An Unanticipated Birthday Present

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Well, another chapter for you to digest. Once again, these events actually happened to me personally.

It is Monday morning and I am checking my e-mails and I discover another response to my last story and it went something like this.

Hi Murray I too have wondered about a bi-encounter and have so far only played with my cock while reading these stories today. Your story turned me on immensely and I got to thinking that perhaps we could have a massage encounter together… I could be the massage guy and see where it goes from there…. please let me know at _____… thanks

I couldn’t believe my luck, another response and someone who might want to get together. The message had been sent that morning so I responded immediately. I always like to respond as some individual has taken the time to comment on my story, and I of course would never turn down a massage. In my response I thanked him and said I was glad that it had had an effect on someone. I then asked him some of the usual get acquainted questions like, describe yourself (age, height, weight, etc.) and where he lived, as we would have to be close to have a massage session.

Apparently my e-mail partner was online because he responded back a very short time later with:

I am excited and a little nervous too. I just finished stroking my cock and I shot cum all over while reading your horny story. Please keep this confidential, as I am married. Does your wife know about this? I have a private email address at which you can write anything to me …. let me know what you would like us to do? May I suck your cock the way you described in the story? I am so hard right now.

Soooooo you asked …….. My name is (I will call him George) and I am 40 …… 6′ 2″ …… 218lbs — fit, dirty blonde, blue eyes my cock is about 6″ and hard and very clean. Are you serious about this and willing to be gentle with me — I am excited but have only ever had her finger in my asshole and her tongue ….. mmmmmmmm I have wondered so much what it would be like to suck a cock and now I find that I want to suck yours and I do not even know you…… strange? How do you feel?

Please describe yourself and send a photo if you have one — I will try to get one for you …. or we could just meet. I live in the (town blanked out to protect him) area. Where are you? Do you really want to suck my cock too and do sensual things to my cock and balls?

please let me know what you think ……….


Well we had struck up an electronic relationship so I continued.


Nice to meet you. I certainly did not expect that my story would have such an effect as you described, but I am also pleased that it has. I received great pleasure so I guess that I can give a little by sharing it with others.

I will only use this e-mail address from now on; slip-ups can be disastrous. Make sure you clean off all references and responses on the other one.

Me, I turned 50 today, 5″8″, about 165 – 170 lbs., with 6″ cock and in reasonable shape as I try to run several times per canlı bahis week. Blue eyes, light brown hair, at least what is left on top. I am also squeaky clean and no my wife does not know anything about this so discretion is paramount.

I trust that you are not at work while reading and cumming.

I would be pleased if you wanted to be the massage guy and yes you can suck me anyway you want. I certainly would not pressure you in any way. I also feel nervous and excited about the possibility of getting together with you. I think this is natural particularly when venturing forth like this. I have had a couple of guys suck me but I am by no means experienced. This is not a regular thing for me so I get excited at the prospect and then nervous when it happens.

I could get off a picture, not today though. I live outside the Toronto area, but try to work in the GTA. I am self-employed in the IT industry at the present time.

As noted, I too would like to suck a cock so it might work out for both of us.

Are you available during the day? Would we be able to meet at your home?

We could meet before hand and this of course does not have to go any further than we want it to, including past a meeting. If it doesn’t feel right then that is it. Keep in touch……


It is now after lunch and my e-mail partner has once again responded. Back comes his response.

Nice to eat — oops I mean, meet you too …… Happy Birthday …. care for a birthday present today?

I am a management consultant and have and operate my own firm, which I have had for over 10 years now. I have an office in Toronto and one at home which is where I am right now — it affords some luxuries … such as thinking of you sucking my cock and me sucking yours. Are you able to come over this afternoon??? — or I could call you

awaiting you……….. george

Once again things have moved a bit faster than I had expected or anticipated. I did not expect that he would be in the area nor that he would want to get together so soon. I responded back.


WOW, sounds very interesting, and quite a present. You certainly sound like you have the best of both worlds, a home office.

How long would it take for me to get from the ………….. area to your home?

You could call but short of some yes and no possible answers are conversation would be limited, open cubicle system and I have neighbours.

It’s amazing how fast some things can go.


I forwarded my phone number and a few minutes later my phone rings. We made our introductions and we were both nervous, he provided directions and we agreed to proceed.

I cleared off my desk and left for the afternoon. Driving to his home was exciting but nerve racking.

His instructions were good but I managed to turn at the wrong corner (I guess my nervousness got the better of me and I was trying to get there too soon) as I only saw part of the street name. After getting myself straightened around I eventually found his home. As I said I was nervous.

I bahis siteleri rang his doorbell and waited. Then I rang it again and still no response. Now I was getting a bit more nervous. Had he had a change of heart, I was certain I had the right address. One more try. This time he answered. He had been taking a shower.

