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I’d been waiting all month for you to get here. The anticipation was so much, I almost couldn’t handle it. Yet, there I was standing in baggage claim waiting to see your broad shoulders and trademark hat. With the flow of people it was hard to see where you would be; and with that flow of people I dropped my purse. I looked up from gathering my scatted belongings and there you were, feet from me. It was if time slowed around us. You set your bag down and held out your hand to me. Oh how I love your hands. Big, rough strong, you could so easily break me just like you love me with those hands. It was a thrill for me. I stood and we were instantaneously attached to one another. I began crying and it was moments before you followed suit. I knew I’d missed you, but my heart just didn’t realize how much until it felt you again.

After you were settled in my room, and dinner was had we left for a walk. I wanted you to see the amazing view of the canyon. Plus, Malatya Escort I had ulterior motives.

We stood at the fence blocking the edge of the canyon, your arms around my shoulders with my hands in yours. I smiled my little smile at you and let go of your hands and pulled away. I walked down the gravel and I knew you’d follow me no matter ho much, or how little I’d said with that smile.

I worked my way to the baseball field and into the dug out that was completely dark. As I knew, you followed. A few questions fell from your lips, but they were stopped with a deep kiss. There was nothing but our lips touching, and suddenly it was if a dam had broken. You pressed me against the concrete wall and ripped my shirt open. I head the buttons spray against the floor in protest. The you growled with frustration when you met with my tank top. You pulled it down so that I was exposed. One of your hands held mine above my head, while the Malatya Escort Bayan other grabbed pulled and manipulated me so I was panting. I felt so good to be at your mercy, to be utterly helpless. Your mouth found my breast and I moaned my pleasure.

Your free hand worked under my skirt and into the lace underwear that drive you nuts. And with little warning you plunged your fingers into me. I nearly screamed with sensation. I need you so badly. You moved your fingers in and out of me, a mere shadow of what I knew you could really do. I felt the tightening of my belly with the thought and I knew I was close. So damn close. Then you did two things at once, bit my neck it that oh-so sensitive area, and pressed on that place in me. I was gone. I bit my palm to keep quite as I rode the wave.

You still slowly fingered me, until my orgasm had passed. I dropped to my knees in front of you. In a matter of moments your belt and Escort Malatya jeans were on the ground. I just ran my cheek along you, like a cat would beg for attention. I took in the smell that was all you, that gave me goosebumps and made me want you. My tongue flicked across the head while my hand went to the base. I slid you into my mouth, sucking, massaging and licking. I head you groan and your grabbed my head and started to thrust into my mouth. You knew how much that turned me on, and oh God did it. I ran my tongue all over you and I hit a sensitive spot because you shivered and said “Oh, God.”

I was suddenly standing and bent over. I placed my hands on the bench in front of me to steady myself as you nearly tore my panties off. You raised my skirt, spread my legs and entered me with a deep thrust. I moaned, oh did you feel so good. Soon we were both panting and moaning. You grabbed my breast and that undid me. I felt myself begin to loose control and you were right there with me.

We began to pull our clothes back on, and I sat down. The shaking in my body too much. I looked up at you with a goofy little smile. And you gave me a look that was all male, that said you knew what you did to me, and we both liked it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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