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Lying on the settee with legs folded and a book in hand Sapna heard her son utter the word ‘Anklet.’ At that moment she did not give any thought to it as she was fully engrossed in the book. It was after sometime on seeing him staring at her feet ‘what was it you said,’ she asked.

‘Anklet’ was his curt reply.

‘Anklet,’ again she did not take it seriously. Her only interest was in having him caged in the house. Since the summer holidays had begun she had found it very difficult to stop him from going out with his friends. It was not that she objected to his going out but the time he returned back was not healthy skipping supper daily. What junk food did he have she wondered.

Being a single mother she had strived hard in bringing him up and now that he was eighteen years the fear of him going astray haunted her. Though she was well acquainted with his friends the time at which he returned back was not feasible. Having him locked inside her pent house and lying on the settee she kept an eye on him.

Turning to face him ‘yes what it is you said,’ she enquired.

Pointing to her feet ‘Anklet,’ he replied.

‘Anklet? What about it,’ she asked.

‘I have never seen you wearing them before,’ he replied.

‘Wore it yesterday as I had to attend the meeting. You know I am a member of that women’s club,’ said she.

‘It looks pretty on you Mom.’

‘Is it,’ asked Sapna a little surprised.

‘Yes as it is first time I have seen you wearing it, it looks damn pretty on you.’

‘Oh thanks,’ as she said it she lifted her foot.

‘That gives a better picture,’ he said seeing her dangling her foot.

‘Is it? Do you like them,’ she asked moving her foot again.

‘Yes they look pretty good on your feet,’ he replied.

Those words made her sit straight and seeing him staring ‘would they not look good on others,’ she asked.

‘Yes that’s what I meant to say. They go very well with your pretty feet,’ he replied.

‘So it’s my feet that are pretty and not anklets,’ she asked.

‘You have pretty good looking feet and those anklets compliment each other,’ he replied.

Surprised by his reply ‘how do you know so much about them,’ she asked.

‘That’s what we do the whole evening. Pass comments on them,’ he said.

Stunned by his words ‘can you elaborate on it,’ she asked.

‘You know our group,’ and when she nodded her head ‘we sit outside the malls, parks, movie halls and pass comments,’ he replied.

‘On the girls passing by,’ she asked.

‘No not on girls.’

‘Then who else,’ asked a puzzled Sapna.

‘On women,’ he replied..

‘Why women and not girls,’ asked she.

‘Girls are very arrogant and they are not so mature to read our comments,’ he replied.

‘And with women is it any different.’ She asked.

‘Yes not all women but a selected few,’ he replied.

Getting interested ‘how do you differentiate them. I mean under what criteria,’ she asked.

‘One should be simple, mature, elegant and not those painted ones,’ he said.

‘I see. You pass comments on only elegant mature women. Don’t they get mad at you at any time,’ she asked.

‘No our comments are very polished and sensible,’ he replied.

‘All in good humour?’

‘Yes all in good humour and nothing to hurt their sentiments,’ he replied.

‘What sort of response do you get from them,’ she asked showing some interest.

‘It varies but mainly a smile that makes us happy.’

‘So you guys hang up outside the malls all evening passing comments on elegant, mature women. Don’t you think you are kinky,’ she asked.

‘Its not everyday you come across such women. It’s only once in a while and not all women are like you that we pass comments,’ he replied looking straight into her eyes.

His words shook the earth underneath her. Controlling herself why bring me into the picture,’ she asked.

‘It all started because of you,’ he replied.

‘Me, why, how?’ she grasped for air as she uttered those words.

‘One day as a woman walk past Ajit my friend exclaimed does she not look like you for which my other friend Dinesh replied that none can hold a candle to you. That’s how it started and that’s how you have become a role model for us,’ he exclaimed.

‘My goodness Raj how can you guys . . . . I mean how can I be a role model. What do you see that you consider me . . . No, no, no somewhere you are at fault,’ replied Sapna.

‘Mom Ajit or Dinesh may have gone wrong but me and the other members of our gang cannot be wrong. You are one such role model,’ he replied sternly.

‘I find it very hard to digest it Raj,’ and changing the track ‘So that’s how you and your kinky gang spend the time ogling at women,’ she said twisting his ear.

‘No Mom we don’t ogle just pass a comment,’ he replied.

‘Don’t tell me that you pass a comment without looking at them,’ she said twisting his ear harder.

