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My wife and I had been married for about a year, when one day she called me—“Kamal, I hope you don’t mind, but, Ash is coming to visit.” I told her that I had no problem with Ash visiting.

Ash is a very petite, attractive and sultry Indian woman—about 5’1″, medium jet-black hair, piercing hazel eyes, amazing titties and a beautiful hot round ass. When I first met her at a party, I totally had the hots for her and she knew it. She also had a look in her eye which indicated our mutual attraction.

I was excited that she was visiting, but I was also nervous.

I got home from work and showered. Ash showed up at our front door later that evening. Golly, she looked soooooo hot! I contained my feelings but I couldn’t conceal my seven-inch snake which jerked a little at her sight. She noticed!

We gave her a tour of our place, and then we went out for dinner and drinks. We sat on the floor around a small round table. I sat next to Ash and her knees were on top of mine. She didn’t mind and I didn’t fight it.

She kept making comments about how built I was and how big my biceps had become. My wife didn’t even see through it. I didn’t mind.

We got home and my wife hit the sack. I was about to sleep when Ash called me because she needed help checking her email. I had little skimpy boxers on and a tight t-shirt. When I walked in, Ash’s lovely big eyes undressed me and my face flushed with some embarrassment. She had really tight shorts on and a skimpy see thru t-shirt. I could see her luscious melon-like hooters and my snake started to come to life. I had to subtly put it back in my shorts. She was so hot!

I was standing right above her and then I had a great view of her amazing tits. She kept looking at the screen, but she could see the head of my penis slowly sliding out of the hole in my boxers. I had no idea. I kept stuttering. She still didn’t turn to look! I totally froze. Then she moved closer–still not looking…

After a few seconds, my 7″ prick had completely extended güvenilir bahis out of my shorts. It was just saluting her like a straight rod. Finally she turned around and grabbed the end of my uncircumsized penis and she started jacking my cock up and down. I closed my eyes and bent my neck back in ecstasy. God she was amazing!

She smiled and said “I’m glad this wasn’t a wasted trip. I know that you’ve always had the hots for me. I knew it when I met you. I am gonna make this weekend an unforgettable one.”

She then darted her tounge out and licked the tip of my cock and started nibbling the side of my bulbous prick. She was in awe.

My wife called “Kamal. You have to get up early. Are you done helping Ash?” Shit. Ash told me we’d continue later.

I went to the bathroom and waited until my prick got soft and then I went to bed.

My wife told me that she had to go to a charity event tomorrow evening and that I’d have to entertain Ash for the evening—gulp. I was excited as hell, but at the same time I had a knot of guilt in my stomach. This was totally wrong, but I wasn’t thinking at this point.

After work, my wife left me a message and said that she decided to stay at work late and then she’d go to the event and be back really late. This gave me the entire evening with Ash…

I was excited and at the same time dreadful—God, why did she have to visit us…why is this happening?!?!

I got home and Ash was in the shower. I was totally beat and I just plopped onto the bed. I hadn’t realized it, but I must have pitched one huge trouser-tent. My next vision was a mass of black hair and the feeling of a velvety sloshing tongue sucking and slurping my huge cock. I thought it was a dream!

Ash must’ve gotten out of the shower and seen me on the bed and then just decided to initiate an amazing blowjob! My wife never sucked cock like she did! Who’s my wife???? I was in another universe!

Ash climbed out of her robe and turned her body around so we were in the 69 position. canlı bahis She never once stopped sucking my dick!

I was licking her pussy and asshole—in small short circular motions. She was going nuts with passion. I just wanted it to last as long as possible. I was thinking of fat ugly chicks and baseball scores so I wouldn’t cum on her pretty face. She was in awe at how hard I was staying. This woman was amazing! I actually started having feelings for her…

Then Ash turned around and she straddled my cock. I started pumping her pussy in slow long strokes, and I was fingering her asshole. I had her in the palm of my hand!

Then we increased the tempo of our passion. I could feel our bodies colliding violently and with increasing speed. I started sucking her tits, fingering her asshole and fucking her cunt with a fluid rhythm. this sent her over the top—I felt her body rumble. She started convulsing and I could feel her cum. I didn’t want to cum yet. She was amazing!

Finally, I lifted her body and I slapped and grabbed her round hips and teased her clit with my long dark penis. I felt like I’d burst right then!

I finally entered her slowly—she was leaking juices all over my rock-hard cock. After entering her, I pulled her hips toward me and I bumped her cervix and then took out my cock all the way out of her pussy and then slowly conquered her again. She loved it, but she commanded me to fuck her furiously and as hard as I could—so I did.

I fucked Ash doggie-style with a passion and an intense anger. I blamed her for showing up in my life and making me betray my wife. I wanted to fuck her so hard that I’d hurt her. I slapped her ass until it was beet red and she yelled out “I love you” and that’s when I shot the biggest load of cum inside her wet pussy that I’d ever shoot into anyone.

I told her how angry I was with her, and I laid down for about 20 minutes and she started to get out of the bed when I grabbed her arm and got behind her. I commanded her to stick her as up and bahis siteleri her head down so I could fuck her like an animal from behind. She obliged and I came in her pussy again. I threw her on the bed and we slept for about an hour. It got dark outside. I woke up with a painful erection and I pulled her on top of me and I laid Ash on her side facing me. Her legs were wrapped around me and I was facing her and I was pounding her pussy with my black penis. I didn’t even both to pull out. I didn’t care about the consequences. I didn’t even ask if she was on the pill—none of the typical 90’s questions. We slept for another 45 minutes. My wife was due back in an hour. This time I got on top of Ash and we did it missionary-style. I squeezed her titties and then I pulled my dick out and shot huge creamy strands of semen in her hair and all over her tits and on her luscious lips.

We kissed. Then we got in the shower and cuddled in the hot water. I cleaned her off gingerly.

The door was opening! Shit! She’s back early and Ash and I can’t come out of the bathroom together!

“Honey, go in the kitchen. I have a surprise for you!”

I got out of the bathroom and ran to our bedroom. “Where is Ash?” my wife said. “She’s in the shower…” Phew, that was close!

It was Saturday evening and Ash was leaving on Monday. Finally, when we all got ready, my wife says to both of us “I have to work the whole day tomorrow. You guys think you can keep yourselves occupied?”


“Yeah, I think we’ll be fine honey. We’ll just go to the museum or something.”

Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday. Ash was yelling so loudly I was afraid the neighbors would call the cops…

A few months later Ash sent us a card and wrote that her mother was unsuccessfully trying to set her up with eligible men. She said that she had someone in mind, but no one knew who the lucky guy was…

I had a feeling I knew who this person was…

A few months later Ash visited us again, and she informed me that she was late. We finally broke it to my wife, and after the divorce, Ash and I moved in together. We have been happily married for several years, and we’re expecting our second child. We are both very happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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