Ashley’s Story

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This is an older story of mine that I wasn’t very happy with. But after a little sprucing up, I thought it might be of interest to some. It was my second attempt–right after the first “Massage Mat.” I hope it does the trick for you!


I guess I should start by giving you some background about my husband and myself. I am 45, and recently re-married after being widowed for about 4 years. I have a daughter from my first marriage, Stephanie, who is an attractive young woman of 18.

My first husband left Steph and me in good financial circumstances, so we wanted for few material things. Not too long ago, I met a wonderful man at church. We became good friends, and I discovered that he had lost his wife a few years ago. Even though he is a bit older than I, we decided to get married, and have had abundant cause to celebrate our decision. Our new family is a warm, close, loving place and we are very happy.

Neither of us is particularly adventuresome sexually, although we both adore sexual relations with each other. We have been (pleasantly!) surprised at how much we desire sex and have a very satisfactory life together with our twice or three times weekly relations. We moved into my husband’s beautiful, secluded home and sold my house. Our new place is lovely, and has a swimming pool and a large spa/hot tub in the backyard. This spa proved to be the focal point of an unusual, yet thrilling adventure that we had a short time ago. We still discuss this as a prelude to sex and find it enormously exciting. Even though it has changed our family substantially, we are glad that it happened

Towards the end of summer, Stephanie was visiting her friend Erica, and my husband and I had a nice quiet dinner together. He enjoys good wine, so I surprised him with a bottle of very fine Chablis. I am not much of a drinker, but my friend works at the local wine shop and helped me pick this as a special treat. We had a glass with dinner and the wine was truly excellent. As we relaxed after dinner, my husband suggested getting in the spa together to have another glass of wine and to unwind after a long workweek. I agreed, and we changed into our suits and got in the spa.

We enjoy this very much, and spent time in the warm water relaxing and talking. My husband brought out the wine and one glass, and we shared sips of wine as we talked and kissed gently. After a short time, we both knew that we would have sexual relations that evening, but were in no rush to leave the spa. I massaged my husband’s back, and we decided to use the water jets to help massage him. The spa is quite quiet, so our conversation wasn’t disturbed. After a time, he suggested that I use the jets for a massage, so we changed places. He put my back against the jet, and sat in front of me, massaging my neck and kissing me slowly and deeply. His hands began to massage my arms and chest, and found their way to my breasts. I was beginning to float away, lost in my arousal, and kissed him deeply, swirling my tongue around his. This is our signal that I want to have sex. He removed my bikini top and lifted my hips to point my genital area at the water jet. The pressure of the water against my sex organs sent a jolt through my body and made me ripe for his further advances. He pulled down my bottoms, leaving me naked in the water. He slipped out of his swim trunks, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, delighting in the feel of his magnificent erection against my groin and belly.

“Do you want to do it here?” he asked.

“Anywhere, as long as it’s quick,” I gasped. We were both aching for orgasm.

“Then I think I’ll fuck you here in the spa,” he said wickedly. He uses graphic words when he is very excited, and I have become used to them. I ground my hips against him teasingly. Then, just as he was preparing to take me, we heard my daughter and her friend giggling and talking as they came into the backyard.

I have never seen an erection wilt as quickly as my husband’s. It was actually very funny, but I was too flustered and upset to find the humor in it. Fortunately, Stephanie and Erica are loud, talkative and giggly so we had plenty of warning before they could possibly have seen us. We re-grouped (or un-grouped!) and sat serenely in the spa. Our suits had been tossed too far away to chance leaving the safety of the water, but I sat on my husband’s lap with my legs crossed so at no one would see anything more shocking than top of my breasts. The wine bottle and glass were nearby, so it would look like we were having a romantic interlude rather than an incipient orgy.

The girls arrived in their bikinis, apparently ready for a dip in the spa. “Hi Mom and Dad,” called Steph cheerfully. I loved her for calling my new husband “Dad.” It made him feel good, and brought our family closer together. Steph and my husband had hit it off from the beginning, though. They naturally had similar interests and temperaments (easy-going) that contrasted with my skittishness. They both helped calm me a lot, and had bonded closely.

Erica chimed in “Hi Dr. and Mrs. ______, Casibom can Steph and I get in the spa?”

