Asian Adventures Ch. 06

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This is a series about the erotic encounters of an American businessman in various locations in Asia (with a few in other places with Asian women). While there are some similarities to actual events, this is a work of fantasy and fiction. Names have been changed – as always – to protect the innocent. Hope you enjoy!

Asian Erotic Adventures – Chapter 6

** Sexy Sing-Li **

Part 1 – We meet in America

I was in a good position, that certainly had a lot to do with it. After beginning with a gentleman as the account representative serving my employer’s needs, the multi-national supplier had made a change to a more local representative. The first meeting was the usual ‘meet and greet’, with Paul, the original rep accompanying a local director along with our new rep – Sing-Li Shen. She was very pleasant, professional in every way during that meeting. Subsequent meetings were always professional when the venue deemed it appropriate; but there was more…

She had called, inviting me to have lunch with her at a restaurant outside the ‘normal’ assortment and a personal favorite of hers. As always I arrived early, as I enjoyed watching people and despised being late. I had seen her Benz SUV drive into the parking garage, although it did not seem she noticed me watching from the restaurant entrance. Across the parking lot, perhaps a hundred yards away, I saw her emerge from the garage. The bounce in her walk said Hottie, and the joy in her wave suggested this was not a ‘business appointment’ to her. While we had shared a glance or two, there had been no overt flirting up to this point. I kept my eye on her as she approached, enjoying the slight bounce of her bosom as she walked, and noticing the somewhat more revealing outfit she was wearing. Her white lace bra was clearly visible through the nearly transparent blouse, and the short skirt put her lithe thighs on display as well. She walked up to me and – a big surprise – wrapped her arms around me and gave me a quick kiss on my neck. “Hiyeeee..” she said happily, pressing her body against me in a most obvious way. I returned the squeeze, my hands roaming down over her hips as we separated.

“Wow, Sing-Li, you’re in a good mood today!” I laughed, looking into her dancing eyes.

“Well… I played hookie today and decided to have lunch with my good friend.” she told me, giving me a wink as she gently squeezed my hand.

We went inside and were seated at a somewhat secluded booth near the back of the restaurant. After perusing the menu and placing our orders we began a conversation I had not been expecting. It was quite personal, with only enough business to justify charging the meal to her expense account. We talked about her family, her husband (who apparently didn’t have much time for her), and about life in general. She made it evident that she wouldn’t mind something ‘extra’ from the relationship, her fingers spending a fair amount of time grazing across the back of my hands and wrists. A few times they even moved higher up my forearms – not the sort of contact a business relationship condoned. After the meal we shared a sweet and sensuous dessert, her spoon finding it’s way across the table to feed me several bites as she giggled and nudged my leg with her calf beneath the table. I needed a cup of coffee and a little ‘hands-off’ time to allow my erection to subside before we could leave, and that idea was not lost on Sing-Li.

The relationship was a bit different after that, and we enjoyed several ‘personal’ lunches and even a dinner before a business trip to her corporate HQ in Taiwan changed our ‘arrangement’ in a big way….

Part 2 – Business trip to Taiwan

The time had arrived for me to make the long trip to Asia to meet with suppliers to discuss current and future business on both sides. While there would be quick stops in Hong Kong and Korea, the bulk of the trip would be spent in Taiwan. My ‘base of operations’ would be well-known and very nice hotel in Hsin-Chu City, one of several technology ‘hubs’ in the island nation. It also happened to be the city in which Sing-Li’s company had their headquarters.

As a ‘VIP’ visitor, my suppliers always provided transportation from my hotel to their facilities – with the return usually handled by someone on the staff with whom I met. I arrived at the impressive facility thanks to such transportation, and was met in the lobby by an adorable – and tiny – asian doll I’d met only in e-mails and a few phone calls. We’ll call her Darcy. She was all smiles, all of four-feet ten, perhaps eighty pounds or so, and cute as a button. We walked down a couple of long hallways, taking an elevator to the fourth floor where she led me into a sumptuously decorated conference room. She introduced me to the three people that were there, then leaned over to whisper in my ear as I sat down. “Sing-Li will join you shortly.” she said, her tiny hand giving my shoulder a squeeze. I nodded my acknowledgement whatsapp escort and began fielding questions from the engineers at the table. Sing-Li joined us a few minutes later, looking professional as always in these circumstances. She waited until there was a break in the discussion before welcoming me to ‘her country’ with a smile and a discrete wink.