So, George greets me in a bathrobe. An interesting start. George is very nervous and apologized for the delay, that he had taken a shower as he had been working in his yard and felt he should freshen up.

Upon reflecting on the shower I am glad that he had, not because he might have been dirty but because that is what I would want to do. Some might like it manly, but I prefer to be clean and fresh.

George invited my in and once again apologized. We talked for a few minutes and then he kenneled his dog and indicated that we should go upstairs.

George had indicated earlier that his wife would be home from work shortly after 4:00 pm so we did not have a lot of time.

We got to his bedroom and then stood looking at each other. I made the first move and started to take off my shirt, followed by the rest of my clothes while George loosened his robe and then let it fall to the floor.

George was as he described himself in his e-mail. About 40 …… 6′ 2″ …… 218lbs — fit, dirty blonde, blue eyes. His cock had not extended itself yet.

He stepped forward and asked if he could touch me and hold me. I certainly was not going to say no. He took my cock in his hand and played with it. It began to grow. I then reached down and took his. We held each other’s cock and stroked them, and then he suggested that I might want to sit on the bed.

We moved over to the bed and I sat down and he immediately got on his knees between my legs and took my cock in his mouth. I was in heaven, and I am sure that George was also.

I laid back and he rubbed his hands up my legs, stomach and chest. He rubbed my nipples.

He then suggested that we move further up on the bed, so that we could lie side by side.

He had me in his hand and I took him in mine. A moan of pleasure escaped from his mouth. We massaged each other’s cock for a few minutes then he suggested that we do more so I suggested that we change positions; I scooted around into a 69 position. We were on our sides.

Now this is something new for me. Previously I had only been the recipient of oral and now I was looking at a cock, straight on. He did not have a lot of hair surrounding his and this made it seem more appealing (from my perspective). I thought, this is what you have wanted so now was the perfect opportunity to go for it.

George had already taken my cock in his mouth and I am sure that he was waiting, wanting, me to do the same.

I took his cock in my mouth and marveled at the texture, smoothness, and feel. I had not been sure what to expect, trying to imagine previously what it might feel like. This was not anything like what I could have imagined. We sucked each other for quite some time. He then proceeded to position bahis şirketleri me so that I was on top, supporting myself on my knees and one arm. I was using my other hand to play with his balls and masturbate him from time to time.

Several times George appeared to get quite excited and I thought he was going to cum. How would I react? What would it taste like? Would I want to swallow? Would I swallow? These questions going through my mind, plus trying to concentrate on giving him a good (I hope) blow job were distracting for me and so I was not able to thoroughly enjoy the blow job that I was receiving. George was also rubbing my arse, spreading my cheeks. He also stuck his finger in, again a new experience for me. And again, it did not seem quite as bad as I had imagined, even though I had read many stories of the pleasures that it can provide.

Eventually he came, in my mouth. I swallowed a very little bit and the rest I just let flow back down his cock as I continued to suck his cock. When his breathing relaxed some I rolled off and onto my back.

George then rolled onto his side and went to work on me, sucking and playing with my balls, and then I eventually came in his mouth.

We relaxed on his bed, as we were both exhausted. George also did not swallow. We got up and George offered the use of his shower so that I could clean myself off.

I got dressed, as did George and then we went downstairs and chatted for a few minutes before I left. Instead of going straight home I went back to the office as I had been waiting for some status reports to come in on a project that I was working on.

Later that evening I received the following e-mail from George.

Hi there Murray

Wellllllllll ……… I am a little less nervous now .. thanks for being patient. My wife arrived home at 3:55 — that made me more nervous because I had just finished changing the sheets and well …. you can imagine.

thanks for dropping by and I hope you liked the birthday gift. Perhaps we could use our consulting firms to some good use … we might need to discuss a lot of business ….. what do you think?

I hope we can get together again soon to discuss the ins and outs of your birthday gift we could try to revisit that gift when we have a little more time. Perhaps we could do other social things as well ….. are you interested in that at all?

hope to hear back soon


Later that evening, I also received an electronic birthday card from George, a very nice touch.

My response the next day was …..


Wow, 3:55, that was somewhat close. Yes, I can imagine, and I would have been nervous too.

Got your card, thanks!! The gift was better! 🙂

Yes we will probably have to have a discussion or 2 related to our consulting businesses.

What other social things were you referring to?


I hadn’t heard from George for over a week, mainly because I was not at work and was busy away from home involved in one of my other interests (and of course it takes 2 to communicate). So I sent him off a note, just to check in and see how he was keeping. Were there any problems or issues related to our last meeting? Still interested in further discussions? I am.

Just waiting to hear back from him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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