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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 26 – Painful recollection, with a cherry on top.

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

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Chapter 26 – Painful recollection, with a cherry on top.

Andrew felt his face get hot, and he suddenly remembered that Victor was one of the men his daddy brought to a poker game. It was at one of the poker games. For some reason, Andrew had forgotten about him and blocked that memory. Andrew didn”t play with the man then, so he didn”t really remember him or that he was even at the game. He remembered every man that he had sex with.

“Yes, that”s where I know him from. I met him at one of the poker games, but I never had sex with him. It was about three weeks before the night my daddy raped me in front of everyone.” Andrew looked down and started to tear up. “The night Daddy raped me, I fought back. He beat me until I passed out. When I woke up, I was covered in blood. I grabbed my bear, some clothes, and I ran away.”

The DA asked Andrew to give them all the details, and boy was he shocked. Andrew continued to give them all the details they needed to know, but didn”t really want to hear. He was bawling the entire time, and when he finished, he leaned over to hug Ethan. Sarah had turned white as a ghost. She was taking notes furiously in her notepad.

Andrew didn”t know what to think. He started hyperventilating. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, they know everything now.” He thought. “Ethan is going to hate me. Now what?” He didn”t know why he told them everything, but he felt good getting it out. But now he felt more alone than ever, even in Ethan”s embrace.

Ethan continued holding Andrew as he sobbed. Trying to calm him down. “Breathe slowly, buddy; it”s all going to be OK.” He gently wiped the tears from Andrew”s face. He was rubbing up and down the boy”s back. He leaned in and nuzzled his cheek. He whispered, “It”s OK, you”re safe.” Ethan kissed Andrew”s cheek out of sight of the others. At this point, I don”t think Ethan would have cared if anyone saw it, but he didn”t want to be separated from the boy.

Sarah ran off and grabbed some water for Andrew. “Here, honey, have a drink of water. It”s going to be OK. Nobody will ever hurt you again.”

Andrew liked hearing that, but he couldn”t believe her. He whimpered out, “How can you be so sure?”

Ethan chimed in, “Because they will have to go through me to get to you. Andrew, don”t you get it? You”re safe, we are a team. We got this.”

Everyone took a deep breath and relaxed. Ethan was holding and gently rocking Andrew, calming him down. After a bit, they continued.

“You see, Andrew, Victor thought that you were the one that ratted them out because he knew you when he saw you. That”s how we got your name. He didn”t know you were not living at home since he had only been over that one time. He told us that it had to be you that told us who he was, or maybe it was your father when he figured out what happened. We paid a visit to your father and arrested him for rape and child endangerment since we had Victor”s confession of what happened at your house. Even though that was over a year ago, we can still charge him. We”re trying to find the other guys from the poker game as well.”

The next hour was a detailed recollection of the abuse from his father from the beginning. They already had the explicit details of the night of the fateful poker game. Andrew started with the poker games. Andrew didn”t think of the time before the games as abusive, and in fact, until that last game, he really enjoyed poker nights. The DA wanted the history of the poker games, and Andrew didn”t want to rat out the guys that were nice to him. The questioning got pretty intense. Thankfully, the men didn”t remember that Andrew told them he remembered everyone. Hopefully they will just move on, but in all likelihood, everyone from the games will probably be questioned.

They switched questions to the night of the fire, and Andrew was getting very anxious. Recalling the details of that night was hard. He thought he was going to die that night. First at Sir”s house, then at the factory. The details at Sir”s house were really disturbing to both men.

He hadn”t moved from Ethan”s embrace during the questions. He was feeling faint again and leaned into Ethan. “Ethan, I need something to drink.” Sarah jumped up and got a Fanta and offered everyone else at the table a drink.

Daniel”s was freaked out from hearing the horrible things this boy had to endure. It was everything he could do to keep from crying. What if this happened to his daughter who was Andrew”s age? He had to clear those thoughts from his head and focus on solving this case. Sarah pulled him out of his thoughts by handing him a soda. “Thanks.” He said as he took the Fanta.