Two days of meetings and a ‘grand tour’ of the massive facility went well, before I was officially invited to join the management team for a celebratory meal, to be convened at the award-winning restaurant in the very hotel where I was staying. At the conclusion of the meeting Sing-Li escorted me back to my hotel personally, making sure I got plenty of looks at the silky skin of her thighs above her thigh-high stockings as she expertly navigated the streets – on what was definitely the ‘long way’ back. We arrived in front of the ornately decorated building and she leaned over toward me, letting her hand land squarely on my thigh. “I’ll see you at six for cocktails.” she said softly, squeezing my leg and letting her fingers brush lightly over my ‘package’. Then she added “Perhaps we will have some extra time – after dinner?” she suggested with a soft smile.

I returned the smile, reaching around to pull her head toward me so I could give her a gentle kiss on the forehead. “Count on it, sweetie.” I replied, letting my fingers roam over her ear and down her neck. That was when she boldly but gently grabbed my cock through the lightweight trousers I wore, and pressed her lips to mine for a very brief kiss. It was obvious where she wished the evening to end…

I carried my briefcase in front of me to hide my condition as I made my way up to my room, practically tearing my clothes off before jumping into the shower to relieve my anxiety. I had suspected that perhaps Sing-Li might be ‘available’ on this trip; but her bold grope was more than I expected. After finishing my task, I soaped up and did a thorough job of cleaning my body. I had no idea what she might be up for; but I would be ready for anything she might have in mind. On the ride back to the hotel she had given me an all-too-brief glance at her panty-less pussy, and I wanted to taste that pretty flower in the worst way.

Part 3 – Dinner runs late…

Six o’clock arrived and my phone rang. It was the front desk, letting me know that I had a visitor in the lobby. I knew it was her; but rather than doing the presumptuous thing and inviting her up to my room I told the desk clerk I would be down shortly and ended the call. I splashed on a dash of my favorite cologne and pulled on the casual but businesslike outfit I’d had laundered for just this evening. Five minutes later I was greeted by a smiling young lady, dressed to kill, waiting for me not in the lobby; but at the entrance to one of the lounges which she knew would be on my path. She opened the large door for me and waved me inside. As I got to the door I took it from her, insisting she lead the way. She was wearing a snug and form-fitting skirt – and I wanted a look at her tight little bottom. I got what I was hoping for as she turned to head inside. My dick responded to her twitching little backside as I followed her to a dimly-lit table in the back.

We sat down, Sing-Li scooting close and pressing her leg against mine. “So… where is everyone?” I asked, letting my arm ease around her shoulders.

“Oh they’ll be here in an hour or so. I just wanted to relax with you awhile before they get here.” Sing-Li answered, leaning her head against my shoulder as her hand found my lap again. “Mmmm… you smell good…” she said softly, letting her forearm rub against my growing organ. “Oooo… I guess he has my attention, huh?” she giggled, letting her lips graze my neck.

I reached down and gently moved her arm. “Now, now… can’t be too far gone before dinner, now can we?” I chuckled, returning her move as my fingers roamed down to give her breast an affectionate squeeze over her blouse. Her nipple was instantly erect, poking at the thin fabric. She gave me a jab in the side with her elbow. “Hey girl, fair is fair.” I laughed.

“Rob?” Sing-Li began.

“Yes?” I replied.

“Um… we just have to agree that this will remain between us.” she said. “I mean… everyone at dinner is going to suspect that we are – you know – lovers; but we have to keep it that way. Just suspicions, okay?” Sing-Li said to me.

“Sure, of course.” I replied. “Besides sweetie, we aren’t lovers.” I added.

“Yet.” She said with a giggle.

We ordered a drink and played a little footsie as we waited for our associates to join us, talking over some of the business we’d covered and teasing each other in the moments between serious conversation. Both of us grew more relaxed, a couple of drinks making things easier. As seven o’clock approached Sing-Li stood up and primly smoothed her clothes as I followed suit. We headed back istanbul escort bayan out to the lobby, hoping we were the first of the party to arrive. “I just got here, okay?” she whispered. I nodded and took up station a respectful distance from my lovely friend as we waited and watched the door.

