Andrea and Uncle Ch. 02

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Her uncle forces his young niece. thereby awakening an intense unsuspected passion in the young woman.

MF-MF-FF-FFF Incest-Nonconsensual.


Bill was the first one up the next morning and put together the makings of the morning java. He surveyed the bodies around the room, the results of last night’s heady sexual carnage.

His wife lay with her head on Don’s chest, her leg carelessly thrown over his hip. The beautiful Sandy Bartell was curled in a ball on the sofa in only her undies … sleeping peacefully.

Bill put back on what clothing he could find that belonged to him then headed over to resurrect his sleeping aunt from her repose of renewal. Stooping down he captured one of her firm round nipples in his mouth and began to suckle the savory flesh of her perfect, soft mound.

She whimpered only lightly before reaching up to stroke his wild untamed mop of unruly hair. Her fingers lightly tracing down the side of his neck brought with them a gentle morning greeting. She made him tingle all along his spine, the sensation moving directly to his balls and electrifying his sexual equipment.

“Good morning lover,” she whispered softly.

“Good morning sexy,” he replied.

At the end of opening protocol she placed her hands at the side of his face and drew his mouth in for a little morning sugar, finding his lips both warm and receptive.

Her hands sliding down his neck and out to caress his big, strong shoulders, as her lips devoured his, “she so admired his youthful energy.” William’s wicked hand made its way to her valley of fire as she kissed him and began to gently court “with a gentle caress” its sleepy inhabitants.

“You have neither shame nor mercy do you sir,” she mocked.

“But my lady, everyone knows you’re a bawdy tart, are we feigning modesty?” He teased.

“No, but to use me this way with my dear husband so near, and unaware, is exceedingly brazen of you good sir,” as she kissed him again.

“But madam, how may inexperienced youth resist lips as addictive as better wine and charms like the fire of ones own dreams,” he whispered in reply as he nibbled her soft lobe.

“Fire indeed sir … then use me if you must I wont cry out, but I will never love you after this, taking a woman by storm in her own home, her husband helpless to defend nearby,” she recited, giggling softly as his young hand pleasured her silly between her legs.

“Oh but madam, your lies are not but dark snares at my path, for we both know you’re absolutely mad for me. I see it in the swell of your breasts as my voice washes over your body; discern it in the heated scent of your creative spice as I touch you. And it is there in the eyes that cease not to love, and caress me, when I am near.

“Bastard … have I no secrets in my heart that I may keep from you, no privacy of thought or emotion that I might save” here the game ended as her tongue took urgent possession of his sweet mouth again, an ravished every nook and cranny of its soft youthful warmth with dedicated voracity.

“I love being with you William,” she reflected thoughtfully.

“Thank you … I love playing with you too, Sandy!” He echoed.

William took her small hand and aided her in achieving a graceful balance. He paused at the spot, to watch her walk to the kitchen.

She was long and stately, with a steady cat like grace, that added dignity to her physical charisma … The finely cast cheeks of her derriere jiggled with the power of her stride … as her hips and pelvis moved with a perfectly timed majesty, she was a gorgeous woman at any age. She was a piece of finely crafted art

in motion, exquisite in the elemental colors of morning’s light.

Sandy looked back over her shoulder at her young admirer and winked, “she knew he would be watching” then with a seductive smile she slowly slipped the sheer yellow panties down her long, lean legs. Slowly bending over, she captured the scant fabric with sure fingers, and playfully hurled them in his direction

before heading to the lavatory to attend her morning hygiene.

All the other bodies had achieved consciousness again and were stirring to ready life. Bill headed down the hallway to the second bath needing to pee so bad his teeth hurt. When finished making water he cleaned the outer animal up as best he could and headed back.

William walked in and sat down by his wife who was now fully awake and still beautifully nude. “Are you still disappointed with me my love,” she asked timidly?

“No my dear, you were right after all, it really wasn’t your fault Andrea,” he replied gently.

Andrea scooted across and sat on William’s lap facing him, her warm presence appreciated by her husband. She tilted his head back only slightly and kissed him very softly.

“I’m in love with you Bill, I have been since my eyes first touched you. I’m sorry it turned out that I’m not what we both thought I was … please don’t hate me,” her voice barely audible as she spoke, her facial cast bursa otele gelen eskort exceedingly soft and uncertain.

