Angel Dreams: Dream 5

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[My Love, so many months have passed and our love only grows stronger. I have been good and you haven’t had to discipline me in awhile. But our experiences together have been more than rewarding.

One Friday as I started to leave work, you IM’d me asking me what time I would be home? I gave you a time and you told me to be online at that time and that you had something to talk to me about. I assured you that I would and I left.

A friend had called and wanted me to go to the mall with her. I agreed and we got so wrapped up in our shopping, I lost track of time. Taking out my cell phone on the way home, I realized that it had been turned off. When I turned it on, I had several messages from you wondering where I was and if I was okay.

Oh no, I thought to myself, I am late meeting you online. I rushed home and signed on as soon as I walked through the door. When I saw that you were online, I IM’d you and told you that I was sorry and explained why I was late. You told me that was fine, but what you were going to tell me was that you were going out of town for the weekend.

Sorrow flooded me when you told me that you had planned to call me and make love to me before you left, but since I was out doing something far more important, you didn’t have time now.

I started crying and told you how sorry I was. You told me that I would be punished and that you didn’t want me to be online all weekend. I told you that I wouldn’t. Then you told me that I also wasn’t to cum all weekend either. My pussy had already begun to grow wet just talking to you and I knew it would be torture not to relieve myself for three days. You asked if I understood and I told you yes.

I went to bed that night saddened by my lack of discipline. What fun we would have had if only I had done as you asked. I missed you so much already and I fell into a fitful sleep thinking about my actions. The desire to cum was so strong, but I knew that I wouldn’t do anything about it. I would do what my Love asked of me and accept my punishment. I closed my eyes hoping that Sunday night would come soon…….]

“Hello,” you answered the phone at work. I had called to ask you if I could go out shopping with my friend Betty today. You asked me how long I would be gone and I told you only a couple of hours. “Okay angel, but I need you to be home when I get off from work, it is very important.”

” Can you do that?” you asked. “Yes my Love,” I answered. I hung up the phone after telling you I loved you and you telling me to be safe.

Betty and I took longer than I had expected for us to. We were having such a good time that I forgot the time and had forgotten to take my phone with me. I hurried home, knowing you had already been there about an hour.

I rushed into the house and went in search of you. I found you in the bedroom and started apologizing for being late. You asked me why and I explained that I had no good excuse. I looked over on the bed and just then noticed your suitcase open, half packed. When I looked at you, you explained that this is what you had meant to talk to me about had I been home as I said I would. You had to take a trip with one of your children and would be gone all weekend.

You told me how you had planned on coming home and treating me to dinner ending with us making love before you left. But now you didn’t have the time. I tried hard to fight back the tears that were threatening to spill. The lump in my throat made it hard for me to breathe. I wanted you so much and knew I would miss you badly while you were gone. I turned to help you pack your suitcase and you put your arms around my waist. My body melting against yours, I cried silent tears so that you wouldn’t see me.

“You know I must punish you don’t you angel?” your mouth close to my ear. I couldn’t speak and only nodded. “The cellar will be locked and I will take the key when I leave,” you explained, “you will not pleasure yourself all weekend until I return Sunday night, is that understood?” Again I nodded. “Also, I was planning on trying to call you each day, but now I will not since you didn’t have the consideration to call and let me know that you would be late.”

I took a deep breath, trying to stop the flood of tears, my heart heavy. I knew I deserved the punishment I was receiving, but knowing I wouldn’t hear or see you for so long broke my heart. What would have been a wonderful time before you left, now was dark and lonely. I missed you before you walked out the door.

“You will stay home and off the phone while I’m gone angel,” you said as I was hugging you bye, “do you understand?” you asked. “Yes, my Love,” I said looking into your handsome face, knowing I wouldn’t see you for a few days. I stood trying to be strong, but when you took me in your arms again, kissing me long and deep; I couldn’t fight the hurt any longer. “Be strong little one,” you said, as I tried to hide my face. “I want you hot and ready for me when I return Sunday night,” you smiled and I tried to smile back at you, my heart heavy.

I stood in the doorway watching Kartal Fetiş Escort you drive away, no longer trying to stop the tears of pain. I ran and threw myself on the bed, weeping miserably for the choices I had made and from the emptiness that I felt without you. I tried watching television and gave up to take a long hot bath instead.

