Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 07

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Following on from the hardest au pair job sedate Singapore virgin Selena’s faced so far — a full body massage to her employer — the scaredy cat young Asian needs use her brain power to protect her pussy from a big Tom getting his paws on it — the ‘Tom’ being the masterful seducer, Frenchman Jacques Pardie, her 50 year-old keeper. Selena never was much good at using her brain at school, finishing bottom of the class but top of the class for seductive natural beauty.

How much longer the sweet 19 year-old — she’s financially poor – can continue working in her now luxury environment as the wealthy erotic photographer’s au pair without giving up her virginity is making his quest to claim her innocence a battle of wits. He’s gone to great lengths to discover — and employ — what he seeks out as not just a good looking young virgin, but one who’s frightened of sex so he can overcome a 30-year difference in their ages. For him it’s about personal pride, and for her, it’s about her personal pride.

Her virginity is all she can claim to own in life and she desperately wants to keep it until she one day finds the man she can marry and give him her gift of purity. What Selena lacks in brain power she must make up with inbuilt female guile and instinct to keep her pussy from being penetrated. After having to massage him (Chapter 6) and finally come face to face up close and personal with his princely penis in hand as ‘part of her au pair role’ the young Singapore beauty is now fearful he will soon insist on more.

Meanwhile, to kick things off this time in a bumper sex-charged chapter of ‘Asian Innocence Manipulated’ we must see what’s going on across the city at Selena’s former rented apartment where the randy Indian landlord Mr Singh is more than keeping an eye on his new saucy tenants, Mandy and Sherrie. The two provocative ex-students claim they were forced to start looking for jobs after being expelled from secondary high school a mite too early and their apparent slutty looks and attitude makes him not wonder why. He suspects they won’t get a decent job as easily as they think.

So far though they’ve spent most of their daytimes sunbathing in skimpy bikinis in the courtyard behind their unit. They don’t know that the wall length mirror on the wall dividing their bedroom to his premises was designed and sold to the artful voyeuristic Indian him by elements in the Asian sex industry as a two-way mirror so that from his side he can see in their room but they only see themselves.

He’s gratified to total satisfaction that both of them are using the big layback sofa he gave them as extra furniture. He made out he had no room for it but in fact purchased it to fit perfectly at the end of the double bed facing the mirror. Like the voyeur’s wall length mirror and the hidden highly sensitive mini microphones he’s secretly installed to hear them talking and making other sounds, the sofa in front of the mirror was a good investment in home entertainment. In the first week he’s had to come to his senses many times watching them frisk about in skimpy underwear or total nudity.

After seeing these pretentious sexpots and hearing them in their passionate bi-type playtimes, the only thing better than this is to somehow get inside them — no doubt for the inner truth about them. In Singapore the age of consent is 16 – rather remarkable by world standards considering Singapore is renowned for sexual innocence compared to many developed countries. But age of consent is not the issue here; they had to convince the landlord they can get jobs to support themselves arriving near broke as disgraced ex-schoolies yet begging for the students’ rental concession. When the shorter one, Sherrie, showed him the size of her breasts as proof of her maturity he had to agree she was very grown up indeed so he’s taken them in and will take them in much further in this chapter. When she was at school Sherrie was the smart arse of her class but ironically always ended up at the bottom. Just as well she’s got a good bottom to make up for what’s missing at the top of her shoulders. Mr Singh can see why they’ll most likely make it hard, really hard in fact, for even an easy-going employer to give them a decent job unless they get better manners and cover up some of the delicious flesh they like to flash.

Both young women must figure in the smaller percentage of Asian females who have small slim body shapes but Western type bigger than average firm breasts for their body size, accentuated by their narrow backs and relatively tight bums. Bust size to body size makes them appear rather stunning. Sherrie takes a 34-inch B cup bra and the slightly taller Mandy is slightly more rounded and fuller fitting into a 34-inch C-cup bra. By Asian standards these good looking gals are very well endowed indeed, in their body shape rather than the shape of their IQ.

He doesn’t mind one bit if they lack much intelligence as long as they hang about their lodgings looking the way they are. One thing’s certain: they’ve made the mid forties bursa suriyeli escort escort landlord feel a lot younger himself and if feeling younger makes you younger by influences around you then the Indian is going through a change of life — reverse direction.

