At the In-Laws Ch. 02

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At the In-Laws

I’ve always wanted to stuff my mother-in-law, Elaine, with my 7″ of meat and fill her full of my creamy filling.

I finally get my chance.

It’s been a few busy months, so we haven’t been back to the in-laws. We finally picked a long weekend to go and visit. I know it’s a couple of weeks away, but my cock is in a constant state of arousal and I think T’s pussy is getting sore as I’m fucking her every night thinking of Elaine.

It’s the night before we are going to leave. I walk into our bedroom and T is talking on the phone. I assume it’s her mom. I walk up behind her, grab her hips, and pull her ass into my hard cock.

She pulls the phone away from her ear swats my hand away and whispers, “Stop! I’m talking to mom.”

I hop on the bed pull my cock out of my shorts, and start stroking it slowly. “I love my mother-in-law,” I say loud enough so Elaine can hear me over the phone.

T turns and sees me stroking my cock. She watches me and forgets she had the phone in her hand.

She shakes her head and snaps out of it. “Huh, what? Sorry, Roland was showing me something.”

As she turns to leave the room, she says, “Mom says she loves you too.”

I continue to stroke my cock and think of Elaine. After a couple of minutes, T comes back in.

“Can you put that damn thing away? We need to talk.”

As she sits down, I continue to stroke my cock. I grab her hand and place it on my cock. She pulls it away like she touched a hot stove.

“No!” she says forcefully. “I just got a call from work and they want me to come in over the weekend.”

“What!” I said as I tuck my hard cock back into my shorts. It makes a huge tent. “But we were all ready to go!”

“Well, you still need to go. Mom said she needs some help to move a ton of boxes around. I said you would be glad to help.”

“Fucking rights. I’m gonna help her and it won’t be moving boxes.” I think to myself.

“What! I hate moving. Where’s your dad!”

T leans forward, pouts seductively, and starts rubbing my tent. “If you say yes, your little friend can come out and play!”

I pull my shorts down and my cock springs out. I smile and say, “start sucking baby.”

“This is all you’re going to get. My pussy is too sore.”

I put my hand behind her head, pull it down to my waiting cock and imagine that Elaine’s lips are wrapped around it. It doesn’t take long for me to blow my load. She can sense I’m gonna cum and pull it out of her mouth and continue to jerk me off into a towel.

“Thanks, baby. Mom will be happy you’re coming. I’ll text her back and let her know.”

I smile, pull her in for a kiss and think, “she better be or I’ll make her.”

The next morning.

“You better get moving. Mom called and asked when you’re going to get there.”

I look at the clock. “It’s 5 am! What the hell time does she think I’m gonna leave?”

“Oh, don’t be so grumpy. Mom is happy you are going to help. She’ll take good care of you this weekend.”

Smiling, I ask, “Well, will she take care of all my needs? Even the ones you do?”

“You’d like that, you sicko, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes!” I replied.

Shocked, she grabs her pillow and starts beating me with it. “You sick fuck!”

Laughing and deflecting the pillow, I manage to say. “It would be better if you were there too!”

She stops, looks at me and notices I’m getting hard. “Seriously?”

“Oh come on. I’m just kidding.”

“Sure didn’t sound like it. Why are you getting an erection?”

“What?” I say as I look at my groin. “Just watching your tits bouncing around is making me hard.”

She looks at me with narrowed eyes. “Mmm-hmm. I bet.” She throws the pillow at me and I catch it. “Get moving buster,” she says and walks away.

I ignore my hard cock and hop into the shower. This might turn into a great weekend after all. Can’t wait to get there and see where we can pick up. Fuck, I’m gonna be all over Elaine.

“Hey, babe,” T shouts from the doorway.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“They cancelled the meetings. Now I can come too!”

“Awesome, I’ll be out right away.”

Fuck me, so much for my plans. Well, hopefully, Elaine shows up in the mornings.

After 2 hours we finally pull into the driveway, and sure enough, there’s her dad puttering around in his garden.

“He sure loves playing around in there, doesn’t he?” I say as I look over at T.

Smiling, she watches her dad.

“I’m gonna go help him,” she says, and she gets out of the car, walks over hugs her dad and starts to help him.

I get out grab our bags and head inside. I go in through the garage and stop at the door to the house.

“Well, here we go,” I whisper to myself, not knowing what to expect.

I open the door and go in. Every time we have come here, Elaine has been in the kitchen when we walked through that door. I look to the kitchen, empty. Doesn’t feel right that she is not there, she is always there.

Humph. No one welcomed me.


That came from upstairs.


What is going on? I head up the Lefkoşa Escort stairs. At the top, I hear it again.


