An Unexpected Massage Ch. 03

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I spent the next day running between offices getting the final details worked out on my deal. Everything was falling into place.

I sent Emily a message, letting her know I had run into Jennifer in the “real world” just in case something was said. Emily thanked me for the information and for my discretion. I asked what my reward was and she replied back that I could come collect it anytime.

I inquired about a house call to my hotel, and she replied with a “No, can’t do that.”

She explained that she worked 6 days a week, 10 hour days and although she did want to see me, after she closed down her shop all she wanted to do was go home and spend time with her family. I understood completely as I was continually gone myself. I asked if I could come in this afternoon for a four hand with her and her sister, she told me she’d check the schedule and let me know in 30 minutes.

As it was only 1:00pm, I ordered room service for lunch and took a shower. I dressed casually and sat and ate my BLT and caught up on emails and a few phone calls. About an hour later Emily sent a message that there wasn’t room for a 4 hand, but if I showed up, she or her sister would work me in. I told her I’d be there in about an hour.

I took the rental and parked it in front of the high-end salon, she was right, the parking lot was full. Business was indeed good for the Chinese sisters. I walked into the busy lobby and strolled over to the front desk where Julie’s daughter and another young Chinese girl were sitting and clacking into the computer. She looked up and smiled and said “We’ve been expecting you Bob, have a seat and I’ll we’ll call you back in a few minutes.” She had a big smile on her face and winked at me as I looked over her beautiful body encased in her Chinese silk dress.

I sat down in one of the big comfy leather chairs and grabbed a magazine. I looked around the waiting room and I was the only man there. Most of the 10 women waiting I would guess were in their early 30’s to late 40’s. There was one that looked to be early 20’s in yoga shorts and a crop top, and she was especially hot. I tried not to stare at her as I flipped through a home design magazine.

About 10 minutes in to my wait, I heard my “name” being called from the doorway, I looked up and saw both Julie and her daughter waiting for me. On my walk over I took in the sight before me. Both women were of a very similar built, about 5’2″ tall, maybe 95 pounds, with large B size breasts. Julie’s hips were and inch or two wider than her daughter, but other than that they could be twins.

Julie shook my hand and pulled me through the open door with her daughter following us. We passed by the room that I had used previously and down another hallway to a room at the end. It was very large with one standard massage table and another double massage table. It was decorated quite nice, as the rest of the spa, with lots of fresh cut flowers and candles burning. Off to the right side of the room was a doorway opening into a large bathroom with a walk-in shower large enough for a small party. Julie started the shower and told me to lay on the small massage bed, that someone would be with me shortly.

I stripped and jumped in the very large shower, enjoying the body spray nozzles and washed my body with the provided liquid soap. Once my cock and balls were rinsed, I got out and dried off with a big fluffy white towel. I laid face up on the smaller of the two massage tables and checked messages and emails and reading the news.

I heard a soft knock on the door and Emily entered with a big smile. She leaned over and kissed me briefly on the lips. She looked stunning, but you could see a few more wrinkles around her eyes. She looked tired.

“How are you Bob? We’ve missed you,” she said as she rubbed her fingernails over my soft cock.

“I’ve been good and I’ve missed you as well, ” I said as I brought my hand up to rub her pert ass over her silk dress.

We caught up on our lives a little and then she said “Bob, I would love to stay and give you your massage, but our business is growing so fast I can’t keep up,” she said with a frown while rubbing my now hard cock. “But I have a special surprise for you. Julie will be training our newest masseuse using you as a test subject. I think you will find it quite enjoyable,” she teased as she leaned over and kissed me softly. “I will come back and check on you later, relax and enjoy yourself. They should be here soon,” she winked at me and as quickly as she came, she was gone.

It seemed she hadn’t been gone a minute and there was another knock at the door and in walked Julie and her daughter both with a big smile on their face. I reached for a towel and covered my hard cock, out of respect for the daughter. Julie walked up to me and kissed my cheek and said “Roll over Bob, time for your massage.”