He’s overheard the taller one Mandy, 5 ft 7in. telling Sherrie, 5ft 5 in. they are virtually out of food and what are they going to do for something to eat with no immediate employment in sight. This was always was going to be on the cards and he knew it when he agreed to let them take Selena’s former quarters that adjoin his residence. He seizes on the moment and soon after knocks on their door. Sherrie answers, standing there in bare feet in a pair of lace trimmed beige coloured panties that pull into the cleavage and promote her well packaged pussy with its curvaceous cameltoe. Her matching low cut bra emphasises on both sides of the equation that she’s growing up at last. He looks at her face and his eyes glance downwards to her feet and back up again in a mere two seconds. For a fast mover that’s enough time to judge something like sexual attraction. He could never figure out why beauty quest judges take so long to make their decisions.

“What do you want Mr Singh, we haven’t done anything wrong,” she says in a smarty pants tone so used to dealing with guilt. “No, quite to the contrary,” he starts in his typical monologue sounding Indian way, “both you and Mandy have been very good indeed I must say from what I’ve seen. I do know the cost of living is hard for students like you and you are trying very well to find jobs so in my own quaint way I do invite you most humbly to join me for dinner tonight. I’ve made Madras curry, it is hot and spicy but very delicious but too much for me to eat alone so you will join me, yes?”

Cheeky as she is Sherrie laughs hearing the words hot and spicy thinking he’s just talking about curry but he’s thinking of giving them curry in another sense that can spice up his life. Sherrie likes the idea of a free feed without having to go downtown for a cheap snack and calls out to her friend. “Come here Mandy, it’s Mr Singh, he wants to invite us to enjoy some of his fabulous free food — something hot.”

Mandy comes to the door also in a low cut bra showing generous cleavage as her well formed jugs jiggle getting his immediate attention. She pushes back her black ponytail that trails halfway down her shoulder blades, wearing just a light peach coloured thong that allows a neat outline of a well developed clitoris under the tight thin cotton. She too, is barefoot as she ranges up alongside her flatmate to find out what the fuss is about. Sherrie fills her in which is something he’d like to do but in a different way.

Hearing his proposition repeated he smiles as Mandy nods her head. “Why not? Something hot is better than something cold,” she says. “You’ll both come then?” he asks, deliberately emphasising the word come. Sherrie, the cheekier of the two, picks up on the nuance in his voice and gives him a sexy smile of a kind that’s normally akin to a cutie much older than her. “Mr Singh, we both will come.”

The way she looks at him and the way both of them are dressed makes his cock swell in his pants and eagle-eyed Sherrie doesn’t miss one crinkle in that direction. When he’s gone they both embrace each other laughing that they’ve got a free meal.

Mr Singh dashes back to his apartment and goes to the speakers in the room adjoining their bedroom, separated only by the wall with the secret see-through mirror. He hears Sherrie talking back to something Mandy must have just said. “I noticed that too, I wonder if all Indian men get hard so quick. Ha, we wear clothes and he gets a stiff over that. I bet he’s one of those men who ejaculate in the first couple of minutes when they’re getting it.”

“Sherrie let’s tease him; he looks so harmless and forlorn. He probably hasn’t seen a bit of bare tit for ages, and no wonder he’s not even good looking.”

“You’re right,” the younger of the two says. “He’d have to have a good head on his cock to make up for the one on his shoulders!” The Indian’s ego is hurt and he’s seething at their insults but he knows he can expect it from young ones of today who think anyone in their 40s is old. He’s a patient man though and will more than make up for their audacity when he gets them in the palm of his hand.

He can hear Mandy again with more cheek coming from her mouth. He can’t wait to see her turn the other cheek — both of them inside her closely cropped panties — when he gets them in his apartment for dinner. “You know Sherrie, when they get to his age they get desperate to see a younger woman’s body. I bet he’s frustrated that’s why he’s invited us in for dinner; he doesn’t care one hoot about us making it and getting a job. I bet he wanks himself just thinking about how he’s missing out and we’re so close.” He can hear them both laughing as he listens with a frown on his face and bursa ucuz escort a hand over the outside swell of his pants.