I turn my head to the sound. It’s coming from the room we sleep in. I walk in and there is Elaine, bent over making the bed. Her ass is nicely wrapped in some tight spandex shorts. I stood there watching her ass move side to side as she wiggled around on the bed. She’s wearing a tee shirt. Can’t tell if she has a bra on or not. But I don’t care. My cock is hard as a rock, trying to bust out of my shorts.

Elaine finishes making the bed, stands up and turns around. She sees me and jumps.

Nope, no bra, I think to myself as I watch her tits swing and jiggle.

“Oh,” Elaine squeaks and places her hands over her chest.

She quickly looks at my bulge, blushes, and says, “Sorry, I didn’t hear you guys pull up.”

Looking at Elaine’s nipples poking out from under her shirt, I smile and say, “No problem, sorry, I scared you.” I turned and bent over to set our bags down.

“It’s ok. I have to check on supper,” she says and quickly goes downstairs.

Well, I guess that answers my question. No more fun for me. I finish unpacking our stuff, then head downstairs. Elaine is bent over checking the chicken in the oven. T and her dad just came into the house. Crap, I need some alone time with Elaine.

“Thanks for bringing everything in, sweetie,” T says and kisses me on the lips.

“Any time my beautiful.” and I smack her butt.

“Stop,” she says as she turns to the kitchen. “Hi, Mom. how are you?”

I watch as they hug. Elaine looks at me, I smile.

We sit at the dining table and chat while supper cooks. Elaine mentions that we don’t have to move the boxes as they hired someone to. As always, Elaine is getting up to check supper every 15 min. As always, I watch her ass.

Elaine gets up grabs dishes and starts to set the table. T gets up to help. I watch Elaine’s tits swing back and forth as she reaches out to set the plates.

As I’m watching Elaine’s tits swing ever so lovely, I get a sharp pain in my ankle. I turn my head and T is standing beside me.

With a smile, T says, “Oh, sorry I didn’t see your foot there.” and sets my plate and cutlery.

“Supper will be ready in 20 minutes,” Elaine announced.

I get up and start to head upstairs, intending to rub out a quick one.

“Where are you going? Super will be ready In a few minutes.” T asks.

“Washroom. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I lock the door and look in the hamper for Elaine’s underwear. Fuck, empty!

Oh well, I can still see them in my mind, swinging back and forth. I pull out my half-hard cock and start stroking while I remember sucking on Elaine’s tits.

There are three quick knocks on the door. “Open the door!” It was T.

“I’m going pee!”

Louder knocking this time. “Open the damn door”

“Alright, one sec.” I turn and open the door with my cock still out, then turn back to the toilet and start to pee.

“What the fuck was that about?” T asks angrily, with her hands on her hips.

“What?” I innocently ask.

“Don’t what me. Downstairs, when mom was setting the table. You were gawking at mom’s boobs!”

“No, I wasn’t.”

“You were so. Your eyes were glued to her tits!”


Now she was getting frustrated. “That’s it?”

“Sorry, you know I’m a boob guy and they were hanging right there. What was I supposed to do?” I give her a sweet, innocent smile.

“You’re a pig!”

“I love you too,” I say and blow her a kiss.

She walks out and shuts the door.

I finish up and head down for supper.

We spent the rest of the evening watching tv, talking and having a few drinks. Around midnight, we all head up to bed.

My wife doesn’t drink a lot, so she was feeling pretty good. As soon as we’re in our room, I take my clothes off. My dick is sticking straight out, bouncing, and ready for action.

My wife turns around and starts undressing. She looks at my cock. Swaying, she smiles and walks over and grabs my cock. I hold her up as she slowly strokes my cock and kisses my neck.

“Looks like,” she kisses my neck. “Someone,” she kisses my lips, “wants to play,” and shoves her tongue into my mouth.

I start pulling her clothes off as we continue to kiss and tongue wrestle. When her clothes are off, I grab her ass, lift her, line my cock up and impale her with it.

“Aaaagh, oh God, that feels so fucking good.” She moans.

We continue kissing as I slide her up and down my cock. I walk over to the bed and fall forward. As we land on the bed, I thrust my hips and bury my cock as deep as I can. T screams into my mouth.

I keep kissing her as I assault her pussy with hard, deep thrusts. I imagine I’m pounding Elaine.

“Mm, you feel so good. I could stay here forever. Fuck, I’m getting close.”

“Me to baby. Ugh. Harder. Mmmmpf, I’m gonna cum.” she groans.

I roll us over so she is straddling me.

I lift her by her armpits, and she places her hands on my chest.

“Mmmmm. Girne Escort I’m gonna be so sore tomorrow,” she says as she starts to grind her pussy into me.

“Well then, ride me for all your worth.”

“Mmm, glad to,” she says as she starts to bounce up and down.

