Another Day at the Office

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Leslie Randolph’s life was never very interesting or sexual. She was told she was beautiful with blonde hair and a very, very well developed chest. Her legs were endless and her eyes could see into the soul. However her life was still mainly about men. Leslie loved cock as much as the next woman but wasn’t very sure on how to get it. She had plenty of boyfriends, she was even married once. But she could never enjoy sex as much as she wanted to and she had no idea why. Leslie was on her way to her new job because her last one was a complete bust. Her customer tried to grope her, when she refused he contacted her manager and accused her of “unorderly conduct”. She was fired an hour later.

Now she was planning on being a secretary. She always thought the job was kind of cool, no matter how dorky her friends thought it was. Her good friend and ex, Colin Bradley pulled up in his SUV and honked the horn. Leslie came out wearing a pencil black shirt and a puffy white blouse that enhanced her natural curves.

“Mmm, Leslie, looking scrumptious as always.” Colin’s lips curled into a sexy smile. Colin and Leslie had agreed to have sex but not actually commit to one another. Leslie smiled.

“Not looking too bad yourself lover boy.” Colin smiled and leaned forward to kiss her. She pushed herself against him, feeling his readiness underneath his pants.

“We really shouldn’t do this now, but I don’t want to stop.” Colin grinned and reached under Leslie’s blouse and pinched her erect nipple. Leslie giggled in delight and stroked his cock lovingly. She unzipped his pants and realized he was wearing no underwear.

“You naughty boy.” She ran her hand up and down his ready member. He groaned in her mouth. They continued to share tongues until Colin grabbed her hand which was giving nothing but love to his rock hard cock.

“I want you inside of me, Colin, Again.” Leslie crawled in the back seat, pulling her down there with her.

“Good thing this car is big enough for the both of us.” Leslie pulled down her skirt revealing a wet and ready cunt. Colin couldn’t wait and thrust himself inside of her. She groaned in pleasure. He fucked her hard and fast. Only stopping when they reached their peak.

When Colin had finally dropped Leslie off, she was looking as beautiful as before. Before they had sex that is.

“Leslie Randolph?” A high, sexy, beautiful feminine voice, called out. Leslie was surprised that simply a voice would make her as horny as she was.


“Come in here.” The voice called again. Leslie nearly ran into the room and abruptly tripping at someone’s feet. She saw black pumps and escort bayan tan legs followed by a skirt suit. She saw breasts that seemed to bypass hers. She looked into the strong, sexy face of a tan-faced, blue eyed and brown haired lady.

“Jeez, are you okay, I can’t have my secretary tripping over everything.” The woman kept her face blank and emotionless.

“I’m sorry. Leslie Randolph, at your service.” Leslie heard something like, “I hope so.” From the beautiful female.

“Matilda Dowry. Please sit down.” Her voice was strained but still beautiful.

Matilda Dowry had never been one to get out of order that is until she met Leslie Randolph. She heard that people would be interviewed for her secretary so she thought it would be best if she interviewed them personally. When a blonde blur tripped at her feet she felt she might have gotten more than she bargained for. But when the girl looked up at her she felt the amazing urge to fuck her and lick her until she turned red. Pound her with Matilda’s finger until she came in her new boss’s hand.

Matilda was barely paying attention to the girl’s answers to her question just the way her breasts bounced when she laughed or her beautiful smile.

“You’re hired.” Matilda had known the answer when Leslie first walked in. The girl was so happy she hugged her new boss. Matilda was stunned for a moment before breathing in the young girls scent and skillfully running her hands up and down the girl’s buttocks, and pulling her closer. Leslie pulled away confusedly before laughing nervously. She stood up and left, but not before giving Matilda a kiss on the cheek.

“By the way you start tomorrow.”

(Authors note: LPOV (Leslie’s point of View. MPOV Matilda’s point of View)


After meeting with such I bomb shell I masturbated through out my car ride home. My tits were aching to be sucked and not by just anybody but by Leslie Randolph my new secretary who I was growing a huge lust for. Her blue eyes were literally inscribed in my memory, never to be forgotten.


Okay, so my boss groped my ass, big deal. Actually BIG DEAL MAJOR!! Though it felt kinda good, her small, dainty hands rubbing my well-formed ass, purposely. I found myself thinking how good it would to feel her rubbing other parts of my body as well. No Bad Leslie she probably doesn’t even think of you that way.

So Leslie and Matilda kept thinking that the other didn’t like them for 2 months. Until finally it was a late night at the office and Leslie was still at her desk and Matilda was mad at her for something.

“Leslie?” Leslie smiled at the voice she had learned izmit eve gelen escort to love so very much. But her boss’s walk was angry and she wondered what was wrong.

