Another Visit to the Headmistress

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My story “A Visit to the Headmistress”, which appeared recently as a self-contained one-parter in the BDSM category, inspired this sequel for the Lesbian category, following a fan’s request.

I had read of Lee’s visit to the headmistress on the Literotica site in “A Visit to the Headmistress” and it had aroused me. I have such a huge fantasy about being dominated by a lovely headmistress and her head girl, but had always been wary of approaching anyone.

I’m an attractive, 28-year-old lady who works as a private secretary to an important mogul in the City. He’s very handsome, but I think he prefers boys. Which is just as well, as it means I don’t have to go fighting him off.

Having said that, I must admit there are times when I’ve noticed him eyeing my 36-25-37 body and looking down my cleavage when he’s dictating a letter sometimes. So perhaps he’s what the Americans call a “switch hitter”!

Anyway, I knew Lee had written of events that had happened five years ago, so I assumed it was a long shot that the headmistress was still in business, but I purchased a domination directory from an up-market sex shop. On the tube journey home, I thumbed through it when I was alone in the carriage, just before Osterley, the last stop on the Piccadilly line.

And, lo and behold, there it was! A picture of a bespectacled but attractive honey blonde, wearing a latex bustier and holding a cane, above the words “You’ve been naughty, haven’t you? Call the headmistress, and she will cure that naughtiness!”

I could hardly wait to get home to my flat and dial the number. Like Lee, I heard a recorded message: “Hello, this is the headmistress. Leave me a number and I may get back to you.”

With a trembling voice, I spoke after the beep: “Oh, hi headmistress, this is Kim. I’m sorry but I’m new to this and I was wondering whether …”

Suddenly the headmistress’s voice cut into my message. “Hello, Kim,” she said. “How can I help?”

I was suddenly terribly shy, all confidence gone. During the pause, the headmistress came back on. She was well spoken and had a slight north country accent.

“You’re new to this, you say, my dear Kim. Well, don’t be shy. Speak up and tell me what services you require. I’m broad-minded, I’ve heard them all before, so don’t think you’re going to shock me.”

I gulped, then ploughed in: “Well, first, headmistress, do you accept female clients?”

The headmistress chuckled, a throaty, sexy chuckle. “Of course I do, my dear, I’m an equal opportunity dominatrix! Now, who has referred you to me?”

I gave her Lee’s name, although, of course, I didn’t know him from Adam.

“Lee?” she said. “I’ve not seen him for, oh it must be four or five years.”

I laughed – I was getting more relaxed now. “Oh, Lee remembers you very well, headmistress,” I said, “and your assistant Raewyn.”

“Well, Raewyn, I’m sad to say, is no longer with me. She’s in business on her own in some awful place like Birmingham, or Wolverhampton, or somewhere equally dire.

“But I’m still in my apartments just off Berkeley Square, as Lee may not know as he’s not been here for a while, and I have a lovely new head girl – her name’s Tania, as in ‘tan your hide’  and she’s a lovely blonde, 38-26-37. Quite delicious, and only 22.

“I’m 45, and my measurements are rather more cuddly, I’m afraid, at 40-28-36. Does that sound like you?”

I was already stroking my pussy and I replied, with all honesty: “That sounds absolutely fantastic, headmistress.”

“Good,” she said. “Now, as Lee also probably told you, I don’t accept young clients. How old are you my dear?”

“I’m 28, headmistress,” I said.

“Perfect, not too young and just old enough to be moulded into a lovely little pupil,” she said, and I don’t think she was being smart.

“Now,” said the head, “what do you like?”

“Well,” I said, picking my words carefully, “I’ve never visited a lady like you, but I would like mild flagellation – nothing severe, mind you. And I love body worship and also – oh, this is so embarrassing.”

And the headmistress cut in: “You like water sports? Golden showers? Golden cocktails?”

I nodded, silly because the headmistress couldn’t see me, before realising I should speak. “Oh yes, headmistress, yes – both, I’d love to try both!”

“Right, well let’s see that I’ve got this right,” said the headmistress. “Mild fladge. Body adoration. Urine. Correct?”

“Correct,” I affirmed.

“Do you want a session with the head girl as well as the head?” she asked.

“Yes, please, both of you,” I answered.

“Great,” said the head. “Call me on Saturday morning when you have reached the Berkeley Square area, I’ll give you the address then, and we’ll give you an orgasm-inducing two hour session for a special rate, special because I like the sound of you. Just 300 pounds.”

