Apple Cove Ch. 01

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The normal disclaimers apply, anyone having sex is 18 or older.

This is a three part story which begins as a first time and evolves into a romance.


Apple Cove CH1

I am the fourth of six children, the first was a boy, known to us others as *the Golden One* since he seems to do no wrong in our parent’s eyes, followed by two girls and then me. A four year interval ended when mother had another boy and then our baby sister. The oldest was the golden boy and the youngest was their *baby*, which left the rest of us in limbo. We were loved and shown love as much as parents of six can divide themselves, I held my own, but was not an academic genius or sports minded like the others, I sort of existed somewhere in the middle.

Therefore, when I was asked at the age of ten if I’d like to spend the summer with my Aunt Clara and Uncle Ted at their apple orchard in Wisconsin I didn’t hesitate to say yes. We lived in New England and were what I came to find out later in life as an upper middle class family, I don’t recall going without, but I also understood the concept of hand me downs. My mother was the hand me down queen, everything from dresses to underwear, it was all fair game if it was still in decent shape, the only girl who didn’t live this way was the very youngest, we older girls were simply too far apart from her in age.

Mother was originally from Wisconsin, had gone to college in Boston , met father, married and set up a home life in New England. Aunt Clara was mothers sister, at the age of 31 she was the youngest of three girls, though we’d only met her a half dozen times my sisters and I agreed she was the *cool* one. She wore makeup, nylons and strappy shoes that looked like they should be in a movie.

I found it interesting that my parents were so willing to send me off before my eleventh birthday at the end of June, which put me in a bit of a snit you might say. With my little suitcase packed I said my goodbyes, jumped in the car with golden boy and headed for the halfway point, Cincinnati, where we would meet Aunt Clara. After meeting Aunt Clara golden boy decided he was heading back home, Clara and I went for some supper, found a room for the night and hit the hay. I had apparently gone to sleep immediately because the next thing I remember was her dressed and ready to go standing at the side of my bed repeating my name.

“Claudette, wake up, Claudette, come on time to get up.”

Jeepers, I couldn’t recall the last time I’d been awakened so nicely, usually it was Fran or Sarah yelling *everybody up, let’s go*, and since we girls shared two rooms side by side there was no such thing as sleeping in. Tossing our bags in the truck we found a diner for breakfast and left for her place around eight, the landscape varied considerably from the upper New England area, I spent much of the first few hours looking out the window. Around ten o’clock Clara announced, “I gotta pee, how bout you squirt?”

How that name came to be I’ll never know, no one but she and Uncle Ted ever called me squirt. She grabbed another large coffee to go, I got a Snapple along with a candy bar and we hit the road, chit chatting a little here and there during the morning drive, it was after lunch she became more serious and focused in our conversation.

“So squirt, how do you feel about having your birthday with us? Will you miss your family?”

My answer surprised me, but not her. “Yeah, about as much as they’ll miss me.”

That never affected her, she went right into the next question. “Your sisters started their cycles around eleven, have you started yet?”

I was flush, my cheeks felt like they were on fire and I was fidgeting on the seat.

“No need to be embarrassed squirt, it’s just us girls, no guys around. I’m asking because if you haven’t, we should probably get a few things just in case you do. Better to be prepared, the closest store is almost ten miles from the farm.”

We pulled into the long drive just after four in the afternoon, the orchard lined the drive on both sides as well as up the hillsides, I’d only been there twice before and remembered very little, it was all new and exciting. As we turned the corner into the parking area I saw a small shop with a huge sign, *Vegetables, Fruit, and Fresh Baked Goods* getting out of the truck I could see people milling around inside. I tugged on Aunt Clara’s arm and pointed toward the little shop.

“We built it about four years ago, we sell what apples are still available, vegetables in season and there’s a small state inspected kitchen where I make baked goods. If you’re willing to help, I’ll put you to work, I think Uncle Ted has some things he’d like to hire you for as well.”

Did she say *hire*, my world got much brighter hearing her say that word. I had my own room and the hall bath was basically mine, Aunt Clara was doing laundry on a Monday and held up a pair of my hand me down ugly undies. With a frown on her face she spoke.

