Ashley Alpha Phi Ch. 01

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“Ugh! That’s so unfair!” I exclaimed and took another sip of Diet Coke, “how can they keep piling on to you? You just got back!”

“Right!? You would think they would give me at least a little bit of time to get my feet back under me.” Katelyn picked up her box of fries and popped two into her mouth. “And on top of that they’ve started me back at the gym for swimming. Like I get that we want to compete but it’s just a lot.”

“Especially if they’re not paying your tuition.” It had never made sense to me why Katie had decided to join the swim team. If she hadn’t, she could have rushed with me and we would be able to see each other all the time instead of just sporadically. She was just like that though. She’d get something in her mind and then nothing could stop her.

“I mean yeah. It’s a lot. I haven’t even seen Cody since he gave me a ride home two weeks ago!” She looked away with a pout and took a thoughtful sip of her drink.

“Now there’s something I don’t get! How do you do it?”

“Well we text at least every day. It isn’t like we’re out of contact. We’ve been together a while. He understands that this is a weird situation and that I just need to buckle down.”

“Oh I know he’s the sweetest guy… but Katie…” I leaned in slightly, “he’s still just a guy. Guys need their nuts drained periodically or all that cum seeps out into their bloodstream and poisons their brains.”

Katie laughed. I was on fire. “You can’t argue it. It’s science.”

“You don’t think I know? He gets all weird and needy if we don’t fuck at least every couple of days. It’s no secret. But he understands. Or at least he tells me he understands and that’s enough to get us through to the end of the semester. And it’s only a few more days anyway.” Katie sat back in the booth and popped another fry in her mouth to punctuate her point.

“It just doesn’t seem fair to either of you Katie. You deserve to have fun in college too.”

She seemed to turn this over in her mind a little bit and absentmindedly munched a fry. Things had been so different since high school. We barely saw each other anymore but we still made it a point to get together at least once a month. We’d always just pick up where we left off. I’d regale her with tales of all the fun she could be having had she rushed, and she’d tell me about all the fun she was having in math and all of her plans to do something big with her life. Last time we got together she was just starting to come down with a cough and we had to cut our walk through campus short. This time, it was McDonalds and fries rebelling against her nutritionist for swim.

And it isn’t like I didn’t get that I was there to learn or whatever. I got good grades. It’s just Sophomore comms didn’t have the most challenging class load. I’d get out of here with a degree, and I would have plenty of time to figure out what I wanted to do with it later.

“I have fun!” Katie finally protested. She sat up in her chair and continued very matter-of-factly: “it’s just some of that fun had to be on my own.” Color began running up her neck and into her cheeks. We swapped stories about dick all the time, but we hadn’t discussed pleasing ourselves since our sleepovers back in high school where we compared notes and got off while the other explained their techniques. I guess there was that time I held her hand when she got her piercing and then heard all the stories about how she figured out how to ride the seam of her jeans. It sounded like a neat party trick, but needles down there weren’t really my jam.

“Oh my god Katie! You’re such a slut!” I teased while laughing. Her face turned a brighter shade of red and she turned her head away from me.

This was setting off my Ashley sense. Something must of happened and I had crossed the line. This was not her usual reaction to being called a slut. I mean, she took pride in her sluttiness. We got quiet and she sat with her hand on her chin looking out of the window. Her eyes wouldn’t meet mine.

“Katie… I’m really sorry. Do you want to talk about it?”

“It’s… it’s actually not a big deal.” She stopped looking out of the window and looked down at her lap. “I guess I just haven’t really had time to process it yet.”

I was ready to go to war. I could call up the Fiji guys and they could beat the shit out of whoever made her feel like this. They owed me. I must have been visibly fuming, because Katie stopped me.

“No no. It’s nothing like that. I just…” she trailed off for a couple of seconds, glanced around the restaurant and then back at me with a slight smile. “I got caught a couple of days ago and it’s left me a little on edge.” Her voice was thick with some emotion. It was somewhere between amusement and shame.

“Like on purpose? Why is that any big deal? You love getting caught.” My hand went to my mouth and my eyes got wide. “This is one of those ‘Cody can’t know’ moments isn’t it!?”

“No. I’ll tell him. Eventually. Soon. I just have to find the right time. The right way.”