I agreed immediately. As a single girl on an extremely good salary, 300 pounds was no sweat.

Friday dragged, the boss was in a filthy mood – I guessed canlı bahis he’d broken up with one of his boy friends – but Saturday morning finally dawned, after a night in which I had tossed and turned in anticipation of my first femdom encounter.

I donned sexy underwear, denim jeans, a smart T-shirt, a leather jacket, and high-heeled boots. My dark hair is cut in a short bob, but it shone beautifully, I thought.

I was in a fever of expectation on the Piccadilly line all the way to Green Park, clutching my over-the-shoulder bag tightly – after all, it had 300 pounds in it!

I called the headmistress from my mobile as I emerged into the sunlight at the Green Park station and she gave me directions to her address. Five minutes later, I was on the doorstep and being ushered into the lovely apartments by Tania.

“Come in Kim, and we’ll get you stripped off,” she smiled, taking me by the hand.

In the changing room, I stripped naked, feeling shy about disrobing before such an attractive younger woman, but when I was finally nude, Tania was very supportive. “Lovely figure,” she smiled, “and I see you shave down there.”

I blushed. “Yes, all but for that little landing strip,” I said, because I leave a slim two-inch wide little vertical thatch of dark pubic hair just above my clit and over my mons.

Tania, meanwhile, had also stripped off her shirt and slacks and pulled on a pair of lovely black leather boots, which gleamed on her legs all the way to half-way up her thighs. Her big breasts were lush globes, the nipples large and brownish. Her pussy was totally depilated, her labia lips thick and lickable.

“Let’s go into the classroom, darling,” she said, taking my trembling hand in hers and leading me into the next door room, which was set up like a classroom. “Sit at the school desk and be ready to stand when the headmistress enters,” she told me, then went to stand by the door on the far side of the room, opposite the door we had entered through.

Then the door swept open, Tania snapped “Stand for the headmistress!” and I stood up and gazed with admiration at the busty creature who had just entered.

The headmistress was wearing a red leather bustier, which supported her naked breasts, and ended across her hips. Her blonde-haired pussy was revealing even larger piss flaps than her head girl’s and, unlike Tania, she had allowed a light blonde thatch to remain on her mons. She wore blood red high heels and on her head was a jauntily-angled mortar board. She was also bespectacled.

“Good morning, Kim,” she said, coolly.

“Good morning, headmistress,” I replied in that old English school mantra.

Then, as I remained standing before her, acutely aware of her keen gaze at my nudity, the headmistress launched into a verbal attack which almost took my breath away!

In one hand she held a sheet of A4 paper, on which I could see a large number of printed lines. I later found it was a sheet of erotica from the Literotica website, but I didn’t know that at the time, of course.

“Tania here has given me a report on your pathetic attempts at your studies this week, Kim,” snapped the headmistress. “For starters your feeble dribbling which you call cunnilingus has been disgraceful. Tania tells me you approach it like a bull at a gate. I will NOT tolerate clumsy cunnilingus!”

The word “not” was almost screamed. “Sorry, headmistress, I’ll endeavour to improve, headmistress,” I mumbled.

“But as if that’s not enough,” the headmistress pressed on remorselessly, “your urine drinking has been described by Tania here as even more clumsy than your cunnilingus! And you had better be informed, missy, that something else I will not tolerate, is sloppy piss drinking!”

“I’m sorry, headmistress,” I said, lowering my head and looking down to the floor, “I’ll honestly try to do better.”

The headmistress walked closer to me, her perfume intoxicating. “You most certainly will – and not just with Tania, but with me as well, you wicked little student, you,” she hissed.

“Right, Tania, first I will punish this wicked young woman on the flogging frame, then she can perform revision for us at the duties she has so abysmally neglected all week. Get her prepared!”

“Certainly, madam,” said Tania, all business now as well, and taking me by the arm, she escorted me through a side door into what can only be described as a torture chamber. My heart was beating wildly as the lovely blonde led me to the metal flogging frame, which occupied pride of place in the centre of the room.

Tania placed my hands together and put them in the looped strap hanging from the top of the triangular flogging frame. Then she attached my ankles to the straps at the remaining two corners of the flagellation furniture. I felt my body stretched, not uncomfortably, but sensually. My nipples were erect and I knew my pussy was soaking wet!

