Angel , The Word Man…

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Angel & The Word Man: The Meeting

Standing at the bus stop, Janet paced back and forth. Checking her watch periodically, well more like every minute. He was coming home. Was this real, she wondered, is he truly coming home, my soul mate, my best friend, my fiancée, and by tonight, my lover.

She could not believe that the time had finally come. After 6 months of wanting, desiring, frustration, love, loss, heartache, and confusion the time had finally come that the two online lovers would be together forever.

As Janet stood at the local Greyhound bus station, she looked back on the last 6 months. Meeting Kevin online had to be some sort of fate, destiny even. Janet was not looking for a star-crossed lover, and online lover. Hell she thought to herself, I was married when I met Kevin.

The events that unfolded still amazed her. Her husband of 13 years walked in one day, a fight followed, and he decided that he was going to punish her, or so he thought. He left with the intentions of her begging him to come back. What he did not know what that despite the fact that Janet was committed to him, she was far from happy with him. The day he left, she wanted to celebrate. She did just that.

Kevin had been a member of her online pool league. She remembered the day that he joined. Being brought in by his teen-age son to “check out the new league” that he had found Kevin came into the room somewhat quiet.

Janet being Janet, was boisterous, ornery, and sometimes down right wild. Every Friday night, Janet looked forward to her “Cam & Pool” night, this was the night that her husband always played poker, Janet would get cleaned up and turn on her cam through her instant messenger, and allow all viewers to watch. Janet was an attractive woman, with long naturally curly brown hair, down the middle of her back. Her eyes were blue, and often referred to as bedroom eyes. She knew she was attractive, but did not feel that the word beautiful fit.

Kevin’s first night in the new league was a Friday night. A typical poolroom chat led Janet to ask Kevin for his instant messenger name. After all, she reasoned with herself, it is cam and pool night, so if I IM him, I will have reason. His name alone filled with attitude, for Janet, attitude was a turn on, it was almost like a magnet to her. He gave it to her willingly. Kevin was an extremely attractive man. Standing well over 6 foot tall, with dark hair and blue eyes. He was confident, but far from egotistical.

Stepping back from the curve Janet could hear the hustle and the bustle of the town, only 2 minutes had passed in her remembrance of how they met. She looked around, no buses yet. Aiken was a small town in South Carolina. The bus station was located at a small business. As Janet looked around, the chairs that were located there for the travelers were worn, and no one but her was there. She was glad that it was quiet, because her emotions were a somewhat out of control.

Is he coming, is he not? Will he be disappointed? Is he the man I have fallen in love with? These questions and many more plagued Janet as she stood there. “Where is that bus?” she thought to herself, It was suppose to be here at 12:10pm. It’s already 12:15pm. Tired of pacing Janet walked back over to the empty seats that were attached to the outside brick wall of the business. Sitting down Janet again went back to remembering just how all of this came around to be.

“One day I will put a ring on that finger” Kevin said to Janet in an IM

Janet stunned was not sure what to say; She felt her heart beat against her chest. Is this man serious? At this point the two had yet to even embrace, but the feelings that she felt for him were beyond anything that she had ever experienced in her life.

“I did not mean to scare you” Kevin said, when Janet didn’t respond.

“You did not scare me” Janet responded, still not sure what to say, “I was just surprised, not quite ready for something like that you know?”

“Yes, and I apologize” Kevin responded quickly, seemingly embarrassed that his fingers seemed to have a mind of their own at times.

Looking back at her watch, damn, minutes had passed, and still no sign of the bus. The anxiety, the waiting, the fear of him being disappointed, the fear of rejection plagued Janet. Granted they spent hours, weeks, days, and even months online, on web cam, in good light, in bad light. They spent 20+ hours a day for weeks on end together in one form or another, at work, at home, at play. Their need for each other was consuming. For all the time they spent together, the phone, the Internet, the web cams, and photographs were all they had.

Janet remembered the first time that she gotten to view Kevin’s web cam. He was gorgeous, and she was instantly attracted. Beyond his basic physical appearance Janet discovered so much more, he was intelligent, he could hold conversations with Janet on her own level. Being a licensed psychiatric counselor, she was amazed at Kevin’s knowledge of Freud, Pavlov, Escort Bayan Gaziantep Wattson, Skinner, and others to mention only a few. They could debate Religion, History, and Science. It never seemed to fail that their conversations would start at 3pm one day, and not end until 9am the following morning. Sleep was something they seemed to deprive themselves of.

