Annie Gives Gold

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Jon was a very unusual experience for both Annie and I. Something totally new. He approached us which wasn’t so strange. Jon came across us on one of our favourite ‘dating’ sites and contacted us with his request. He’d gotten a little bit confused, though, and what he really wanted was to play with Annie. Jon had seen my ‘interests’ and assumed Annie shared them all with the same passion as me.

What he wanted was a ‘watersports experience’ with Annie. Now Annie has certainly indulged me over the years, being very comfortable with me hearing and watching her piss. But while I sometimes deliver golden showers as part of a BDSM scene, Annie has never ever wanted to experience one as the recipient.

Where things got interesting with Jon is that he is a married man who wanted to be on the receiving end and he wanted to experience a golden shower from Annie!

Annie is game and pretty kinky so she didn’t rule it out straight away. I decided to leave things entirely to her and so I ignored Jon for the time being.

But Annie gave it some thought. A couple of days later she asked whether I’d thought some more about Jon and his request. Eventually I emailed him back, asking him if he knew what he was getting into and explaining that he might have misunderstood us from our ‘couples’ profile.

Jon assured me that he wasn’t interested in any contact with me. He’d long had a powerful desire to experience having a woman piss on him and had never been able to convince any girlfriends to do it. I assumed he’d not had the courage to ask his wife but chose not to press him. He did say it had reached the point where he’d paid someone ‘professional’ for his first experience. He’d enjoyed it but somehow knew he wanted more.

After a few more emails he confessed that he’d felt a strong urge from the thought of an ‘Asian’ woman pissing on him. I guessed it was meant to be a reversal of the usual idea of Asian women being subservient. I finally got from him that it wasn’t just the piss but a feeling of being ‘lesser, maybe even to be used.

I knew his foolish thinking about Asian women would annoy Annie. I told her anyway and she proved me right. I’d never expected Annie to agree and I was sure that this guy had now blown his chances.

I was wrong. A week later Annie asked me what was happening with Jon. She’d been annoyed by his attitude but for some reason she was interested in the idea of granting his request. Maybe it was just the chance to do this thing for once in her life.

Plus, Annie is not one to judge other people’s fantasies. She didn’t understand why Jon had asked for this but often all it takes for Annie to be interested in something new is for her to be asked. She wasn’t turned on but she was prepared to give him the thrill he wanted. I didn’t think this guy deserved to see and experience Annie’s luscious body. But I couldn’t shake the image of her squirting her piss all over his face.

But Annie didn’t exactly know what was involved or what she’d have to do. I emailed Jon to keep him keen while Annie and I discussed some ground rules. I wanted her to feel safe. It was important that Annie could do this thing without feeling like she was the one being used or humiliated. Most of all I wanted it to be fun for her.

A few weeks later came the night when Jon was at our door. He was extremely nervous. A medium built guy in his mid thirties. He wasn’t handsome and he didn’t take particular care of his body either. But I didn’t need to be impressed. What was key was that he was incredibly polite and respectful towards my Annie. And he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

I’d helped Annie to prepare for the night. She’d been drinking water all day, copious amounts of it and I’d been surprised at how elastic her bladder seemed to be. I brought Jon into the loungeroom to meet Annie for the first time and she was looking stunning in short black shorts and a tight black T-shirt. Her nipples were long and hard and her long brown legs were delicious as she reclined on the sofa. Suddenly I didn’t mind at all that this new guy was ogling my woman.

I had a porno playing on the TV which was natural enough for Annie and I. Besides, even though Jon had been told strictly that there’d be no sex for him, the only reason he’d come to our place was to get some sexual excitement.

I got them both some water to drink while Jon sat very quietly. I could see he was nervous but there was something else. The way Jon was acting I started to realise just how intense his fantasy was. I don’t think he’d ever been with a Chinese woman before. Now he was in the same room as one who was wearing only skimpy clothing. It certainly looked as if he was willing to worship my Annie.

I handed them both their glasses of water, figuring one last top-up for Annie wouldn’t hurt. Jon was almost staring at her now and I decided to try to engage his mouth as well as his eyes.

‘You haven’t had too many chances to try this?’

‘Its hard. I don’t want to ask in case the woman thinks its disgusting.’

‘Why batman seks hikayeleri did you want to ask Annie to do this for you?’

‘Because you are so beautiful.’