Andrew kept his hold on Ethan. He hoped Ethan would kiss him again, but he was happy just to be held by his man. Could he really believe Ethan? that they are a team. That Ethan would stand up for him?

Andrew started to go into a daydream. He was thinking about all of the events from the night of the fire until now. Ethan had shown him nothing but love and loyalty. Andrew doubted him over and over, yet the man was always there, reassuring him. Andrew told himself he had to use his street smarts to know what to trust, and he now knew that Ethan was genuine. Ethan really did mean it. Maybe they wouldn”t be lovers, but the man loved him and cared about him. But why? Andrew suddenly felt like he wasn”t worthy of this man. Why would this man want a little boy whore? He made it clear he wasn”t after sex. Andrew just sat there in Ethan”s embrace.

“Andrew? Andrew! Hey, buddy, are you OK?” Ethan asked, bringing Andrew out of his daydream. Ethan was gently rubbing Andrew”s back.

“Ethan, I don”t deserve you.”

“Andrew, I think the same thing about you. You were brought into my life, and we need to find the reason.”

Looking at Mr. Daniels, who had a very confused look on his face, Andrew explained. “Mr. Daniels, I need Ethan to keep holding me. He rescued me and is the only one that has been able to calm me down when I get anxious. These questions, well, can you imagine having to answer them?”

Markowitz had a very puzzled look on his face. “I”ve never thought about it that way. You”re a very brave young man. I don”t think I could have answered these questions, let alone survived what you”ve been through. We”re glad you and Ethan have bonded. We”ve worked with him and his dad for a long time. He”s a good man.”

“He is!” Andrew suddenly had a realization. “Can I ask a question? Am I going to have to testify against my dad now?”

“Maybe, but we also got him on a child porn charge, so that might be enough to get him to plea bargain and just go to jail and take it. For now, let”s worry about the guy that hurt Ricky. Thanks to you, we have found over 100,000 images and thousands of hours of video that were taken in that wretched place. These men made lots of videos having sex with boys. I”m sure we can use that as enough to get them to accept a plea deal without having to testify too.” He said. “These men don”t want to be all over the news, so I”m sure we can get them off the street and keep you out of the news too.”

“What does that mean? Is that a yes or no?” Andrew didn”t understand what they were saying.

“It means that these criminals have provided us with enough evidence that we may not need you, or any of the other boys to go to court to testify. There are clear pictures of the men and boys, so we can identify all of them. We do need help finding the boys, because if for some reason any of them have been hurt or killed, we will have even more charges.”

“Our forensic team is going through the materials to get face pictures of all of the boys involved. We want to make them so that they aren”t obscene and don”t show what they were being forced to do. Will you look them over to see if you can help identify any of them? We know you would only be able to identify recent kids, so it won”t be that many. Apparently, they had customers that told them what they liked, so they stuck with the same kids for quite a while. Your friend Ricky was in a bunch of videos alone and then they brought you in.”

“You told us that was the only night you were there, right?”


Markowitz and Daniels whispered to each other. Then Daniels asked some questions. “Since you say that was the only time you were there, were there any other places that you were filmed?”

“Uh, yes.”

“That ankara escort explains the room we couldn”t find.” Daniels said to Markowitz. “Son, do you remember where that was?”

Andrew didn”t know what to do. He didn”t want to get the pastor in trouble, and all of the time there was fun and enjoyable. He kept Andrew safe. He didn”t know what to say. He knew there was video of him and, before that, Ricky, and Kerry before that. Think fast.

“Andrew, do you remember? There seem to be a lot of men in those videos.”

“I remember the videos and the sex parties. But I was picked up and taken there, so I don”t know if I could tell you exactly where it is.” Andrew felt so bad about lying to protect the pastor. This was all getting to be too much.

Andrew was starting to feel strange. Had they all seen him being fucked and fucking? Getting passed around at the church. Andrew was getting very uncomfortable with all of this information. Just then, he barfed across the table, nearly hitting Sarah. It was gross, orange Fanta along with lunch. Andrew hopped up and ran to the bathroom and locked the door. He sat on the toilet sobbing.