“All men jerk off,” Sherrie laughs, sounding as if she’s an expert in human relations but she’s only been on the block the past five minutes. “Wives give it to them and they still pull their dicks over someone younger, especially schoolgirls. Did you notice his eyes were popping out when he saw us in our panties at the door, fairly drooling?”

He ‘s drooling all right if they could only see him now, his cock rock hard in his underwear as watches them through the wall and hears their conversation. Revenge will be so sweet, he thinks, as he imagines both of them the way he wants to see them. He doesn’t have to wait too long as the hours flash by quickly as if the hands on his wall clock can’t wait to see their hands on his cock.

Here are two inexperienced opportunists, down on their luck, down on their money and more likely to be down on him before long if it takes sex to get money they need desperately. These two wags are not virgins and by their appearance he’d be amazed if they were. Incest took care of that.

He’s got everything ready for them arriving at 6, right down to the goat’s milk in the refrigerator that he’s already sprinkled with a generous amount of the tasteless but powerful sex aphrodisiac Spanish Fly. Mandy and Sherrie weren’t wrong when they joked about him probably jerking off over their sexy looks. He’s just done that in the same manner he did so successfully for the more sedate Selena — jerking off into the goat’s milk so she drank his cum mixed into the milk. They are next on the menu.

This horny Indian doesn’t fool about with his fetish for planting his seed in their drinks, he does it in real style with a dessertspoon full amount in each glass – a conscientious sperm donor this man – spacing his gift an hour apart to make sure they get the same amount each. He carefully mixes his contribution into the milk along with the amorous aphrodisiac and tops both cold glasses with nice tasting nutmeg powder to camouflage the appearance and taste of the milk. Normally the cock precedes the cum going inside the woman, but in the case of these two sexy students the lesson he delivers is that at times the cum can come before the cock.

It’s six o’clock and they turn up on time ever hungry to take advantage of him if they can get away with it.

Mandy is wearing the same tight denim micro mini skirt she had on when they first turned up at his door a week ago. She’s wearing a loose fitting white nylon top with thin straps over the shoulders and falling just short of her navel. The long straps pick up the garment three inches down her bare and stunning breasts. Her slim body, height and the size of her bulbous breasts are worth every insult she wants to utter if he can get his mouth on her udders. His eyes go straight to the shadowy outline of her nipples and wide areolas as her points press outwards against the nylon material.

Sherrie wears a light pink undersized boob tube that covers her tits just an inch and a half above and below her firm tits, hiding her smaller but more upraised areolas. She’s tied her boob tube with a slip knot behind the back that takes a mere slip of the finger to undo. He hasn’t seen the tattered look micro mini skirt before that she’s sporting and how sporting of her having it so short her underwear shows when she walks.

He notices though that both of them have gone to some sort of trouble dressing up as well as dressing down with fresh gloss lipstick, eyebrow pencilled make-up and suddenly their eyelashes are longer and sexier, no doubt to impress him as if they’re more mature than they are.

He ushers them in and hands them each a glass of his perfectly prepared goat’s milk. “What’s this?” asks Mandy, “that’s milk, haven’t you got something stronger than that?”

“Oh yes indeed I do, I do, but first you must drink from the fountain of youth where my milk comes from. This is goat’s milk and I kid you not it will give you more energy and make you feel very good indeed like you will want to party and let your hair down, so drink it up. It’s the taste of things to come and then I can bring out some champagne.”

Both girls look at each other and shrug their shoulders. They like the sound of wanting to party and champagne so they gulp it down to the last drop, swallowing his cum and the powerful sexual arousal aphrodisiac powder as he watches greedily, rubbing his hands together thanking them. They can smell the drift of the Madras curry dinner wafting in from his kitchen, reminding them they are in for something hot.

“Oh yes, very good, very good,” he says in his humble voice. “Now we sit down and we eat something and then we can talk about things you two girls may be interested in.” he says.

Being the twitty bird that she is Mandy chirps up, “What would that be Mr Singh? Are you going to ask us to sing for our supper or something that sounds bursa üniversiteli escort more like swinging than singing? You know, something that ravishing models in the making like we might like? ” He just smiles and knows his turn will come. Champagne and Indian curry are strange bedfellows for his meal table but this pair wouldn’t know the difference so he plays along with them, serving their dishes and pouring their bubbly well aware the spices will have them panting for breath soon.

