At the Reservoir

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I take three- to five-mile hikes about twice weekly. I have five nearby nature trails I rotate through (in addition to a few more urban walks). The park I went to recently—at the town’s reservoir—has been on the Internet for years as a male pickup spot, although the police seemed to have stopped that a few years ago, I thought—and the pickup spots (the restrooms and an old barn) aren’t near where I walk.

I was coming down a wooded trail slanting down to a bridge over a stream in a fairly isolated part of the park, when I noticed a young man down near the bridge, just sort of milling around. I don’t often meet other people on this trail, and those I do meet seem to be on the move, just as I am. He was looking up the side of the ridge at me while I was descending to the stream and bridge. He looked college age—some sort of pleasant, just OK looking guy with dark features, curly black hair, about 5′ 10’—my height, eyeglasses. My mind said local university, helped, I’m sure because he was wearing a university-logo T-shirt (but, then, so was I).

When I was about down to the bridge, he smiled and said it was a nice day for a hike, and was that what I was out here for? I agreed that was why I was here (it seemed fairly obvious; this was a hiking trail and I wasn’t tuned into other possibilities). As I got up to him, he pointed to my T-shirt and asked if I’d gone to the football game Saturday night. I said no, but I’d listened to it on the radio. We exchanged a few pleasantries about Demetevler Escort the game—our university had won in the last second by one point when the opponents failed to convert a touchdown extra point. He seemed to want to chat, but I was hiking, so I moved on.

About ten minutes later, I encountered him again where trails intersected. I’d taken the long route; he’d taken the short. He had stripped off his T and was sitting on a fallen tree. Big smile, pretty good musculature. He asked again whether I was only there to hike. I was starting to get the message and answered that, yes, that was all I’d come to do and what else would there to be to do on a hiking trail in the woods? Well, there’s sex, he answered, and gave me “that look” up and down. Then he said he’d be moving off “there” in the woods, and if I was interested, I could follow him.

Now, I don’t get all that much now (but some: *grin*) and have been thinking a lot about sex recently. So, I thought, what the hell. And I followed him into the woods. He went straight for a secluded spot, well away from the trails and near the shore of the town’s reservoir. He obviously had picked the spot out already. There was a big fallen tree there where you had to perch up just a little to sit. He laid his shirt on top of this and then turned to me as I approached, and I just went into his arms. He stripped my shirt off and laid it on the fallen tree with his and then we Otele gelen escort did some kissing and chest rubbing and hand exploring. He pushed my shorts and briefs down and off and I did the same for him, and then we did some more kissing and rubbing together of tits and navels and cocks. We both murmured that we liked what we found. Kept our voices down, because, although we probably wouldn’t be seen, we likely could have been heard at some distance, especially with the lake so near by.

This was going on for a while, and I was wondering who was supposed to fuck who here. It had been so long since there hadn’t been clear signals on that before we got to this stage from someone I was with. Funny what people think and worry about in these situations. But he then knelt and started sucking me off, which made me decide he was expecting to do me, saving his hardening for right before the fuck. He was good at cocksucking and wouldn’t stop until I had creamed his tonsils. Then he stood and pushed me down on my knees and I worked him until he was hard. He had a nice piece; not as long and thick as mine, I don’t think, but nice enough anyway.

When it was obvious that we were getting to the fuck part—he had lifted me and turned me toward the fallen tree, I let him know he’d have to use a condom and that I didn’t have one. (I just went out that day for an exercise hike.) He’d come prepared with condoms and KY, though, so that Balgat Escort part was taken care of. I went belly down on the tree on top of our Ts, with my legs out wide and my hands holding my butt cheeks open, and he put his face into my crack. He was good at this too. Then the KY and a some fingerfucking and then the real thing. Just slid on in without any trouble. Nothing exotic—other than being outdoors and a surprise—but nice all the same. held me with hands on my shoulders and pushed hard with his hips in the thrusts. Half way through the fuck, I did get him to turn me, saying I wanted to watch what he was doing, and he got my butt up on the tree, and his cock buried again. His arms went under my thighs, holding them out, and then around to my back and he held his hands together in a locked fist at the small of my back. After getting jolted there back and forth by his short thrusts and my counterthrusts with our eyes locked closely together for a while, I was able to arch back and grab a few saplings at each side to hold myself and he took longer and faster strokes.

After he’d jacked off inside me, he pulled my chest up to his, one arm around me, and stroked me off again between our bellies with the other hand. Nice enough not just to fuck and leave me. Did lip work for a couple of minutes after I’d shot off. Said it was very nice and asked if we could exchange e-mails and meet again—but I told him I didn’t do this regularly and already had a steady. But that maybe we’d run across each other in the woods again some day. It would be another couple of weeks before that park came up again in my hike rotation; I did tell him when it would be likely I’d be hiking there again.

It’s been a couple of weeks now. And that park is coming up in my rotation and I can make it there on the day I told him I might be there. I am wondering . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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