The next thing I saw was Tania’s pretty little face appearing between my thighs, just inches from my sopping snatch.  She bahis siteleri was, apparently, lying on a sort of recliner, which was inclined so its feet were on the floor of the chamber, its head in the air by my pussy.

The headmistress then approached me carrying a sort of riding crop-cum-lash, tapping it menacingly against the palm of one hand. “I am now going to warm that lovely young bottom, Kim,” she announced, “but while I do you will pay strict attention to what Tania will be doing between your thighs.

“You will be paying strict attention because she is going to display to you the expertise that she will expect in return when you have to perform cunnilingus on her. If you do not live up to her expectations then I will have no option but to expel you – and you know how much that will disappoint your parents!”

I whispered: “Yes, headmistress, please don’t expel me headmistress – and please don’t tell my parents!” And then my body arched forward as I felt the lash crack home against my buttocks. As I thrust forward, I felt the ineffable sweetness of Tania’s mouth press itself on my minge. Then her tongue was licking at my lips and lapping at my juices.

The lash cracked home again, sending a warm glow through my bottom and I arched forward once more, delighting in the sweet slurping that Tania was employing on my pussy.

Then the headmistress warmed to her task, cracking single shots against one cheek, then the other, then insinuating the flap of the flogger so it cracked home on my poor anus. But soon the warmth of the whipping sent shivers of delight through me and after some five minutes, I quivered, then shuddered as I felt my orgasm starting its sensual swoop through my loins.

Then, to my utter dismay, Tania removed her mouth from my quim, leaving me quivering and sobbing. “Oh no, please let her finish headmistress,” I begged, “please!”

The headmistress walked back in front of me. “Sorry, Kim, but a good pupil would have deserved an orgasm. You have been naughty, so you deserve punishment. Anyway, it’s time I punished your pussy!”

She then stepped back a little and placed the lash tip gently onto my piss flaps. “Tongue ready, Tania?” she called, and to my surprise and delight I felt the head girl parting my arse cheeks and her tongue settling softly on my anus.

“Ready, headmistress,” I heard her response, and then the flogger flicked up against lubricated labia. I arched about, writhing from its contact, then again. As I did so, Tania’s tongue flickered at my arsehole, then delved forward to lap at my cunt, then back to my anus, and again to my cunt. This went on all the while the headmistress was flogging my labia lips and mons, sending shivers of excitement through me.

“Right,” said the headmistress, laying down her lash, “I think it’s time you showed us what you have learned. Tania, get her down and then take your place on the pussy chair.”

Tania freed me from my bonds and then took me by the hand while she walked to a large, red leather easy chair. Sitting in it, she displayed her feminine charms fully to my gaze by placing her thighs up on its arms. I was almost slobbering at the sight of her aroused minge!

“Now Kim, show us what you have learned,” ordered the headmistress, and I knelt before the 22-year-old’s pretty pussy. Her sex aroma was heady and, as I soon discovered, very tasty!

I licked and laved in what I hoped was in a sufficiently expert manner to excite the young woman, and soon she was gasping and panting until, after what I perceived to be only a few minutes, she groaned “Yes, Kim, that’s it, yes, yes, yes!”

After she had calmed from her climax, the headmistress took me gently by the shoulder and pulled me back to my feet. “I think that’s a pass mark, Kim,” she said, in a much softer, more pleasant voice. “But I need to be totally persuaded. Let’s get you on the bench!”

Tania now took me over to a metal bench, with black leather padding on the top. There was a foot wide narrow strip for me head to rest on, with a little padded black to make me comfortable.

Straps went over my shoulders and through my armpits to hold me down. Another strap crossed just beneath my breasts. Two more across my upper thighs pinned my middle to the bench, while two more went over my legs, just below the knees. Ankle straps completed my total immobility.

The headmistress then put her left foot into a stirrup dangling from the head of the bench, just off to the right side of my face. She then swung her other leg across me, equestrian style, and straddled my face, her beautifully proportioned pussy, with its thick labia lips just inches from my mouth. Her musky femina odora wafted down to my nostrils. I was hungry for her!

“Show me what you’ve learned, darling,” the headmistress whispered, and I detected a throaty timbre to her voice – she was turned on!

I licked at her lovely lips, tasting the salty sweet juice that was copious by its presence. As I did, I felt Tania’s mouth resume its bahis şirketleri glorious gamahuching of my minge. I decided I was in pupil paradise – I was eating the headmistress, the head girl was eating me!