‘Mom it’s just to pass time we do it,’ he said.

‘Can you have not thought of something else,’ she said softly.

‘We could bursa eve gelen eskort bayan have but every time I come across a woman my mind deviates and please don’t ask me why it does so,’ he said.

Shaking her head and resigning ‘have any woman in some point of time discouraged you guys,’ asked she.

‘No on the other hand we have always been encouraged,’ he replied.

‘Have you found some success. How do they react,’ she asked mildly.

‘Most of the time it’s a gentle smile or their faces brighten or you see a twinkle in their eyes and very rarely they lift their hand to acknowledge,’ he replied.

‘That’s all and you guys feel as if you have conquered the moon,’ she said.

‘Yes we feel delighted and we go into a trance,’ he said.

‘For a smile or one act of kindness you spend the whole evening looking out for them is it,’ she asked.

‘Yes and that one smile makes us dream of hundred similar ones,’ he replied.

‘Anything else you would like to add to it,’ she asked to get a picture of how far he had ventured.

‘Nothing except that stud of your nose. Its so well placed that it enhances your beauty ten folds,’ he said.

‘Yes you are right there. I have heard such comments from many people,’ saying it she blushed.

‘It’s so small and yet the little diamond stud pierced on your nose looks so fascinating that it gives a different dimension to your beauty. You look astoundingly beautiful,’ he said.

‘Raj I am not your girlfriend that you can praise me so much,’ she said shyly.

‘Have I not said that I don’t like girls. Its mature women I love to befriend with,’ he replied.

‘Then why don’t you find one there are plenty out there,’ she said jokingly.

‘But none to match your personality,’ said he.

‘Well you can have me as one but think what your friends would say when they see you with an old brat like me.’

‘They would feel jealous Mom. In fact right now they may be feeling jealous as I told them that I am going to spend this evening with you.’

‘Oh Raj it’s my pleasure to be in your company,’ replied Sapna.

‘Mom you are one classic woman and it’s my privilege to be with you. You know you have such a lovely face that I can just keep looking at you for ever. To add to it you have a pleasing personality too,’ said Raj.

‘Are you using these words to impress me. If you are thinking so then you are right. It’s good to hear such words and I don’t remember when I had heard them last. Well let’s forget it for some time and delve deeper on your episodes. Come on tell me what you have so cleverly tried to hold back. Did anyone of them showed any interest in you,’ she asked.

‘Yes I recall one woman who turned up frequently. I think she wanted to get acquainted with me. I am telling you this because she used to appear in front of me whenever I was alone which I think was not a coincidence.’

‘I see, did she try to convey any message any action of hers which had some meaning,’ asked Sapna cautiously.

‘Once coming down the stairs the top of her sari slipped. Now that I recall the sequence yes it was a deliberate act,’ he said.

Sapna was tempted to ask whether his eyes were rewarded then changing the subject ‘any other such occasion which you could remember.’

‘Not with me but Ajit was lucky. I am not sure it could have happened but he said he escorted one such woman to a movie.’

‘Yes it could have happened,’ saying it she went to the restroom.

Coming back and sitting besides ‘what did he say happened there.’

‘I can’t say for sure it could have happened but he said he had held her and kissed her many times.’

‘Yes nowadays that’s what boys and girls do when they go watch a movie. Did he say anything about getting intimate with her,’ she asked.

‘Yes but I don’t think I can tell you and moreover I am not sure of it. He could have lied to us.’

‘Okay I understand but did you by chance have kissed anyone. You ought to have mesmerized many of them by your charms. You have that killer look which would make many woman go weak in their knees,’ she said.

Getting inspired by her words ‘Yes I would have loved to kiss but I could not find someone like you in that crowd,’ he said.

‘Maybe you looked in the wrong place,’ she replied as she went to the restroom again.

When she returned ‘Yes I think I looked in the wrong place. Where do you think I should have looked,’ asked Raj getting excited.

‘Most probably you could have found me where I am right now. Did you look for her here,’ she asked.

‘No it was my mistake that by the time I used to return she would have left that place,’ he said and waited for her reply.

‘Then was it not your fault,’ said Sapna as she shook her head and let her hair fall on her shoulders.

‘But how should I have known that she would be here,’ he asked as he held a few strands of her soft silky hair.

‘The same way as you have done today. You ought to have stayed back and spend some time chatting bursa eskort bayanlar with her,’ she said.