Ethan ran down the hallway behind Andrew, ignoring the vomit and worrying about Andrew. He tried the door, but it was locked. “Buddy, please, let me in.” He was wiggling the door handle. “Andrew, let me help.”

Out in the dining area, Sarah, Daniels, and Markowitz were wiping things up, and Ethan was trying to get into the bathroom. Andrew kept yelling for him to go away. He kept tapping, begging to be let in. “Andrew, please, buddy, I love you. I want to make sure you”re okay.”

Ethan just admitted he loved Andrew. But still, he couldn”t face that DA guy or the FBI man; they”d seen him fucking.

“Andrew, please, please let me in. I promise you won”t have to go back out there unless you are ready.” Ethan begged. Andrew reached over and unlocked the door. Ethan came in, closed and locked the door, and lifted him off the toilet so they were both standing. They hugged tightly, both of them sobbing. “Andrew, I”m so sorry. I didn”t know they would bring up all of these memories and bad stuff.”

Vomit was now covering both of them. Andrew”s mouth felt gross. They were nearly face to face. Ethan was not going to let him go.

“Do you?” Andrew asked.

“Do I? Do I what?” Ethan asked.

“Never mind,” he said, dropping his forehead against Ethan”s chest.

“No! No, never mind, Andrew, do I what? Please.” He begged.

“Do you really love me?” Andrew asked, looking up into his face.

He loosened his grip. Andrew was expecting him to push him away when he grabbed his face with both hands and tilted it up to look right into his eyes. “Andrew Owens, I love you more than you will ever know. I don”t know how to explain it, but we are connected. Please, Andrew, trust me, I”m here by your side. We will get through this together.” He pulled one hand free and held a finger up to his lips with a very quiet “shhh” then he kissed Andrew lightly on the lips, vomit and all.

Ethan had to hold back a gag, but he just admitted he loved this boy and felt it to his core.

“Let”s get you cleaned up so we can get back out there. If we need to continue later, we can, but we need to face this head on, side by side.” He grabbed some washcloths and wet them. They both took a swig from the sink and swished some mouthwash. Ethan was wiping up the vomit from him and from Andrew but ended up just pulling Andrew”s shirt off over his head and cast. He went to get them both new shirts. Andrew could hear him say, “We”ll be right back. Just getting some clean clothes before we rejoin you.”

Ethan came back in a new shirt and helped Andrew into a clean one and went back out.

“Sorry for that. I wasn”t ready to hear all of this, and I guess it just triggered something.” Andrew said. “It”s kind of scary knowing you”ve all seen me, well, doing those things.”

Sarah started laughing. “You”re lucky we didn”t join you in vomiting, I don”t usually get barfed on without joining in.” At least she was being nice about it. Ethan sat with his arm around Andrew”s back, hugging him tight.

“Mr. Markowitz, Mr. Daniels, can we just get to the point here so we don”t put Andrew through any more stress than needed?” Ethan asked.

“Sure, so here”s what we have. The guys in the hills won”t be hurting you again. Especially Victor. He”ll be lucky to make it through the week in jail. Former cop, child molester, and child pornographer. Let”s just say he”s not going to have it easy. We need your help to see if you know any of the other boys. Sarah here now knows how to process you so we can get you into a more permanent home and be safe.” Markowitz quickly rattled off.

“I”m safe here.”

“Miss McFadden will be the one to handle that, but I can see you are well taken care of here. As for your father, unless he makes a plea, we may need you to testify, but let”s not worry about that for a while. I think we have a way to get him to agree to lesser charges if he gives up the names of the other men that raped you. I don”t think you”ll have to go back to him.” Markowitz assured.

“But I”m safe here. Didn”t you hear me?”

“Yes, son, but Miss McFadden has to work on that.” Markowitz was being very cold about Andrew”s plea to stay with Ethan.


