An unexpected adventure Pt. 01

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It had been a very long day already and we were all still looking at a 12 hour flight home. My wife and I and a group of friends had all just recently cut our trip to Vietnam a week short. The whole world was shutting down and we figured we should get home before anything crazy happened to us. While we missed out on a lot of the things we wanted to see, it was still a lot of fun and definitely an experience we wouldn’t soon forget.

We all boarded the plane and I sat next to my wife Kari (I’m Dave), in front of us were our friends Mark and Jill and behind us was Sherri and Paul. The six of us had been friends for years and had planned this trip for a year. Who knew a pandemic would break out while we were there but at least we were safe and no one was sick.

“Well a 12 hour flight and then a 2 week quarantine awaits us. Can’t wait”. I said as I looked at my wife. She smiled “well at least we are safe and healthy, you can work from home and we’re technically still on vacation so it could be worse. Besides, it could be fun, if you know what I mean. I’ve loved being with our friends but I’m horny baby and I need to make love to you.”

I gave her a sly smile back “Oh, I think I can help out with that.”

She was right, it had been too long since we made love. We had rented houses on our trip and all of us had stayed together which was great since we all got along so well but not so great in the sex department. Every time I made a move on her while we were away, Kari worried that our friends would hear us and she would shoot me down. Even though we were in our late forties and Kari has given us two incredible kids, I still found her incredibly sexy. We both worked hard to try and stave off old age and kept in good shape.

As the flight continued, the steward came through the aisle and said that the government had stated that everyone had to have a quarantine plan and that we had to go straight to our home and not stop anywhere. The six of us started talking about what we planned to do.

Kari looked to our friends and said “I know we are all fine but I’m not sure I want to expose our kids to anything in case we actually do have something.”

Sherri agreed saying “It’s too bad we have to go home and possibly get them sick.”

Mark then piped up “You know, we could all stay at our place. We have 3 rooms that aren’t being used since the kids moved out. And with the pool we could pretend we are still on a tropical beach.”

“Thanks Mark but we couldn’t impose on you. Besides I’m sure your sick of all of us by now.” I said.

” Don’t be ridiculous, we had planned on being together for another week anyways. And this way we don’t run the risk of exposing anyone else. Besides, all of our kids are old enough to take care of themselves. Just think about it. It’s really no worries and at least this way we have some company.”

I looked over to Kari and shrugged “I guess I’m good with it but I’ll leave it to you.”

Kari thought about it for a while and then finally said “Sure, I guess it makes sense.”

Mark smiled “Then it’s a plan, we’ll order food online and have wine delivered.”

The rest of the flight was uneventful and we finally landed. We all submitted our plan to the customs agent who agreed to it, caught a cab and called the kids in our way to Marks. Not surprisingly the kids weren’t overly upset that we weren’t coming home anytime soon.

We all got to Marks house and the next couple of days went by pretty quickly. We were all jet lagged and getting over the ridiculous time difference so we didn’t really see anyone very much.

Around the third day, the sun was shining and everyone was finally feeling pretty normal. Mark yelled at all of us to get into our swimsuits and come out to the pool to finally enjoy some fresh air and drinks. Kari put on my favourite bikini. It wasn’t super revealing but it showcased her 36b tits pretty well and the bottoms made her ass look great. We went out and Mark handed us some beers. Sherri and Paul were already out there. Sherri looked fantastic in her bikini. I had always found her and Jill pretty attractive. While Sherri was a blonde, Jill was a brunette but they both had great bodies. Jill being a yoga instructor had a very tight body and a fantastic set of C cup tits. Sherri had similar sized breasts as Kari and a fantastic ass as well.

The three ladies sat by each other on the loungers. I was kind of surprised to see that both Jill and Sherri were wearing very small bikini’s. Jills breasts were literally falling out of her top while Sherri’s bottoms were a very small thong.

The afternoon went by slowly and we were starting to feel a little tipsy. While us guys threw the football around the girls were laughing and having a great time.

Suddenly Jill yelled over to me “Hey Dan, we’re trying to convince Kari that she should get on board and buy a smaller bikini. This one covers up way too much.”