‘Now that I have spent some memorable moments with her do I stand any chance,’ he asked.

‘When you have already spent those memorable moments what more do you want,’ she asked blushingly.

‘What I have been dreaming of from the time you have been my role model,’ he said as he placed his finger lightly on her lips.

‘Had you ever anticipated that such a moment may arise,’ she asked.

‘Not earlier but since you came back from the restroom I have seen a change in you that is very favourable,’ he said as his finger caressed her lips.

‘Is that what you had in mind. Caressing my lips or do you still desire something else,’ she asked.

‘I was wondering when it feels so good to caress them how it would feel if I kiss them,’ he said cupping her cheeks in both hands.

Excited by his act ‘then what’s stopping you from finding it out,’ she said as her lips started to tremble.

‘Yes I would rather kiss you less you change your mind.’ Saying it he kissed her softly. Excited on having felt her soft moist lips and finding her not objecting he pressed his lips on hers and kissed them until he felt her grasping for breath.

Coming out of his grasp and taking a deep breath ‘Is this how you kiss a woman,’ she asked hiding her smile.

Seeing the twinkle in her eyes and getting encouraged ‘Yes if that woman happens to be you,’ he replied.

‘Why what’s the difference,’ she asked.

‘Coz mothers don’t object,’ he replied.

‘I ought not have allowed you to kiss me,’ she said.

‘Now that you have how about one more,’ he asked.

‘Not even in your dreams am I going to permit you to kiss me again,’ saying it she stepped forward and kissed him back on his lips.

‘Its very difficult to judge how a woman reacts,’ he said on having been kissed.

‘Don’t even try as you are going to fail,’ she said smilingly.

‘I will keep that in mind,’ he replied.

‘You better. Why do you think your friend is lying?’ she asked changing the subject.

‘Of whom you are talking about?’ asked Raj.

‘One who went to the movie. You said he may be lying.’

‘Ajit, because he brags a lot. He may have kissed the woman but I don’t think the other part could have happened.’

‘Why what did he say that you don’t believe him,’ asked Sapna softly.

‘What he said is something very surprising. It could not have happened,’ he replied back.

‘Why could it not have happened. You too had an experience wherein you said she deliberately made the sari slip from her bosom. Is that not what you said?’

‘Its true because I saw it happen. I was right in front of her,’ he replied.

‘How was she dressed. I mean did she wore something with a deep neckline? Did she flaunt it, you know her cleavage to impress you,’ she said and using her sari to wipe the sweat from her face ‘you ought to have a hawks eye to catch those mischievous actions.’

‘I very much agree with you and yes the blouse which she had put on had a deep cut in the front,’ he said.

‘Did I not say it. When this could have happened with why do you doubt your friend?’ she asked.

‘What he has told me I think this is not the right time to disclose it,’ he said.

‘Well if you think so then let’s forget it. Tell me what was your reaction I mean how you felt when you saw that she was wearing a deep cut blouse.’

‘I just had a fleeting glance and before I could capture the scene she had set right her clothes,’ he said.

‘Did I not say you ought to have a hawks eye to capture such scenes,’ she said.

‘It was with such an eye that I caught you otherwise I would not have had the courage to kiss you,’ replied Raj.

‘Oh! That’s news. When or what did you see in me that encouraged you to kiss me,’ she quizzed him with her eyes.

‘When you returned from the rest room you had let your hair loose and seeing those silky strands caressing your face I got encouraged. You looked so stunningly beautiful that I thought let what may come I got to kiss you. Can I kiss you again Mom.’ His eyes pleaded.

Stumped by his words. ‘Yes you can but you ought not to get carried away,’ she said and leaning upon she placed her hands on his shoulders.

‘Oh! Mom you are so good,’ as he said it he cupped her face in both hands and caressing her rosy cheeks and blowing away the loose hair from her face he kissed her. He kissed her soft moist lips and as he felt his mother moan softly he sucked her lips into his mouth and kissed her with passion.

Sapna got excited when he kissed her and as he sucked her lips into his mouth and started kissing her passionately unable to sustain the urge as she tried to move away her sari got entangled in an ackward position and as she tried to cover her bosom with it ‘no Mom let it be,’ said Raj.

Those words stunned Sapna and as her eyes quizzed him ‘I had the pleasure of stealing a glance at it when you wiped your face with görükle escort bayanlar the sari. Now don’t tell me that you did not do it intentionally.’

