An Unplanned Event Act 03

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Big Tits

The walk to Mandy’s place was short. She lived in an old building, a four-story walkup with creaking stairs and tiny black and white checkered tile floors on every landing. Mandy’s apartment was on the second floor. As Lynn followed her up the creaking stairs, she couldn’t help but notice how nice Mandy’s ass was. She had very nice hips for a slender girl, Lynn thought, but her ass was surprisingly round. Her black pinstripe Capri pants hugged her posterior very well; not too tight but not by any means loose either.

Lynn just smiled to herself and shook her head at the thoughts that were prancing through her mind. Sure, she loved watching girl on girl porn and Showtime’s The L Word was one of her favorite shows, but she never imagined she’d find herself heading to the apartment of a woman she’d never even met before at four thirty in the morning. Not that she was there for anything more than some assistance in getting a cab home. It’s not like I’m coming here to DO anything, she thought to herself.

Mandy opened the door and entered her apartment, tossing her keys into a tray on a nearby table, Lynn following behind her. The apartment was really just one large room, very sparsely decorated and with nothing more than a low queen sized platform bed tucked against a wall near a window and a tall, black bookcase. In another corner, there was a steel-framed papa-san chair with a big fluffy cushion in a solid, electric blue shade. Aside from a coffee table with a laptop and a BOSE sound dock for her iPod resting on top, that was it. Mandy walked over to the bookcase and looked about.

“I know it’s over here somewhere. I always keep one on hand just in case.” She shifted a book here, lifted another there and lifted yet another. “Ahh, here we go. Running Rabbit twenty four hour car service.” She handed the card to Lynn. “Here ya go. Can I get you something to drink or anything?”

“No thanks, Mandy. I think I’ve had enough to drink for the night.” She giggled.

“No problem. Make yourself at home. I’ll be right with ya.” She crossed her arms and grabbed her shirt from the bottom on both sides, lifting it up over her head as she headed to the closet. Lynn looked and then turned slightly, not wanting to be rude. She could hear Mandy moving things around in the closet as she went about changing her clothes.

Lynn adjusted the papa-san and sat in it, her soft bottom sinking into the giant blue cushion. She dialed the number on the card and waited. The dispatcher picked up after three rings.

“Running Rabbit car service, can I have your address please?”

“Hold on just a second.” Lynn realized she didn’t know the address of the building and called out to Mandy. “What’s the address here?”

Mandy stepped out from the closet facing Lynn, her torso bare. “Three twenty four second avenue. Just say that Mandy needs car thirty three.” She popped back into the closet.

Lynn was stunned. Did that just happen? Time seemed frozen. The world began again when she heard the dispatcher’s voice, summoning her back to reality.

“Hello? Can I have your address please?”

“Oh.” Lynn shook her head. “I’m at three twenty four second avenue, Mandy needs car thirty three.”

“Car thirty-three for Mandy. One moment please.” The dispatcher disappeared behind the veil of top forty holding music. She returned after a few seconds. “Car thirty-three will be there in ten minutes. Thank you for using Running Rabbit car service.”

Lynn closed her cell phone and lifted herself from the large, comfortable chair. She placed the card back onto the bookcase shelf and began to peruse the titles of the books.

“How long?” Mandy called out as she emerged from the closet. She was no longer topless, instead wearing a sheer, black peasant blouse and white boxer shorts decorated with little black bombs with burning fuses.

“Ten minutes.” Lynn answered. “So, I see you have a lot of art and philosophy books here.”

“Yeah.” Mandy retrieved a bottle of wine, a glass and a corkscrew from the kitchen. “I take a few classes here and there at the New School, just for interests. I really like photography though.”

She uncorked the wine and poured herself a glass. Leaving the kitchen, she placed the bottle onto the table, and placed the iPod in the sound dock. Lyfe Jennings vocals wafted from the speakers over a lush groove. She sipped her wine and walked over to the bookcase, standing next to Lynn. “This is one of my favorites.” She said, reaching for a book. “The Tao Of Pooh. Winnie the Pooh meets eastern philosophy. How cute is that?”

“I see you like Lyfe Jennings too.” Lynn said. “I love his stuff.”

Mandy sipped her wine. “Yeah, he’s cool. Not so mainstream and typical, y’know? I like that.” She crossed behind Lynn and sat on the papa-san with one leg folded underneath her, placing the wine glass on the windowsill. “So are you gonna stand over there until your car comes?”

“Well you don’t have a lot of furniture and I feel weird about just sitting on someone’s izmit escort bed…”

“You can always lay on it.” She flashed a mischievous grin at Lynn. “I won’t mind.”