Hearing the loud sounds of a diesel engine Janet jumped up, trying to act as calmly as she could despite the feelings of elation she felt, walked over to the curb and looked down the street. To her disappointment, it was a large cement truck. “Damn, I am like a teen age girl, waiting for her first date to arrive” she thought to herself.

Walking back over to the seats, she sat down. Again getting lost in thought. For months now they had tried to get together. When she and Kevin first met, she was living in Pennsylvania. “Oh how things have changed” she said out loud, still lost in thought. Her ex husband doing everything in his control to keep her from having any kind of life, drove Janet to leave state, leave everything, and everyone she loved. Now, not only was she in a different state, but also entering into a new relationship.

“A new beginning” Janet thought to herself about the bridges that she and Kevin had to cross, the bridges almost burnt, the love almost lost. As with all long distant relationships, this relationship had been hard on both of them. Remembering the tears that were shed along the way, Janet again looked at her watch, it was now 12:20. For what seemed like a lifetime, Janet stared at the watch, lost yet again in thought.

“Cum for me Angel” Janet remembered Kevin saying, as she was masturbating for him for the very first time. Her vibrator doing most of the work, messaging her clit, sending electric like vibrations through her. His sensual voice talking to her, telling her how much he would like to be there, putting his hard cock where her vibrator was. Her clit throbbing, her nipples were hardening, her pussy muscles contracting. She heard him moan, he was cumming, the deep animated, animalistic sounds emanating from the phone, drove Janet over the edge, her back arched, her hips rocked, as she screamed out in pleasure.

The sounds of yet another diesel engine broke through Janet’s thoughts, almost afraid to hope she looked at her watch, it was 12:25. She got up, and walked again over to the curb, looked to her left, she saw it. The greyhound bus that she had been waiting for.

With anticipation, and anxiety, Janet watched as the bus approached, with what seemed like each second, Janet could swear her heart was beating with the succession of her watch. It felt as if it was going to beat out of her chest. She could feel her hands shaking, still not believing this was real. Slowly the bus pulled up to the curb. Almost afraid to look, Janet started looking in the windows as the bus pulled up along side the curb in the designated space. Looking first at the driver, she looked slowly down the windows one bye one she could see the faces of the passengers, none moving out of their seats. About half way back, Janet saw him.

He stood, and turned. She knew it was Kevin, there was no doubt. He walked down the isle, as if in slow motion, she watched as the scene unfolded. Seat by seat he passed along the windows. It seemed like it took forever for him to get to the front of the bus, but there he stood on the top step looking down.