Sarah saw the boy starting to panic. “Andrew, don”t worry, I”ll work things out.” Sarah said. She could see that Andrew wouldn”t survive away from Ethan and noticed a change in her friend as well. She knew she had to make this work.

“What about my mom? She never protected me. I don”t want to go home to her.”

“Andrew, there”s no easy way to say this, but after you left, your mother and father got into a bad fight, and your mother was injured very badly. She suffered an injury to her brain, and she”s not really herself. She”s living in an assisted living facility that helps people with memory loss. She doesn”t remember having a son, I”m sorry.”

“That figures. She never wanted me anyway. I don”t want to go back to her.”

“You won”t have to. I think I”ve got enough for today. Andrew, I”m sorry for upsetting you, but you need to know that things will be just fine. I know Miss McFadden and Mr. Thomas care about you and will make sure you are safe and can be happy.” With that, the men left.

“Sarah, let”s move to the front room. Andrew and I will sit on the couch, and you can take the chair.” Ethan said. They all moved.

“Andrew, based on what we know now, I need to ask you to help me confirm your full name and birth date, so I can officially get you into our system so that I can work on what”s next. It will save me time if you cooperate. I have told you that you can trust me. I”ve left you here with Ethan, so please help me out.”

Andrew gave her the information she wanted. He still wasn”t sure what her idea of next was, but hoped for the best.

“Do you have any aunts or uncles that you would like to go live with?” she asked.

“No, my mom and dad were both only children.”

“What about grandparents?”

“I don”t have any that I know of that are alive.”

“OK, if that all checks out, then we have a much easier case. I”m going to ask your father to sign over his parental rights to the state. If he won”t do that, I”ll get a judge to do it and that won”t be an issue based on what we know.”

“So what happens with me?”

“Well, we can put you up for placement, but as you probably heard from your friends, that”s tough for older kids and even harder if they find out your circumstances. Not all foster parents are willing to take someone that has had your past, even though it”s not your fault.” She continued.

“That”s just bullshit!” Ethan barked. “Andrew is a wonderful kid. He was put in an impossible situation. People are so closed minded.” He started crying, “If my father hadn”t been such an impossible person, my brother would still be alive and I could have a family instead of being raised to serve his foundation to lessen his guilt.” He was really crying now. Andrew instinctively hugged him.

“Ethan,” Sarah said, “I know you and Andrew have become close. I know he”s not really your brother, but maybe having him in your life would give you an opportunity to have someone to experience things with that you missed out on as a kid. It would also help you when you”re ready to become a dad. I think I can make this happen with a little bit of work.”

Ethan froze. He was just staring into nothing. “Ethan?” Andrew asked. “Ethan. Oh Ethan?” and nothing. Finally, he blinked and turned to Andrew, but his eyes were looking up.

“Lincoln, if you sent this angel to me, thank you. Andrew, will you be my little brother? I promise to continue to protect you and care for you as long as I am able.” Ethan reached out to hug Andrew. Sarah got up and came over and joined in, leaning over into the group hug.

After a few minutes of our awkward hugs, Sarah told them, “I will try to make sure the state has permanent guardianship over Andrew. In the meantime, we have temporary guardianship and can get things rolling. Ethan, I can make you an emergency foster which will keep us from having any issues temporarily, but I need some financial information from you so we can put it through. It”s going to be a challenge to get you as a permanent foster. Being single and on a firefighter”s salary, you may have a hard time qualifying. I”ll pull all the strings I can, but I can”t make any promises.”

They discussed escort ankara the information that Sarah needed, and Ethan”s salary wasn”t going to cut it. He needed a bit more money every month, even with the money from foster care. “I don”t get it. I can pay my mortgage. I have a good truck. Why is that not enough to raise a kid?” Ethan was a bit distraught. This was the first time he considered this to be permanent, at least admitting it to himself.

Sarah asked a question, “Ethan, you only need a couple of hundred dollars a month more. Could the foundation pay you for some work? If we show that you are employed by the foundation, it would work. I didn”t say this, but you could donate that money right back to the foundation. Your dad wouldn”t be out much, just the payroll and taxes.”