By this time, the girls had walked up to the edge of the spa. Even though we had left the lights off, and the water was bubbling, there was no mistaking the fact that I was topless. Erica’s eyes traveled from my bare breasts slowly over to where our suits lay in a pile, and she blushed.

No one seemed to know what to say, until Steph, in her usual direct way looked at my husband and said, “Um, we were going to take a dip in the spa…but we should leave you guys alone.”

It was obvious that the girls were flummoxed; I couldn’t have said a word if my life depended on it, and my husband was stumped.

Finally he said, “Well, we were about to go inside anyway. How about if you toss us our suits, and we’ll let you guys in.” The girls protested, saying that they didn’t want to throw us out of our own spa.

Then my (brilliant?) husband shocked me by saying, “Well, we can enjoy it together…it’s certainly large enough.” As he said this, he slid down off the seat, submerging us up to our necks, and rendering us invisible to prying eyes. The girls giggled and hopped in. I think everyone was relieved at having passed this awkward moment.

After a few minutes of small talk, the girls began talking among themselves and my husband and I talked softly about how to gracefully make our exit. We were stumped about how to get our suits without showing off our completely naked bodies. As we talked, my husband slowly turned us so that his back was to the girls.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

The reply was chilling and exciting at once, “Nothing, except that I’m getting very turned on looking at those two in their bikinis.”

“Oh, God,” I thought, “This is going to get complicated.” I could feel my dear husband’s erection growing against my leg, and knew that we were going to be staying in the spa until it had subsided. We continued to talk, and my husband continued to press against my leg. I mentally congratulated him for not gawking at the young bodies that he found so exciting.

“I’m proud that you’re resisting temptation and not looking at the girls,” I whispered.

“It doesn’t matter,” he grunted, “I’m looking at your naked breasts instead!” That made me feel good, but didn’t help the situation a bit. As we hugged and talked, our reverie was disturbed by a burst of giggling and a shriek from Steph.

“If you tell him that, you are SO DEAD, Erica,” she cried, “I’ll never talk to you again.” My husband and I turned around and looked quizzically at the girls.

“Steph is in love with…,” began Erica. “And that’s all there is to it,” chimed in Steph.

“No, that’s not,” said Erica. “You are SO DEAD,” grumbled Steph. Finally, I sensed the need to intervene.

“Look, guys, no one has to tell us anything, and Erica, you shouldn’t be telling Steph’s secrets if she doesn’t want them told. But Steph, if there’s something we should know it would be good to hear it from you.”

I thought I had handled this pretty well. Apparently my husband did too, as he gave me a reassuring pat on the bottom and scooted me in front of his raging erection.

He added, “This is a very fun and relaxing evening, let’s not spoil it with quarrels. There’s no need to force out secrets like this. Steph knows that she can always talk to us about anything that’s troubling her.”

Erica swallowed hard. She said, “I’m sorry Stephanie, I was just teasing. I didn’t realize that it would make you feel bad. Can we kiss and make up?”

Steph brightened up, giggled and gave Erica a peck on the cheek. “No prob, E,” she said, “I’d like a Coke, anyone else want one?” She looked at me, I guess thinking that I would get them.

“Umm, I’d love one, honey, but could you make them for us all?” I asked. I think Steph had forgotten that I didn’t have a suit on. “Oh, oops, OK,” she giggled. “C’mon E, let’s go get some Cokes.”

As the two girls disappeared into the house, my husband lifted me away from his body, and then pulled me to him, his throbbing erection coming home with a vengeance. I gasped, but realized how wet I was as he slid into me effortlessly. For about five thrusts I was worried that the girls would come back. Then I realized that a fast release was the best plan and worked to climax quickly, clenching my internal muscles and holding my breath as my husband grabbed my waist and worked me up and down on his aching need. My plan worked well. In no time, I felt myself go over the edge and shudder with a very welcome orgasm. I knew that I would want more later, but at least I had regained my composure. I was so proud of my husband’s sexual skill and knowledge, and admired how he had handled this difficult situation like a master throughout. I knew that just by placing myself in his hands, I gave us the best possible chance of achieving satisfaction and handling things well. I loved him deeply at this moment.

As I came down from the high of my orgasm, I realized that he had not yet Casibom Giriş finished. He was grunting and working my hips vigorously on his throbbing organ. All too soon (for him!) the girls returned with our drinks.