“Is your Ankara escort mom still making you wear your older sister’s underwear? I thought they were buying their own more modern stuff.”

I hung my head in embarrassment, “They do, but mom saved all their old stuff and I have to wear it, I hate them, all the girls laugh at me.”

“Tell you what, when I’m in town Friday I’m going to buy some different underwear, at least something with a little color.”

I was ecstatic, thinking to myself that by the time I went home after the summer I might be like the other girls at school. I worked with Aunt Clara in the kitchen and learned how to run the cash register. Uncle Ted had me helping with small things in the barn and would let me sit in front of him on the tractor seat, he took care of the footfeet and controls, I got to steer. When mid-August rolled around I was sad to go, Aunt Clara sent all the new underwear with me, she wasn’t sure how mother would accept the colors, she’d cross that bridge if mom had an issue with it.

It was my oldest sister Fran who met us halfway this time, golden boy was getting ready for college. Whoopee, who cared. I told her all about my summer, all the things I did to help and had earned over one hundred dollars of my own money. When we got home, mom was unpacking my case and wanted to know where my underwear was, I pointed to the different colored panties and she damned near flipped out. She was on the phone with Aunt Clara in a flash, I could hear her asking why she would let a little girl wear anything but white panties. I have no idea exactly what Clara said, but it shut mother up and the topic never arose again.

The following June I was on the way to the farm again, excited about spending the summer with Clara and Ted. Following a hello wave from Uncle Ted on the tractor I trudged down the hall to my room, on the top dresser drawer was a note, *look in the underwear drawer*, signed *Auntie*. I nearly jumped out of my skin, in front of me were a half dozen more pair of panties in assorted colors and patterns.

I squealed all the way to the kitchen thanking her profusely for the wonderful surprise, she smiled and told me to set the table. Over supper Ted told me he was going to start me cultivating the sweet corn at the end of the week, he had a 1947 Farmall B tractor he only used for cultivating corn. Friday morning after breakfast I was on the tractor driving around the barn yard getting the feel of things, from there he took me to the corn field where I rode the hitch as he made the first pass through the corn rows, at the end we switched places, me driving with him on the hitch. He had me turn around and begin the next pass back from the way we’d come, by the time I’d cultivated two more rows without ripping up the corn he was ready to jump off.

“Okay squirt, your on your own, there’s water in the tool box and some toilet paper if you need it. Just hide behind the rear wheel, nobody will see you way out here.”

At noon Aunt Clara came out with a light lunch and an insulated jug of fresh cold water, she told me to knock off about three, when the sun was just over the barn and come in. That would give me time to shower and wash away the days grime. I cultivated over twenty acres of sweet corn over the next week and loved every dirty, grimy, sweaty minute of it. Talking with mom one evening I let it slip that I’d been driving the tractor by myself, all I remember is her yelling, “Put your aunt on the phone young lady.”

After fifteen minutes of Clara calming mother and reassuring her all was okay, she handed the phone back to me, we talked another fifteen minutes before hanging up. With cultivating done I was helping Clara in the kitchen baking pies, fried apples and apple bread which never seemed to last even one day. Most days I was cheerful and raring to go, one morning my tummy was hurting badly and I was mopey.

It was Aunt Clara who saw me through my first period and by the end of July I was beginning to develop in other areas. Just before it was time to go back home Aunt Clara surprised me when she bought my first ever training bra the next time she was in town. I felt like I owned the world, I was now like most of the other girls in my class, at least I wouldn’t be wearing under shirts any longer. Mother did another back flip when I got home after that summer, she was on the phone instantly, only to say nothing more about it after her conversation with Clara.

Spending the summer with my aunt and uncle became a part of my existence, I looked forward to it, I helped with farm chores, tending the veggie stand and my most fun time … sweet corn. Ted and I would drive into town, the back loaded with corn and sell until it was all gone. Day after day we’d do that, I loved meeting the different folks who stopped. On the night of my arrival the year I turned seventeen we had a BBQ and big bonfire, neighbors had been invited, when Tobias Enderval walked across the driveway Escort ankara toward the bonfire my heart stopped. I was next to Clara who shook me a bit and whispered, “breathe.”