“I will always love you wife, and yours is not the only

discrepancy that we’ve discovered honey. To me your expanded sexuality is an enhancement in our marriage not to be mourned, but rather … celebrated.

Reassured and smiling now Andrea placed her thin arms around her husbands neck and kissed him passionately. William placed both of his hungry, warm hands, on Andrea’s firm buttocks and gave a gently loving squeeze.

Feeling the warmth of her mons directly over his rising cock, lent inspiration to the romantic mood of William’s lips, and he sought again the tranquil sweetness of her mouth. He languished there momentarily in the shelter of her love, relishing the sweetness of her presence.

His kiss made her heart quicken and her body fever, it made the two of them new again in pledge. Andrea in joyful mood captured his impatient organ in the wet, warm crevice, of her folds. She rocked gently to and fro whispering gentle words of love in his ear.

His heart swelled inside to the bursting point, as he whispered privately that he loved her, had always loved her, and couldn’t imagine a life she was not a part of.

Sandy observed from across the room the tender moment of reconciliation between the two youths. And her eyes swelled with moisture as she recognized true love in rebirth … it touched her deeply.

Moving forward very cautiously now, she sought the sensation of Andrea’s subtle, smooth skin. Her fingers shaking with the need to satisfy there hunger for her niece’s body.

Andrea moaned at the instant Sandy’s capable warm hands touched her. And felt the gentle seducing spell her aunt’s fingers began to cast against her young spirit. She was mesmerized by the moving sensation of pleasure now enticing her mind.

Up her back, to the base of her neck, softly down the sides of her neck, and then to pause and feast at the lovely globes of her perfect breasts. Sandy’s touch was gentle, warm, and seducing, capturing to hold the mental focus of the young, beautiful, Andrea.

“You, are a wicked gypsy witch Sandy,” Andrea breathed softly.

“And I have come to eat you my child,” she teased with a giggle.

Sandy lowered her mouth to the side of Andrea’s soft neck, her tongue lovingly caressing the soft flesh she found there. She moved to her lobe, probing everything along the way, and whispered that Andrea was a vision of passion in colorful bloom.

Andrea was in heaven with her husband’s hot organ moving against her weeping mons and Sandy’s wicked hands devouring her sensitive skin. Her facial cheeks flashed, as her eyes fevered, and the hunger between her legs increased unbearably.

“Please turn around my love,” Sandy whispered to the young Lolita on her nephews lap.

Andrea turned facing outward toward Sandy, careful to recapture her husband’s flinching muscle again. Sandy, leaning forward kissed the lips of her niece, as her fingers caressed their way up her inner thighs.

Sandy slowly teased her way to the top of those long, well-toned legs. Her extravagant nails then dancing about her mound lightly. Creating light, fiery trails, of pleasure against the soft skin of her widely parted legs.

Andrea’s mons was in full bloom, the tender pedals of her passage pink, and swollen, filled the morning air with their sweet scent. With the touch as light as a feather Sandy’s brutally sharp nails wooed Andrea’s clitoris. Causing Andrea to involuntarily flinch

and moan deeply in ecstasy. She remained there tormenting her until she achieved a marked increase in her young niece’s urgency.

Sandy, now addicted to the complex nuances of Andrea’s beautiful scent slid her tongue forward to test the intoxicating drug flowing from her niece’s body. Lightly she outlined the swollen lips of Andrea’s vessel with just the tip of her tongue, capturing just a trace of her niece’s tasty, complex nectar.

Her young niece breathed out beautiful sounds of encouragement at Sandy’s touch. Unable to resist any longer she plunged the impatient blade into Andrea’s sheath and greedily drank the intoxicating liquor of love.

Andrea had watched the erotic invasion of her body, and now impatiently shoved her hips forward as an invitation for further exploration. Sandra who continued with renewed vigor did not overlook the sign.

Andrea’s body shuddered as a smoky orchestration of moans escaped from between her curvy red lips. As Sandy’s tongue began to taunt and tease her shy little clit. She cried out loudly when Sandy scraped the underside of the hard little mass with her razor

sharp teeth.

“Oh God Sandy, I love you … you wicked bitch,” she cried out in heated passion.

Raising her face to eye level with Andrea’s she leaned forward and kissed her niece. Andrea reciprocated in kind, but with even more passion than her aunt’s own affectionate administration.