“I could pay back 100% of what he pays me. Screw the taxes.”

“Then let”s see what we can do. I think that”s a plan. Now, we just need to figure out daycare for when you”re working. We can figure that out as well.”

Ethan offered to take Sarah and Andrew out to eat to celebrate, but Sarah said she had to go and left the boys alone.

Once they were alone, Andrew pushed Ethan back onto the couch, sat on his lap facing him, and placed his good arm around his neck, touching foreheads.

“Ethan, I know I haven”t been the kindest to you since I”ve been here, and that”s because of what has happened to me. Today you proved to me that I can trust you and that you genuinely care about me. I love you too. I know you don”t want to be romantic with me. When you kissed me in the bathroom, I just felt like there was nothing else in the world except for us. You kissed me when I was covered in vomit, after you had heard about all of the things I”ve done, yet you still kissed me. Why?”

“I did it because I do love you, Andrew. Not like lovers, but like family. Brothers, father and son, something. The only way I could think of to calm you was to show you that through a simple kiss, and kissing you on your Fanta flavored vomit was my way of showing you that I love you no matter what, unconditional love. I am here to walk through life with you and help you become the best you can be. Vomit and all!”

They went to dinner at a little Italian place that had intimate booths. To onlookers, it may have seemed strange that a man and a boy were having a romantic dinner, but this was their celebration. Andrew wasn”t about to lose this man from his life. He may not be ready, but Andrew wasn”t going to let him get away.

After dinner, they went home and cuddled up in bed. Nothing sexual happened that night, but it was an amazing night for both of them.

Things had moved along with the foster application. Ethan was able to get his dad to put him on the payroll, and he passed the financial part of becoming a foster. Now it was just up to the supervisors to conduct a CPS home inspection.

Sarah had managed to convince Andrew”s father to sign away his rights to the state. Kent felt like the boy would get what he deserved as part of the system since he fucked his life up. How dare that little brat turn him in? Maybe he will get a foster dad who will abuse him. Little did he know that Andrew would be loved by the most amazing man in the world.

All that was left for Ethan was that he had to prove he could care for the boy when he had to work. Ethan couldn”t hire fancy lawyers and didn”t have a fancy house, but it was nice, clean, and had plenty of room for Andrew and him to live. He didn”t have money for child care and the foster care money wasn”t nearly enough, but they had a plan.

“I know we need money to watch me on your work days. I have money and can pay. Maybe we can get Grandma to come help.”

“We can come up with something. Even my dad could help. Would you mind going to the shelter after school on the days I have to work?”

“No, that would be fine. Maybe I can help there some more.”

Ethan and Andrew had cleared out the den. It was small, but they managed to get a twin bed in there and painted it in Andrew”s favorite colors. Ethan let Andrew pick out a couple of posters and put them on the wall. He also placed a small bookshelf with some of Andrew”s things on it. Andrew was really starting to be comfortable with Ethan.

“Hey, we need to go down to the bookstore to get you some new books. I know how much you love to read.”

“That would be great. There”s a used bookstore just up the street from Grandma”s place. It”s called Grizzly Books. I used to go in and get books for a quarter. I”d love to have something to read when you”re at work, or if you send me to my room.”

“Why would I send you to your room?”

“When I got in trouble, my mom sent me to my room every day.”

“I find that hard to believe. Boys will be boys, and I know you”re no angel, but what good does it do to send you to your room? I”ll put you to work. Washing windows, mowing the grass, any hard labor I can find.” Ethan laughed.

“You say that now, but I”m sure I”ll do something to piss you off.” Andrew knew he had been on his best behavior since he had been with Ethan, but he really wasn”t acting much differently than he thought he should. Living on the streets had made him even more self reliant and responsible. Besides, he loved Ethan and why would he want to misbehave.

“Andrew, you haven”t pissed me off so far, and we”ve had our share of differences. Let”s cross that bridge when it gets here.”

“How does a bridge get here?” Andrew teased Ethan back. His sayings were always so silly.