As I lay naked in a tub of bubbles the urge to think of you while I pleasured myself was strong, but I would not disobey you again. When I got out of the tub, I went downstairs and brought up a bottle of bourbon and a glass. I sat on the edge of the bed, intending to drink only one glass to help me sleep, but lost count of how many shots that I drank.

Feeling very tipsy, I turned off the lamp and went to bed. Our bed felt so empty without your manly form filling it. I felt so lost lying there alone and fell into a fitful sleep.

Suddenly I jerked awake, had I heard something? I lay there for a minute and held my breath. I didn’t hear anything else, wondering if it had been my imagination. Did I lock the doors before I came to bed? I couldn’t remember. I’m just being paranoid I thought because my Love is not here to protect me. Rolling over onto my stomach, I put my arms over my head and tried to fall back to sleep.

My body stiffened and I began to struggle when I felt a hand coming around to cover my mouth. I tried to bite whoever this was and my head snapped back by my hair, the hand still covering my mouth. “Be still you fucking whore or I will slit your throat, do you understand me?” I heard the deep voice of a man. I immediately quit struggling, trying to fight for air as this mans large hand covered my face. “Good little whore, we are going to get along just fine, ” this stranger laughed. “I am going to remove my hand and you are going to put your head face down into your pillow and lie still,” he ordered.

I lay there trembling wondering what he wanted. Doing as he asked, I started praying for him to just take what he wanted and leave me alive. My heart was beating so loudly, I didn’t even hear what he was doing. He handcuffed my hands behind my back and then slipped a leather mask over my eyes. “Please don’t hurt me,” I begged him, my voice unsteady. All he did was laugh cruelly and continued doing whatever he was doing.

His hands rough on my body, he rolled me over on my back, my hands digging into my spine. I couldn’t tell for sure, but I thought I could see a bit of light under the mask to indicate he had turned on the lights. I lay there clenching my jaws trying to make my teeth stop chattering, but almost came undone when I felt him jerk the covers off the bed.

He must have been wearing gloves. I could feel his rough hand sliding up the inside of my leg making my shake harder. “What do we have here?” he sneered, “what a pretty little slut you are.”

“Please,” I tried again, “please don’t hurt me, take whatever you want,” I begged. “Don’t worry about that bitch, I intend on taking just what I want.”

“Whether or not you get hurt is up to you,” he laughed sending chills up my spine.

I’m wasn’t sure what it was when I heard a noise, but I was soon to find out. “Don’t move slut, this knife is very sharp and if you wiggle it won’t be my fault when it cuts your pretty little body,” he warned. The blood roaring in my ears, I held my breath as I felt the cold blade of the knife sliding up my leg.

He tortured me by running the knife all over my body. I was shaking so bad that I was afraid I would not be able to keep from getting cut. I felt the blade slide up my shoulder, first cutting one strap on my nightgown and then the other. Biting my lip to keep from crying out, I felt him grab the hem of the gown and the knife slit it all the way up the front. The air hit my body and I blushed as I felt my nipples harden.

“Very nice you pretty slut,” he laughed, “we are going to have a lot of fun!” I started to struggle again, but then felt the edge of the knife between my breasts. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you bitch, I’d hate for this blade to scar your perfect little titties,” he warned.

This man took his knife and ran it all around my breasts, stopping to flick my nipples with the point, making the blood drain out of my face and me whimper with fright. “Good little slut,” he said again. The knife then slid down my stomach and under the waistband of my bikinis. “What do we have under here?” his deep voice making me tremble. The voice sounded familiar to me, but I couldn’t place it, I was just too scared to think.

He ran the blade all around my waist, down my hips and then he jerked my legs wide apart, taking the knife and running up the inner most part of my thighs. I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking and he let out a cruel laugh. Suddenly I felt the knife cut through each side of my panties and he jerked them off my body. Then he grabbed my nightgown, raising my body up by my hair and pulled the gown out from under me too. He pushed me back down to the bed, as I lay there completely naked in front of this strange Kartal Gecelik Escort man.

I couldn’t tell what he was doing as I lay there open in front of him. I tried to close my legs, but he grabbed each thigh and shoved my legs further apart. “You move when I say move bitch, do you understand?”

