Andre Finds Love Pt. 02

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In chapter 1 I told how I first became aware of the power and allure of black cock and how I met my wife Lee.

My new bride Lee, and her lover, Leshaun were still on our honeymoon and were due back in 2 days.

I’d been invited to my in-laws while Lee was off on her jaunt.

Dad, my father-in-law, and I just watched his wife get blacked fucked. Dutifully, we cleaned cunt and cock afterwards. I elected to attend to Jerome’s cock rather than my mother-in-law’s pussy. I didn’t want to feel like I’d cheated on my wife.

That’s no way to start a marriage.

Afterwards, for our release, at mom’s insistence, dad and I made love as she and Jerome watched.

Part 2:

Dad led me to their spare bedroom, his hand cupping my ass. He wants to fuck me. He told me he was going to take my cherry. I was frightened.

“But why do you want to fuck me dad? I’m not a homo.”

“Neither am I son. You and I are alike. We aren’t real men, are we? No, you and I are cuckolds, devoted to black cocks, and to our wives who love them.”

“We both have little dicks, unworthy of being in a woman. Yes, I’ve fucked a pussy. But only once. My wife let me fuck her to make her pregnant. We wanted to bring another white woman in the world to serve blacks.”

“I’m not ashamed to say that my little dick brought her no excitement. I knew it wouldn’t. Bev had been a whore for black cocks before I met her. It was what brought us together. My dick was no match for all those big black cocks she was used to.”

I listened. My little dick stirred.

Dad went on. “You’re married now, so that means you’re not a faggot. You love eating pussy don’t you? Especially those filled with a black man’s cum?”

I nodded.

“See son. You’re not gay. Sure, you and I just made love to each other. Other than jacking ourselves off, that’s the only physical sex white bois like us deserve. Our real joy comes from seeing Bev, and now Lee, being used like whores as they submit to the power only a big black cock has.”

He was making sense.

Then he burst my bubble.

“You’ve never had your penis in a pussy have you?”

“No sir. Not yet.” I said a little embarrassed.

“And You never will Andre. If Lee hasn’t told you yet, let me. She will never let your little white dick trespass in her pussy. She told Bev and I that. She said it when she first told us she was engaged to you.”

“Lee has no intention of soiling her body with

your sperm. You may have children. There’s a good chance she’s already pregnant by Leshaun. But you’ll raise black children. Lee will bear our grandchildren from which ever black man breeds her and you’ll raise them black. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

“You’ll raise your children to be superior to you. They’ll be black but you’ll still be white. You’ll nurture them, educate them, and when it’s time, you’ll be subservient to them.”

Sitting here on their guest bed, my father-in-law and I still naked, I’m saddened by his words. Tears fill my eyes.

Raising black children and have them eventually rule our household made prefect sense.

To live and die, never to know how it feels to have my dick in a pussy was more than I could handle. I began to weep, openly sobbing my disappointment, my sadness, my inferiority. I was sobbing the last of my manhood away. In my heart I knew he was right. Still I cried.

Dad took me in his arms and held me gently. My tears rolled down my cheeks onto his shoulder. I buried my face in his neck and continued to cry as he soothed me.

Tenderly whispering in my ear as he held me, he told me that it was alright. He said that I knew I was not a real man. I was a slave to negro cocks. My place was at the feet of black men and women. To serve their race was my duty as a little dicked, white male. To encourage them to use my wife, to abuse me both verbally and physically, was my God given role in life.

“You see son, black men are naturally aggressive. They can get angry and frustrated and may take their anger out on you. It’s your privilege to be there for him. It’s not bahis firmaları enough for you to simply offer your wife. No, you must also offer yourself.”

“You may grovel at his feet. That might not suffice. You might suck his cock, lovingly and with gusto. That too may fail to relieve his tension.”

“Andre, you may have to endure some beatings. Your wife’s negro lovers may decide to kick your ass, just for you being white. You need to understand that it’s okay for them to feel and act that way. One of your duties will be to absorb as much of their aggression as they deem to heap on you.”

“It’s their way to demonstrate their superiority and dominance over you. It helps you to maintain balance. It reminds you, if you need reminding, of your status, your place in your household.”

I’m beginning to see that there is more to being a cuckold than just cream pies and large black cocks to suck.

“It’s not complicated son. You’re nothing to the black men in your wife’s life. Nothing. Zero. Just a white sniveling faggot who can be a resource. He’ll never admit he needs anything from you, but at the same time he may demand you give him money, or cars, anything he is unable or unwilling to get for himself.”

“You and Lee need to be there for him. You need to fill his needs, both physically and emotionally. Financial too if he desires that.”

“A black man will abuse you son. He’ll demean you. He will use a belt on you as others watch. He’ll humiliate you and Lee. He may insist Lee turn tricks for him, fuck his friends. He may have her do sex movies, eat pussy, whatever. Again, this is his way to demonstrate his power over white people. It’s his right and it’s your duty to be there for him. Understand?”