“Nice.” Lynn responded. “Or you could lay on it and I can sit in that comfy spot you’re in right now.”

The music filled the space as Mandy quietly got up from the papa-san and moved over to the bed. She looked at Lynn deliberately as she moved, sitting on the bed first, and then laying back on it. Her blouse rose as she leaned back, exposing her navel. She played with the laces on the shirt, her breasts barely hidden beneath the sheer fabric. Lynn watched her out of the corner of her eye as she crossed over and sat on the papa-san. The words tumbled out of her mouth before she could stop them.

“I like that blouse.” She wanted to take it back, but it was too late.

Mandy sat upright on the bed, her knees bent slightly, her legs spread. “Thanks. I wasn’t sure you’d noticed.” She pulled the laces between her index finger and thumb and twirled them. “I love this top. Makes me feel so sexy when I wear it.”

“I can imagine. It looks sexy.” There it was again. Through her lips before she could do a thing. This time, though, accompanied by a hint of warmth in her face. She was blushing. The heat wasn’t staying put. It had already started to travel downward. She had tried not to, but couldn’t help stealing glances and peeks at Mandy’s breasts. She could feel her own nipples beginning to perk and harden. Soon, the sensation had made its way to her stomach; that nervous feeling like a thousand frisky butterflies turned loose deep inside. Where the hell is that car!

She reached for the wine that Mandy had left on the windowsill and took a deep gulp, placing the glass back on the sill. Time seemed as if it had forgotten about them.

“Great wine, isn’t it?” Mandy asked. “It’s Chilean. People always think Europe and California when they think wine, but I love South American wines. Especially from Chile and Peru.”

“It’s really nice.” Lynn replied, avoiding Mandy’s eyes.

Mandy bounded up from the bed and leaned over Lynn as she reached for the glass sitting on the windowsill, treating Lynn to a close-up of her breasts. Just as quick she was out of the way, glass in hand walking back to the table. “I can get you a glass if you like.” She offered as she poured.

“I don’t think I should. With the car coming and all.”

“Oh, he’ll wait. You can share mine, how about that?”

“Sure.” Lynn replied, but in her mind she thought, where the hell is that car?

Mandy walked back across the room and Lynn found herself watching her motion. She moved in a sexy way, but not contrived. She wasn’t trying to be sexy, she just was. Lynn realized she was staring and got up from the chair.

“Do you think I should call again?” She asked Mandy.

“Nah. He’ll be here before you know it.” She sipped the wine, holding it in her mouth, letting it tattoo its’ flavor on her tongue before she swallowed it. “Fucking ambrosia, this stuff is. Here.” She offered the glass. Lynn took the glass and sipped. The wine was very impressive, but she knew she shouldn’t drink any more. She handed it back to Mandy.

“Thanks again for the car and everything. I’ll have to figure out a way to make it up to you, you’ve been so nice.”

“How about a kiss?”

“A… A kiss?” Lynn stammered. “I don’t know about that.”

“Just a little peck.” Mandy smiled. “To let me know you’re actually real.”

Lynn blushed and then noticed she was blushing and felt a little embarrassed. “Wow. I… I just never…”

“Kissed another woman before?”

“Yeah. That.”

“You can always close your eyes.” Mandy said as she moved closer. “It’s just one… Little… Kiss.”

“Wait… I… Let me think about it for a second.”

“Thinking…” Mandy began, “Ruins…” her face moved closer to Lynn’s. “So many… perfect things…” The ‘s’ hung in the air as she pressed her soft lips to Lynn’s mouth.

Lynn could taste the flavor of the wine on her lips. The moment had taken her by surprise, even though the moment itself had been building up to this point all night. She tried not to kiss back, tried not to enjoy it, but Mandy’s lips felt so nice. Her kiss was different than a man’s. It was patient and sensual and Lynn found her own mouth opening, just a bit, to invite Mandy in. With the taste of Mandy’s tongue in her mouth Lynn relaxed and sank into the kiss. She forgot about how unbelievable it was that she was inside this moment, this situation. She had fantasies of kissing another woman, of being with another woman, but they were all just fantasies, until tonight, at least.

Mandy’s mouth and lips and tongue were very real, soon accompanied by caressing hands along her back. She felt the rush of heat welling up inside of her body, felt Mandy’s nipples harden against her chest, her own nipples perking just as excitedly to meet them. And then came the horn. The car had arrived, the sound of the honking horn izmit kendi evi olan escort thrusting itself into the very heart of the moment. Lynn broke the kiss, the kiss that seemed like a sweet eternity. She looked at Mandy and glanced away as she wiped her bottom lip.

