Arthur and Dad Ch. 3

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Ch. 1: Still Playing

After our last bout, dad and I were pretty tired out. The lovely Sammi and my mom had cleaned us and each other off, and were now engaged in a little girl play. Dad and hung back and watched. The girls were at the bottom of the bed in a 69, and we were pulling our pud.

Dad remarked that I was pretty lucky to have found someone like Sammi. Besides being a looker, she was hot and horny to boot. He really appreciated me sharing her with them. I just smiled, thinking about the last two days. I still couldn’t believe it. I could barely get my girlfriend to give me head. We had had sex exactly 8 times in 5 months. She was hot when in bed, but it took too much to get her there.

Now I had cum twice with the strange guy, twice with my parents last night, once this morning with them, once on my own, once with my dick in Sammi’s mouth, and now again in my moms pussy. 8 times in less than 48 hours. And to judge by my growing member, another was to cum.

My reverie was broken when my dad reached for my cock. His was beginning to grow, too. I reached over for his and we began to masturbate each other. I was lost in the feeling of my growing erection when I heard a loud smack and a squeal. Mom had slapped Sammi, and she seemed to have delighted in it. Another smack. Another squeal. Hey, I wanted in on this. I let go of dad and got up behind Sammi. Her ass was red where mom had popped her. The other cheek was still white. Not for long. I gave her a quick swat. I loved hearing her squeal. They were in a 69 with fingers in different holes. What a sight. I hit her again a little harder. My hand stung a bit. Sammi was moaning now. I popped the other cheek then again on that one. I began to alternate. My hand began to sting in earnest. Sammi was crying out, but not for me to stop, so I didn’t. I began to vary the timing of the slaps and where I slapped her. She began to cum. My mother was getting drenched, but lapping it up as best she could.

Dad was at the other end by Sammi’s face and between moms legs. He hauled mom up and stuck his dick at her ass. Sammi went back to licking and chewing on her clit. Dad finally got inside moms ass, you could tell by moms moaning and encouragement. Dad was easily pounding and Sammi was eating her and soon mom was making her pleasure known to the world, I thought. After the women had composed themselves, dad and I were ready for serious business. Dad announced that we would honor Sammi’s request to plug both her holes. He pulled his meat out of my mom asshole, and then held it in front of Sammi for her to lick it. I couldn’t decide whether to be excited or revolted. She licked and sucked his ass-reamer and I regained Casibom my composure and hollered out that her ass was mine!

Dad laid down, and began massaging his pole. Sammi happily straddled his hips. She kept her pussy just lightly touching the tip of his dick as he kept up his handjob. Sammi was pinching her nipples and keeping just a light touch of her clit and pussy on his cockhead. Dad began leaking precum and finally Sammi began to lower herself putting the cockhead in her wet snatch, and then moving in circles, then lifting back up. Finally she sat down and let dads thick dick slid up her twat. She humped back and forth over him for a minute and then bent over to kiss him. There was that sweet ass bud of hers that had had my fingers in it, but was now gonna receive my 7 1/2 thick inches. I had no doubt she could take it.

Mom got the lube and smeared some on her asshole. I loved watching it contract as the cold lube hit it. My dick jumped at the sight. Next mom put some on her hand and began to masturbate me, till my dick was slick with it. It was time to have my fantasy. I put the head of my cock at the entrance to her shithole, and just teased her with it making lazy circles. She started pleading for me to put it in. I told her she had to beg. She did. “Oh please Arthur put your big dick in my tight ass, please Arthur I need you inside me.” My dad fucked up at her and she gasped. “Fuck my ass please, use my butt to make your big dick happy. Please Arthur, fuck me like a whore.” I asked her if she was worthy of my magnificent tool and she said yes. I slapped that butt hard. She jumped and wiggled her pussy on my dad. I slapped her again and she told me she wasn’t worthy, but she needed me so bad. Well, I of the magnificent dick, decided it was time to feel her butt wrapped around my rod. I put my tip at her sweet bud and pushed. I slapped her ass again and told her to relax. I pushed again and felt my cockhead enveloped by her tight ass ring. I sat there a moment and savored the feeling. Dad fucked up in her again and she was fucking back on him, trying to get more in of me inside her, too. I decided I liked this feeling of being dominant and I was gonna fuck her ass good.

I plunged my body forward and sank in about 3 inches. She howled and I slapped her ass again. I could feel her ass contract around me when I did that. I pulled back out with just my head in and shoved forward again. Hard. She screamed and I had all but one inch in. I backed out again and shoved forward completely burying my dick up her ass. I just held there and my dad started moving up in her pussy. I realized I could feel him rubbing my dick thru her too. What a feeling. I Casibom Giriş pulled back and began to rock in and out of her tight butt. Dad and I set up a rhythm between us and Sammi was loving it. She was crying out and fucking back at us, keeping up a stream of dirty talk. I had forgotten about mom. Well she had been busy. I felt her reach under me and start massaging my balls as I worked in and out of Sammi’s asshole. I was in heaven. Dads cock rubbing mine, my dick up ass and my balls being fondled. But there was more. I felt a coldness on my own asshole. Mom then stuck her finger up. It was great.