I laughed at her “Well, I’m all for it but I highly doubt you’ll convince her.” Betturkey While Kari has always had a great body, she was pretty shy about showing it off. She had no problem wearing slutty lingerie in front of me and to be honest the sluttier it was, the better she liked it. But in her words “that was for me.”

Kari piped up “What, you don’t think I would look good in a skimpy bikini, sweetheart?”

“I think you would look amazing in one baby but I’ve also met you and I know that’s not your style.”

Mark looked over at her “Well I don’t know what your style is Kari but I do know that I wouldn’t mind seeing you in a smaller bikini.”

Paul chimed in “I second that. I may get in trouble for saying this but all three of you have bodies that shouldn’t be hidden”

Kari stood up and said “Well maybe when this quarantine is over I’ll be able to go out and get one, then we’ll see who the prood is.”

We all laughed and went back to hanging out and drinking. After a great meal, Kari and I went to our room to watch some TV and relax.

As we lay in the bed Kari looked over at me “So you think I should get a tiny bikini?”

“Baby I love your body. And I love the current assortment of swimsuits you have now but if you decide to get a smaller one then go for it. They’re right, you have a great body.”

Kari looked down at herself “I have worked hard for this body. You wouldn’t mind other men ogling me?

“I don’t care if they ogle you. I know I’m the one that gets to sleep with you.”

“So you don’t care if your friends and random strangers stare at my tits and ass? What if their thinking about what’s under my tiny bikini?”

I felt my cock get hard at the words she said “Well then let them think that.”

Kari moved her hand down my leg and rested it on my hardening cock “Ohmy, you like that don’t you? Does it turn you on to know your friends may be wanting to see me naked?”

My cock twitched as she continued “Maybe they’ll wonder what it’s like to fuck me. Does that turn you in as well?”

She squeezed my cock causing me to groan. While my wife was no prude in bed this was something new. I looked up at her “What’s gotten into you?”

She took her hand off my cock and quickly undressed. I could see her nipples were hard as rocks already. “I don’t know. I know that you find me sexy but I guess it was nice to hear from the guys that they thought the same. Even Jill and Sherri said that I had a great body and I shouldn’t be scared to show it off.”

She returned her hand to my cock and started stroking it. “It does kind of turn me on a bit to think that other people find me sexy. Clearly it turns you on as well.”

“Not gonna lie, it does turn me on. And seeing you enjoy it turns me on even more.”

Kari moved one hand to her nipples and started playing with them, letting out a soft moan. “I can’t put my finger on it but it does turn me on. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do some online retail therapy and buy a few things. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind seeing your wife be a bit more slutty.”

I leaned over and kissed her, grabbing her other nipple and squeezing it. She gasped again as I pulled on it further. “Not at all my love.”

Kari quickly jumped on top of me and slid my cock into her soaking pussy. She started bouncing up and down on my cock. “That’s it baby, give me that cock, fuck me. Your cock feels so good.”

Kari slammed her tits into my face, feeding me one at a time as she continued riding me. I bit down on her nipple and sent her into a shuddering orgasm. Once she recovered from her orgasm she slowly started riding me again.

“Mmmm that was so good, now it’s your turn. I want to feel your cum explode inside me.”

It didn’t take much effort in her part and within a few minutes, I unloaded a huge stream of cum into her. She laid on top of me for a few minutes and I could feel the cum oozing out of her and all over my softening cock.

“Mmmm. That was good baby, I needed that so bad.”

I kissed her “Me too. It’s been far too long”

The next couple of days we fell into a routine of doing a bit of work online, hanging by the pool and playing games as a group. Kari mentioned that she and the girls had done some online shopping together and that I would be very happy with her purchases. One thing I did notice over these days was that rather than wearing her normal style of clothing, she seemed to be wearing less of it. One day I came downstairs to see her just wearing a long shirt that barely covered her ass. She had also taken to not wearing a bra most mornings, allowing all of us to see her nipples poking through her t-shirt or tank top she was wearing. The other girls seemed to be doing the same and who was I to complain.

I wasn’t the only one that noticed. A few times Mark and Paul would make comments to Kari about how good she looked or would put their hands on her back and let it linger a bit longer.

We were in the kitchen one morning when Kari came down wearing Betturkey Giriş a tank top with no bra and shorts. Jill looked over at her and me. “Wow, Kari. Nice to see you being more free. I like the look.”