I rolled over uncomfortably onto my cock and put my arms out to the sides of the table with my face in the hole. I Casibom felt the towel being laid over my ass and then some quiet discussions in Chinese. I felt hands from my right-side start spreading oil on my back. I raised up and looked and it was Julie’s daughter. I smiled at her and put my head back down. “We’ve grown so much that it has been hard to find good employees so Sofia volunteered to take on some more responsibilities. We want to open another location soon, and if she shows promise, she will run that operation for us. You are very lucky, you get to receive a training massage Bob,” she giggled as I could feel her put her hands on her daughters, talking in hushed Chinese giving direction.

I laid back and drifted in and out of sleep as they massaged my back and then my legs. I awoke sometime later to feeling a light teasing of my balls. I moaned and lifted my hips off the table to allow better access. I felt a soft hand massage my balls and then reach under to rub oil on my hardening shaft. As soon as it started it quit and I felt a push on my butt to force my hardening cock back to the table. I lifted my head from the hole and turned to my left, catching Julie’s eyes. “Relax Bob, enjoy the massage,” she said as they began to each massage one butt cheek each. I realized the towel was now gone from my mid-section.

I could feel Julie applying more oil, dripping some in my ass crack and the Sofia follow along and spread it over my anus. This went on for what seemed like hours but was only a few moments. Then I felt Sofia’s hand brush against my balls while her mom talked to her softly in Chinese. I raised up off the table and Sofia moved her hand over my hardening cock and teased it with her soft touch.

Sofia pushed on my ass, forcing me back to the table. Julie grabbed a hot towel and gave one to her daughter. They began to wipe down my back and my legs talking lightly in their native language as mother taught daughter. Once they had me wiped down, they put a towel on my back and massaged through it, getting the last bits of oil from my skin.

Julie leaned down and whispered into my ear “Time to turn over,” and held the towel over my midsection as I flipped to my back. She placed the towel over my cock, tenting it, and placed a small towel over my eyes. “Relax Bob, close your eyes and enjoy the massage,” she said quietly. I really didn’t like the towel over my eyes, I wanted to watch the girls as they decided what was going to be their next step. But I understood, Sofia was young and was in training, they put the towel to allow her not to be embarrassed of me watching her while she gave her first massage.

They both rubbed on my shoulders, then to my chest. Lightly rubbing my nipples as their opposite hand came down to spread oil on my stomach and to the edge of the towel. My cock was still hard, tenting the towel I’m sure. They softly rubbed my stomach and then skipped over my midsection and started on my ankles and feet. Moving slowly up my legs and my inner thighs with time, applying oil, massaging and applying more oil as they moved slowly and sensuously towards my balls under the towel.

I felt Julies hand first, it wrapped around my cock pulling it towards my stomach. Then I felt Sofia’s hand massing my balls and my taint. The sudden pleasure almost had me shooting my load right then, but I gritted my teeth and calmed myself.

I had been a spectator long enough and I reached out my right hand until I could find Julie’s leg and followed it up to caress her bubble butt in my hand through the silk dress. She was slowly jacking my cock while her daughter massaged my balls and taint.

I reached my other hand and found Sofia’s leg and followed it up to her hard ass. I squeezed it in rhythm to her squeezing my balls. I dropped my hand off of her ass and found the slit to her dress moving my hand to the back of her bare leg. It was as soft as bunny’s fur and my dick twitched as I moved it up to find her ass as bare as her leg. As soon as I had her ass in my left hand, I followed the same route with my right, feeling her mother’s ass.

It was sensation overload. In a matter of seconds of feeling a mother’s and daughters ass in my hands I squirted a massive load all over the inside of the towel that was still covering me. Sofia instantly pulled her hand away and moved out of my reach, but her more experienced mother continued to slowly jack my cock, getting all my sperm from the source. As she was finishing me off, I moved my fingers to her pussy, lightly rubbing her damp lips.

Julie said something forcefully to Sofia, and the next thing I knew I could feel the towel being removed and a wet towel begin to clean up my cock and taint. A few seconds later I felt Julie’s breath by my ear “Wow, Bob. You came a lot!”

She began to rub her fingernails over my softening cock while she whispered in my ear, “Do you think you have another one in you Bob?”

I pulled off the towel over my eyes and turned Casibom Giriş my head my lips searching for hers. She moved her lips to mine and kissed me softly while she played with my cock. “Yes, I think you do,” she giggled as she moved away from me.