“Wow.” She managed in a breathless whisper. “Car’s here…” Suddenly she didn’t know what to do with her eyes, where to look, what to focus on. Mandy was directly in front of her, smiling, looking at her intently. “I should… I guess I should get going.”

“You’re welcome to stay, if you want.” Mandy’s responded

“I should, uhhh…” More stammering. “I should probably get home and…” She realized as the words formed on her lips that she was staring at Mandy’s breasts. They were beautiful, perky breasts. Not huge, like her own, but just perfect for Mandy’s frame with pinkish brown areolas and nipples. “I…”

Mandy reached her arms down across her body and took off the blouse. She stepped forward, closing the space between them. “Do you like my tits, Lynn?”

“I… I…” Lynn stuttered, her eyes fixed on Mandy’s naked breasts.

Mandy reached down, took Lynn’s right hand and placed it on her bare chest. “Is that a yes?” She loosed the remaining buttons on Lynn’s sheer top. “I like yours.”

Lynn’s mouth opened. She meant to say something, but nothing came out as she looked into Mandy’s eyes. Their mouths met again and she began massaging Mandy’s breast, pulling and rubbing the nipple as they kissed. She felt Mandy tugging at her top, freeing it from her pants. The car honked again. The kiss went on. They moved back toward the bed, lips still connected, tongues still in a sensuous dance.

Mandy helped as Lynn flung her arms free of the blouse letting it fall to the floor behind them. Her own nipples were on alert and protruding through her camisole top as Mandy ran both hands over her front. She pulled the camisole up and lifted it over Lynn’s head, exposing her full, large breasts. As Lynn lay back onto the bed, Mandy stopped and marveled at them for a moment.


“Do you like my tits, Mandy?” Lynn asked playfully.

” I think they are absolutely beautiful.” She said as she lowered her head and kissed both of Lynn’s waiting nipples.

Lynn gasped and moaned in a hush with each kiss before Mandy returned to her lips, pecking them softly before taking the lower lip into her mouth and sucking on it. Lynn replied with a breath of sweet satisfaction. She felt a tingling between her thighs then. A growing, persistent tingling that was moving headlong toward full-blown arousal complete with the familiar wetness that always accompanied such sensations. She squeezed her muscles together, massaging her inner walls, increasing it. Almost as if she knew, in that same moment, Mandy moved from her lips to her neck, kissing and sucking on it, tracing her lips down the nape and then along Lynn’s clavicle. She moved down to Lynn’s full, heaving breasts, tracing the point of her tongue down to the nipples deliberately. The horn honked again.

Mandy continued, nibbling Lynn’s nipples one by one before sucking each completely into her mouth in turn. Lynn’s back arched in reply as reached her arms over her head on the bed, still squeezing and releasing her pussy muscles in rhythm. The horn honked three more times, hanging on the third.

“What about the car?” Lynn whispered. “Maybe we should…”

Mandy’s mouth and lips continued working on Lynn’s nipples, managing to slip in a breathless response. “He’ll get over it.” She smiled up at Lynn, then eased back from her, cupping her own breasts as she looked down. “You’re so fucking hot.”

Lynn undid the button on her pants and then the zipper as she looked into Mandy’s violet eyes. “Oh, you have no idea how hot I am thanks to you.” Lynn replied as she began to wriggle out of her pants, revealing baby blue lace boy-shorts complete with a little pink bow in front on the waistband.

As if on cue, Mandy began to slip her boxer shorts down off her waist. She was shaven perfectly bare. She flung the boxer shorts onto the windowsill, reaching a single hand down to rub her moistened, engorged pussy lips.

“Nice.” Lynn whispered as she smiled at the sight of Mandy’s full nakedness.

“Your turn.” Mandy grinned as she reached down and slid Lynn’s boy-shorts down her thick, creamy thighs. She flicked Lynn’s panty’s aside and they landed on the windowsill right next to her boxer shorts.

“Stand up, gorgeous.” Mandy whispered. “Let me get a good look at you.”

Lynn let out a small giggle. “Okay.”

She stood on the bed before Mandy. She was naked and aroused with another woman and she wasn’t feeling shy about it. She was enjoying herself and she was soaking wet with anticipation. She felt like her vagina would explode in a torrent of her juices the moment Mandy touched her there. Her legs were tight together. Mandy looked at her with wonder in her eyes. She licked her lips as she moved toward her on her knees.

“Open up for me Lynn.” She said quietly.