“Why tokat seks hikayeleri are you being so cagey about this? What happened?”

Katie seemed to struggle with this. She strategically ate a fry, took a sip of Diet Coke and put her hands in her lap. She was fiddling with her fingers while staring at them.

“It was Emily that caught me.” Her face and ears were bright red. Coupled with her ponytail and her white hoodie sweater she looked like she had a little too much fun on the slopes without sunscreen.

I burst out laughing. “Katie! We used to get off together all the time!” I realized I was maybe being a bit loud for the venue and lowered my voice but attempted to keep the mood light by maintaining an incredulous tone. “Are you telling me you’ve never been caught by your room mate before?”

“This was different.” I could tell she was feeling pretty embarrassed by the whole situation. Emily probably made it weird. She could be such a prude.

“Katie, you and I used to masturbate together.” I reiterated “like, openly.” But she wasn’t reacting like the sexually liberated Katie I knew. “Maybe it’s different in the dorms because you don’t really choose your room mates and you aren’t as close, but I’ve accidentally walked in on Kim before. A few times even. She’s walked in on me, too. We all flick the bean.” I was trying to read Katie’s face. I think she was feeling a little bit better. Her body language was opening up a bit. All I wanted was to make my bestie feel better.

“Sure it was a little awkward the first time but…” I hadn’t told anyone this but maybe it would help her shame. “A couple weeks ago I got back from the shower and Kim was laying in bed and definitely getting off under the covers.”

This seemed to pique Katie’s interest. “How did you know?”

“I mean, it wasn’t like she could hide it that easily. Her knees snapped shut when I opened the door but her vibrator is super loud and she didn’t shut it off in time.” Katie giggled at this. She was coming back out of her shell. “She was a little embarrassed, sure. But a few seconds later she told me she was actually pretty close and asked me if I minded if she just finished.”

“Did she?”

“Yeah, I didn’t care. I just told her ‘go for it’ and she did. It was kinda hot anyway. It didn’t take her long and she helped me do my hair afterwards.”

“Just like old times, Ash!” Katie was laughing now, no doubt remembering all the various sleepovers we had back in high school.

“Yeah, I guess so!” I wonder sometimes if I’m just a bad influence or if other girls regularly get into similar situations. I was pretty sure I wasn’t a lesbian. I loved dick and the muscly creeps they were attached to far too much.

“This was a little different though.” Katie’s mood was a bit more relaxed. She was laughing a bit and no longer on pins and needles.

“Ooh. Do share. What did that weirdo Emily do? Did she ask to watch or something?”

“No. What sort of creep would do that?” She shot me a mischievous grin. It was a fair point. I had been known to cross the line in the past a time or two. “She didn’t walk in on me. I walked in on her.”

“I knew it! She must have been perving out something fierce.” I scooted to the edge of the booth. I needed to know. I felt the cool breeze of the fan hit me just right and my nipples tightened. Maybe I was the instigator after all. Well whatever. I still wanted to know. “What was she doing that was made it so weird? Was it weird porn or something? Cmon, dish.”

“No. She wasn’t masturbating.” Embarrassment crept back onto her face. “I was. I walked in on her while I was masturbating.”

I laughed in spite of how serious Katie was trying to be. She could be such a handful. “Damn Katie! You must have been wound up!”

Her face was beet red. “Yeah you could say that. I didn’t even realize she was in the room.”

“What the fuck? No way!”

“Yeah. I walked in rubbing myself. My hand was like, blatantly down my pants. I came pretty fast so it wasn’t like I was doing it forever. It wasn’t until I was straightening myself out that I saw her staring at me slack jawed.”

“Ugh. She couldn’t have cleared her throat or something? What a weirdo.”

“Oh Ash… I appreciate the support but she was actually surprisingly understanding. I was definitely the weirdo in this case.” She pursed her lips in an attempt to hold back a smile.

Maybe she was just looking for sympathy, but my curiosity got the better of me. “Well I get why you’re embarrassed. That sounds like a pretty intense situation… But what had you so turned on?”

Katie took a sip of her Diet Coke and pursed her lips, shaking her head. She had no intention of telling me any time soon.

“Oh come on!” I pleaded. “I tell you shit all the time! I even shared those pictures with you from the Fiji party.” They had been good pictures too. I got two guys to actually compare dick sizes. I thought that was something we just teased them about. But I got them hard, and then got them to stand hip to hip while I took a picture.