It seemed as if it was all mystical, unreal, dreamlike. He stepped down off the bus, carrying a bag in each hand. He no sooner hit the curb that he dropped the bags he was carrying. Meeting in the middle between where they had been standing, he took her in his arms, and held her tight. For the first time in the relationship, the lovers kissed. 6 months of anticipation, waiting, wanting, desiring melted away in his arms. The kiss was slow, passionate. It was a kiss of possession, of tenderness, of love, acceptance, and most importantly it was a kiss of soul mates finally reunited.

~~~~~~Chapter 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~

To Janet’s surprise, the embrace did not end with the kiss. They stood their arms around each other, shaking. Kevin dropped his head to Janet’s ear and whispered

“I love you Angel”

“Welcome home word man” was all Janet could respond with.

Janet was lost in the sensations of the moment. The man she loved, cared for, respected, desired, and needed had come home. Quite surprised that no tears formed she looked up at him. For the very first time she was able to look into the eyes of the man she had fallen in love with.

There was such warmth in those beautiful blue-green eyes.

Holding on to him tightly Janet felt as if she had been reborn in that moment. Held by the man that she longed to hold. She felt safe, whole, fulfilled.

Behind them they could hear the bus driver clear his voice. Clearly he was tired of waiting for the lovers to get done embracing. It occurred to them then that an entire bus full of people was watching as the scene unfolded. Turning around Kevin grabbed his bags off of the waiting driver. There were 4 of them; all of his belongings that he would now possess were contained in those bags.

Janet had turned around already to grab their drinks, and her purse. After grabbing them, she turned back around, and realized with her hands full, that clearly help was needed. She sat the drinks back down, and grabbed 2 bags from Kevin. Still feeling as if the entire situation was unreal.

Walking towards the cab not much was said. Janet wondering “is he disappointed?” and “will he stay?” He was gorgeous, but she already knew this. The thoughts crossing her mind where swimming so quickly it was like a racetrack of thoughts, and emotions all in one.

The cab driver opened the trunk; Janet tried to put Kevin’s very large bags into it. So nervous about what was to come, the anticipation of their consummation of the relationship, the thoughts of rejection, and so much more racing through her mind all at once. Janet was unable to successfully place the bags in. Kevin, seeing what a hard time she was having reached down and grabbed the bags.

“Let me do it angel”

Laughing at how silly she must have looked Janet was grateful for his help

“Disappointed I think not” he said as he stood up with the bags, looking her directly in the eye.

Kevin finished putting the bags in the trunk. Still in shock, and awe that her soul mate, her best friend, her fiancée, and very soon, her lover, had come home, Janet turned around to face Kevin.

“Are you ready word man?” was all she could say to him, so many emotions running through her at the time.

“Ready for what?” he asked innocently.

“Ready for life.” She responded.

The smile that reached his lips was enough; he did not need to say anything. It seemed like a long trip to the hotel that Janet had reserved for them. Each of them lost in their own world. Nothing said between them. Kevin reached over, grabbing Janet’s hand. So unsure of the entire situation Janet kept her main focus outside the window. Janet watched the scenery, but saw nothing. Her thoughts in a whirl wind. Yes, he had said he was not disappointed. Still Janet questioned, wondered, and worried.

“Look at that will ya!” the cab driver, exclaimed.

Looking out the window there sat the bus, in the middle of the highway, that Kevin had just stepped off of. It was a small accident from the appearance of a police car.

“Well, better them than me.” Said Kevin

“I am certainty glad I am not still on that bus” as he said this he looked over at Janet.

Once again their eyes met, held for a second, and Janet turned away. Scared of the emotions she saw there.

They arrived at the hotel, which Janet had already checked them into. When they got there, Janet was more nervous than she had been back at the bus station.

Unloading the taxi did not take long. Inside the hotel room, Janet’s pulse was pounding. Kevin was busy eating his lunch that Janet had brought him. He had a long trip. The trip had taken what was suppose to be 27 hours, turned into 32 hours. Trying to busy herself Janet was messing around in the room. Kevin watching her while he ate.

Janet found a task to busy her; she was setting up the computer. While she was setting up the computer, she felt Kevin’s eyes on her. Neither saying much, not sure what to talk about, and still dealing with the new territory they were both in, they remained quiet.

“I am going to get a shower.” Kevin said.

Janet was somewhat relieved to be left alone with her thoughts, or so she thought she would be. Her mind taking her to Kevin, the man she would be sharing a bed with now for the rest of her life if she had anything to say about it, was now in the shower, naked.

Her mind racing to what he would look like in the flesh. She had seen him nude on the web cam, but still the thought of him nude, in the shower, wet, soaped up, washing himself had a profound effect on her.

As she was plugging the monitor into the back of the computer, she found herself lost in thought. “Damn what I would not give to be in there touching him, helping him soap up, stroking his cock, and watching it grow hard as I washed it.”

Stunned at her own thoughts, she finished setting up the computer as she heard the shower turn off. A few minutes later, Kevin, now showered, and changed came out of the bathroom.

Trying not to be obvious about watching him, Janet pretended to busy herself as he shaved, and applied his cologne. “Mmmm he smells good,” she thought to herself.

By then she had most of the computer set up, but needed to get the speakers attached.

Walking towards the other side of the room, she met Kevin in the middle of the walk way between the bed and the dresser.

She looked up as they met, and what felt like an electrical current passed through her. She could smell him, the spicy sent of his cologne surrounded him. Her eyes met his, and she felt overwhelmed, wishing he would kiss her.

“I love you angel,” he said.

Reaching down he pulled her to him, and touched his lips to hers. What began as a soft, gentle kiss, soon turned into a raw, passionate, desire-filled kiss? Their tongues meeting, darting, exploring the others hot mouth. Janet could feel him begin to harden against her belly. She moaned out loud into his mouth.