She said something to Sofia in Chinese and I said “Hey, speak English, I want to hear.” Sofia laughed and told her mother “I told you, it’s rude to speak Chinese.”

“Bob, my daughter is an ABC and an ABG, she doesn’t appreciate her heritage,” Julie said with a smile.

“She’s as beautiful as her mother, Julie,” I said as I reached out to her daughter and rubbed my hand over her rock hard ass.

“Yes, she is very beautiful, I wish she would have become a doctor or lawyer like her cousins, rather than come work in the family business,” sighed Julie as she rubbed on my lengthening shaft.

“Oh mom,” laughed Sofia, “I will make more money than them.”

“But she doesn’t know how we make all of our money, Bob,” sighed Julie.

I reached my hand under Sofia’s dress, across her rock-hard glute and between her shaven lips. They were dry, not moist like her mothers. I brought my hand from under her dress and put it to her mother’s lips and forced them into her mouth, telling her “Get them wet for me.”

Julie sucked my first three fingers like a cock, thrusting them in my mouth and licking them. I pulled them from her mouth but before I could return to her daughter, she grabbed my hand and while looking at her daughter she dripped all the saliva in her mouth to my fingers.

I moved my coated fingers back under Sofia’s dress, across her ass leaving a trail of her mother’s saliva and to her pussy, applying her mother’s moisture to her cunt. I rubbed across it three times to moisten it then I forcefully stuffed my first two fingers into her very tight cunt. Sofia grabbed the edge of the table as I began to finger fuck her while her mother played with my cock. I reached up with my right hand and grabbed the front of her dress between her tits and pulled her to where her face was inches from my thick cock.

“Be a good girl Sofia, suck my cock. Show your mother what a good little whore you are going to be,” I whispered as I pulled her to me.

She licked the tip of my cockhead as her mother slowly jacked my shaft. She then reached around the top of my shaft and I noticed her small hands couldn’t wrap all the way around my cock. She pulled my cock perpendicular to the table and sucked the head in her outstretched mouth while twirling her tongue on my head. I was still thrusting into her tight pussy and moved my thumb up to her clit. As soon as I touched it, her grip on my cock tightened and she moaned.

My right hand went to her mother’s pussy and I began to thrust into her sopping wet cunt and rub her clit at the same time as I was finger fucking her daughter. I turned to Julie and said “Your daughter needs practice, she can’t suck a dick nearly as good as you.”

Julie leaned down and kissed me hard, pushing her tongue in my mouth. She pulled away and looked me in the eye and whispered, “Nobody can suck a dick or eat a pussy as good as I can Bob,” then she smiled and kissed me again harder this time.

She pulled back from our kiss and looked at me like she was trying to make a decision. She took her hand off my cock and reached behind her, unzipping her silk dress and pulling it down off of her to where it sat crumpled on the floor. She was as stunning as I remember her, her nice large B breasts stood proud on her tiny frame. She crawled up on the table and faced away from me and lowered her wet pussy to my face. I immediately began to lap at her, paying extra attention to her clit and her ass. She was talking to her daughter and I couldn’t make it all out, but could tell she was coaching her while she sucked my cock.

I was no longer finger fucking Sofia, instead using both my hands to spread Julie’s ass cheeks so I had access to her pink rosebud, where I was darting my tongue in and out while I pushed a finger inside her backdoor. She was bouncing on my tongue and I could tell she was getting close. About that time I felt her daughters lips and tongue retreat from my cock so I pushed on her mother’s ass so I could see what was going on.

I glanced to my left and Sofia was dropping her dress to the floor, and if her mother was beautiful, this girl was a goddess. She also climbed on the table out of my view, but it didn’t take long to figure out what was going on. Her mother grabbed my cock at the root and then I felt the warm embrace of Sofia’s pussy as she slowly pushed my thick cock into her tight cunt. She only was able to get about half of it in her pussy, and looking between her mother’s legs, I could see Julie rubbing her daughter’s clit while she bounced on my cock.