“I don’t know Ash. This one is pretty personal.”

“Katie… we used to share everything.” I really emphasized everything. “There is nothing you could tell me that I would judge you for.”

She stared at me, her expression softening slightly.

“I just really miss what we used to have. The girls I hang out with now… I mean, they’re great… but it’s mostly songs, community service, and pre-scheduled parties.”

“It goes both ways Ash. I miss you too. We should put in more effort to hang out. Not just once a month.”

“Ok, but you’re so damn busy! You’ve gotta meet me halfway on this.”

Katie stopped and thought about this for a moment. She got a really puzzled look on her face, and finally asked “why don’t you come to Cody’s dead-day eve bash next week?”

She just had to pick dead-day eve. The biggest party night of the year. She was asking me to sacrifice a giant part of my greek experience for the shot at kickstarting our friendship properly. I turned this over in my head. I would certainly get laid if I stuck with the greeks. I could probably get laid at Cody’s party, but they were mostly going to be engineering majors so the pickings would be kind of slim. I looked at Katie and she was looking right back at me, watching me mull over the decision in my mind like it should have been immediate. Finally I came up with a solution. “Will you share the rest of what happened to you on Monday if I go?”

Katie opened and closed her mouth a few times. Her cheeks turned bright red. “Ash…” before finally cautiously asking “what’s your schedule like for the rest of the afternoon?”

Oh shit. I knew that look. That was the “Katie adventure” look. Was she planning on actually showing me? I had to admit that sounded pretty exciting. It had been a hot minute since she and I had gotten up to any mischief. I could only imagine what she had in mind. “Just MC&S at 2:00. I can skip it.”

I could see she was a little conflicted. She sat across from me with her arms folded and her tongue poking into her cheek. Her legs were crossed at the knees and she was swinging her foot impatiently. Katie didn’t like the idea of anybody skipping classes, but it certainly seemed like this was something she wanted to talk about, even if she was acting like she didn’t want to talk about it.

“Seriously. Katie. I can skip it. It’s no big.”

She looked at me for a moment as if she was working something in her head and then just got up without saying a word and grabbed our trays. I whispered an excited “yes!” And followed her out of McD’s.

The November air was chilly as we power walked towards her dorm. Our flip-flops made a cute polyrhythmic thwipping noise as we walked in silence her stride longer than mine. It felt like old times. She’d get some crazy idea in her head and set off to it and I’d tag along, barely able to keep up with her long legs.

The air was cold against my bare legs. Katie and I were matching today, both wearing cute denim short shorts and hoodies, but mine was grey and hers was a plush white with our school’s name emblazoned across the chest.

When we got to the intersection that led back to campus I was finally able to hug her arm. The thickness of both of our hoodies made it really cozy and the pressure of her muscly arm up against me let me forget about my cold thighs.

I pointed out a couple of Delta Sigs I knew walking in the opposite direction across the mall, but Katie remained on course. I guess I just figured they’d be game if we needed a couple of strong bodies for our adventure. Guess not.

“So what is it!? Is it like a new toy?”

“Kind of.”

“Oh my god. Before the semester I got a hitachi. It was a bit of a splurge and a bit loud for the house but when I’ve got some time alone…”

“It isn’t that kind of toy.”

“Oh weird. Is it more like a sybian?” I had a thousand questions, but Katie was being more secretive about it than usual.

We made it to her dorm and climbed the stairs. The last time I had been here was when she moved in. I didn’t remember it so spartan though. Her room was so small. I couldn’t believe she lived in such conditions! Alpha Phi house was more like a regular house – with normal rooms and normal shapes. Her room was a bland rectangle with a couple of dressers and desks built into the wall on the left and bunk beds flanked by closets on the right. Her floor was a grungy linoleum, but she had done things to try to liven it up. There were posters on the walls and twinkle lights strewn about. She even had brought in a large vanity mirror and set it on top of her twin dressers to open it up a bit.

“Love it.” I managed, but she saw through it.

“I know. I know. The Alpha Phi house is just so superior. I just don’t have the money to throw away on greek life, Ash!”

“I’m not throwing it away! We do community service and network and..”

“…And party.”