The headmistress was the first to reach arousal point, because, I suspected, Tania was taking her time to bring me off. A grunting, groaning orgasm struck the 45-year-old and she yelled “A pass mark, a fucking pass mark, you lovely little bitch” when she reached the big orgasm and plunged down heavily on my sweating face as the flood hit her.

Then, to my great relief, Tania resumed her sweet sucking, licking and kissing and this time I was permitted to come on her lovely young face.

Now it was time, I realised as I came slowly back to earth, for the part that I had been unsure about. All my adult life I had fantasised about water sports, now, for the first time I was about to experience them. How would I cope? Would I be repelled? Would I adore it? For a moment I contemplated begging to be excused the final part of my punishment, but inside me a nagging “What will it be like?” question throbbed away in my brain. The question won out over the doubt.

The headmistress was looking down at me from her position, her feet still planted firmly in the stirrups, her lovely lips agleam in the torture chamber’s strip lighting.

“Now, darling,” she said, softly, gently, “it’s time for the golden nectar. Tell me, and be honest, have you ever done this before?”

I looked up at her mature, yet still very attractive features. “No, headmistress,” I whispered.

“This is entirely up to you, Kim,” she said. “This is all entirely consensual. If you want us to stop, you can walk away, no problems. Or you can enjoy an experience that I hope will thrill you. If you wish to continue, lick my quim. If you wish me to stop, kiss my quim!”

My mind, though, was made up. My tongue flickered out and licked her from her cunt to her clit.

The headmistress smiled down at me then, in a hushed voice that could hardly have been heard by Tania, still kissing and nibbling at my pussy, she said: “I’ll give you a small burst, first. Open wide, darling.”

She adjusted her pose slightly, bringing her quim closer to my mouth and I opened my mouth wide. “Not so wide, close it a little, it will be more comfortable, pet,” she said, and I followed her instructions.

Even though I was pinned down on the bench, even though my mouth was a mere inch or so from her labia, it was still a faint surprise when I saw the thick yellow stream spurt from her lips and aim directly down my throat. I swallowed, then gulped and just when I thought I was going to lose control, the headmistress halted her flow.

“Now lick me, darling,” she said. I did so, tasting the salty tang of her urine as I complied with her command. “Now prepare for some more.”

Again I opened my mouth and again she urinated, this time sending a slightly longer flow of piss down my throat. This time I gulped and swallowed with more expertise. Then it stopped, as she exercised consummate bladder control.

One more I cleaned her quim with my tongue, and then heard her speaking huskily, throatily: “Just one more splash, my angel.” And a final squirt, no more than two or three seconds, followed.

As she climbed out of the stirrups, I realised I was no longer a piss virgin! The taste wasn’t too bad, in fact, after the initial onslaught, I found it quite acceptable. I then realised that I wanted me. As if she had read my mind, Tania’s face appeared beside me, as the headmistress stepped away.

The young blonde’s mouth lowered itself onto mine and I tasted the musky minge juices that she had been smeared with during her licking at my pussy. “They say you can’t fly on one wing,” smiled the head girl. “Ready for the next drink?”

I kissed her again and smiled: “I’m still very thirsty, Tania.”

The lovely blonde climbed aboard and announced: “I know that madam is a superb bladder controller. I’m afraid I’m nowhere near as good. This will be one long, or one longish and one shortish stream. Think you can cope, Kim?”

I looked up at her hairless crotch and licked at its slippery smoothness. “I’ll try, Tania,” I said, and she placed her labias onto my mouth.

“Open wide, there’s a good girl,” she ordered, and then the blast struck. Far stronger, far yellower than the headmistress’s flow, I was gulping and gasping within seconds, as I tried to manage the Niagara that was falling from her pisser.

Then, at last, the flood stopped and the headmistress looked down at me. “That was too strong for a learner, Tania,” she said. “I think we should fit the funnel onto her.”

With that, the 45-year-old went to an equipment table and returned with a plastic funnel, with straps that went from the middle of its tube. These she arranged around my head, tying them behind me, until the funnel was ready to receive Tania’s next stream.

“Block the end of the tube, darling,” the headmistress instructed me, “first we’ll get Tania to complete her piddle.” I did as I was told.

Another strong stream of urine plumed from Tania’s pussy until her final drops made echoing sounds as they plopped onto the pool waiting in the funnel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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