He was a handsome full bodied farm boy from across the valley, as Auntie gestured for him to come meet me I sensed he was a bit embarrassed. I extended my hand to shake his, he fidgeted a moment then extended his arm, I was expecting a strong hurtful grip, what I got was a strong sensitive grip with just enough pressure to embrace my hand in his. I had absolutely no idea what to say or do beyond the handshake. Thankfully Clara saved the day.

“Toby, this is the niece I’ve been telling you about, the one from out east. Her name is Claudette, I call her squirt, you might want to ask what she’d like to be called.”

Before he could speak I blurted out, “Claude, you can call me Claude.” I then turned a crimson red, thank God the sun was setting and my face was shadowed.

He smiled, “Claudette, I like that. A pretty name for a pretty girl.”

Clara went to socialize and mingle leaving Toby and I standing next to the fire talking. We roasted hot dogs over the open fire, drank pop and enjoyed more roasted marshmallows than we should have. He talked about how his mom died three years prior, his dad went into a deep depression for a month or so and decided to sell the herd, rent the land and get a job in the city at the brewery. He had just graduated high school and wasn’t sure what the future held. We seemed to be comfortable around each other, I liked that he was polite and respectful, not like so many of the boys back home.

Walking with Clara and Ted to the house after the last folks left, I was caught off guard by her statement.

“I think somebody was twitterpated tonight Ted, what do you think?”

“Definitely, never saw Toby look at a girl like that before. He was sure likin’ what he saw.”

I was confused. Twitterpated? What the heck was that? So, I ask.

Clara laughed, “Has it been that long since you’ve watched Bambi?”

My response made them stop in their tracks, “Oh, we weren’t allowed to see that, mom said it was too violent.”

Ted laughed and said, “Nonsense, it’s still early Clar, let’s watch it with her tonight.”

They were on the couch together, I was in the easy chair, when we got to the part where Thumper was *twitterpated* I had them stop the movie.

“Who was twitterpated at the bonfire?” I asked.

Ted looked astonished and confused, “Why, Toby of course. He couldn’t stop looking at you.”

That couldn’t be, my ears had to be playing tricks on me. I looked at Aunt Clara only to see a smile and nod of the head.

“Honey, he likes you …. A lot. Why do you find that so hard to grasp?”

“Aunt Clara, nobody likes me in that way. I wear glasses and I could stand to add a pound or two in certain areas, I’m nothing but a skinny runt, he can’t possibly think I’m attractive.”

Ted got my attention, “Claudette, my ears heard the same thing yours did, he said you have a pretty name, guys don’t just do that.”

Clara smiled, “Claudette, where does it say every guy likes the same thing? Besides, you’d better get used to the attention because he started working here as soon as school was done, you’ll see him almost every day while you’re with us.”

What a summer, Toby and I spent most or our spare time together when we weren’t working, along with a few sweet surprises when we were working. The first time he brought a picnic lunch I was cultivating corn, when I got to the end of the field near the pond there stood Toby with a smile on his face and a basket at his feet. He told me to wear my swimsuit under my jeans the next day and we’d swim in the pond, considering the pond was spring fed that water was cold by my standards.

I knew by mid-summer I knew I was falling for Toby, I asked Aunt Clara if I was too young to be in love.

“Do you like each other?” I nodded. “Has he kissed you?” I shook my head. “Well honey, you’re only seventeen, no need to rush into a romance just because others do. Maybe let him know you like him before you go home, see where it goes from there squirt, heck, we don’t even know for sure you’ll be back next year. Especially if you go to college after graduation.”

The tears flowed freely the day I had to leave, just before I got in the car I let him kiss me, my very first kiss from a boy, we vowed to stay in contact via Skype and text. When mother found out I had a pseudo boyfriend she nearly had a cardiac arrest, you’d have thought I’d killed someone the way she went on and on. I was too young, too inexperienced, what was I thinking? Had I let him *touch* me, her word not mine, she made liking a boy sound dirty.

I called Aunt Clara in tears, breaking down and telling her all mom had said. She told me to hang up and not answer the house phone. My brother answered it and yelled, “Mom, it’s Aunt Clara and she sounds pissed.” Ankara escort bayan How he got away with cussing in front of her I never could figure out. I heard a bunch of *hold on* and *wait a minute* and then *are you sure* before she settled down enough to talk with her sister. Mother didn’t bring it up again, but she made it clear she was upset with me for having called Clara.