“Nod your head if you do,” he ordered and I nodded yes. “My, my,” he laughed, “look at this bare little cunt, I do believe you are beginning to get wet you fucking whore!”

“I knew what you were when I followed you through the mall today,” he laughed. I cringed as I felt his gloved fingers forcing themselves between my pussy lips. Oh please, I prayed, please don’t let my body betray me and get turned on.

I fought the feelings of being tied and spread for this man to see. What woman hadn’t ever fantasized about being raped? I thought of my Love instead, what would you want me to do in this situation? I know you wouldn’t want me to do something stupid and get killed. Then I remembered my promise to you that I wouldn’t cum this weekend. No matter what this rapist did, I knew I would fight so that I could at least keep my promise to my Love. I lay there feeling this man watching me as his fingers continued to probe my spread pussy. Fight it I told myself, fight it, think of something else. Anything else my mind screamed!

How I wished I hadn’t drank the whiskey before bed. I could still feel the relaxing affect it had on me and as if reading my mind, the man raised my head and began pouring the liquor down my throat. I fought to keep my mouth closed, but he grabbed my face with his hand and squeezed my jaws open. I choked and sputtered as the burning liquid poured down my throat.

He let my head fall back down to the bed and then I felt his tongue on my face, my neck, my throat and then my mouth. I gagged as he forced his tongue deep into my throat, trying to twist my face away from him. “You will do as I say you slut,” he said quietly, “I would suggest you not fight it and make it any worse.”

“Now kiss me bitch,” he ordered and forced my face back around to him. I didn’t fight, but I couldn’t make myself kiss him back.

I could hear him laughing to himself and then he rolled me on my side removing my handcuffs, but not for long. He handcuffed my wrists with my hands in front of me and then pulled them high above my head, tying them to the top of the headboard. I lost track of where he was for a minute and wondered what he was doing now. I felt him bend my leg up forcing my heel to the back of my thigh and then felt him tie ropes around my legs, he repeated this to the other leg and I tested the bonds discovering I couldn’t straighten my legs out. Even if I could get my hands loose, I wouldn’t be able to run or crawl away.

I kept my legs together until I felt him tie more ropes through the loops on my legs and then tightening the ropes, spreading my bent legs wide. He must have tied them off to the bed rails as I had watched my Love do once. Stretched, spread and opened was such a turn on to me it took all my concentration not to become excited. The liquor was still burning my throat but had moved down to my belly and fighting was becoming harder and harder.

My face grew hot as I felt his eyes on my naked spread body. I started weeping, thinking of you my Love and how I thought this was an experience I would never have to live through again. “Shut up that squalling bitch!” he yelled and I swallowed hard, trying to keep from crying. I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being lowered and felt I knew what was next. I had no doubt what he had came here for. Trying to prepare myself for what was to come I felt him grab my hair pulling my face to the edge of the bed, straining my arms.

I gagged as he forced his hard cock into my mouth and down the tight ring of my throat. Making myself breathe as he fucked my mouth, I kept trying to think of something else. I made the mistake of thinking about you my Love and wondered if I should imagine that this was you.

No, my mind shouted! Don’t do that, don’t think of him! Too late, I felt my pussy growing hot and wet. “Yes, slut, you like it don’t you?”

“You like me fucking your hot little mouth don’t you slut?” he laughed. His hands grabbing my breast and squeezing hard as his cock continued to invade my throat, I couldn’t hold back the moan. He laughed again, slapping my tits cruelly with his gloved hand, then grabbing my nipple and yanking savagely. My mind was cursing my body for responding to this treatment. You are a slut, I shouted to myself! Stop letting him make you feel this way, stop thinking of your Love, this is not him!

I hoped he would cum down my throat and then not be able to fuck me, but my hopes were dashed when he pulled out of my tender throat. His mouth coming down hard on my lips again and then traveling down to my tits, stopping to bite down hard on each one. My hips involuntarily raised off the bed as my pussy began to throb. Fight it my mind yelled! I took a deep breath and started concentrating on Kartal Genç Escort something else.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you bitch!” he ordered, but I couldn’t make myself tell him that. “Tell me now that you want my hard cock in your tight little cunt!” he yelled, but I just shook my head no. He grabbed my hair pulling my head back and holding the knife to my throat he ordered me again to say it. I just lay there.