He went on to say that once he had accepted his place on the lowest rung in the society of black men and white wives, he felt more at peace than any previous time in his life.

That once he gave up his pretense of being a real man, a man deserving of pussy, and dedicated his life to serve the black race, he was truly happy.

I began to understand better. I knew the joy that pleasing a big black cock gave me. He was right. I never felt more at peace then when I was kneeling before Leshaun, slobbering all over his wonderful cock, prepping it to fuck my bride. Deep in my heart I knew I’d never been a real man. Deep in my heart I knew black cocks were superior cocks and black men were superior men.

My fascination and obsession with interracial sex was ingrained. Back in college when I served as team manager, I knew that serving black men made me feel special. I remember feeling naturally at ease in the locker room amongst all those naked black men with their large cocks. And how right I felt, cleaning and picking up after those men.

I remembered how comforted I was just being in Ty’s presence. I remembered being grateful to Ty when he showed me how white bois like me, enjoy having a black cock in their mouths.

I was starting to understand that the humiliation my mother-in-law hurled at dad and me was deserved. I found the humiliation arousing. I began to understand what dad was explaining.

White bois are nothing but a support system…. and receptacles for black men’s sperm.

Pulling back from his embrace, I sniffed back my sinus’s and gave him a teary eyed smile.

Suddenly we heard Jerome and Bev fucking again. Rather, we heard Jerome and Bev moaning and groaning insults at each other. Each urging the other on. Bev was again begging him to use her like a whore. Jerome confirmed that she was indeed a whore. A whore for black cocks. And on it went as we two cuckolds listened to sex like we’d never experience.

I noticed dad’s dick hardened as we listened. I sported my own stiffy too.

I felt a serene closeness to this man, my father-in-law, whom I’d only recently met.

My own father loved me, but we were never close. He’d never understand what I’d become. Yet here’s a new man in my life, taking me under his wing. Teaching me, instructing me, nurturing me to be what all white men should be.

Now he wants to fuck me.

My kaçak iddaa father-in-law watched as I processed all this. His smile, warm and inviting. I moved back into his arms and kissed him. I wanted to please him. I wanted to thank him, to show my gratitude for his acceptance and patience. I pushed him back on the bed and French kissed him. I rubbed my body against his, again enjoying his smooth hairless, softness. I kissed my way down his neck to his chest.

I teased his nipples, licking and tenderly biting them. My hand found his little hard-on. I stroked him using three fingers. Kissing downward, I tickled his naval with my tongue. I cupped his balls, gently kneading them.

I licked his hairless belly. Sliding onto the floor between his legs, I starred at his crotch. Doing as I’d done before, I took his entire dick in my mouth and lapped at his nuts. Dad squirmed with excitement. I licked the place under his balls. Using his hips as leverage, I pulled him closer to the edge of the bed. I lifted his legs and teased his ass cheeks with my tongue.

I could feel the lust and desire growing in him. His little dick was drooling and waving, as my father-in-law tried to wiggle his asshole closer to my tongue.

I jabbed his rose bud, tonguing it. Dad moaned and squirmed. I tongue fucked his ass hole for him, feeling him writhe and twist as he tried to fuck my mouth with his ass.

Dad suddenly sat up and pulled me up. I followed him to the center of the bed.

Lying beside me, he brushed the hair out of my face ,and again, told me he wanted to fuck me.

Looking him in the eyes, I knew I wanted him to. After all the kindness he’s shown, and his mentoring me. If he wanted my cherry, if my dear father-in-law wanted to use me like a woman, I’d grant him that wish. I’d do it gladly. I felt like I owed it to him.

“Take me dad. Please don’t hurt me, but please fuck me. Take me like a woman if that’s what you want.”

“I won’t hurt you my sweet son-in-law. I’ll make you my bitch, but I’ll be gentle. Lie on your back boi. Lie back and relax.”

I did as he told me. Then he moved over my face and told me to get him wet. “It will hurt less.” he explained.

I sucked his dick until I’d coated it with my saliva.

Dad moved into position over top of me and between my legs. Reaching under my knees, he lifted them to nearly my shoulders. He smiled down to me and asked me to place his dick at my ass.

“Go ahead Andre, put it in your pussy.

I did as told and waited. I could feel him shove into me. It was uncomfortable. It hurt a little. Dad held himself still, allowing me to get used to the fullness. Then he eased in, all the way in.

Slowly he fucked back out, then back in, then again and again.

His dick in my ass began to feel wonderful. I was hard. I was excited. I began rocking my hips at him. I wrapped both arms around his torso and pulled him to me. I kissed him. Dad kissed me back. He fucked me gently, tenderly. He kissed me and made me feel loved, so feminine.