Kari smiles at her “Thanks Jill. It is kind of nice letting the twins run free.”

“Well, with breasts like that why wouldn’t you.”

Kari blushed a bit “Thanks again but sometimes I wish mine were a bit bigger like yours.”

Jill moves over to her and put her hands in Kari’s hips ” Nonsense, you have an amazing body Kari, I’m just glad your finally embracing it.”

The doorbell rang and we saw a UPS driver wave at us and rush off.

Kari and the girls ran to the door “Our clothes arrived.”

I glanced at Kari “I can’t wait to see what you’ve picked out.”

“You won’t have to wait long for part of it, I ordered a new bikini that I think you’ll like and I plan on debuting it after lunch.”

The girls went upstairs to their rooms to sort through all of the clothes. I ventured up to our room hoping to get a glimpse of what Kari had ordered.

As I opened the door Kari yelled at me “What do you think you’re doing?”

I walked over and out my arms around her “I was just hoping to get a sneak peek at what you got.”

“I told you that you’ll see soon enough and you’ll have to wait for the rest later. I can’t wait to try them all on and show you…. and everyone else.”

“You’re really getting into this whole showing off thing aren’t you.” I asked.

“I guess so. It’s kind of liberating in a way. I’ve always thought I was sexy but with all the comments everyone has given me I guess it’s given me a bit more confidence. You sure you’re ok with all of this? Some of the stuff I got is pretty risqué”

I smiled at her “Trust me, I’m good with it. Like Jill said earlier, you have a great body and I’m glad your finally embracing it as well.”

“Well I’m glad to hear that. Now go away and fix us some drinks. I’ll be at the pool in a bit.”

I did as told and the three of us guys went out to the pool with a fresh pitcher of margaritas as we awaited the girls.

As we poured the drinks I asked the guys “What do you think they’ve got in store for us?”

Mark was the first to respond “I have no idea and I’m not sure what the hell is going on but I’m not gonna complain.”

Paul chimed in “I’m used to seeing Sherri and Jill wear some skimpy stuff but man Kari sure seems to have changed the last couple of day’s. I know I’m not supposed to say this but your wife is pretty hot Dave.”

I smiled “It’s ok and your right, she is pretty hot. I have to say I think all three of us got lucky in the wife department.”

The three of us cheered “Here, here.” to that and took a drink.

The back door finally opened and the ladies all walked out wearing the kimonos they had bought in Vietnam. Kari was wearing the blue silk one that she found on the last day while Sherri wore black and Jills was red.

I yelled out “Oh come on. All the buildup and your still teasing us?”

The girls laughed “All in due time.”

The girls got to their chairs and then all three took off their kimonos. The three of us guys gasped as we saw that the ladies had all bought new and very small thong bikinis. All three were the same style but just different colours which matched the color of their kimonos. I sat awestruck as I looked at my wife wearing this bikini that barely covered anything. The top was tiny and covered about half her breasts while the bottom literally barely covered her pussy and the g string poked out the top of her ass.

She came over and kissed me “What do you think? Do you like it?”

I kissed her back “The fact that I won’t be standing up anytime soon should give you your answer.”

The other girls laughed at this “Oh come on, stand up, let’s see if what Kari says is true.”

“And what exactly does Kari say?”

Jill responded “Well, according to your wife, you have a decent size package down there. Big but not too big if I remember her words correctly.”

I looked at Kari “We got to talking while we were changing. Sorry.” She said with a devilish smile.

I had a raging hard on but figured what the hell so I stood up, my cock straining through my swim shorts.

Sherri gasped “Wow, how big is that thing.”

“I haven’t measured it in a long time but last time it was 8 inches.”

Sherri took a closer look “Sounds about right. It bigger than you Paul but if my understanding is correct it’s Mark that’s the winner hey Jill?”

Jill looked over at Mark “Sorry sweetheart but I had to tell them about your 10 inches.”

Mark smiled “Well if you had to.” And laughed.

The six of us went back to our drinks in a bit of silence as us guys tried not to stare at all of the skin on display in front of us. Eventually we went back to our regular routine of suntanning and random dips in the pool with an endless supply of margaritas.