“Ahh, ohh, shit,” my husband gasped, as he realized that he had to stop.

“Don’t worry, honey, I’ll take good care of you later,” I said as I reluctantly slid off of his pole. I felt a pang as he left me, and knew that the ache was worse for him. Even though the girls were approaching, I turned and gave him a kiss and a strong hug.

He hugged me closely and whispered, “You’re worth waiting for, I love you so much.” I felt very close to him.

Steph put the tray with the Cokes down on the side of the spa. I noticed that there was a package of cigarettes and a lighter on the tray. Neither my husband nor I smoke; in fact we dislike and have always discouraged Stephanie from smoking.

“Yuck,” I thought, “this is what Steph has to tell us…that she’s started to smoke.” I began mentally to decide what to say to her.

Erica took a Coke and handed it to my husband. In so doing, she glanced down behind me and saw his large erection. Her eyes got big and she blushed but said nothing.

My husband said simply, “Thanks, Erica.”

She smiled and sat on the edge of the spa. Stephanie handed me a drink, and for the first time seemed to notice that I was naked, her eyes locked on my breasts. I realized that my nipples were still erect (they get quite large when erect), and that she couldn’t have missed seeing them. She also sat on the edge of the spa and began to sip her Coke.

Erica asked casually, “Do either of you mind if I smoke?” Steph said, “Ick, Erica, that is so gross.” I said that it was ok, but that we didn’t want her doing anything here that she wouldn’t do elsewhere.

“I just do it every now and then, really,” she said. None of my friends smoke, so I don’t have much chance to do it when other people are around. It’s nice to have a cigarette when I’m relaxing, though.”

“How much do you smoke, Erica?” my husband asked. “Well, I bought this pack about a month ago, and I think this is my eighth cigarette,” she said. My husband and I both smiled.

“Well, it seems like you’re not exactly addicted to tobacco, Erica,” he laughed. Erica lit her cigarette and took a sip of Coke. We all laughed and relaxed from another moment of anxiousness.

We began making small talk, the girls talking about college and their riding lessons. As we talked, though, I became aware that my husband was gently sliding my hips around on his lap, and that his erection was again flourishing. I put my arm around his shoulders and scooted next to him so I could see his face. His eyes were locked on Erica. Steph was talking about her last riding lesson and Erica was turned slightly toward her, listening. Her breasts were clearly outlined by the soft material of her bra, and the cool night air had her nipples erect. As she smoked her cigarette, I felt my husband’s penis twitch and realized that he was totally enthralled by this vision. I looked over at Stephanie and saw that her nipples were also erect, and that her thighs were closely pressed together. Erica finished her cigarette and leaned forward to get another. As she did, my husband’s eyes followed her breasts hungrily. I was briefly jealous, then realized that he was being influenced by desires beyond the control of any man. I knew that he was trying to resist this temptation, but that he was only human. I also knew that the girls were enjoying the idea of being “grown up” but weren’t doing anything improper.

As Erica lit her second cigarette, however, her thighs parted slightly and I saw her sex organs swollen against the material of her swimsuit. She became aware of my husband staring at her. Instead of being embarrassed, though, she gazed back at him and smiled.

Steph, in the meantime, was playing with one of the water jets, running it over her legs and back. Erica looked at her and giggled, Steph looked back at her and in a moment they were both convulsed with laughter. Erica put out her cigarette and (to my husband’s disappointment!), plopped into the water and hugged Stephanie as they laughed.

“What’s so funny?” I asked. “Ummm, you tell her, Steph.”

“No, it was your idea, you tell her, Erica.” After a lot of blushing, hemming and hawing we finally got the story. Steph and Erica had been in the spa a while back and discovered something novel (they thought).

“Yeah,” said Erica, “those jets feel good anywhere on your body.”

“And she means everywhere,” giggled Steph. They had been playing around and Erica discovered by accident that pressing one’s crotch against the jets felt good. The girls made frequent use of the spa after that. Steph, of course, could get in alone, but Erica could only use it when Steph was around. So they would sit on opposite ends of the spa (with their backs to each other, since they had to face the jets) and lose themselves in bliss. They occasionally talked as their Casibom Güncel Giriş excitement built, and could hear each other gasping or crying out in orgasm.