Just then, Sarah knocked at the door, and the two went out to let her in. Andrew was dressed in a button down shirt and cotton pants. Ethan was in a work uniform, a dress shirt and slacks. He looked so handsome.

Sarah came in with her co-worker to do the inspection. They looked at the kitchen, and her co-worker was taking notes and checking boxes on a list. She looked like an uptight office worker who was sure she would find something wrong.

She was off to the bedroom. She poked around, peeked in the closet, opened drawers and looked at things on the shelf. More checks She went off to the bathroom, where she saw the toiletries on the counter and towels hung nicely. She went to the master bedroom and started getting really nosy. She opened drawers, closets, and cupboards and even pulled down the bed covers. She didn”t seem to have any issues.

They all went back out front and sat at the table. Sarah”s co worker asked. “Mr. Thomas, how do you plan to take care of Ethan while you are working?”

“Andrew met a nice lady that the boys called Grandma. She”s agreed to come stay with him for the days I”m on duty. I work 3 days on and am off the rest of the week. I also have co-workers that will keep an eye on things, and Sarah, of course, is a long-time friend. My dad runs a foundation that I”m sure you”ve heard of, and he”s willing to either have Andrew go there after school or have him come by here as needed. I don”t see any problem making sure Andrew is cared for and safe. We have our own little village.” Ethan proudly stated.

“I see. Well, that seems to be in order, and I trust Sarah”s judgment. I”m sure there will be no issue.” They got up and left.

Ethan and Andrew just hugged. Ethan was the one that initiated the kiss. He leaned in and their lips met. Yes, a kiss on the lips. They seemed to be doing that a lot. Until tonight, there had never been tongues, just a quick kiss, but things were about to change.

This kiss lasted a lot longer. Ethan”s mind was racing. Was this actually happening? Was this right? Ethan didn”t care. His heart and his head were telling him this was right. Ethan slipped his tongue toward Andrew. Pushing at his lips. He could feel Andrew”s body tense up as he knew what was happening.

Andrew flipped so he was sitting on Ethan”s legs facing him without losing the lip lock. He opened his mouth, letting Ethan explore, and then pushed his way to explore Ethan.

Andrew”s cock was at full mast, poking into Ethan. This French kissing was a first for them, but there could be more firsts soon. Would Andrew”s dreams come true tonight?

Andrew was trying not to grind his cock into Ethan. He was enjoying the kissing. They had their hands on the backs of each other”s heads. Moans were heard. Andrew could feel Ethan”s hard cock growing beneath him.

“Ethan, I love you.” Andrew said when he came up for air.

“I love you too, Andrew. I don”t want to do anything we will regret, though.”

“Don”t worry, Ethan; I”m yours; do whatever feels right. I”ve never been so sure of anything.”

Ethan was the first to move his hands down Andrew”s torso. His hands quickly found their way under Andrew”s shirt, rubbing up and down his back and then up his front to find his perky nipples on his hairless chest. Andrew was moaning in Ethan”s mouth and twitching as Ethan circled Andrew”s nubs. Andrew pulled his hands back and ripped open Ethan”s buttoned uniform shirt. He pulled away for a second, “Sorry, I”ll buy you a new one.” Then he went back to sucking face with Ethan. His hands quickly found Ethan”s nipples, and they were hard as a rock.

Andrew slid his hands down to Ethan”s waistband. Ethan isn”t hairy but had a bit of a trail there. Andrew was tickling it and could feel Ethan contract when he hit a tickle spot. When Ethan contracted again, Andrew took advantage and slid his fingers in and pulled the waistband, popping the button on Ethan”s pants. There was no resistance to what happened ankara escort bayan next.

Ethan didn”t believe what he was doing. “Andrew, I love you. Please, stop me if I”m doing anything you don”t like.”

Andrew”s hands were quickly unzipping Ethan”s pants, and Ethan lifted Andrew up and used his teeth to undo Andrew”s pant button. They fell down and Ethan kicked Andrew”s feet so the pants would fall down and then, with his teeth, pulled down Andrew”s underwear. Andrew”s cock bounced up and hit Ethan in the nose. It didn”t stay there long.