I moaned into his mouth as he fucked me to orgasm. I came like never before. Spurt after spurt shot out of my dick between us. I came like a woman.

Dad broke our kiss. Raising himself up, he looked down at me. “Told you I’d make you my bitch. Now I’m going to cum in you just like you’re a woman.”

His back arched. His teeth gritted. His pace quickened. He humped me faster and faster, finally shooting his load up my ass.

I could feel his dick pulse and throb as he grunted his small quantity of love juice. Then he collapsed on top me.

I had been fucked and I loved it. I wasn’t gay. Neither is my father-in-law. We’re cuckolds.

We’re family.

We interact.

I’m fortunate to have married into such a loving, caring family.

Putting his mouth close to my ear, dad whispered, “you’re never going to fuck me young man. I knew you had it in you to be a sissy, to take a dick in your ass. Not me. I’m not like you. I may suck cocks. I may have sucked your little dick. But I’m no sissy.”

“I don’t take dicks up my ass like some kaçak bahis faggot. I’m only a cuckold. From now on, whenever you see me, you’ll always know I’m a little bit more of a man than you’ll ever be. And we’ll fuck again son, I guarantee you, you’ll want more.”

“I’m going to fuck you in front of Bev. I’ll fuck you in front of Lee. I’ll fuck you in front of strangers. I’ll work with you to make you a full blown sissy.”

His words made my dick hard again.

“You’ll suck black cocks. You’ll suck white dicks. And you’ll take some of those white dicks up your boi pussy. Your mouth and ass will be for the use and enjoyment of others. I’ll see to that. Your wife’s black men will see to that. You’ll be in great demand on the Mandingo circuit. There’s a lot of cuckolds I know who will love fucking you.”

I know it sounded cruel, but the way dad was telling me, it wasn’t. It was like he was comforting me. Confirming my status. Telling me what lay in store for me. His voice was soft yet firm. I believed him.

I shivered in his arms at the thought of being used by faceless, nameless cuckolds.

I wondered what the Mandingo circuit was.

I fell asleep as he spooned me, silently giving thanks to God for putting me where I was.

The next morning Dad woke me up with a cup of coffee. “Shower and dress, boi. You’ll be late for work. You’ll find a razor in the shower. Put it to good use.”

I knew instinctively what he meant.

I showered, and shaved the wispy blonde hair from my chest, my arms and arm pits, my crotch, and my legs. There wasn’t much there anyway and I liked the smoothness of my skin when I powdered myself.

My mind was in a blur as I padded naked to the living room to fetch my clothing. Last night was a lot to process.

I’d started the day as a happy cuckold, waiting for my wife and her black lover to return. I ended the day being fucked like a woman, and loving it.

I’d learned from my father-in-law’s coaching that there was a lot more I could do for the black men who fuck my wife. I could do more for them, than just eat their cum from her cunt and suck their cocks.

“Here’s the sissy now.” Mom and dad were waiting for me. She was wearing a pink, fluffy, floor length robe. Dad was dressed in a suit for the office.

“Nice job removing that hair. I heard you got fucked last night”, my mother-in-law grinned.

“Yes ma’am I was.”

“So now my daughter is married to a sissy.” She seemed delighted. “I knew you had it in you. I thought you’d be a welcome addition to this family. Now I have some one to get Paul off so he can quit nagging me for hand jobs. I hate touching that pathetic little dick of his.”

“Yes ma’am.” I blushed.

“Guess what?” dad asked her. “He’s got a gland behind his balls that, when he gets his little erection, wets his ass like a woman’s pussy.”

I blushed and reached for my clothing. “Do you know what happened to my boxers?” I asked.

“You father-in-law and I decided to throw them out. Wear these in honor of you losing your cherry.”

With that mom pulled a pair of thin, nearly transparent blue, French cut panties from her pocket and tossed them at my feet.

“Pull them on, you fucking sissy.” Mom was not as kind as dad. “Pull them up your hairless legs. See how good they feel on your little dick. From what Paul just said, we’ll have to get you some panty shields.”

They had a good laugh at that.

Sighing I bent to retrieve the panty. Pulling it up and over my ass I discovered mom was right. They felt soft and smooth against my dick. They cupped my balls ever so nicely. My dick twitched.

“I’ll tell Lee Anne to make sure to throw out the rest of your men’s underwear”, mom said. “You’ll get a whole new set of panties. Won’t that be nice? Bois like you belong in women’s underwear. A good sissy knows that. You’re going to be a good sissy aren’t you, Andrea?”

Andrea? I took a deep breath and answered, “yes ma’am.”

I admired myself for only a few seconds before getting completely dressed. I was embarrassed at getting a hard-on in my new panties.

Before heading out, I hugged them both. They hugged me back and thanked me for coming. “We’ll make arrangements with Lee to have you both over on a regular basis.

“I look forward to it mom.”

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