The school year couldn’t seem to go fast enough, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life at eighteen and asked Aunt Clara if I could come live with them for a year until I figured things out. She and Ted were fine with the idea, it took her four or five calls with mom too finally drop the bombshell. I was prepared for a third world war, surprisingly mother took it in stride saying she thought it might be a good idea to be gone a while, to give me some time to figure out what I might want to do.

Dad had a seven year old F-150 pickup he never drove other than an occasional run to the hardware on a weekend. I on the other hand loved and drove that truck every chance I got. Mom said he bought it when he was going through his mid-life crisis, wanted a truck like all the other guys, only he always drove his Lexus. To my amazement they gave the truck to me as a graduation present, they’d had it gone through by the dealer and put new tires on to boot. Aunt Clara was going to fly in, we’d drive back together.

With Fran and Sara out of the house we girls each had a room to ourselves, there was still the extra bed in each room, but no one sleeping in them. Clara and I bunked in the same room while she was there, on the second night I heard her get out of bed and sit on the floor next to my bed.

She started the conversation. Not at all what I was expecting, “Claud are you on birth control of any type?”

“No, why do I need birth control?”

“Fair enough question. Honey, you’re 18, it’s a natural part of falling in love, and nothing says you’re going to have sex, but if you do don’t you want to make sure there isn’t an unwanted child? Every woman brings her greatest treasure to the man she loves, her virginity, and if we love them that much, we end up wanting to give our body to him. I’d rather you were prepared and didn’t have sex than unprepared and did. Am I making any sense to you?”

“You are, thank you. I’m going to have lots of questions over the next year, things I can’t ask mom.”

As she stood and walked to her bed I lay in the dark thinking I’d just had the mother/daughter talk I always craved ….. but it was with my aunt. I was now 18, it would be an exciting year, two weeks after my eighteenth birthday Clara and I hit the road headed west to Wisconsin. As we pulled into what I used to think was a long driveway I realized it was no more than one hundred yards, remembering it seemed much longer when I was ten. The apple trees were in full bloom, the bees were working the blossoms without end, part of the reason Aunt Clara sold some of the best honey around.

It was late evening when we arrived, Uncle Ted was in the drive waving at us, and behind him stood my heart throb, Toby. Flutters crashed through my chest, I didn’t wonder why in the least, I got the impression auntie had been reading my mind when we had *the talk*. Sliding out of the cab Ted gave me a hug then went to Clara, behind him was Toby, he softly reached for me, without a moments hesitation I lifted my lips to his, his kiss made my knees feel like Jello. If he’d have said *let’s go get naked* I wouldn’t have resisted one bit.

Walking hand in hand to the house I pondered my internal feelings, with my eighteenth behind me I found myself thinking something I’d never thought before. *I’m legal, if Toby and I were to make love we’d be two consenting adults*. On Monday Clatra took me to see Dr. Anders, a sweet older lady who started me on the pill immediately, told me which drug store to go to for the best rates and that I should wait at least three weeks before I had sex. Walking to the truck I mentioned to Clara that I had no plans to have sex anytime soon.

She smiled, held me in a side hug and spoke softly into my ear, “I watched the way you and Toby held onto each other and I saw your soaked panties in the laundry basket this morning, you may not be planning on any sex, but I get the distinct impression you will, sooner rather than later. If you do honey take your time, don’t rush things, let it happen naturally.”

Clara had a huge belated birthday bash for me at the orchard, all the neighbors I’d gotten to know through the years were present, the food was abundant, laughter filled the air well into the night. Toby and I necked a little at his truck as he was leaving, I was feeling rather amorous and made a risky move by pushing myself against him ever so slightly, he responded by holding me tighter. He was almost in a panic when he pushed us apart, “Goodnight, I need to go, love you.”

What had just happened? He said goodnight Love you, he’d never said he loved me before, I was on cloud nine and ask Clara what she thought about it.

“Honey, look at yourself in the mirror on the door. Your little girl features are gone, your hips have widened, you have a nicely shaped butt, and most of all you have boobs. Are you a B cup now?”

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