I moan as she picks up speed. I watch her tits bounce and slap together. I look down and see her pussy swallow my cock. Much more and I’m gonna cum.

“Oh fuck,” she moans and leans forward. Her tits are now swinging around and brushing the tip of my nose. I try catching a nipple in my mouth, but it is impossible since they are not sticking out.

“I’m gonna cum, baby,” she moans.

“Me too. Faster!”

She slows down and looks me in the eye. “Whos tits were you thinking of, mine or moms?”

I stop moving.

“You can say mom’s, I won’t get mad.”

I buck my hips, forcing her up and forward. Her tits fall in my face and I start fucking her as fast and hard as I can.

“Aaah, my God, I cummmming,” she moans.

“Yooouuurrrrr mooooommmmm’s,” I say.

She slumps forward and crashes on me.



That’s all I get out of here. She starts to lightly snore. She is asleep on top of me and my cock is still inside her. I needed to cum, so I grabbed and kneed her ass. I slowly pull her up, then push her back down on my cock.

“Mmmm” she moans

She is out of it, so I continue to rock her back and forth on my cock. I imagine it is Elaine gliding back and forth on my shaft.

I take a chance and whisper, “Fuck me, Elaine.”

Nothing a little louder. “Ride my cock, Elaine.”

I continue to make her ride me for a few more minutes, then I roll us over so she is on her back. With my cock still in her, I prop myself up and look at her. She is passed out and lightly snoring.

Quietly, I say, “ready to get used, Elaine?” I lean down and suck on her nipples.

“Mmmm” she moans.

I bring my knees forward and spread her legs so I’m kneeling. I grab her legs and bring them up over my shoulders and I brace myself as I stretch out my legs. I slowly push my hips forward, burying my cock in her sopping wet cunt.

“That’s it, Elaine. Take it all in.”

Imagining she’s Elaine, I start to wildly pound the shit out of her pussy.

Softly I say, “I’m gonna cum, Elaine. I hope you enjoy it.” Then I get an idea. I stop fucking her let her legs fall to the bed and pull out.

“Ready to swallow a load, Elaine?”

I grab a couple of pillows and prop her up so she is partially sitting. I close her legs and straddle her chest, then reach behind and stick my fingers in her cunt and get them wet, then rub them between her tits. I slide my cock up and push her tits together to surround it. I push my hips forward as far as I can. Not close enough. I let go of her tits and move forward. It is starting to get dry between her tits, so I spit on my cock. I grab her boobs and start to fuck them again. Perfect. I slowly fuck her tits and at the end of my thrust, my cock head pops into her open mouth, lightly scraping by her teeth.

“Mmm, ok, Elaine. Get ready to enjoy a load of my creamy filling.”

I start slowly, then pick up speed. Every time my dick goes into her mouth, her head bumps the wall. If I had another hand, I would hold her head, but I don’t so, oh well.

“Get ready Elaine, I’m gonna cum. Oh, fuck Elaine, your mouth feels so good. Here it cums.”

I let go of her tits on my final thrust, push my cock into her mouth and erupt. Over and over, cum spews out. Her mouth is slightly open and cum starts dripping out. I pull my cock out and gently close her mouth. She swallows and turns her head. I wipe my cock on her tits.

“Thanks, Elaine. You were wonderful.” I lean down and kiss her. I move her so she is sleeping on the correct side and cover her up, then get in and fall asleep.

Saturday morning

Like clockwork, I’m at 5. I lie there for a bit, then roll out of bed and head to the bathroom. I pee, brush my teeth, wash up, and head downstairs. I go to the den and get in my seat, play on my phone and wait.

I look at my watch, 6 am.

“Hmm,” I smile, “she must feel rough today.”

I hear her bedroom door open. Out walks Elaine wearing spandex shorts and a regular tee shirt. “Dam,” I think to myself. Five minutes later, the bathroom door opens and Elaine comes downstairs. Her boobs aren’t bouncing very much, damn she is wearing a bra.

Looking up to her eyes, I say, “Morning,” she knows I was looking at her tits.

She smiles. “Good morning. How was your sleep?”

“Was good. Could have been longer but I can never sleep past five.

“Well, if you would have gone straight to sleep instead of making so much noise, you would have had an extra hour.”

Stunned, I just laughed. WTF, did she stay awake the whole time and listen?

I was going to ask how she knew it was an hour, but a bedroom door opened. We watched. It was T. She went into the bathroom. She had to steady herself by leaning against the wall. She came out Magosa Escort a few minutes later and went back to bed.

I smiled and then looked at Elaine.

She was smiling, looking at me.

“What?” I asked.

Just as she was about to answer, another bedroom door opened. We looked up and T’s dad was coming downstairs.