I refused to tell him it was okay to rape me and the knife had actually turned me cold again. “So that’s the way you are going to be huh?” he snarled and dropped my head. “We’ll just see how long it takes for you to beg me bitch,” he laughed, making my blood run cold, “you’ll be hurting for my cock when I’m finished with you!”

My body shuddered at his threat, but I clenched my teeth together, determined never to beg this bastard for anything. His gloved hands began pinching my nipples roughly and then to my surprise he attached nipple clamps. He didn’t screw them too loose or too tight, but just the way I enjoyed them. How did he seem to know what turned me on? Still I fought the feelings that burned my body.

I heard him doing something and then he roughly turned my body so that I was on my knees, retying my ankles until my legs were spread even wider. My arms stretched taunt as I struggled to stay on my knees. My legs were tied so tight that my heels were touching the back of my thighs which made it hard to stay balanced. I knew from the sounds he was making that my assailant was taking off his clothes. My body shuddered at the thought of him entering me, taking what is yours, but I was determined to be quiet so that he would hurry up and get it over with.

Thinking he would now mount me, I was in for a shock when I felt the leather flogger begin to come down on my body. He seemed to be everywhere all at once, never touching the same place twice. I swallowed the moan that threatened to escape my throat as the flogger hit my ass, my thighs, my clit and my breasts. He continued to flog me around my shoulders and back as I struggled to stay upright, my arms and legs beginning to cramp. “Beg for it,” he shouted over and over but I continued to shake my head stubbornly.

Sweat began to pour off my body, but still I kept quiet. “Fine,” he said, “if you want to be quiet I’ll help you out!” Discovering what he meant, I started to struggle and scream when he brought a ball gag up to my mouth. I hated gags and I screamed for him to not do this. He threatened with the knife again so I relented and he attached the gag to my mouth, forcing my mouth open.

My mind was in a state of panic, as I tried to breathe through my nose and calm myself. I could feel myself fading as my heart beat rapidly and prayed I would pass out, waking up and he’d be gone. He seemed to sense what was happening and began lightly slapping my cheeks. “No you don’t slut,” he muttered, “you aren’t getting out of it that easily.”

The slaps did the trick, bringing me back to my senses and I calmed down. Hoping he’d go ahead and get it over with now, I was surprised yet again when I felt his mouth closed down over my swollen clit. I groaned wondering how I was going to fight this new assault to my body. I didn’t know who he was, but his touch seemed familiar as his tongue and mouth sucked in my lips and my throbbing love button. “You like that don’t you slut?” he laughed, “I’m gonna make you cum and I’m gonna make you beg,” he bragged.

I fought with all that I had as his mouth continued to torture my body and then his thick fingers started working their way into my asshole, causing me to groan again. “Yeah you little slut, cum for me, let me know how much you love it,” he said. I gritted my teeth, telling myself you can’t; you can’t do this, think about what your Love asked of you. I’ll have to tell you what happened, but you’ll be so proud knowing I didn’t disobey you. This thought renewed my determination and I fought the feelings this man was forcing on me.

When he sensed this, his thumb began working it’s way into my pussy and started stroking my G-spot. Oh God, I thought, this is impossible! My jaws were so sore and I knew I had bitten into my lip. Every muscle in my body was tight as I clenched my fists now, fighting back the orgasm that threatened to erupt at any second.

The harder I resisted the harder he tried to make me cum. I was so tired from the effort of holding back, I thought I was dying. Please let him give up I thought, I don’t know how much more I can take of this. Then I heard, “cum for me angel,”

“it’s okay little one, you don’t have to fight anymore, I give you permission to cum.” NO, I thought to myself, that is my Love’s voice, but it’s not him! It’s my mind playing tricks on me.

I started struggling, I couldn’t breathe and I began to panic again. This man was a demon, he was changing his voice to make me think he was my Love. When I began hyperventilating, I felt the gag being ripped off of me. “Breathe baby, slow down and take deep breaths,” your voice said. I started screaming, “you are not him, you are not him…leave me alone, please leave me alone!” I felt hands smoothing my hair away from my face and stroking my back. “It is me angel, it’s okay, I am so sorry for scaring you this bad,” I heard, ” I thought for sure you would figure out it was me before now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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