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Here I am sitting alone on the banks of the mighty Mississippi contemplating diving in and ending my miserable life.

At the tender age of twenty-two years old, I had fallen from being on top of the world to being at the bottom, with no hope in sight.

I was born the son of wealthy parents, with my father being the head of a fortune 500 Company, and my mother being a former beauty queen. Some say I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

After an idyllic childhood and attending the finest prep schools, it was off to Yale University. At Yale, I was introduced to cocksucking and had become a flaming homosexual. Along with sucking cock, I was also introduced to anal sex, which I dearly loved. At the tender age of nineteen, I was a cocksucker and bottom.

I could not get enough cock and cum. I was hooked on cum like a junkie is hooked on heroin. Soon I was very popular in the dorms, as even the straight guys searched me out to suck their cocks.

I found the love of my life and we became roommates. Like me, he came from a privileged background. He was a total top and I was a total bottom. A perfect match were Casey and Arthur, with me being Arthur. We would fuck and suck the days away until it was affecting our schoolwork. When my grades began to fall, the Dean contacted my Father, who was a Yale University benefactor. My Father summoned me home to St Louis for an accounting.

In his study, my Father demanded an explanation of my poor performance at school. I tried several different explanations, but none were acceptable. My Father had been a top scholar at Yale, and therefore, the same was expected of me.

I promised my Father that things would get better. “They damn well better,” he bellowed. I was told that if things did canlı bahis not get better, and soon, I would be cut off from all financial support.

Returning to school, I enter my dorm room only to find Casey fucking a complete stranger. What a shock that was because I thought we were so in love, and I was all he wanted. Yet, was perversely turned on by watching Casey fuck him. I could feel my cock hardening. And without thinking, I removed my cock and began stroking.

Casey saw me and motioned me over, and said, “Face fuck him Arthur.” I placed my cock at the stranger’s lips. And slowly inserted my cock. I begin fucking in and out until I was in sync with Casey. Damn his hot mouth felt, so good.

In no time I was feeling cum boiling up from my balls about to explode into the stranger’s mouth. I heard Casey begin to moan a sound I was very familiar with and then it happened, we both unloaded simultaneously into the stranger. This was, by far my best orgasm ever.

As I began to come down from my high, I heard Casey say, “Arthur meet Frankie.”

“Hello,” said Frankie and I responded in kind. From that day on Casey, Frankie and Arthur became a trio. Casey would fuck us both and Frankie and I would take turns sucking each other, and occasionally we would both suck Casey.

Although I was madly in love with Casey, I learned to accept Frankie into our relationship. The fact that he was an awesome cocksucker made it easier.

We would end up spending entire days fucking and sucking and I was not keeping my promise to my Father. Some how Casey and Frankie managed to keep their grades acceptable, but mine continued to slide.

I was called into the Dean’s office and told my grades were no longer acceptable to remain enrolled at Yale and that bahis siteleri my Father had been notified that I was being kicked out of the University.

I was summarily called home to St Louis where my Father was waiting. He called me all kind of names including a family disgrace. He also informed me I was cut off all financial assistance. There was no tolerance for failure. Nothing I could say would suffice.

I was stuck in St Louis far from New Haven and Casey and Frankie. I was heartbroken. And I was horny as hell for cock. What to do?

I had no money of my own and started visiting Adult Book Stores in the seedy sections of St Louis. There I found lots of cocks to suck and men willing to fuck me. Soon I was a regular cum dump for lots of older men who enjoy fucking young men in both the face and ass.

I started letting my appearance go, as my grooming was not being maintained. I stopped bathing and often smelled of dry cum. Guys not only came in me, but many like cumming on me. They came on my face, in my hair, and all over my body.

One day my Father came in my room and found me lying naked on my bed smelling of dried cum. “Arthur,” he bellowed, “Get out of this house! You fucking faggot, you are no longer my son. Get out now!”

I pulled on a tee shirt and jeans and somehow I ended up here on the banks of the Mississippi.

Sitting there I was contemplating ending my miserable life, as I had nothing to live for. I was disowned by my family and had lost my true love.

A passerby spied me sitting there and must have taken pity on me. He approached and asked if I was okay. I replied, “No I’m not, I have nothing to live for.”

“Everyone has something to live for,” he responded. I don’t know why, but I began spilling out bahis şirketleri my story to this complete stranger, and he listened patiently. He put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me to him. He held me in his embrace and softly stroked my head as I sobbed.

After telling him my story and that I had no where to go, he said, “You can come home with me, if you like.” How could I refuse his kind offer, and I said, “Thank you sir.”

I was shocked when he took me to his apartment in a building with a doorman. After entering his apartment, he said, I think you could use a shower bath. He ushered me into a large bathroom, off the master bedroom, and said remove your clothes and climb in the shower. Doing as he said, I was feeling the affects of the hot water shooting down on me when I felt him begin to bathe me. I turned and saw him next to me and for the first time realized he was an older very distinguished looking man.

As his hands moved over my body while bathing me, I felt familiar stirrings of lust and reached for his cock. I found his cock and it was not only hard but also huge.

Looking down I saw a magnificent 8″ cut cock with a big mushroom head. With out thinking I dropped to my knees and took it into my mouth and began sucking. Hearing him moan only spurred me on till I felt the cock throbbing in my mouth and then felt a huge blast of cum hitting the back of my throat. I savored his cum momentarily and then swallowed it all.

“Arthur I know who you are and I know your father. You have nothing to worry about, I’m going to take care of you,” he said. “But first I want to fuck you, do you think you could suck me hard again?”

Was he kidding, of course I would suck him hard again, and fuck me he did, he fucked me better than I had ever been fucked before. Damn I loved his big cock.

I was no longer despondent and suicidal, I had found a new love, and the fact he hated my father did not make me unhappy, and truly happy I was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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