Sandy bursa eve gelen escort bayan then lowered her head again and grasped her nephews swollen cock and softly kissed the burgeoning head of its body. Then slowly, bit lightly all around the big meaty glob. Once, very quickly, she lowered her hot mouth on it, and then slowly, to his agony … withdrew her favor.

“You are a most wicked woman … madam, to tempt me so then leave me helpless” he complained.

“Yes sir … but I notice you keep coming back for more of the same abuse,” she countered with a smile.

Sandy placed the swollen head of his cock against Andrea’s wet entrance, watching as William took possession of his wife’s body. The sensation at his entrance Caused Andrea to shiver, and cry out with unrestrained joy … her song of ecstasy was straight

out of her tortured soul.

Sandy watched, hypnotized by the sight of her nephews thick cock, sliding in and out of Andrea’s beautiful bald pussy. She couldn’t resist lowering her mouth, to allow her tongue to trail against its underside on his backstroke and savor the tasty fluid it had gathered in its far journey.

“You are a Goddess madam,” William bellowed out with that sweet sensation.

“And you Sir, are the spell of my days,” she replied playfully.

Sandy moved that evil member in her mouth to the top of Andrea’s crevice and made quick, darting sortie’s, against the stronghold of her clit. She would pause now and then to lightly bite all around the top of Andrea’s mound making the young vixen flinch, and whimper, with each rocking explosion of pleasure in her brain.

Sandy raising her face again brushed aside one of William’s busy hands to grasp between her sharp teeth one of those magnificent nipples. Andrea felt the shock of sensation immediately as Sandy’s hot mouth covered her sensitive flesh. She arched her upper body outward to improve access to Sandy’s hot, lashing tongue.

Andrea, now under full sensual assault, was weeping moisture all over her husbands driving cock. She knew she wouldn’t last much longer with William’s incessant probing of her cervix and Sandy’s evil tongue and mouth tempting her to orgasm.

It was then that uncle Don came into view moving up behind his wife. He kneeled there behind the beautiful Sandy, cock in hand, guiding its formidable head to the gaping entrance of her swollen cunt.

Andrea knew the very instant that he penetrated her and took possession of his prize. There was a sharp intake of breath by Sandy as she was filled with her husbands stallion sized cock.

When Don had achieved full entry, he paused, as Sandy’s body remained perfectly stationary in full shudder, her eyes closing, her mouth easing into a happy smile.

When Sandy’s eyes opened again she was looking directly into Andrea’s and they shared a view of each other’s respective agony. Moved in spirit by that knowledge they kissed again to seal that shared revelation in a bond of sisterhood.

Then in obedience to her rising desire Sandy closed her eyes and lowered her head. Losing herself in the engulfing sensation of pleasure now in command of her conciseness.

Her hand crept forward again to find and fondle the now slick, shiny pearl, of Andrea’s clit. And in return Andrea’s gentle hands administered pleasure to the high, hard nipples, of Sandy’s firm, bouncing breasts.

The colorful sounds and stimulating scents were too much for the young Andrea’s senses to resist. There was a quickening of pace by her husbands pulsing, energetic cock, and the tempting lure of it all caused an explosion in her mind just before she screamed.

Like the wind driven sea she was overwhelmed by a tidal wave of exploding ecstasy. A crashing wave that washed away all awareness of her situation and surroundings, save the element of physical pleasure.

Again and again she was inundated by the sensation of unbearable stimulation. Dreamily she felt the hood of her husbands cock expand inside of her and then came the sensation of a flooding heat smashing her cervix and inundating her cuntal passage.

In the distance somewhere she heard other screams of passion and bright explicit language filled her ears. Her husband’s hands were at her waist literally pistoning her body up and down on his hard cock, as he emptied the last of his hot sperm into her

slick, pink opening.

Her vision cleared with a view of Don’s hands mashed against Sandy’s heaving breasts and a look of sheer bliss on her face. Don then lay down on the floor spent, and Sandy spooned her body against him.

Andrea in appreciation turned around to face her husband and placed multiple small kisses all over his damp face, his reward for delivering her to heaven once more.

“Will you rest with me my love,” she asked him softly.

“There is no other place I’d rather find myself Andrea, then in the sanctuary of your love my dear.” They snoozed then, to recapture what was temporarily lost.

Later that morning, bayan eskort bursa the girls having made calls for everyone to excuse them from work, went shopping for provisions … and God only knows what else.