“Yes Mattie.” They had grown to be friends and Matilda allowed the nickname.

“Where are my files?”

“You mean the Goodman and Richman files?”

“Yes, idiot, which others were there?” Leslie flinched at her friends harsh tone, she had never been this angry. Her brown hair was over her shoulders and Leslie had a clear view of her boss’s lace bra.

“You don’t need to be angry.” Leslie felt her eyes start to water. She had started to like the woman a lot, even love her. But she felt betrayed now. She heard Matilda sigh and felt her chair being turned around.

“Leslie, I’m sorry, it’s just, well I’m really stressed out.” Matilda lifted the blonde girls head to meet her eyes. Matilda felt her nipples harden and her cunt start to cum at the blonde’s look. It was so innocent yet so sexy.

“It’s okay Mattie, I forgive you.” The girl swept her boss into a huge hug and once again Matilda found that her hands had minds of their own. It went to her employee’s behind and stroked her. Leslie smiled but made sure her boss didn’t know that Leslie was aware of her hands. She pulled the woman tighter against her and started stroking her back, lovingly.

Leslie than pushed herself so far into her boss that they both toppled over, Leslie on top. Her boss looked so innocent so vulnerable beneath the blonde’s blue gaze. Leslie couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Forgive me.” She whispered before lowering her pink lips to Matilda’s. Leslie’s passion soared when Mattie returned her kiss. Leslie met Mattie’s tongue head on and pulled the woman closer. Leslie’s hand slid toward her boss’s boobs. She massaged one in her hand, receiving a groan from her lover.

“More Leslie, more.” That’s all it took. Leslie took off her boss’s shirt and was rewarded with a big beautiful sight. Her tits were erect and ready for Leslie’s mouth. Leslie’s head bobbed up and down as she sucked Matilda’s nipples. When finally Mattie’s nipples were as red as cherries, Leslie discarded Matilda’s skirt and put her head between her lover’s legs and licked. Matilda held Leslie’s head in her cunt while she sucked on her clit and inserted her finger in and out.

“AAAHHH!!!” Matilda came a few minutes after and started to make out with Leslie before she fell asleep.


I woke up to feel a warm body next to me. It was Leslie. She was breathing softly with her hand on my breast. When we had fucked last night I almost told her izmit otele gelen escort I loved her but she was so ready to fuck me I didn’t get a chance. It felt so right to have her head between my legs and her mouth on mine. She tasted like strawberries and well it tasted good. I got up off the floor and picked up my clothes. I had a feeling that when she woke up she would be happy to see me gone. I mean she didn’t want anything but a one night stand right?


Mmmm last night was so wonderful; I never thought someone else’s pussy could taste so good. Matilda’s juices were like drink when I had pumped my finger in and out of her I felt myself begin to grow wet. I opened my eyes to see Matilda gone. Where was she? I got up and changed ready for a day at the office. Before I could stop myself I started to cry. Why would she leave me?

To Leslie and Matilda the day seemed long and hard. The two barely talked to one another. Both thinking the other didn’t want them. Once again the two were the last at the office. When Leslie walked past her bosses office she saw Matilda’s firm behind staring back at her. Finally her sexual instincts one over her mind. She rammed Matilda into the wall from behind. Her boss gasped on impact and lay there on the wall feeling Leslie grind into her.

“Why did you leave yesterday?” Leslie asked her voice husky with desire.

“I don’t know.” Matilda whispered. Leslie whipped her boss around and kissed her hard on the mouth.

“Don’t do it again.” Leslie growled. Matilda nodded.

“God do you know how much I want you right now?” Leslie asked. Her hand slid up to meet her boss’s erect nipple. Matilda gasped at the sudden pleasure. Matilda’s hands stroked Leslie’s mane of blonde hair and unbuttoned her blouse and soon her skirt was off too. She forced her clit into Leslie’s stomach hoping her employee could feel her wetness.

“Aaah, Matilda, tell me, Tell me what you want me to do to you.” Leslie ordered. Matilda nodded and tilted her head back.

“I want you to force your finger in my pussy until I cum then I want you to suck my juices until you can’t get enough. I want you to suck my nipples and bite them till they are red with passion. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard with your finger and lick me with your pink delicious tongue. Then I want to spend hours sucking your pussy until I can’t get enough.” Matilda decided to take the lead now and leapt on Leslie and started to attack her clothes furiously until they were completely off. She sucked and licked until Leslie reached her climax then she switched roles. Leslie licked Matilda’s juicy cunt until her juices formed a huge puddle around her boss’s bottom. Then they lay there as content as possible.

“I love you, Leslie.” Matilda said, hopefully. Leslie’s heart swelled at the words.

“I love you too, Matilda. I could stay here forever.”

“So could I.”

The End.

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