I Betturkey Güncel Giriş got up to make us a fresh batch of drinks and was headed inside when I heard Kari ask if someone would put sunscreen on her back. I was already committed to drinks but Mark was more than happy to oblige. I noticed Paul offer to help the other ladies as well.

When I came out back I settled into my chair and saw that Mark was doing a very thorough job of making sure Kari was covered. He had just finished her back when he decided to do the hacks of her legs. He rubbed the lotion in in very long strokes down the length of her leg. I don’t even think he noticed that I was there as he squirted some more into his hands and started working the upper portion of her thigh. Kari didn’t object when he moved his hands up further and was eventually working the lotion onto her ass. As he continued rubbing it in, his hands moved towards the tight string of her thong, making sure he covered all of her ass. I swear I heard a moan come out of Kari and noticed that her legs parted slightly as he continued. For his part, Paul was doing virtually the same to the other two girls and their reactions were similar to my wife’s’

I was surprised at how comfortable I was watching another man massage my wife’s ass. Literally inches from her pussy and a little turned on at the show being put on in front of me.

Eventually both Paul and Mark finished their jobs and quickly jumped into the pool. Kari turned her head and looked at me like she was uncertain of what my reaction would be. I gave her a quick smile and blew her a kiss, took a big drink and jumped in the pool as well.

The guys and I sat in the pool and eventually Mark looked over at me “I’m sorry buddy. I kind of got carried away but I just couldn’t help myself.”

“No worries Mark. I totally understand and if I was in your shoes I would have done the same.”

“Thanks. Next time I’ll return the favour and let you put it in my wife. That is if she’s ok with it but I’m sure she will be.”

“It’s a deal.”

The day continued on and eventually the time did come for the girls to reapply. Jill looked over at me “Hey Dave, since my husband is busy on his phone, would you be able to put some sunscreen on my back. That is if it’s ok with Kari.”

I looked over at Kari and she just smiled and said “I’m good. Go for it.”

I went over and sat between Kari and Jill and started rubbing the sunscreen in. I looked over at Kari and saw her intently watching both my hands and the growing tent in my shorts. Sherri roller over and proceeded to start reapplying to Kari.

I continued rubbing the sunscreen in when Jill asked that I make sure to get her legs and the parts of her that hadn’t seen much sun.

I continued my job of massaging the lotion into her legs and started running it over her ass. Again, I noticed that Jill had spread her legs and was starting to breathe a little heavier. Sherri was doing the same to Kari but had now untied her top to make sure that there was no tan line there. Kari herself had her eyes wide open as she watched me run sunscreen across her ass. I looked over to see Sherri now rubbing sunscreen down the Kari’s side and running her hands across the sides of her breasts.

Kari was breathing heavy and my cock was straining. Kari put her hand discreetly on my thigh and quickly ran her hands across my cock. I swear I almost came then and there. I announced I was done and very quickly jumped in the pool to try and contain my hard on.

The day continued on and it was my turn to cook so I got the grill fired up and started getting dinner going. As I cooked I noticed the ladies talking with each other and then agreeing on something or other. Kari came over and gave me a big kiss.

“What was all the hush hush talking over there.”

“Oh we were just having some girl talk. We also decided that since you boys have been so nice to us that to celebrate our first week of quarantine that we will make a special dinner for you tomorrow night.” As she said this she reached down my leg and rubbed my cock then walked away.

It was somewhat difficult to finish dinner in my state but I managed to get it all out together and announced that dinner was finally ready. I placed the food on the table and the girls all came in wearing their kimonos.

Paul was the first to speak up. “What the hell ladies. We didn’t cover up so why are you guys.”

Jill laughed “Geez sorry but it seemed the thing to do. I didn’t realize that since you guys decided not to put a shirt in that it meant we had to do the same. Besides you guys have been staring at us all day and now it’s our turn to return the favour.”

Mark was next and said “Well it just doesn’t seem right if you ask me.”

“Well fine then if your going to be difficult then here you go.” Jill said as she took off her cover up. Sherri and Kari looked at each other, shrugged and followed suit.”

“That’s better.” Replied Mark.

We all started dinner and the drinks kept flowing.

We were just about finished when I said “It has been lovely having a meal with the three of you ladies barely clothed. The scenery has been amazing.”

Kari laughed and said “You boys are most welcome and the scenery for us hasn’t been too bad either”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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