‘You are a dirty voyeur,’ she replied making faces at him.

‘Call it hawks eye Mom and you are stunningly beautiful there,’ he said before Sapna could cover up.

‘What could you have seen there that you say so,’ she asked breathing heavily.

‘The way they are formed. The way they are stacked. They are absolutely stunning.’

Thrilled by his words. ‘Are they any better than what you saw of the other woman,’ asked she.

‘Hers were sagging and yours are fully stacked, firm, curvaceous and what’s visible to the naked eye looks absolutely stunning Mom,’ he said as he strained his eyes to have a better look at her heaving chest.

‘As I told you earlier you are a dirty voyeur. Look look how your are popping out after ogling at them. One cannot imagine how they would appear once they get to see what they are trying to see through,’ said she looking straight into his eyes.

‘That would be a sight to die for Mom and the slight bulge which is visible right now is good enough to imagine how the rest could look,’ he said running a finger around the bulge of her bosom.

‘You are shameless guy and I don’t think I permitted you to touch me there,’ she said.

‘Yes you did not but shameless guys are not in a habit of taking prior permission,’ he said as he slipped his finger between her cleavage.

‘If it is so then what made you stop from feeling her up,’ she asked pulling his hand out.

‘I would have if they had looked as provocative as yours’ he replied.

‘Then I better cover them properly. Who knows what your dirty mind is up to,’ as she said it pulling her sari she covered her bosom fully.

‘When you cover one part you uncover other part which is more dazzling Mom,’ he replied gluing his eyes on her body which was left bare as she pulled her sari.

‘What could I have uncovered that has stumped you,’ she asked seeing him having glued his eyes over her body.

‘Your waistline? The most alluring part of an woman’s anatomy. I don’t think I can find words to describe it. Though I have seen a lot of women tying their saris dangerously low but what’s visible here is most astounding,’ he said.

‘What do you mean by dangerously low,’ she asked as her eyes quizzed him.

‘You know what I mean. Tying it any lower could have had me staring at what my eyes have so far not feasted upon,’ he replied this time looking into her eyes.

‘Can I take your word for it. Can I believe what you have just said. Is it a fact that,’ she asked.

‘Yes it is a fact. My eyes have not been rewarded with such a sight. You have a gorgeous waistline Mom. The vast stretch of your waist and the belly button right at the centre and further down the curve of your waist is a sight to behold,’ he said as his eyes devoured her naked waistline.

‘I find it difficult to believe you when you describe them so beautifully,’ and on finding him tugging her sari ‘now don’t get encouraged by my words,’ she said biting her lips.

‘It’s not your words that’s encouraging but it’s your body language and your facial expressions that adds fuel to the fire and in whatever way one looks at it you look gorgeous Mom and let not this piece of cloth hinder the sight,’ as he said it he started pulling the tucked sari out.

As he tried to pull her sari Sapna in a flash tried to move away and to her surprise she found her out her sari slip out of her body and coming to stand ‘You are a devil,’ said she on seeing him holding her sari.

‘And you standing under the lights wearing just a blouse and slip look like an angel Mom,’ he said.

‘You are the dirtiest creature living in this planet,’ saying this as she moved towards the rest room she stood her ground when she heard him say ‘don’t bolt the door Mom.’

Sapna at first could not believe whether she had heard him right and as she stepped inside the restroom and bolted the door she felt such hot waves engulf her body that she found herself on the verge of an orgasm. ‘Oh what’s happening to me,’ she thought.

Coming to stand before a mirror she recalled her past which was only filled with tragedies. First it was her parents accidental death which lead her to marry a person twice her age. Second she dreaded facing her husband who was an alcoholic and one who could never understand her feelings. And while she was contemplating to run away from him she learnt that she was carrying which stopped her and before Raj was born she had lost him.

This enhanced her troubles as then came a period which tormented her the most. This was in the form of her in laws who blamed her for her husband’s death and tried their best to keep her away from his wealth. Here again she had a torrid time as the lawyer fighting her case was a sadist and she fought hard and finally came out successfully.

Thinking of all that she felt there was nothing wrong in cosying up with her son as this brought her some thrill. She saw no harm in the present situation as every teenager was curious to learn some facts of life and her son was no different and moreover as it was getting interesting she thought of cosying up for some more time.

Looking at her reflection and finding herself reasonably dressed she stepped out to meet him and coming to sit beside him ‘what made you say it,’ she asked very softly.

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