The boys on the other hand did what boys normally do when left to their own devices … they hauled out the chilled beer and preceded to get lit.

They sat and gave judgment on many far-reaching issues that serious morning. Everything was discussed from the fall of twiggy, the war, to the price of tea in London. Before they even broached the subject of crude oil the vixens returned.

By now the world was rosy and right in the eyes of our boys and the women were stunning, as they always were anyway.

“You must stop your consumption now,” Sandy brazenly admonished!

“And why exactly would we care to do that madam,” huffed our chemically emboldened William.

“Because the two of you notorious lushes are taking us out to dinner this evening, its to be an eat and tease session. And if don’t stop imbibing you’ll be in no form to service us later … sir,” she said bravely.

“Always the one that keeps straight logic uppermost in your arsenal aren’t you wench,” William teased!

“One needs a weapon or two with dedicated letches like you two around … sir,” she said smiling. Then boldly she walked to where William reposed and squeezed his flaccid cock.

“Is there any dissent here my Lord,” her voice low, smoldering, and damn sexy, as she continued squeezing his firming member.

“No my lady, the court has rested on your decision,” was William’s slack jawed answer.

The Queen lowered her mouth and favored the lips of her court jester, leaving him a breathless, quaking lump, of jello as she moved on in regal fashion.

William looked on as Sandy continued to make their plans for the evening known to all present. He studied the light flowing through that thin multi toned dress she wore.

He found himself intrigued with that hollow space at the top of her thighs as she spoke. Where her labia hung extended from her pelvis and thought, “what a tasty looking morsel it made at that angle, what an erotically artistic rendition it was, encased in

the flesh of her thighs that way.” He was of course, slightly off balance from the many beers, but having a good time of it.

It was here that his thoughts were shattered and cast to the wind, as his wife plopping down, took her place on his lap.

“I’m jealous,” she said with her best pouting look in place.

He smiled up at her, his hands grasping her breasts and squeezing lightly as he kissed her.

“That’s better,” she beamed at him as she rose.

She moved to a spot behind Sandy who was still standing in the middle of the kitchen. Then brought her hands around to the front and placed them on her breasts. She squeezed as she kissed the side of Sandy’s neck.

She now had the undivided attention of the boys, and her hands then moved lower on the front of Sandy’s thin dress. Still sucking her neck, she placed her hands at the very spot William had just been admiring and began to gently stroke her aunt there.

There were cat whistles and hurrahs from the men as she raised the front of Sandy’s dress to expose her satin red undies. Her hand continued its romance with the sensitive flesh of Sandy’s pussy.

Andrea lowered the skimpy item to Sandy’s mid thigh out of her way, and then inserted her finger in Sandy’s vaginal passage.

Sandy moaned deeply, taken by Andréa’s gentle advances and softly stroked the arm of her lover, her eyes closed, her head tilted back slightly.

Andrea removed her finger to the disappointment of Sandy and inserted the shiny slick end of it in her mouth.

“MMMMM,” she mimicked for her audience. Then lightly slapped that firm, lovely ass in front of her, and walked out of the kitchen.

“Bravo … damn nice showing,” Don hollered enthusiastically as she left.

“Well I’d better clean up and get ready too,” said Sandy, as she too walked off to follow Andrea with a wide smile.

“Do you really believe their going to get ready,” Don asked with a half sneer on his face.

“Dunno,” replied William, “But it would be interesting to know for certain,” he recited, smiling at the drunken letch seated next to him.

When the ladies finally reappeared much, much later, again they were greeted with whistles and rude sexual comments from the peanut gallery.

“My God, gentlemen … such notorious conduct from seeming adults is atrocious,” Sandy, scolded in mock displeasure.

“You love the attention wench,” countered William.

Her only reply was a warm smile in her nephew’s direction.

The beautiful Andrea was decked out in a multi toned, flame red rig, with white stilettos and belt. It was an exceedingly flimsy affair, which hid little of her charms and overt sexuality. The crown of rich toffee hair was loose and puffy about her head with cascading ringlets running down both sides of her cheeks. Her make up a beautiful array of color complimented her lip-gloss perfectly.

The beautifully elegant Sandy appeared divine in a bright yellow dress, rather short and nearly see-thru. Her heels and belt were also white, her make-up impeccable. Her hair was swooped back and drawn up into a crown at the rear top of her head and with shinny, slut red lip-gloss; she was a vision that cried … fuck me, I need it.

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