Fucking into Sammi’s shittube, and fucking back on her finger. She then worked to insert another one. I was still a sec as she got both in, then started fucking with renewed vigor. My ass was singing, my cock was thrusting and my balls were still getting attention from my mom. Mom took her fingers out and I felt the cold wet again. She rubbed it around and then I felt more pressing at my ass hole. No finger this time. Something big was trying to get in. Mom pushed the thing up tight against me and as I fucked out of Sammi it tried to stretch my ass and get in. I wanted it in. I knew it would probably hurt, but I wanted it in. I shoved deep into Sammi and stayed there. I laid against her back hoping my hole was wide open for whatever mom was shoving in.

There it was at my hole again. I tried to relax and let it in. Man it was big feeling. Ahhhhgghh… it was in. God the feeling. Now back a bit and she was pushing back up in me. A coupla inches I thought. She just sat there gently fucking me in and out for a minute. My dad started to move up in Sammi’s cunt again and the feel of him sliding against my dick with this thing sliding up in my guts was awesome. I began to slowly fuck in and out of Sammi now and mom kept up a good rhythm with the intruder in my butt. I was getting close now. I needed to get release. I began to plow in her ass again, and mom let loose with the thing. Shoving it hard up my butt every time I thrust out of Sammi and then just as I went forward buried to the hilt, that thing would be slammed to the hilt in me.

We fucked that way about 5 minutes and I heard dad start to grunt and tell the bitch he was gonna cream her cunt. Sammi was howling how great my cock was how big dads was and what a slut she was. My ass was getting a workout and my dick was thickening and getting ready to blow. Mom was still working my balls and she felt them contract, and shoved that thing as hard and deep as she could get it. Her hand was across my butt cheeks as she held it in and I pumped 4 more times and began to shoot my fucking sperm up Sammi’s ass. Sammi Casibom Güncel Giriş howled as she felt my seed up her gut and she began to cum. I kept shooting as she contracted around me and my father was moaning some more as her pussy worked his dick. Sammi fell forward and I fell further on her.

My mom took my shoulders and pulled me back. She kept pulling till I was laying on my back, my legs tangled with dad and Sammi’s. She rolled Sammi off of us and kissed her as she just fell limp as a rag doll. Mom scooted Dad forward until our butts were touching and then proceeded to put our dicks together and her mouth over our soft cum soaked dicks. She licked and sucked and cleaned us off. Then she parted our dicks and went for our balls. She licked at us for a good 7 or 8 minutes. Sammi had recovered meanwhile and had taken the thing that had been up my butt (a big ole dildo) and strapped it on. She knelt behind mom and slid it up moms soaking pussy. Dad and I just stared as Sammi began to fuck my mom. She fucked hard. Pulling way back and slamming into her to the hilt. Mom pretty much kept our limp dicks in her mouth, and reached under her to frig her clit. Dad and I each reached for a tit. I pinched moms nipples hard. I decided I wanted to suck on my mom.

I slid out of her mouth and under her hangin tit. Dad had done the same. Mom hollered and I found out later that Sammi had stuck her thumb up moms ass and was fucking that, too. I began to suckle on my moms tit. Full circle. Sucking her tits again, and being in her pussy. I kept sucking and biting mom. She was on all fours bucking and rocking and spewing obscenities and talk. I bit down pretty hard, enjoying the feel of her nipple between my teeth, and I rubbed my tongue against it hard. Sammi was pounding away making it hard to get a grip and keep it. And then mom started to cum. She was slamming back at Sammi screaming fuck me fuck me and then we felt her shudder as she began to cum and cum.

Well that was it pretty much for all of us. Sammi and I got up and headed for the shower. It was wonderful soaping up and sliding over each other. Sammi got down and started giving me head, but my guy was out for the count. We made the bed, went down the hall peeped in to say goodnight to Naomi and George and headed for bed ourselves. While cuddled up my limp but happy dick, in the crack of her now fucked by me ass, she told me she knew it was my folks and that it was cool with her. Her dad had fucked her when she was young and she had enjoyed it even though she wasn’t supposed to. So she understood.

As for me I thanked the powers above for such a great 2 days, and hoped that there would be more to come in the coming weeks. I couldn’t imagine getting it up for days, now, but I am sure Sammi would prove me wrong. At least I hoped she would.

Stay tuned for the next stories – Partying with the Parents. Brother and girlfriend join this family fuckfest.

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