As the scent of the boy shot up Ethan”s nose, he turned into a ravaging beast. His thoughts were preoccupied with pursuing his carnal desires on the boy he adored. This wasn”t sex, it was a passionate love making dance.

Ethan had never been given a blow job, never been fucked. In fact, he was a total virgin. Tonight, he knew that was all going to change. Here he was with a boy who had more experience than most people have in a lifetime, trying to do what felt natural. “Andrew, I, uh, how do I say this? I”m a virgin. I”ve never had sex with anyone. I don”t know what I”m doing.”

“Ethan, you”re doing fine, and if this keeps up, you”re not going to be a virgin in the morning.”

Andrew”s cock had just a drop of pre-cum on the end. Ethan stuck his tongue out to lick it off. He immediately opened up and slid Andrew all the way back until his nose was in Andrew”s smooth pubis. He instinctively extended his tongue to lick Andrew”s balls that had pulled up and were willing participants in this love-making dance.

Andrew was breathing erratically, and while Ethan hadn”t done much other than let him slide into his mouth, he began to shoot his watery load down Ethan”s throat.

“Mmmph, oh, Ethan, I love you so much.” Andrew moaned as he went limp in his new lover”s arms.

Ethan pulled off, stood up, and carried Andrew into the bedroom after getting both his and Andrew”s pants free of their feet.

“Andrew, I love you more than anything. I have been fighting the feeling since we met. I didn”t want you to ever feel like I wanted you sexually or to be used like those assholes did. I can”t deny the fact that I do love you though and wanted to make love to you and make it special. I”m sorry if I crossed the line.”

“Ethan, you didn”t cross the line. You know, I”ve wanted this since we first met. Initially, it was so I could pay you back, but you have shown me nothing but love since I”ve been with you. I knew you didn”t want to do it, so I stopped pressuring you, but it was amazing.”

“Are you sure?”

“You do know, I”m an expert at this and can last for hours when I”m doing tricks, but just knowing you wanted me was more than I could handle. I”ve never shot that hard and that quickly before. Will you let me return the favor and let me show you how much I love you, Ethan?”

“No, that won”t be necessary. Take a look.” Sure enough, Ethan had shot his load all over himself. “Andrew, you have brought something to my life that I”ve never felt before. You”ve created feelings inside me that I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would have. But I”m scared shitless. Andrew, I know this can”t work. I”m way too old for you and you have to grow up. You”ll meet other people and want someone your age. I don”t want to hurt you or be hurt myself.”

“Ssshh. Let”s just rest and cuddle. Please? No more words.” And then Andrew put his lips to Ethan”s and they continued their tongue dance. Who was the grownup here?

Apparently, they were worn out as they fell asleep and slept past dinner time and woke up around 4am. They were glued together with Ethan”s cum. They both got up and hopped in the warm shower. They had a fun sword fight while peeing in the shower. Neither of them was grossed out when the piss splattered on them. Anything that came out of their lover was fine.

Once they were clean and their bladders emptied, they went back to bed, pulled up the covers and spooned.

A few hours later, they woke up with their morning wood again. Ethan”s cock was firmly up Andrew”s cheeks since they were both naked. Ethan thought he could get used to sleeping naked if this was how he awakened every day.

Andrew felt the rod pushing up his crack and licked his hand, reached back, grabbed the end of Ethan”s cock and added the pre to his hand before rubbing his hole. It had been a few weeks, but Andrew was open for business as he slid back on Ethan”s cock. Ethan didn”t resist and just let it slide into Andrew. He moaned, whimpered, and felt the warmth and comfort of his boy”s hole on his cock.

“Holy shit, what have I been missing out on?” Ethan thought. Andrew was brought into his life for a reason. He knew Lincoln had sent him.