Lynn bit her lip softly as she closed her eyes and complied. Her body trembled the moment Mandy’s hands made contact with her thighs. As her hands slid smoothly around to her full, round buttocks Lynn felt as if she would cum right then and there. The moment she felt Mandy’s warm breath on her lips, she began to quiver inside, feeling her knees weaken. She began to massage her own nipples with both hands as she continued to bite her lip, opening her eyes and leaning her head back. Mandy placed soft kisses on her pussy lips and licked them with tender care.

“Mmmmmm…” Lynn moaned. “That feels soooo nice.” She whispered as she continued to pinch and rub her nipples.

Mandy’s mouth and tongue continued to work on Lynn, as she took Lynn’s left leg and draped it over her shoulder, taking time to kiss, lick and suck her inner thigh before returning her attention to Lynn’s pussy.

Lynn felt her right leg tremble and her knee buckle. “Oh shit, Mandy, baby, I can’t stand up for this.”

Mandy didn’t skip a beat and with deft hands cupped Lynn’s soft, round bottom and helped her ease onto her back. As if she had some magical switch in her back, the moment her body was flat on the bed, her legs blossomed wide. Somewhere inside of Lynn’s mind, she still couldn’t believe she was having sex with another woman, spreading her thighs wide, exposing her pussy to another woman’s mouth. Some fantasies, she’d always believed, would always be just fantasies and nothing more. And then Mandy blew gently onto her warm, wet pussy lips and Lynn’s mind snapped back into the pleasure of the moment. She gasped and a deep moan crawled up her throat and surfed to life on her breath. She gripped the sheets, as Mandy continued to work her lips, her tongue, her entire mouth on Lynn’s vagina. And then Lynn noticed the pressure was gone. Her eyes fluttered open and she glanced down to see Mandy smiling up at her, mouth glistening.

“You’re sweeter than I could have imagined, Lynn.” She whispered as she licked her lips.

“Please…” Lynn heard begging in her own voice. “Please–please, don’t stop, Mandy… It feels so good.” As Mandy planted a soft kiss on her vagina, Lynn leaned her head back and a whisper fell from her lips. “God,it feels so good….”

Mandy complied, raising the stakes by sliding a single finger into Lynn’s tight pussy. She worked it in and out slowly, all the while her lips and tongue steadily working Lynn’s clitoris. Whispers and squeals escaped from Lynn’s lips with each stroke and suckle. Mandy was like a virtuoso violinist and Lynn’s pussy was a Stradivarius. With every flick and stroke of the bow, Lynn’s instrument poured out notes.

She could feel her legs shaking as Mandy masterfully manipulated her clit and lips and walls with her tongue, with her lips and fingers. Lynn wanted to hold onto it, didn’t want to cum so quickly but could feel her dam was reaching its brink. With both hands working overtime on her own nipples and her breath coming in gasps, she let it go, cumming in an explosion of silent, vibrant color like fourth of July fireworks behind her tightly shut eyelids. The colors danced in quiet bursts. In fact, all sound seemed to vanish from the room and she was submerged in a sensual, euphoric silence.

Sounds seeped back into her senses as Mandy’s kisses dotted the insides of her thighs. She could feel her body damp with sweat, and then she noticed something else. She was laying in pool of moisture. It was all over her thighs and the sheets between her thighs. She reached both hands down between her legs and felt her pussy. It was sopping wet, like she can’t remember it ever being before. In fact, she could still feel the lasts echoes of her orgasms fading in tiny waves. She closed her thighs tightly and rocked onto her side, whispering to herself, “Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod…”. The cool air hit her ass as she turned onto her side and Lynn realized that she was wet all over from the waist down. She’d seen lots of porn, seen women squirt, but she’d never experienced it herself. She had no idea that she was even capable.

Mandy eased up behind her, placing kisses along her shoulder and up her neck, her arms reaching around and cupping Lynn’s warm tits. Her nipples were still hard and sensitive and Mandy tweaked them gently. Lynn took Mandy’s hands and held them tight to her chest before rolling over to face her. She was feeling more comfortable now than she had all night and she leaned forward and kissed Mandy’s lips. She could taste herself still fresh and wet on Mandy’s mouth. She broke the kiss and licked her lips.

“That was absolutely intense.” Lynn started. “I swear… I never thought…”

“Never knew you had it in ya huh, gorgeous?” Mandy replied, her tongue poking between her teeth in a wicked grin.

“To say the least. I’ve never experienced anything like that…” Her voice trailed off. “I like it—a lot.”

“Good, Lynn. Because there’s more where that came from.”

“You’d better believe there is, Mandy.” Lynn rolled on top of Mandy’s body, looked her in the eyes and smiled. “But now, it’s time for me to see what you taste like…”

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