Another Beach Holiday

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It was a sunny afternoon. I stepped into workplace just like any other day after the usual long and tedious meetings in the morning. We gathered for our weekly meeting and announcement made was that we are heading to the ever romantic island of sun and sea – Bali.

“Gosh. Another dreadful beach holidays with this gang of people again.” was the first thing that came to my mind. Starting a few months back, a few of my buddies began leaving the company and it was already agonizing enough to be spending working hours with the remaining people. Apart from a few remaining drinking pals, the only salvation being that there are still a couple of hot guys around.

Standing at 5’2 only shy of 120 pounds, slightly chubby, and some child-like features, I stand proud with some 34Cs, which usually makes guys ogle at me at the little times I wore body hugging dresses that accentuates my figure. I work in operations, which makes my usual go-to attire jeans and t-shirt.

Finally the fateful day comes by, I work up early and picked out some beach clothes for packing. Unlike my usual stuck in the mud wardrobe, I tend to be a bit more adventurous off-work and especially on holidays, particularly beach holidays. What better ways to show off the almost perfect body I have.

I picked an off shoulder top with the cutest denim shorts as my choice for boarding. On one hand, it keeps my decency in check, after all my bosses will be on the same flight as me, and on the other hand, just a preview to the cutesy side of what’s following. I also forgot to mention, the hottest fun-goer will only arrive tomorrow. So, I’ve decided to keep things simpler, for now.

The check-in was uneventful but the suites were really on another level. Being a manager definitely has its perks in the long run. I’ve got a villa with my buddy and my other drinking pals were on the adjacent villa with connecting pool, which is perfect. Almost everyone changed into their swim suit and jump straight into the pool, but not me. No wasted efforts to impress nobody. Instead, I’ve chose to relax at the veranda beside the pool, wondering how silly this group of people can get. Time went by in lightning speed and it was already evening. After dinner we all retreated to our villa, had a couple of drinks and off to bed we went.

The company has booked a cooking class for all of us as a form of team bonding. And man I was excited when I was grouped with my drinking buddy who is an extraordinary cook – Peter and the hottest guy at work who finally showed up. Let’s call him Paul. Paul happened to be a good cook as well. Let me break it down for you. I’ve got the 2 best cook in my team, I dare say before we compete I already knew we won.

I’ve put in extra efforts to pick a sheer white shirt with a sexy bralette which unquestionably is a head turner. I’ve also purposely left a few buttons at the top unbuttoned to guarantee anyone who wishes to have a view to get it with my petite frame. Throughout the competition, I’m pretty sure I’ve caught sufficient attentions of those I desired.

Let me clarify. I have no thoughts or whatsoever for things to proceed Alanya Escort Bayan any further than a tease. I just loved attentions and sometimes lustful glances on me. It felt like a game of tug of war, really, just to see who stand their grounds at the end of the day.

Back to the competition, Paul has always been the center of all attraction. He IS the attention, always having some tricks up his sleeves. And just as playful he usually is, he filled his tumbler with Vodka and had all of us in the same team downing mugs and mugs of Vodka without the realization of others. And there you get it, before the end of the competition, in broad daylight, we were already all as high as a bird.

Winning the competition got us barrels of whiskys and beer to go with our self-cooked dinner. After dinner, you guessed it, we had another round at the bar before we headed back to our villa. Paul checked-in to the empty villa just beside us with the connecting pool. High as I was, I changed into my bikini which emphasize my busty figure and jumped straight into the pool. We played stupid games and at then, I am pretty sure by now, all attention has shifted to me.

Night is always young with the right group of people. After a quick swim we decided to jump straight to the beach side bar for some night life. The 6 of us ride 3 scooters, we are in Bali after all, and off we go. The ambience was all in the right place, live bands, sea breeze, sky full of stars and alcohol.

Paul used to be my superior. Also because he is rich as hell and really one of the hottest guy around, he has no lack of female suitors. But he is also usually such a prick. Always thinking he has girls under his grasp. But not me. I have been the most stubborn and strong headed girl who goes all the way to work against him. Working under him has always been stressed and agonizing. Fun, yes, when not work related. But as the case goes, I’ve only interacted with him mostly at work.

So recently rumor has it that he has submitted a tender notice and that he is leaving because of me. I took over his position. I didn’t want any misunderstanding before he leaves, after all, we aren’t that close to start with. I haven’t had the courage to bring this up to him for the longest time ever. Under the influence of sufficient alcohol, I finally plucked the courage to speak to him. I pulled him aside.

We spoke for the longest time ever.

In the midst of all the explanations, I started tearing. Not the bawling kind of crying but just a silent tear drop. And he just pulled me in, put an arm around my shoulder, kissed my forehead and reassuring me time and again that, “it is okay.”

Me, being not used to affections from platonic male friends, felt a string tugged in my heart.

It must have been a really long time. Our friends started coming over telling us it was time to leave. Due to our unfinished conversation and a lot of drinks, I insisted in taking Paul’s scooter back to our villa. And it struck.


We crashed.

Luckily, it didn’t looked like anything major. Unluckily, we lost our tracks Alanya Escort with the rest and we have no assessment to our damage, yet. We continue riding back to the villa.