I reached around her mother and began to rub on her swollen clitoris and began eating out her ass again. Sofia was moaning loud, saying “Fuck, shit, Casibom Güncel Giriş god it’s so big,” over and over as she tried to force more of my cock inside of her. Suddenly she gasped and said “I’m cuming,” and I felt her pussy gush over my cock head down the shaft and cover my balls. She slowly pulled off my hard cock and she was standing on the floor in a few seconds. Her mother pulled off my face and then twirled around and lined my cock up and sank down on it until it was fully embedded in her cunt.

“Your still a kid,” she hissed at her daughter as she began to fuck my cock. “You will have to learn to fuck Bob’s cock, take it all, before you can be an asset to your aunt and I,”She said to her daughter.

“Fuck my pussy, Bob. Show her what a real woman can take,” she said to me.

I rolled her over and began to punish her pussy, her legs were over my shoulders allowing me to get full depth into her shallow Asian pussy. I could feel my cockhead painfully hit her cervix over and over as I pounded into her. I was getting close, but Julie was already there, “Fuck me Bob, fuck my pussy. God it feels so good, you are a good motherfucker Bob.”

With that, I squirted what seemed like a gallon of seed into her mature Asian pussy. I came so hard, that I thought I was going to pass out, I rolled over onto my back halfway off the massage table and tried to catch my breath.

Julie said something to her daughter and the next thing you know Sofia has my softening dick in my mouth, cleaning off the mixture of my cum and her mother’s juice. She laps me like a cat licks milk, making sure to get every drop. I nearly fall off the bed, so at one point I push her off of me and stand next to her. I take her into my arms and kiss her deeply and she kisses me back with passion.

I lean down and whisper in her ear, “Time to clean your mother,” and bring my eyes back to look into her face to see her reaction.

“She thinks she’s the best pussy licker,” she says with a wink, “My sorority sisters thought I was the best they ever had.”

She walked to the foot of the massage table and climbed on, putting her face between her mother’s legs and began to kitty lick her mother’s swollen labia sucking in my cum that was oozing out of her pussy. My dick twitched watching the site before me. Good god, could I get it up three times in one day?

Just then there was a light knock on the door and in walked Emily with a surprised look on her face as she took in the sight before her. She looked and me and said, “Bob, you are a bad boy.”

She walked to me and kneeled and took my cock in her mouth, cleaning the rest of my cum and her sister’s juices off of it. I stood there glancing first at her then at her sister and niece on the table. As my dick started to come to life, Emily stood up and took me to the double massage table and we climbed up together.

We laid together watching her sibling and niece commit one of the most taboo things I’ve ever seen. Julie was moaning and coaxing her daughter in Chinese. Sofia had her whole face buried in her mothers cunt, licking and finger fucking her as we watched. “Sofia flunked out of college, too much partying and not enough studying,” Emily said as she ran her fingernails over my hardening cock. “I warned her and her parents warned her, that if she didn’t keep her grades up, she would have to come to work here.”

Emily went on to explain that they brought her here to punish her but ended up finding out that she was a bigger slut than they had imagined. It was harder to import the girls they needed from China, so Sofia not only had filled the gap, but also recruited some of her friends to work at Royal Spa part time. It worked out because they spoke perfect English and they were all bisexual. Since 98% of their customers are women, they needed girls that knew how to please them.

“I didn’t want her to become a whore, like I had to. But it’s either this, or allow her to run around with her friends using drugs and drinking. This way we can keep an eye on her,” Emily whispered.

“Is this their first time?” I said as I nodded towards the other bed.

Emily laughed “With her mother, I believe so. But she and I have had a couple of encounters.”

I raised my eyebrow and turned to her. “Really?,” I moaned as she grasped my now hard cock.

“Yes, she is very good, and the emotional connection made it that much better,” she told me as she kissed my neck. “I also felt an emotional connection with you Bob, what do you think about that?”

I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t come to places like Royal Spa for emotional connection, I came for the orgasm. “That’s flattering, but I am happily married Emily,” I said a little concerned.

“Oh Bob, so am I,” she laughed, “I’m not saying I’m falling in love with you, but it was different with you than a normal customer. I felt something.”

“I felt something too, your tight pussy around my cock, “I said to her pulling her into me for a kiss.


This is as far as I’ve gotten with this chapter. Writers block has gotten me after publishing so many chapters in such a short time. I haven’t got this mapped out any further than what it already is, so it may sit for a while.

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