He pumped just a few pumps and heard Andrew moan, then the sphincter tightened on his cock, causing him to shoot and shoot and shoot. He must have spasmed a dozen times, filling Andrew during his first intercourse ever. “Andrew, I love you so much.” Let me take care of you now.

“Don”t be silly, didn”t you feel me clamp down on you? You made me cum hands free. It”s the most amazing feeling, Ethan.”

They lay there until the dreaded “plop” came as Ethan deflated and fell out. Time for another shower. Ethan wondered if they would ever get dressed today.

Today was the last day of Ethan”s leave. He didn”t want it to end, but his relationship with Andrew had just changed. From being a temporary caretaker to parent, lover, and companion in a matter of minutes.

They didn”t talk much and went out to make breakfast. They were both thinking about what had just happened, where they were now and how to continue.

Andrew was now thinking that everything was perfect and would be forever. Optimism at its finest. He couldn”t see any reason this wouldn”t work out as a forever relationship. After all, he loved Ethan. What else is there?

Ethan was confused, dazed, and conflicted. He was thinking of all the reasons this was going to fail. He would be known as a fireman convicted of child molestation, fucking his own foster son. He was perverted and crazy, but somehow deep down he felt calm and warm. He loved this boy. He got tingles hearing the boy”s name, seeing him, touching him, and just breathing in his essence. Fuck Ethan, you are crazy for thinking this will work. Is Andrew willing or capable of maintaining their relationship. Is it fair to even ask him? Can you keep this a secret?

Somehow, the two of them had managed to make breakfast. Eggs, bacon, toast, and juice were spread out on the table as if it had been planned out. They sat down across from each other and just stared.

Simultaneously, “Andrew” “Ethan” came out.

“You first, my love,” Ethan said.

“Ethan, I know you won”t believe me and I can”t blame you based on how I acted when I first got here, but I truly do love you. I hated church as a child and doubt I believe in God, but you, sir, are my soul mate.I don”t even know what that is, but that”s what you are. It came to me in a dream. I pictured us, hand in hand, getting married, overlooking the mountains. We were both adults and lived in a beautiful house. You weren”t a fireman, but instead you were working in a much better job, still helping people because that”s who you are. We had boys, three wonderful boys. They were loving and caring and looked up to you like I do now. I know I sound crazy, but please Ethan, give us a chance. It would break my heart if I had to leave you or if you rejected me. I don”t want anyone else.”

Eerily, Ethan had a similar dream. He didn”t want to freak out Andrew, so he kept it to himself. In his dream, he and Andrew were married with a son. One day, Ethan was sent out to find two boys. Those boys would become his and Andrew”s too. He was a bit freaked out by it.

Ethan was silent. His eyes were watering up. “Come here.” He said. Andrew came over and sat on his lap. They were still naked from the shower.

Resting his chin on Andrew”s shoulders and wrapping his arms around him, it was his turn. “Andrew, I felt electricity from the moment I found you. I can”t explain it. It makes no sense. It”s not logical. It”s crazy. At first, I thought you were Lincoln, coming back to start anew. Maybe you are, but I never loved Linc as much as I love you. I”m scared. I don”t want to lose you and I promise I won”t be the one to break it up, but know that you are going to have many opportunities to do so. You have school ahead of you, classmates, dates, dances, outings, and so much more. Girlfriends, boyfriends, who knows? I know I won”t ever hurt you, but I need to figure out how not to get hurt myself. I need to think before we get ourselves in too deep.”

“Ethan, I know you don”t believe me and I am just a stupid kid, but I feel so certain that I can keep up my end of the deal, but I respect that you need time to think. In the meantime, can we just have fun? I mean, I do love you and want you to teach me about life and growing up.”

“Deal,” Ethan said as he leaned around to kiss Andrew. Andrew quickly slid off and turned around again. Boners clashed. Andrew reached back to insert Ethan into his hole and rode his cowboy right there at the table.

“Andrew, will you do me a favor?”

“Anything you want.”

“Will you fuck me?”

“No! Never!”

End of Andrew”s Misplaced Trust – Chapter 26 – Andrew Thomas Published stories

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