Within minutes the rest of the group arrived, including Sing-Li’s boss, the VP of Technical Account Management for the company’s US operation. We had met before; but he’d been otherwise occupied during the meetings here. We shook hands, and he asked me if Sing-Li had been ‘taking care of me’ – adding a wink. “Yes of course Paul, she’s been the perfect hostess.” I replied, not acknowledging the wink. He almost seemed disappointed at that; but I had no idea how much he knew and wasn’t going to add any fuel to any suspicions he might have. Sing-Li was married, and her husband was also employed by the company. Fortunately her husband was in a part of the organization somewhat removed from the mainstream, so he didn’t have much contact with this group; but still – discretion was always best.

They had a private room, and as always the meal was extravagant and festive. Darcy also joined them, and I had the distinct pleasure of being seated between the two ladies. We shared a very tasty local liqueur with our dessert, finding out that it was one of the ‘one hundred-eighty proof’ varieties in spite of it’s smooth and sweet taste. One bottle had all eight of us with a buzz, and the group decided the evening was ending. We all headed back out to the lobby, saying our goodbyes. The two ladies headed (as ladies do) for the powder room as the gents departed. Darcy came over to me and gave me a friendly hug, thanking me for my visit and inviting me back. Then she winked and said “she will be out in just a minute.” I thanked her, then watched her tiny little body as she headed for the parking garage and her Mini.

I was still watching when there was a light tap on my shoulder, startling me briefly. “She is a little – um – hottie, isn’t she?” Sing-Li said with a giggle. She looked at her watch, then smiled broadly at me. “It’s still early, how about a drink up in the bar on the roof?” she suggested, taking my hand and heading for the express elevator. I tagged along, just far enough behind her that I could watch her sexy little ass as she walked. She seldom wore clothes that really showed off her body in the business environs where most of our meetings were held, and it was a real treat to be so close to her wearing such a sexy outfit. I was paying no attention as she led me into into the elevator, quickly reaching for the ‘close door’ button so we would be alone in the car. As soon as the doors closed she turned to me and put her hands on my neck, looking into my eyes with a soulful, sensuous gaze. She pulled my head down and pressed her lips to mine, beginning a kiss that was interrupted far too soon when the elevator stopped. She smiled as the door opened, letting her fingers graze down the sides of my neck. “I’ve waited this long, I can wait a little longer.” she told me, turning to walk into the bar.

We sat at a small table next to the window, taking in the bright lights of downtown Hsin-Chu City as we enjoyed an after-dinner aperitif and the decent voice of a local entertainer and her one-man backup ‘band’. It was then that I noticed she had removed her bra while in the powder room after dinner, her perky little boobs pressing against the thin white fabric. I found myself staring at her chest until she interrupted with a giggle. “Well… I guess maybe you would prefer that we were somewhere more… private?” she suggested, calling the server over. She said something in Chinese, the Mandarin dialect I think, then turned back to me with that ever-present smile. “She will send two more of these to your room.” she told me, reaching under the table to squeeze my thigh. “We can go there whenever you are ready Rob.” she said, using my name for the first time this evening. I held my glass up, tipping it against hers and downing the remaining liquid as she did the same.

“Shall we?” I suggested, standing and giving her a wink. She gathered her purse, then making sure I was looking she swung a leg out giving me a clear view of her pussy before she stood up. She’d not only removed her bra, but her panties as well! Damn, this girl is horny! I thought, taking her hand to lead her to the elevator, taking the ‘normal’ car this time to get to the room. We somehow refrained from attacking each other in the elevator, both aware that the doors could open at any point on the ride down to the fifth floor; but the tension mounted between us as we subconsciously pressed our bodies together. We nodded to the couple who entered the car on the sixteenth floor, then again as we departed the car. I had my card key ready when we arrived at my door, sliding it into the lock and turning the handle.

Sing-Li hurried into the room, her fine little bum jiggling özbek escort beneath the fabric of her short skirt. An inadvertent low moan escaped me as I watched her move, which brought a little giggle from Sing-Li. The drinks she had ordered were already there on a tray, and she grabbed two glasses, handing me one before tapping hers to mine. “To friends.” she said with a sweet smile.