“Yeah and party, but it’s been a really positive experience! My older sis has pretty much been through everything university can offer already and…”

“Yeah Ash, I know – I’m not trying to pick a fight. Have a seat!” She motioned to the top bunk. “Can I grab you a beer?”

“Are you allowed beer in here? I didn’t know you were such a rebel!”

“We’ll we’re not strictly allowed, but this is a special occasion!”

I kicked off my flip flops and stepped on a trunk that was sitting by their bed and scrambled to the top bunk. Katie tossed me up a keystone light from the fridge and I cracked it open while she rummaged in the top drawer of her dresser. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to share a bunk bed with Kim. As it was we had our run ins with interrupting each other playing with ourselves, and we couldn’t even feel every movement going on in the bed. It was surprising that there were any daylight left between Katie and Emily to allow Katie to be embarrassed about getting caught by her in the first place.

“Pink or purple?” Katie spun around holding aloft two brightly colored nail polishes.

“It’s nail polish? What does it like, intensify orgasms or something?”

“Stay on track. Just pick.”


Katie agreed with a “That’s just what I was thinking.” And vaulted up onto the bed. We sat across from each other. The bed was tucked into an alcove so I was up against the wall of the alcove at the head of the bed and she sat across from me in the middle of the bed. She patted her thighs and I put my right foot in her lap, keeping my left knee bent. I hugged my thigh and rested my chin on my knee. The acetone was cold on my toes as she removed my nail polish.

“Ash…” she started to talk but stopped herself.

I took a large sip of my keystone. “Do you need me to tell you another story about catching Kim masturbating to get you going again?” I looked around the room, “because judging by your setup here I’d be legitimately surprised if this was the first time you and Emily had a run in.”

“No it’s not that.” She paused in thought momentarily “what’s the shortest a guy has ever lasted with you?”

“Oh… the shortest?” That wasn’t what I was expecting at all. “My first time with Hunter.” She raised an eyebrow at me urging me to continue. “There’s not much to tell really. We were virgins and I think he got overwhelmed. My parents were out of town and he was already rock hard by the time I got my clothes off. Don’t get me wrong, I was pretty wet too. I was nervous!” I could feel myself reacting. Between the memory and Katie playing with my toes, I could feel the space between my legs heating up in my shorts. I was suddenly pretty aware that it had been a while since I had done anything. I had hooked up with the Phi Gamma Delta guys last weekend but that was just blow jobs and they hadn’t returned the favor. Kim had been home all week too, so I wasn’t able to take care of myself. Maybe that’s why I was pursuing this so hard?

“I basically just laid back on my bed and spread my legs. We didn’t really know any better. He climbed on top of me and fumbled around until he found where to put it. It was a good thing I was so wet and nervous because he pounded into me like a jackhammer.” The guys in high school were so disappointing. Katie and I used to reminisce like this all the time, but we would typically provide a lot more details and it usually resulted in us touching ourselves to each other’s stories.

Katie had stopped working the acetone and was smiling at me while rubbing my toes. She was sitting with her foot tucked beneath her. I guess she must have liked my story well enough even without the details. I knew she sometimes got off that way and she knew that I knew. I didn’t really mind though. It was kind of hot, knowing that she was getting off. My eyes came back to meet hers. She had definitely caught me catching her getting off to my story. I took a sip of beer to break the tension.

“Unfortunately..” I finally continued, “he didn’t last too long. Maybe a minute or less to finally answer your question, before I felt his body start to shiver on top of me. I mean at that point that I really started to get into it. He was out of control and his convulsing was hitting the right spot. I wanted to wrap my legs around him, but I was starting to worry he wasn’t going to pull out in time.” I stopped to gauge Katie’s reaction. She was biting her lower lip and her hips were moving a little bit. “I mean, luckily he did! He pulled out and came all over my tummy.”

Finally Katie stopped grinding and spoke up. “Yeah. That’s what I’m getting at. How did that make you feel?”

“Sticky, I guess?”

“No, I mean… having that control over him. Do you ever think about that? He was inside of you and couldn’t control his own body.”

I could see her point. It was hot. It made me feel like some sort of succubus that could just summon his cum.

“There was some point before he came that it didn’t matter if your house caught on fire or your parents came home – he was going to cum, and there was nothing you, he or anyone else could do to stop it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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