‘Would you like to see more?’ A nod. ‘You can touch her if you like.’

I sat next to Annie and pulled her close. She understood where I was going and happily turned her face to me so we could kiss long and deep. I was a little turned on myself and really wanted to start groping Annie. I thought about undressing her right then but decided to stick with the plan. Jon would have to wait a little longer.

We started to cuddle and I was running my hands all over Annie. I knew it would not be easy for her to get too sexual since her bladder was full to bursting. Happily the next part of the plan would provide a little distraction.

‘Why don’t you come over here?’ I said to Jon. ‘Closer to Annie. You can rub her legs if you like. She’d enjoy that.’

Silently but quickly he scurried over to where Annie’s legs were stretched along the sofa. She moaned into my mouth as I went back to kissing her. As usual she was aroused by the attention of two men.

‘Annie, my lovely. Jon would like you to do something special for him tonight. Would you like to do that?’

‘Hmmm. Yes, I will do that for him. But he has to make me feel nice before I can do it.’

I’d schooled Annie a little in what she could say to keep things progressing. Though I usually take charge I knew it was Annie that Jon would respond to.

‘Rub my legs,’ she said to him. ‘Softly please, just touch them softly.’ I watched as she inched one of her slender legs towards Jon. Silently, still nervous, he placed the tips of his fingers against Annie’s soft skin and began slowly to stroke her.

We went back to kissing. I wanted to get Annie aroused because I knew it would make her go a bit further with Jon.

After a couple more minutes I said aloud to Annie, ‘Would you like him to go a bit higher up your leg?’

‘Oh yes, he can go higher.’

Jon’s eyes were about pop out of his head. There he was, on his knees touching the skin of a Chinese woman for the first time and his head filled with the thoughts if what he’d come there for. Luckily he didn’t seem to mind that I was participating in the scene. Though he had no choice in any event.

‘I think if you sit up and spread your legs then Jon can really rub you properly.’

With that I released Annie and helped her into a sitting position. She perched herself on the edge of the sofa. There she had her legs either side of Jon and she stretched, giving him access to the full length of her gorgeous, golden limbs.

Cautiously Jon put his hands back on Annie’s legs. He stroked around her knees and then down to her calves. I wondered whether with a bit of training he might learn to massage Annie in the way she likes. I knew Annie had no particular attraction to Jon. But I knew her cunt would be getting damp all the same as this man knelt before her and softly rubbed her skin.

‘Kiss me,’ said Annie gently. ‘Kiss my legs if you want to.’

Jon needed no further prodding. Immediately he pressed his lips to Annie’s upper thighs. I guessed he probably wished he could work his lips higher. But to me it looked like he was happy to be allowed to touch Annie at all. It was like I’d expected, a kind of worship. He’d picked Annie for a reason and was obviously very excited at being able to touch and taste her delightful Chinese body.

Seeing Annie being touched like that made me pretty horny too. I considered taking my own cock out and having Annie do some stroking of her own. She, however, was starting to get into her part.

‘Higher. Come up higher,’ she said to him and Jon obeyed. I could hear in her voice that Annie was enjoying the scene. With Jon’s lips against her inner thighs his head was well up near her cunt. I knew that Annie was damp and was pretty that Jon could smell her arousal. She was doing very well with teasing her new suitor. I hoped she’d still feel comfortable with humiliating him.

Annie leaned back a little and spread her legs further. Jon stayed where he was but he also leaned over, trying to make sure his mouth could reach all her legs, right up to the hems of her tight black shorts.

Annie was still kissing me and doing it in a way that told me all about her arousal. I held her tight and softly kissed her face. I stroked her hair and told her how beautiful she is. Down on the floor I could hear Jon’s breathing getting fast and shallow. His eyes were locked onto Annie’s face and I couldn’t tell if he was excited or put out by the fact she was still making out with me. He probably wanted to moan his own pleasure but simply didn’t dare.

My cock was getting hard and I was starting to think about whether I could fuck Annie on the sofa while poor Jon was left to watch. Thankfully we’d agreed earlier that before sleeping that night I was going to fuck her cunt raw. But first there was a the small matter of a dull ache in Annie’s flat little tummy and a whole lot of water straining in her bladder.

Annie moved things along very nicely. ‘Are you all horny?’ she asked Jon. His lips never left her skin, he just nodded in reply.