“And lovers.” I responded, giving her a wink as I took a drink. Without another word we set our glasses down, our lips meeting in the beginning of a passionate kiss. My hands roamed down her back to find the firm cheeks of her butt, squeezing the well-toned flesh before moving down to hike her skirt above her bottom. She managed to get one hand between us, fondling my half-erect cock through my cotton trousers, her fingers deftly finding the zipper and tugging it down. Without breaking the kiss I swept her off her feet, easily picking up her ninety pounds and carrying her to the bed. It was all happening quickly; but the passion was clearly there at the forefront of this moment. As I set her down at the edge of the bed, our fingers flew to free our bodies of the confining garments and we found ourselves naked, our eyes locked.

She was still sitting at the bed’s edge while I was standing directly in front of her, my now fully erect dick only inches from her. Sing-Li let out a very guttural mewl, her fingers finding my balls as her eyes grew wide. “Mmm… you want… this…” she asked, opening her mouth to take the head of my cock inside. I watched as my business associate – now lover – gently suckled my organ, taking about half my length into her warm mouth as her tongue swirled around the head. Her fingers gently squeezed my testicles as she sucked my cock, quickly raising the level of passion in my loins. I reached down to find her nipples, giving both a pinch as my hips began a slow thrusting rhythm. She couldn’t take all of it; but did her best as I watched. She looked up, smiling with her eyes as her lips clenched around my cockhead. That did it for me, I had to taste her…

My hands gently pulled her head back, letting my cock withdraw from her hot mouth. Without a word I lifted her back onto the bed and lowered my head to kiss the silky flesh of her inner thighs. “And now… I want… this…” I whispered, lapping the length of her exposed pussy with my tongue. Sing-Li let out a soft whimper, her hands reaching down to grasp at my head. My lips and tongue teased at her proffered pleasure center, nibbling her soft folds as my hands pressed her legs back. I backed off briefly, looking down at the exposed plane of her sex. The tiny brown star of her anus drew me in, and I began rimming the little wrinkle with my tongue as one thumb teased at her clit. Sing-Li whimpered and squealed at the lewd contact, willing her sphincter to relax enough for my oral intruder to slip inside just a few millimeters. Then her muscles convulsed, pushing it out before relaxing once again. I didn’t know if sodomy was in the cards; but her little asshole was certainly responding to this attention. My thumb slipped into her cunt, giving me something of a handle to hold her bottom in position as I worked at her nether port with my wet tongue.

Her pussy began flowing it’s nectar, the juices escaping to ooze down to the tiny opening I was enjoying with my oral probe. I gently withdrew my tongue, working my pinky first into her wet cunt, then down to apply gentle pressure to her asshole. She resisted at first, then gradually relaxed, her little wrinkle relaxing as my smallest digit slipped inside her most private orifice. I slowly worked my tongue up and around her labia, ultimately finding her clit as my finger pushed deep into her bottom. Her hips began a sensual writhing as I circled her sensitive nub with my lips and sucked gently. “oooOOHhhhmmm…” Sing-Li moaned, her fingers tugging at my ears as I pushed her toward the edge. I gently withdrew my finger, slipping my middle digit into her wet pussy before moving it down to her grasping anus. “nnnnYIIIAHhhhhh.” she moaned, willing her little ring to relax as my thickest finger slowly worked its way into her backside. I used my fingers to hold her lips away from the hard nub of her clit, flicking at the fleshy little bud as my finger began a slow rhythm in and out of her tightest hole.

Sing-Li’s body trembled, inadvertent little shudders coming from deep inside as I took her toward her first climax as slowly as I could manage. She tasted so good, her ass was so responsive, and I wanted her to remember this orgasm as the one that mattered. My cock wasn’t involved, this was about her pleasure. I let my free hand roam up her belly and over her slender torso to find her heaving breasts, massaging the firm little orbs as my lips, tongue and finger drew her sexual center closer and closer to the edge. A soft mewl accompanied each breath now as the heat overcame her. I carefully wriggled my finger in her rectal channel, then felt the first spasm and knew I had to be ready. I sucked hard on her pussy and moved the thick finger in and out of her snug bottom. Her fingers gripped my ears as she began to grind her loins against my face. “ohhhhhhGAWWWDD” she moaned, the clenching of her bottom signaling her arrival at the peak.

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