Archer’s Lane Case 01 Ch. 11

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The next night, the three women stood again at the edge of the bed, where the president’s spirit was slowly taking on form. Imogene’s presence made Eliza a little uncomfortable, but she understood that the agent wanted to make sure their endeavour was crowned with success and the fact that Eliza had already tasted her pussy calmed her a little and made the situation less awkward. Helplessly, she looked from the glowing silhouette on the bed to Kathleen. “And how am I doing this now?” she asked.

“Just go to him and play along,” the author replied in an encouraging voice.

“But he’s not really here,” the translator said doubtful. “He can’t really feel me. And I can’t either.”

Kathleen put her hand on the arm of her assistant and caressed her lovingly. “He’ll be there when he’ll let you into his reality,” she explained. “He’s caught up in his own story, and if you play it out with him, then you’ll become part of it, then you’ll become his reality and have the power to end it. Us others here,” she pointed at the maid and herself, “we’re just extras. Spectators. For him, we’re not there. For him, all that counts is what happened in that night, and you have the chance to lead him out of that. You, my love, are now the author of his fate.”

Eliza nodded and swallowed heavily. All of this didn’t make any sense, she thought. And then, it made much too much sense for such a crazy situation. Slowly she stripped off her gown and then stood all naked in the glow of candlelight at the edge of the bed.

“Are you the dove that’ll make my Jerry happy today?” the lips of the president formed.

“Yes, it’s me,” Eliza answered whispering and slowly climbed up on the bed. “My name’s Martha.”

“Martha,” the ghost replied. “What a nice name. Can you feel already how happy he is about that?”

Carefully, Casibom Eliza reached underneath the blanket and felt there, much to her own surprise, a resistance, as if something was slowly taking shape. Soon, she felt the outlines of two legs, and in between them a noticeable bulge. “Yes,” she whispered tenderly. “I can feel him already.”

The president smiled happily. “I hope he’s not too big for your virgin fig,” he replied. “As much as I long for her, I would want you to enjoy it as well.”

Eliza pressed her lips tight and spread her legs across the older man’s crotch, as he lay underneath her. “I might be a tight virgin,” she answered, “but I would enjoy getting drilled open by your Jerry, Mister President.” And with that, she reached between her legs, where she could now clearly feel the remarkable cock of the president, laying long and hard in her hand. She carefully led it to her labia, until its head pushed open her twat, and then sat down on it.

Oh God, she thought. Oh god, oh God, oh God. Oh God, was he big! She clenched her teeth and ignored the pain, while the thick cock pushed up into her, making her feel like her muff was torn apart. Helplessly, she looked over to Kathleen, who watched her with a concerned look, and finally bent over to her, taking her into her arms and kissing her lovingly. Her tongue entered Eliza’s mouth and played there with her own and the familiar taste and smell of her girlfriend made her forget about her inhibitions for a moment. The muscles of her pussy relaxed and suddenly a stabbing pain shot through her abdomen, which soon ebbed away again.

Wetness ran out of her, and made the long cock run all the more easily up into her and soon she felt how the man pushed inside her rhythmically, filling up her cunt ever more deeper and wider. Casibom Giriş She rode him, like a horse; a strong, determined horse, which pleasured her, as much as she would never have dreamt of in her wildest dreams. Sex was something incredibly grand, she decided, and held onto her girlfriend, not to get lost in the moment. That’s what she wanted, ever and ever again, from her. Only from her. Her body, her mind, her soul, and most specifically her cunt, belonged to this wonderful, redheaded erotic author, who helped her lose her virginity in the most wondrous way.

“Oh yes,” she suddenly heard the president say clearly. “You’ve got such a nice, tight, little…”

“… cunt,” Eliza continued, knowing the words already. “I’ve got a nice, tight cunt for your Jerry, and I’ll ride him until I’ve milked him all dry.” She didn’t even know where those words were coming from, she only let passion be her guide and enjoyed the feeling of being all filled for the first time in her life. If she was to be deflowered by a cock, then this was the best cock she could imagine, Eliza thought. Nice, hard, thick and long, and without any side effects.

Kathleen started to work on her fat, dangling tits, kneading them hard with both hands, while she continued to kiss and caress the translator. The touch of her girlfriend made Eliza even more randy and suddenly she desired nothing as much as getting to taste her twat. “Please,” she said panting. “May I lick you?”

The author grinned whimsically and pulled her gown over her head, then climbed onto the bed and stood in front of her girlfriend. With both hands, Kathleen held onto the curtains, while her crotch was directly in front her chubby assistant’s head. Without hesitation, Eliza buried her face in the red bush of her boss and started to lick out her Casibom Yeni Giriş fuck cave, until the twat juices were running down her chin.

She was so engrossed in the taste and smell of Kathleen’s pussy that she had forgotten all about Imogene, and only noticed her again when the maid began licking her butt hole with her whole tongue. Was there anything better, Eliza wondered, and quietly rejoiced. The strong cock dug into her virgin cunt, all the way to the most remote corners, her girlfriend gave her a mouth full of muff, and her ass was licked nice and wet by their shared playmate, and finally fucked with two of her fingers.

The young woman gasped and moaned into the hairy pussy of her boss, and continued to eagerly slurp up her juices, while the president underneath her groaned and gasped. She could feel his cock, as he already began to twitch and pulse inside of her, and then it shot up into her hole. Warm, sticky, copious sperm, filling her twat up to the brim, then ran thick and gooey out of her. My God, she thought, was there no end to it? Her cunt felt as if she had gotten pumped up with liquid, which now spurted out again with pressure. She bucked, and them climaxed dramatically, screaming her lust out into the world, while the cock slid out of her hole, making her gaping gash sputter with sperm.

When she had regained her senses, she felt Kathleen lick her pussy in between her legs, looking up at her satisfied. “Ectoplasm,” she said smacking and then slurped the last few drops out of Eliza’s pubes. For a moment, the young assistant enjoyed the warm, comforting feeling, and then looked around curiously. There was no trace of the president’s ghost, and Imogene stood by her side and smiled satisfied. Was that it? Were they successful?

The author finally crept up to her and took her in both arms, squeezing her warm, soft body against her own and holding her tightly wrapped for a while. Then, she kissed Eliza lovingly, and shared a little bit of ectoplasm with her, before smiling happily. “Mission accomplished,” she whispered.

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