At the House in the Hills Ch. 01

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It was a couple of days after the double funeral service for my parents. My sister and I agreed to meet at our folk’s home that set out in the hills of Vermont. We had to start going through the stuff in the house and the out buildings that our parents had used for the different business that they owed and ran. Our parents had started several different ones over the years, six total and they all were still running good. We had to inventory all of them to decide what the plan was going to be to do with them. The good thing about four of the companies they were online so I could two and my sister could take two if she wanted too.

I was the older of the two of us, my sister was five years younger than me. I’m 6’4″ and weight about 210 and my dick is around 8″ long and 2″ round when I’m not hard, when I get an erection it grows making me 10″ long and 2 ½” around. My sister is 5’10” and probably weights about 125, she has very large natural breasts that sit high on her chest she is about a 42D, has a thin waistline and a nice heart shape ass.

I got to the house first, so I opened it up and made sure the alarm was off and the water heater was on to heat the water since we would be here for a while. I unload the groceries from my truck and put them away. I go out on the porch and sit down and start drinking my Irish Coffee and Jessica showed up after all this work had just been completed as if she was sitting down the road just waiting. I help her unload her truck. She had stopped at the store on the way up to pick up some groceries as well not sure what I liked or what I had gotten since we both lived in different parts up New England. Jess lived here in Vermont and I lived couple of states over in Maine.

We put the groceries away and I let Jessica take whatever room she wanted since the house had 1 bedroom on the first floor and 3 bedrooms on second floor and 2 extra rooms on the 3rd floor, the basement was finished with multiple rooms one was my old room that I had used when I came home from school and when I was on leave from the military. Jessica took her old room upstairs Casibom and I took mine downstairs. Neither one of us what to go into the bedroom our parents used to sleep there.

We decided to start looking through the office in the basement, there was a computer on both desks with a server in the closet. Looking over at my sister I caught her staring at mom’s computer screen wide eyed, I asked her what she was looking at. She looked up at me and told me that the companies were worth a lot more than what we thought.

I turned on dad’s system and looked over the different icons. There were the stander icons that you would see for a business as well as several icons that looked like a surveillance program. I clicked on it and the screen on the left and the screen on right of the center screen lite up with video feeds from the driveway all the way to the out buildings. There were even feeds from inside the house, each room had a video feed. The video feeds were active by motion sensor, each feed was stored on a hard drive on the server. I closed the program down and looked at some other programs on the system. Dad had inventory on his computer as well as a customer list and a list of suppliers. There were four or five proposals from different companies to buy the one of companies and just as many to buy the other company, both were the ones we were thinking about selling. Dad had made a couple of notes on the ones he was looking at selling them to and made some note on the ones he didn’t care for their offer. I motion Jessica to come over and read what dad had wrote.

She came over and straddle my leg so she could read his notes, I caught a whiff of her hair and I felt a little tingle in my groin. Looking over her shoulder I notice her chest rising and falling as she breathed. I started to get hard and I start telling myself in my mind this is your sister this is wrong. But I was fighting a losing battle, just then the phone upstairs started ringing and then the phone on mom’s desk started to ring once the phone didn’t get picked up it transferred to the office. Jessica jumped Casibom Giriş up and ran around the desk toward the door were mom’s desk was to answer it. I watched her jump up and run around the desk and I had to look away it was very arousing to watch her bounce and jingle.

It was the lawyer’s office asking if we were all set since it was Friday and they were closing for the weekend. She told them yes everything was fine and we would talk to them Monday. Jessica hung up the phone and asked if I was hungry and if I wanted to see if the grill was still on the back porch and had gas. She had picked up some steaks and thought that would be a good lunch and maybe supper if I would cook the four large steaks. So, we went upstairs to the kitchen with Jessica leading the way. I watched her ass as she climbed the stairs, it looked firm in her tight shorts.

I check the grill and started it up, Jessica brought the steaks out, so I could throw them on the grill, she went back into the kitchen and came back out with two mixed drinks. Handed one to me and asked if I still drank Jack Daniel’s and Moxie, I told her yes, I still did and thank you. As the steaks cooked we talked about what had been going on in our personal lives. As the steaks were finishing Jessica went into the house and got the salad, plates and some more drinks. Once we finished eating, the table was cleaned off.

We moved into the living room and had a couple more drinks. I went out to my truck and grabbed my laptop and external hard drive. I asked Jessica if she wanted to watch a movie? She said sure what do you got. I found one that had action and sex, not really thinking about who I was going to watch the movie with.

We sat on the couch together watching the movie and still drinking. When the movie started one of the sex scenes I looked over at Jessica and notices she was holding her legs tightly together and she was breathing rapidly. Her eyes were glazed, I don’t think she was seeing the screen. I noticed her breathing was quickly getting deeper and faster. As I watched her I started to get hard Casibom Güncel Giriş again, the movie finally ended and Jessica was still flush so I turned the movie off and stood up trying to hide the fact I was hard. Jessica grab my hand and pull herself up and lost her balance falling right into my arms and I know she felt my dick because she sucked in a quick breath when she landed on it. She turned away saying she needed to go to bed, I told her I would lock up. I finish locking up and headed down stairs to my room, as I walked by the office I thought about the video feeds.

I turned on the main screen and clicked the icon, the monitors came on. I clicked my sister’s room and it move to the main screen. She had undressed and was laying on her bed rubbing her tits with one hand and the other had was touching her clit. She was clean shaven except for a small heart shape right above her clit. As I watched her, I undid my pants releasing my cock and start stroking myself, she started to slide one of her fingers inside her pussy. Jessica started tweaking her nipples and sliding her finger in and out faster, her thumb started strumming her clit. She was crying out as she started shaking, she went ridged, I could tell she was cumming. I noticed a pair of head phones on the desk so I put them on and turned the volume up and there was sound also. Hearing her as she started cumming really put me over the top I started cumming hard, she was saying my name as she was cumming! I came with my sister and it lasted what seemed like ten minutes but it was only a couple of seconds. I cleaned up my mess and sat there watching her. She laid on the bed relaxing for a few minutes before she sat up and started cleaning up. Once she was done she crawled under the blankets and turned the light off. I closed out the program on the computer then shut off the monitor.

Once I was in my room I started feeling guilty about watching my sister and master baiting to what she was doing behind closed doors.

I strip down and crawl under the sheets and turn off the light, but I keep thinking about what I watched and going over how Jessica looked before and after she came. I trying to figure out why all the rooms had video feeds in them. I fell asleep only to dream about my sister and how she would look if I was fucking her.

Too Be Continued …..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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