~~~~~Chapter 3~~~~~~~~~

The sound spurring Kevin to explore further. Kevin sat down on the bed, and pulled Janet towards him. She stood there before him, breathless with anticipation. Kevin reached up and grabbed her by the belt and pulled her down on to the bed with him. Rolling her over, off of him, he embraced her, kissing her mouth, her eyes, her ears. Sliding his hands down over her shoulders he reaches her breasts. Messaging her breasts through her shirt, feeling her nipples harden through the thin bra. Moving his hand father down her body, past her breast to her stomach. He lifted up her shirt. By now he had stopped kissing her.

It was hard to tell who was breathing harder, Kevin or Janet. Both were breathless with raw passion and desire. Janet could feel how wet she was, her own moisture the proof of his intoxication on her. Kevin was hard; it could be clearly seen even through his denim shorts. Kevin continued his exploration of Janet. Lifting her shirt, but not taking it off. He pulled up her bra, and began kissing her breast. Taking one nipple in his mouth while messaging the other with his hands. Messaging, gently pinching, rubbing his palm over the now very hard bud.

Running his hand lower, across her belly, past her navel, he reached the top of her very short, denim shorts. He began unbuckling the button and un-zippering the zipper. He slowly reached down, under her panties. What he found was a clean-, very hot, wet pussy. Kevin moaning out loud at the feeling of this woman under his fingers. He began messaging her clit. Janet moaning began thrusting her hips. Encouraged by her pleasure, Kevin moved faster, and rubbed a little harder. The faster he went, the louder, and more animated Janet became.

Kevin was not prepared for Janet’s hands on him. He was so lost in the sensation of this woman, that when she reached out, and began feeling him through his denim shorts, he gasped, stunned, yet thrilled with her touch.

Janet so absorbed in his touch; the thought of touching him was erotic, sensual, and so very obtainable. She had waited for so very long to be touched by this man; to touch him, taste him feels his hot breath on her neck.

Reaching over she unbuckled his pants, not sure that she could keep her hands steady enough. Seeing the problems she was having, Kevin reached down and unfastened his pants for her. She smiled at him, somewhat embarrassed of her own body’s reaction to him.

Kevin looked her directly in the eyes, watching her facial expressions as he resumed fingering her. The eye contact held as she put her hands inside his pants, and began stroking him. Both Kevin and Janet totally lost in each other, on the sheer pleasure of the scent of the other.

Placing her hands around his hard cock sent shivers of pure ecstasy through out Janet’s entire body. She gently began stroking him, watching his facial expressions as she wrapped her hands around him. He was not unbelievably large, but his hard, swollen thick cock was going to be more than a mouthful, and Janet was somewhat concerned about penetration.

Placing his mouth on Janet’s nipple, Kevin penetrated Janet with his fingers, swiftly. She cried out, and rocked her hips to allow more entry. Wanting to feel more and more of her. He stood up, and began to undress.

“Come here Angel” Kevin said

Getting up and moving across the bed, Janet watched Kevin’s face. She was mesmerized, enchanted, enthralled, and thoroughly turned on. She got the edge of the bed, and Kevin took her hand, standing her up. He began kissing her fiercely, his tongue penetrating her mouth, the hunger he built inside yearning for her for the last 6 months was unleashed, he consumed her, tasted her. He lifted her arms up over her head, and removed her shirt. Janet then reached behind her back, and took off her bra. Kevin reaching down, pulled her pants down to her ankles accompanied with her white lace panties. As Kevin was pulling her panties down, he bent at the knee; he was no face to face with her hot, wet pussy

~~~~~~chapter 4~~~~~~~~~~

Kevin ran his tongue from her inner thigh up to the center of her pussy, up to her clit, past her pelvic bone, past her naval. He continued with his upwards ascent licking her from her naval to her nipple, running his tongue over first the left bud, to the right, tracing circles around her nipples, until the peaked and where hard. He then traced a path to her throat, then to her ear.

“Your beautiful” he whispered

Sending chills down Janet’s spine. Kevin stepped back, and looked at Janet. The desire she saw in Kevin’s eyes enhanced the feeling of euphoria that Janet had never in her life experienced.

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