Paul couldn’t really walk and I wasn’t able to connect with the rest so I had to carry him back. I placed him down in his villa, in the veranda on a huge ass sun bed, and waited for the rest to be back. I tended to his wounds and mine. Gosh, his looks increasingly terrible the longer I look.

Finally the rest were back. Apparently they went back to look for us, and then went for supper. They helped tend to the both of us and we started chatting in the veranda discussing the details of the accident and one by one went back to their respective villa.

In the end, only Peter and I were still at Paul’s. I was feeling a little cold and I started snuggling up beside Paul on the sun bed while we continued the discussion, with the never depleted stock pile of alcohol in our villas. I was starting to feel sleepy and I started zoning in and out.

I was well aware that Peter and Paul were still talking. I was in between blabbering a little and dozing off. Then I feel it. Paul took my hand and placed it on his chest.

The extend of our body contact thus far was only always arms to shoulder and me riding his bike back at home. Nothing more than that. Of course, never my hand on his chests. I was starting to stir. He was staring at the ceiling whilst talking to Peter and I turned to face him. I can feel the adrenaline rush and my heart start to pump a little faster.

As chance and fate could bring, Peter stated that he is heading back to his villa, and I pretending to have fallen asleep, leaving us alone. We stayed laying on the sun bed a little longer, and it started becoming awkward.

“I should really get going too.” Picking myself up and started to wiggle out of the sun bed intending to get back to my own villa.

“Why don’t you stay here for the night? It’s a big bed after all. Then you don’t have to walk back all alone. I can’t walk you back and it’s really late now. Furthermore, I could need some assistance in the night.”

Thinking as innocently as I could, assuring myself that it could just be some hugging and spooning in the night, I agreed.

“He might really need some assistance in the night!” I persuaded myself.

We headed into the room and I lie on the side of the bed and he on the other end.

Awhile later, I felt him turned towards me and tugged at me, whispering,

“come over.”

Oh gosh. He can be so captivating when he whispers like that. No wonder all the girls are falling heads over heels for him. And now that he is indeed leaving the company, I have nothing against him really. I looked at him as I rolled over and felt my heart skipped a beat.

I feel myself getting warmer and wetter. “No, this can’t be happening.” I quickly turned around to have my back against him. “Oh gosh what is happening?”

He started to wrap his other arm around my waist and gently kneading my breasts against the thin fabric. I felt my world spinning. I don’t Escort Alanya know what to say as I let out a soft moan.

“I guess you liked it huh? Wearing all these sheer and low tops day and night, who are you trying to seduce.” He let his hands slide down as he whispered into my ears. And gradually got his hands in my panties, feeling the source of my damp patch. “Gosh, you are so wet.” He whispered as I let out another soft moan.

I pulled his hand out of my shorts and snapped “You must be drunk.”

“Yea maybe. If I am, does that mean I can put my hand back where it belonged?” He murmurs softly into my ears as he licked his fingers and slides his hands down my pants again. He used the other arm beneath my head to turn my head to face him and he kissed me passionately. Slowly but so passionately. I gave in to him. I couldn’t resist it anymore. I kissed him back. He climbed over me, maintaining our connection at our lips. And he slowly took off his top. It is not like I haven’t seen him topless before. But at such close proximity and knowing what comes next really got me all pumped up.

He worked to remove my top and bra in one swift motion, resuming our kiss and slowly trailing the kiss down my chest, working on one breast and hand on the other. Slowly kneading and planting kisses on them and gently sucking on them, one after another. I could only hug his head tightly and let out another soft moan. He slowly worked his way down further and pulled my shorts and panties off. He parted my legs gently and started kissing on my neatly shaved mould. I felt his tongue working expertly on my clit and it felt heavenly. He then slides his tongue into the opening as I let out a loud moan and he stopped suddenly.

He knelt upright and had a sort of urgency to remove his pants. I helped him clumsily and got his member sprang up right into my face. It must be the longest I’ve ever seen. I open my mouth and slowly took it into my mouth, slowly licking, tasting him. He held my head and made me do a slow bobbing motion. I moaned as I heard him moaned in sync. He took his member out and raised my legs. Slowly, agonizingly teasing me near my opening.

“Please” I begged.

And he continued teasing me. “What?” with a slight grin on his face.

“Please. I need you to enter me now. I can’t take it anymore” I pleaded.

“You mean you need this?” In one slick motion, he drive his member into my wet opening. We let out a loud moan together.

“Gosh, you are so wet”

“Man, it’s so deep”

He started his thrusting action in and out of me, occasionally changing the speed and depth of trust. And man, he is deep. Sensing the close to my orgasm, he started trusting really hard into me. Shoving his member balls deep into me. I moaned and he let out another grin on his face “Deep huh?”

He picked up his pace and I exploded. I couldn’t care less if the other villas could hear me but I screamed as I experienced the most explosive orgasm I’ve had in a while. He kept going and I could feel him near too. I could feel myself going tighter and it was only seconds he followed after me.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.” He cursed as he pumped me full of his seeds.

He turned over and laid naked and tired on his back and we both dozed off.

Near dawn, I woke up and quickly changed before heading back to my own villa before anyone suspects anything.

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