Would you like to show me how horny?’ He stopped, his mouth still against the inside of her left thigh. ‘I’d like to see. Take your clothes off for me? Let me see how horny I make you.’

Looking unsure, Jon slowly climbed to his feet. His eyes were still locked on Annie and now she was watching him intently. I took the chance to slide one hand under her tight black T-shirt so I could play with her nipples.

With shaking hands he undid his shirt and pulled down his jeans. His cock wasn’t huge but it was obviously standing at attention — just as I’d expected. His underpants quickly came off and there he was, a stranger standing in our loungeroom totally naked and clearly desperate to have his way with my Annie. I could see he wasn’t Annie’s type at all, out of shape and hairy and hadn’t even bothered to shave his balls. At least his cock was near the vertical but I was pretty sure there was no chance Annie would touch it.

Annie went back to kissing me and Jon decided his job was to get back on his knees and resume his kissing. She was ready for a little more though. ‘Lick me,’ she said to him softly between kisses on my mouth. ‘Lick me just the way you’ve been dreaming of.’

I don’t know what Jon’s cock did in response to that command but from that point on his mouth was never more than a few inches from Annie’s crotch. My kinky little woman was playing her part to perfection.

I lowered my face to Annie’s chest and lifted her T-shirt up. Jon couldn’t see what I was up to so I began to enjoy her long chocolate nipples. The whole experience was a bit weird for Annie but she made the most of having two men licking and kissing her body. I felt her adjust her hips to allow Jon to creep closer to her cunt and she softly ran her fingers through my hair, moaning softly all the while.

My cock was rock hard by then and I was starting to think about how I could get it into Annie’s mouth. She was aroused and getting warmer but I’d get no real satisfaction until her bladder was empty. Then I noticed that Jon was slowly stroking his erection so I pulled Annie’s hand to my crotch. She slid her hand down the front of my pants, finding the swollen head of my cock. I decided to undo the fly to give her better access.

Suddenly Annie slipped her other hand onto the back of Jon’s head. She pulled his head firmly into the crotch of her shorts, hard against the black material covering her cunt. Annie might not have been attracted to him but that did not stop her making the most of the situation. He very clearly was not unhappy about his current position.

I looked at Annie, trying to guess whether she’d changed her plan or had decided on a new way to add to Jon’s torment. I had my fly open and groaned as Annie softly wrapped one set of fingers around my engorged manhood.

‘I think we’re both going to cum,’ I murmured to Annie. ‘What would you like to do about that?’

‘You know what I need first. And we promised Jon some fun as well.’

I nodded and at that sign Annie pushed Jon back away from her crotch.

‘You like this?’ she asked him. Jon mumbled in reply, his eyes still fixed on Annie. ‘Are you enjoying touching and licking me? Is this what you dreamed of, an Asian woman who gives you permission to touch her?’

‘Oh god yes. You are so beautiful. You are just what I dreamed of.’

‘Well there is something else I am going to do. But I don’t want to make a mess. So you need to undress me now.’

Annie and I had planned for this part. It was guaranteed to thrill Jon and I could see him almost tremble at the thought that he was about to strip her naked.

Annie beckoned Jon to his feet. When he was standing before her she lifted her arms up, signalling that he was to remove her T-shirt. Jon quickly complied, carefully reaching up to smooth her hair once the T-shirt was free of her head.

He didn’t know where to look, transfixed by the sight of my gorgeous Annie and wanting to go on worshipping her with his eyes.

‘Now my shorts,’ she ordered him. With fumbling hands he finally got her shorts undone and lowered to her ankles. Then he looked up at Annie, a look of confusion about what he should do next.

‘Yes,’ she went on, you need to take my knickers off as well. In fact she wasn’t wearing knickers but one of the skimpiest black g-strings she owns. I’d suggested it to ensure Jon got a good look at Annie’s freshly waxed cunt lips. He slowly reached up to the waistband and pulled the tiny item down. Just as I’d hoped, the string had gotten caught between her cunt lips. Slowly, as if worried he’d hurt Annie, Jon tugged the material free. I could see the moisture that had soaked into the string. He gasped and I grinned. It was fabulous to see the reaction of this stranger but all men love their first sight of Annie’s cunt. I get to see it as often as I like and have never lost the thrill.

Jon shuffled in closer. His eyes afire with lust. ‘Please may I touch you?’

