. Mark’s wasn’t quite as cushioned, but it was still comfortable. He didn’t lean back, instead leaning forward in tense anticipation. The full screen image was more grainy, but he could still tell what was going on.

She sat on the bed, then brought her legs around, bending her knees and pushing back to the pillows. The move gave a glimpse of the neatly trimmed hair between her legs. Kyle groaned as his hardening cock grew painful, pushing against his pants. Mark heard a zip as Kyle freed his engorged member.

“What the fuck?” cried Mark, looking aghast.

“Sorry, dude, but the big guy wants out. Don’t tell me you’re not getting a hard-on, you fag,” Kyle said, shaking his head in mock disgust.

“Fuck you,” said Mark, shifting in his seat and silently cursing his mesh, elastic waistband shorts. His rigid cock was making an undeniable tent, and he moved the material, in case he needed access to his growing cock.

She spread her legs, unaware of the hundreds of viewers about to get their money’s worth from “Mission Vista”, and the young men about to watch their best friend’s mom committing a tawdry act. Her towel was now open, her knees bent, offering Camera 1 full view of her womanhood. She was shaven except a small patch of auburn, which was trimmed short. Her pussy lips were puffy. When she opened her legs a bit further, you could see the swollen lips part, and her glistening wet hole. She touched the vibrator to the apex of her slit, and began running it up and down between the labia without pushing it inside.

Kyle silently began stroking his cock as Mark shifted uncomfortably in his chair. “Turn it off,” he said, longing to get home and jerk off while fantasizing about Mrs Bauer.

“Fuck, no,” said Kyle, entranced by the new images.

Her breathing grew more rapid, her breasts rising and falling more quickly. She raised a hand to one, rubbing it gently, then licking her fingers before pinching and rubbing the nipple. She continued to trace her slit up and down, then moved her finger on the tube shaped object. A small hum started up, although the vibrator was not visible vibrating. She arched her back, erenköy escort moaning out as the steady hum of the object of her pleasure provided background noise. Her pussy was open and glistening now, as she rose her ass off of the bed. As the vibrator trailed to her clit, her wanting hole was exposed to the viewing audience. She then slid the vibrator down into the entrance to her cunt, moaning out as it filled her. She slid it in about half way, the out again, and in once more before withdrawing it. She fell to the bed, her knees still bent and her hand still in control of the heavenly device. She had it against her clit now, and her moans grew louder and longer.

She pinched her nipples more roughly as Kyle rubbed his thumb across the tip of his cock. Mark had joined him at some point, and both guys were slowly working themselves into a frenzy, keeping their eyes on the monitor. She was now moving the vibrator up and down, slipping into her hole occasionally, although Kyle couldn’t understand how something that small could bring her pleasure. She lifted her knees to her chest, her pussy wet and shiny with her juices and her tight ass now in view. Her hole looked like a rose bud, thought Mark as he watched and longed to kiss and tongue it.

She moved the vibrator, shiny from her fuck juices, toward her ass hole and placed it at the entrance. She made small circles around the brown hole, sighing as she did. She slowly moved her hand from her red, hard nipples and to her pussy. Between her open thighs and feet held high, the boys watched as two fingers slid in and out of her pussy while the other hand pressed the vibrator against her ass. She stopped abruptly, moving the vibrator away and lowering her legs.

“Come on, baby, fuck that toy,” breathed Kyle. “Fuck it good for me.” He stroked his cock quicker now, breathing hard as he worked his hand up and down the thick shaft. Her wet fingers now reached up to her breast, leaving them shiny as she roughly squeezed them before returning to her pussy. “You like it hard, don’t you?” Kyle said as his hand slid up and down the thick shaft of his cock.

Mark watched in awe as she began using one hand to furiously rub her cunt, the other hand driving the vibrator in and out of her wet hole. She pinched and flicked her finger across her clit, making little noises as her lips were locked in an O. “Come on, baby,” he encouraged her, wanting to come with her.

She switched hands in a blur, the vibrator attacking her swollen, erect clit. She slid a finger in and out of her pussy, then added a second. “Oh, yes, Oh yes, ohhhhhh,” she said, biting her lip. She continued the asault on her clit, lifting her ass and rapidly slipping her fingers in and out over and over again.

“Oh, fuck. Oh fuck, yeah. Come for meeee,” Kyle said to the image on the screen as he shot his load all over his hand and his chair.

As if on cue, she threw her head back, holding the white wand against the apex of her pussy. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy, and Mark imagined the slurping sound they made. She grabbed at her breasts, kneading and pinching them, the nipples red from her self-abuse. Her pussy was wet and gaping as the vibrator flicked across her hard nub over and over again. “Ahhhhhhh,” she cried out softly, the sound growing higher in pitch until she began shaking. “Yes, yes, oh god yesssss.” she cried to no one in particular as she came, a stream of juices flowing onto the towel laid beneath her. The dark spot on the purple cotton towel became hidden as she lowered herself back to the bed.

“Oh yeah, baby, you came so good; good girl,” breathed Kyle, finishing off the last few strokes with a moan. Mark came a minute later, as he watched the screen. Erin lazily circle her finger around her clit and pussy, then brought her hand to her mouth, licking the wetness off. He moaned as though in pain, shooting his thick cum high and leaving a stringy mess on the desk, the chair, his hand and his legs.

Kyle grabbed a box of tissues and wiped himself off, then headed for the bathroom, tossing the box to Mark. “Don’t leave a mess; Ben’ll get pissed,” he said, as though jacking off together was something friends did every day. In fact, Mark had never done that before, and it left him feeling confused and a little frightened. He looked at the monitor again. The number of hits on the site was growing quickly. He shook his head and cleaned the mess, using most of the Kleenex. He turned off the computer and quickly went downstairs and out the door. Mark only wanted to go home and sort it all out, but Kyle had other plans, which began to form as he stood in his best friend’s shower.

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