“Morning,” I say as he reaches the bottom.

“Morning,” he replies grumpily and turns to go to the family room, then out to the garage.

I turn to Elaine. “He never heard that last night, did he?”

Smiling, “No, he was out before it started to get loud.”

“Ok, that’s good,” I said with a sigh of relief.

T’s dad came back in and we chatted over coffee. About an hour later, we heard a bedroom door open. A couple of minutes later, T comes downstairs.

“Morning my beautiful,” I say.

“Morning,” she says and comes and sits on my lap.

“Morning mom, dad.”

“Morning,” they both reply.

“Well, let’s make some breakfast,” Elaine says as she stands up.

“Do you have any aspirin?” T asks. “I got a splitting headache. I feel like I banged my head into a wall over and over. “

“Yes, I’ll get you one.” She smiles and looks at me.

T gets a glass of water and comes and sits beside me. Her dad gets up and heads upstairs.

She leans over and asks, “What the hell happened last night?”

“What do you mean? We had sex.” I said innocently.

“Well, my pussy is so sore, my head is killing me and I had an awful taste in my mouth.”

“Well, I was holding you with your legs wrapped around me and we were fucking standing up. I walked over to the bed and tripped. We landed on the bed, with me on top. I must have gone all the way in and I imagine your head and taste in your mouth were caused by drinking. You don’t remember anything else?”

“No, I don’t remember going upstairs.”

Thank God, I thought. “Well, we went at it pretty good for a while. I think your mom heard.”

Her face was bright red. “Oh my God. I’m so embarrassed.”

“What are you embarrassed about?” Elaine asks.

“Did you hear anything last night?

“Hear what?” she says with a smirk. “Your father and I were out like a light when we went to bed. Did something happen?”

“Not really. Roland stubbed his toe on the way to the bathroom and was swearing pretty loud. I thought he would wake you guys up.” She looked at me relieved.

“That’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Come, let’s eat. I need to go to the mall and get some groceries.”

I spend the rest of the day half hard as I watch Elaine’s ass and tits jiggle.

When we head up to bed, I am so fucking horny my balls hurt. We get in, and I roll over and press my cock into her ass.

“No way, mister. I am too sore. Maybe tomorrow.”

“Fine,” I whine and fall asleep.

Sunday morning

5 am, the sun is shining, my morning wood is as strong as a mighty oak. I quietly roll out of bed, grab a shirt and shorts, head to the bathroom to get cleaned up and go downstairs to wait for Elaine to come down. I pull out my cock, close my eyes and slowly stroke it, all the while thinking Elaine is stroking it. Pre cum starts to ooze out the tip. I hear a door open and quickly shove my cock in my shorts. I look up and see Elaine walking into the bathroom. Dam she is wearing a tee-shirt again.

Time to find out where we stand.

I pull my dick out and continue to stroke it. After a few minutes, Elaine comes out and starts coming downstairs. Well, she is not wearing a bra. Her boobs are jiggling and swaying all over. I unconsciously stroke faster.

She stops at the bottom of the stairs and watches me stroking my cock. Her nipples are now at full mast and trying to poke a hole through her shirt. She blushes walks into the den and sits beside me. I watch her watching me stroke my cock the whole time.

Smiling and looking at her tits, I say, “Good morning, you look wonderful.”

Starting at my cock, she says, “Thanks.” pauses like she is thinking, then says, “we can’t do this.”

I grab her hand and pull it to my cock without resistance. I wrap it around my cock and together we start stroking. Still no resistance. I look at her. She is staring at my cock. I let go, and she continues to slowly stroke me.

I look at her, “can’t do what?” I ask.


I turn my hips slightly so I am facing her and put my hand on her hip, then slowly slide it up under her shirt. I slowly slide up her side until I bump into her breast. I cup it and gently squeeze it. I squeezed and kneaded it a few more times. I slide my thumb and pointer finger to her nipple. I pinch it gently.

“Ohhh,” she moans.

I pinch harder, pull and twist it a little.

“Oh God,” she moans as she squeezes my cock and strokes it faster. I’m about to explode.

“Mmmmm. So, you were saying?” I ask as I pull on her nipple.

She lays her head back on the love chair and moans. “Ohhh, ahhh. Ohhh God. Please stop. We..”

I pinch, pull, and twist her nipple harder and hold it.

“Ohhh, oh fuck I’m, I’m. Gonna, oh fuck!”

I let go of her nipple and quickly grabbed the other one, pulling and twisting.

Still stroking me, she stiffens. I can tell she is going to cum. I push my hips up and towards her.

She covers her face with a pillow and screams into it, “Aaahhh, I’m, I’m, cuuuummmiinnnggggg!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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