‘Just a little bit.’ I was a little surprised by her casual reply but I wasn’t bothered at all. The poor guy was being made to earn his pleasure.

‘Thank you,’ he whispered. He reached out and with his fingertips softly touched Annie’s cheeks. He slid down to her neck and her shoulders. ‘You are so beautiful,’ he whispered again.

Then his hands were on Annie’s flat chest, touching and caressing her long dark nipples. I watched as he allowed his fingers to linger there. I also kept a careful eye on Annie to make sure she was still comfortable with everything.

Finally Jon moved lower, to her belly and then to the tops of her legs. ‘May I touch your pussy?’ he asked her quietly. It was an almost plaintive tone and I could see how desperate he was.

‘Just touching,’ came the reply. ‘I don’t want you inside me.’ But Annie shifted her weight and slid her legs apart. It was a sign of permission to the poor Jon. Again, Annie was playing her part to perfection. Jon went straight to his knees, softly stroking Annie’s cunt. He stared at her sex, not inspecting it so much as drinking in the sight. It was a big occasion for him to see and touch his first Asian cunt. As usual, Annie had prepared herself by being freshly waxed. The slightly darker skin of her cunt lips looked gorgeous as it nestled between her golden legs.

Several times he wandered lower, letting his hands rub and massage her slender thighs. I held Annie during this part, kissing her deeply so as to keep her ‘warmed-up’ and still feeling sexual. I didn’t want the show to end because she felt Jon was being creepy. Though there was not a lot of danger of that since I’d observed for myself how she’d gotten damp once again from having men lavish attention on her and her delightful body.

I let this part of the action play out for a few more minutes and then started to rub Annie’s belly. I was enjoying the fact that her bladder was getting close to being painful. But I also wanted to make sure she had a way to move things from Jon’s present position of submission. Annie took her cue.

‘You have to do something now Jon. I need to use the toilet and I think you want to help me.’

‘Oh yes, yes I’d love to help you. I’d do anything you wanted.’

Annie kept her tone low and sultry. ‘Well Jon, I let you have your secret pleasure. And I know it’s a secret which means you know you’re doing something you shouldn’t be.’

‘Oh please Annie. Please let me repay you. I will be good for you.’ He was almost begging. It was perfect. He might even cum on the spot. I was thrilled too, knowing that I was soon to watch Annie do something kinky and outrageous and new for her.

‘I need to use the toilet,’ my Annie repeated. ‘You need to come with me upstairs.’ She languidly pulled away form us and rose to her feet. I admired once more her lithe, sexy body and I could see Jon was getting an absolute eyeful as well.

Annie learned a long time ago just how sexy she is and how to get the maximum effect on men — me included. She was working us both now, slowly sashaying across the room and making sure she stole a little look to see how horny we both were.

I went third in line up the stairs, watching Annie’s sexy arse as it moved exactly in Jon’s line of sight. We both lapped up the vision of her tight, round butt cheeks. Jon stayed close but he was very careful to keep his hands to himself.

‘Are you ready to do this for me?’

‘Yes… oh yes Annie.’

‘You know I’ve never done this before. But I’ll do it for you Jon. This is a dirty little pleasure for you.’

‘Annie, please let me do this for you.’

Annie led Jon into the bathroom. I stayed close to ensure she felt protected and comfortable. She soon had them both positioned in the shower stall. Jon was on his knees, sitting down low so his head was almost in line with Annie’s moistened cunt. He was staring at her still, Annie allowing her legs to part slightly and ensure he had something to stare at.

She looked over to me and smiled. ‘I think he’s ready for me. Are you ready for me to do this because I really need to piss now.’

‘Oh yes,’ I assured her. ‘He’s a dirty little man and its time for you to relieve yourself so he can show how much he appreciates you.’

Jon’s eyes looked like they would pop out of his head. He was fidgeting as his desires and his lust competed inside his fevered brain. His mouth was opening and closing like he was a fish.

Annie shuffled in front of him. I watched as she moved her legs wide apart.

‘Do you want me to turn on a tap to help you?’

‘No need. I am about to burst anyway.’

I saw the way Annie bent her knees slightly. She didn’t want to lean against the cool tiles so she squatted slightly. It pushed her knees wider so her cunt was now fully displayed to the enthralled Jon. I noticed the way her thigh muscles bulged a little to support her weight. I especially enjoyed the sight of her tight little butt as it clenched hard to keep her in the right position.

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