My husband mentioned that I occasionally used the jets in the spa for the same purpose (at which point I thought of any number of evil ways to pay him back, the nitwit). We also talked about our beliefs that sex was a private thing, but that it was exciting to acknowledge sexual feelings to another person–and that it was always good to talk about anything that was troubling. As we talked more about sex, my husband began cupping my breasts more obviously. I again felt his erection pressing against my buttocks.

At first, the girls seemed mildly curious–stealing quick glances at my husband’s hands on my breasts and nipples. After a while I could tell they were more at ease as rather than stealing quick glimpses at my breasts, they were staring unashamedly at my totally erect nipples. I knew that my husband was beyond embarrassment, and beyond caring who was watching what he was doing, and kept reminding myself that I had to keep my head, or things would get completely out of control. Unfortunately, the stimulation he was giving me on my nipples, combined with the pressure of his leg against my genitals was making it impossible for me to remain calm. I faintly realized that none of us had spoken for quite some time.

I looked over at my daughter and her young friend and gasped. Erica was running her hands over her breasts imitating my husband’s work on mine. Her gaze was focused on her swelling breasts as she cupped them and squeezed the nipples. She seemed totally intent on coaxing her nipples to their most intensely erect state. Steph was watching Erica pleasure her chest with a rapt expression. Her nipples were as fiercely erect as Erica’s and mine even though she was not touching herself.

I leaned back and looked at my husband, whose eyes were locked on Erica’s young breasts. Erica looked up and her eyes met his. She gazed at him unblinkingly as she touched herself. My husband tugged firmly on my nipples, causing me to groan involuntarily. Erica slipped her hand inside her bra and did the same to herself. Her eyes glazed as the pleasure traveled throughout her body. My husband then squeezed my breasts firmly, causing the nipples to jut forward. He took his fingers and ran them quickly over my protruding tits. I gasped and wrapped my legs firmly around his, pressing my sex organs tightly against his thigh. Erica squeezed her breasts, but couldn’t get at the nipples.

She moved between Steph and us. Up close, I could see her flushed face and glazed eyes perfectly. “Help me out, Steffie,” she said quietly, “undo my bra, would ya?” I felt sure that our erect nipple would touch if she came any closer.

“No, no, no,” I thought, “break this up Steph.” My daughter looked at me as she wordlessly reached to the back of Erica’s bikini, and unclasped it. The material fell away, and Erica’s breasts were exposed to us all. My husband’s penis twitched powerfully against my ass and I arched back against it. Erica stared over my shoulder directly into my husband’s eyes, daring him to greater liberties with my body. He began to kiss my neck and ears.

“Oh yeah,” said Erica.

I knew then that we were going to have sex, and that these two young girls would watch us. There was simply no other way. I wasn’t prepared, though, when my daughter began to kiss Erica’s neck and ears in imitation of my husband. Erica smiled and said, “I guess this is the night for secrets to come out, huh?”

Steph said, barely audibly, “Yes,” and reached around Erica to place her hands on her friend’s breasts.

“Oh shit, yeah, Steffie,” groaned Erica, arching her back. Stephanie began to kiss Erica’s neck and ears in imitation of my husband’s caresses of me. My daughter and her girlfriend looked so comfortable, though, that my husband and I both realized that this was not the first time they had engaged in sex play together. Because they were younger than us, their arousal peaked much more quickly than ours, so they were soon at our level of intense desire. They quickly finished stripping and began to lead the incredible dance in which the four of us were engaged.

Steph gently guided Erica to the side of the spa, moved in front of her and began to lick and suck her nipples. My husband guided me to a spot next to Erica and began the same action on me.

“They both do this really well, don’t they?” asked Erica.

“Oh God, Tom is an expert orally,” I groaned in reply.

“Well, Steffie is awesome!” gasped Erica as Steph moved her youthful face between her lover’s thighs. Again, my husband followed the action.

Erica and I scooted up on the edge of the spa and spread our thighs to give our respective lovers full access, Steph expertly removing Erica’s bottoms. As we did this, our knees brushed together. We exchanged a glance, then began eyeing each other’s bodies. I began to fully appreciate Erica’s dusky sexiness; she, in turn, seemed enthralled by the sight of my thrusting hips. Erica’s glance moved slowly up my body to my face, her eyes locking on mine. I knew that she was proposing a bold move that would cross all boundaries…I also knew that she was a lesbian in spite of what she had said earlier.

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