The two Asians hungrily dive into the curried meal as if it’s their first meal of the day and it’s not long before they’re fanning their mouths with their hand and emptying their wine glasses one after the other. He keeps topping them up just as quickly. “This is really hot; do you Indians eat this stuff all the time like this?” Mandy asks, washing a mouthful down with more wine.

He laughs and if he were Irish and not Indian, he would say “it’s hot, to be sure, to be sure.” And to be sure he added extra spices to make them open their mouths panting and looking for the champagne bottle every which way. To be sure, to be sure again he has six bottles of the cheap champers in his refrigerator in reserve certain they’d sleep the night on his floor unable to walk back to their apartment.

“So you girls think you should be models?” he prompts. “Why not,” we’ve got what it takes and we only need to get help with the make-up side of things,” chirps the younger one. “God I’m feeling hot in here,” she says.”

He turns on the ceiling fan but Sherrie and Mandy are getting hot inside out, the fast acting aphrodisiac starting to kick in with the champagne. They manage to get through their meal still fanning their face and looking for more of the sparkling to douse the flames in their throats.

“Indeed yes you could be like models but I am no judge,” he says to get them thinking of their body.

“But you must think we’re pretty, look at these,” Sherrie asserts, cupping her hands under her memorable mammary glands and making him wince. Mandy gets off her chair and walks behind her friend, tugging the knot at the back of her boob tube and making it fall into her lap revealing in full splendour her prick teasing tits. “Show the man Sherrie, show him you’re as good as anyone for someone just…” says Mandy cutting off her sentence suddenly as if she was changing her mind.

“Oh my goodness,” he mumbles, “you should win every time with those.”

Mandy complains it’s too hot and he knows his plan is working as she undoes her blouse and leaves it on but this time she’s not wearing her bra so it’s better than at the door. The size of them with their wide areolas and thick nipples make him groan under his breath. Both girls are sitting opposite him and his eyes take in the delightful site he’s forced to look at. The life of a landlord can be so hard.

“Are there any virgins left in this world?” he asks to test them out and to also get them thinking about things sexual.

They laugh and then giggle looking at each other. “Are you?” Sherrie asks Mandy.

“Are you?” Mandy asks Sherrie.

They both giggle and look at him. “Mr Singh we lost that ages ago, most girls do these days do you know that? I suppose not,” Sherrie giggles.

“When did you lose yours?” he asks suggestively to get to the point hoping to make her talk about it as he senses the influence of the sex stimulant and the bubbly wine is now getting into their nervous system.

“Oh that wasn’t my fault; it was my married cousin that did it. Dirty old man he was taking me to show me the new condo he just bought but hadn’t moved into yet with his wife and two kids. Well it was some time ago and of course I’ve been a good girl since”

The Indian leans forward topping her glass up again as he listens eagerly, hearing Mandy hiccup as she looks at Sherrie about to spill the beans on her some of her past. These pumped up students go off so easily he thinks, so much for them being smart arses they think they are trying to be one up on him. Soon they will be one up on him – at a time — and in different way to what they might have planned.

“Your married cousin, how old was this man,” he asks. “He was, I think, I think in his forties, very old actually.”

“Sherrie, I’m in my forties and I’m not very old thank you, but do continue. Was this your first time?””

“Well yes, but he used to get me aside in his house and put his hand up my skirt.”

“You let him?”

“It felt good; I didn’t want to cause a fuss so I took it. It was the first time someone else gave me an orgasm touching me there. If it feels good I like to do it.”

“But that’s a long way from you know what, taking you to his room.”

Sherrie laughs again, hiccups and looks at Mandy who’s encouraging her to go on. “It wasn’t such a long way to his room, we were alone – well so I thought – in his new condo and he got me so worked up I was already undressed before we got to his bedroom.”

“So you thought? His wife was there after all, in that house and he’s undressed you?

“No silly man how could that be? When we got to his room another man was already in there sitting in this big leather chair in the corner. The first thing I noticed he was not dressed and was stroking his dick, it was about six inches on first sight but it was hard so I thought uh oh, they’re going to take turns on me.”

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