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As I lay in the bed silence is all around and all pervasive. I know you are on your way. And I know my wife, Lucy, is sitting on the couch and reading a book; awaiting your arrival…

I am awaiting your arrival. Naked. Tied by the wrists to the head of the bed and blindfolded I lie beneath the comforter. My cock is raging in anticipation. In anticipation of what? It is unlikely to be satisfied tonight. Tonight is your night and I have not even seen you.

Silence, nothing but silence. A car drives up. My heart hammers and my cock throbs. I am so scared and so thrilled. I cannot wait and I cannot bear the idea of your arrival. The car passes. I could have sworn it had stopped. But no, on it goes into the night.

Who will you be? What will you look like? I know only that you are uncut and small, five and a half inches, your listing said. And that you are slim and gay. That is all, that is enough.

Another car and this one is not driving past. A car door slams followed after a few seconds by a tap on the front door. Hunting so hard for clues, even that is a good sign. You knock gently, not smashing the door down. I am happy you are the gentle kind.

Lucy opens the door and I hear murmured voices and then steps on the stairs. The bedroom is darkened. I hear Lucy tell you to undress Escort bayan and I hear a shirt unbuttoned, pants fall to the floor. But nothing more. All I have are my imaginings. I can see Lucy looking you over. Will you do for her man? I hear Lucy’s shirt unbutton and fall and know that the answer must be yes. Soon I know that she is naked too. This is to be a feast.

The top pops on the bottle of lubricant. No one will hurt me while Lucy is there to protect. A gasp from you tells me she is taking matters into her own hands to ensure you are as you should be. Gay or straight, a lubed hand’s a lubed hand and as she gently pulls at your tool and coats, covers you in the lube you gasp again.

A moments silence and then the covers are slowly pulled back leaving me naked and bound and I can feel two pairs of eyes on my body. Lucy I know approves but you? Well, you haven’t run screaming…

Lucy straddles me with her butt towards my face and lifts my legs. This is what was planned, what was to be to give me what I have so desired for so long. I let it happen for that is the point, that I should be supine and taken. I long to lift my head as Lucy begins to slide her ass towards my face but I will wait. It’s not my place. Before too long, though it seems too long, her pussy reaches Escort my chin and I slide out my tongue to connect with her clit. She tastes sensational. Like… well, like… like pussy. There’s no other taste like it. She’s wet and ready and I try to make my tongue into a cock for her and she moans.

Down at the other end of me she has taken more lube and spreads it slowly up and down my gaping crack. It is cool and delightful. Her finger gently rims me and pushes the lube a little way into me but only a quarter inch for that is your place.

Lucy slides her way a little further up my body and says quietly “Now, be gentle”.

And you are. For a second there is nothing, Lucy lifts up off the bed until she is sitting on my face. She holds up my legs by the ankles and spreads them. Then nothing for a few seconds and then I feel the warmth. You have rested the head of your cock an eighth of an inch from my asshole and are balancing it there, not quite touching and I can feel the body heat. Then it touches, so lubricated with lube and precum. It pushes slowly, slowly and gently and you probe into me. There is no pain for I have had plenty of stimulation to relax my sphincter and you’re a pretty small guy. I can take it. My hands grip the sides of the bed and you slowly, so slowly Bayan escort push your full length into me. You say nothing but you are so gentle, so patient. My body relaxes but my hands are clutching and my cock is rigid like a flagpole, I can feel it is bigger than ever before. Lucy can tell I am in need of her and she bends to me and licks the head of my dick, pushing her tongue slowly into the eye and making my squeal. Then she closes around the length, still so slow and sucks, gently pulling the precum from me with her mouth.

You meanwhile have begun to slowly rock. In and out, in and out. I can feel you beginning to tense. I can feel Lucy start to moan. I can feel my cum begin to swell. Can we really do it? Can we really all come together? My ass is on fire but it is a fire I don’t want to put out. I want to open more to you, to allow more of you in and then I feel your hands on my buttocks tighten and I sense your back arch and I am filling up, filling with warmth, filling with joy. And I come, Lucy does not like to swallow and she senses and takes me from her mouth and uses her hand to shoot my cum where it will. She has little control as she herself is locked in her own orgasm, wracking and shaking her body.

Slowly I feel you withdraw leaving me used, dripping and sticky, happy and fulfilled. Filled full and emptied. Lucy gets off me and I hear you pick up your clothes and the two of you tread the stair. Soon there will be love in Lucy’s arms and next week it will be our turn to pay YOU a visit.

This is just a fantasy. ALWAYS use a condom!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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