At Work

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Our manager has asked me to work the overnight shift one night because we are having visitors early the next morning and he wants the store to look good. You have inventory the next day and ask if you can work overnight also. Surprisingly he agrees and we are about to spend 8 hours alone in the store. At the beginning of the night you ask me to come over to the bakery and take a break with you as soon as I am done with the floors. I finish the floors, in record time I might add because I can’t wait to spend some time with you, put the buffer away and walk up to the bakery.

When I get there you are working behind one of the bakery tables. You look up and smile at me, then step out from behind the table. I see your bare legs as you unbutton the top button revealing your bare chest and I realize that you are naked under your smock. “Christmas came early this year, why don’t you unwrap your present, Baby?” you ask me, leaning against the table with a huge smile.

I smile back and reach out to unbutton your smock, we both notice that my hands are shaking. I slowly work my way down, revealing more and more of your naked flesh. When your smock is completely unbuttoned I slip it off your shoulders and then pull your body against me, kissing you deeply. My hands are all over your back and buttocks while our tongues entwine searching each other’s mouths. You moan loudly and push me back against the counter.

You slip your hands up under my t-shirt and start to rub your hands across my chest while I admire your nude body. You pull my shirt up and over my head and then move in to kiss my neck and shoulders as my head tilts back and I moan. You cover my chest with kisses before you start to lick and suck on my nipples. One of my hands goes into your hair while the other caresses your back. As you suck hard and lick my nipples I moan uncontrollably. After a few moments you drop to your knees and start kissing your way down my stomach until you reach my navel. You then unbuckle my belt and unbutton and unzip my jeans freeing my aching cock from its tight confines. You pull my pants down to my ankles and then remove my boots, socks and then my pants.

So now we are in the bakery, me in just my boxer shorts leaning back against the counter and you, completely nude on your knees in front of me. You tenderly start to kiss your way up my thighs until you reach my boxers. Then you grab each leg of my kazak escort underwear and start to slowly pull them down. The waistband pulls down on my cock until it finally pops free and slaps against my stomach. You laugh a little as you remove my shorts, then the smile is gone and is replaced by a look of lust. You kiss all around my cock but never touch my cock, covering every inch, slowly torturing me. Then you start to kiss and lick my testicles while you rub the sensitive skin between my anus and my testicles. I get so hard that I feel like my skin is going to burst before you finally start to kiss and lick every inch of my shaft. You grasp the base of my shaft and pull the head down to your mouth. You swirl your tongue over the head as I gasp. Finally you take me into your mouth and suck as much of me in as you can. You suck on my cock passionately as I run my hands through your hair. After only a few moments I have to slip out of your mouth because I’m close to cumming.

You look up at me disappointed until I pull you back up and start to kiss you, pushing my tongue into your mouth. As we kiss, I lift you up and place you on to the counter. You wrap your legs around me and my cock pushes against your vagina and your abdomen. We press our bodies hard against each other as we kiss. You move gently up and down so that your clitoris rubs against my penis and your nipples rub against my chest. You gasp for breath as we continue to kiss and you press gently down on my shoulders. I break our kiss and start to kiss and gently lick your neck. You tilt your head back and moan loudly as my lips cover every inch of your neck. Then I kiss every inch of your chest and shoulders working my way down to your breast. I lick and kiss all around your breast avoiding your nipples. Your moans turn from pleasure to anguish as you place a hand on the back of my neck pulling me to your nipple. I swirl my tongue around your nipple and then take it into my mouth. As I suck on your nipple I flick it with my tongue over and over again. I suck harder and harder as I feel your nipple grow in my mouth. I let your nipple slip from my mouth and then give the other nipple the same treatment.

After teasing your nipples for a while I kiss my way down your body while I drop down to my knees in front of you. I tell you to lay back and you do so, opening yourself up to me. I start to gently kiss istanbul bayan escort the inside of your thighs, the closer I get to your womanhood the harder I kiss. You grab the back of my head and I know you can’t stand anymore teasing so I start to gently lick you from your clitoris down to your anus with just the tip of my tongue. On my way back up I bury my tongue deep inside of you. You moan loudly as you wrap your fingers into my hair. I move up to you clitoris and suck it into my mouth while my tongue teases it. I slip three fingers inside you and start pumping in and out of you while I suck and lick your clit. Your breathing starts to get deeper and I know you are getting close. You dig your heels into my back and I know your orgasm is just around the corner, so I slide one finger out of your vagina and push it deep into your anus. You cry out and your body starts to shake. I begin to thrust my fingers in and out of your vagina and anus harder and harder as your breathing quickens. I suck hard on your clitoris and you explode, your body shaking violently. I continue to suck on your clit until your orgasm subsides then I move down and lick up every bit of your wetness.

I let you rest as I kiss your thighs and stomach. After a few minutes, you pull me up on top of you and kiss me deeply. You ask me to put my cock inside of you but I refuse. I tell you to stand up and bend over the counter and you smile at the thought. While you get in position I grab my jeans and take something out of the pocket. You ask me what I have but all I’ll tell you is that you’ll see soon enough. I kneel down behind you and place a hand on each of your buttocks. I pull you open wide and start to tease your anus with my tongue, circling around and over it. I push my tongue inside you as you moan. I slide my tongue in and out of you for a few moments and then I pull away. You feel one of my hands leave your buttocks and you hear me reaching for something. Then suddenly you feel something small slide into your anus, then you feel cool gel being squirted inside of you. You let out a soft moan as you realize that what I got out of my pants pocket was a tube of anal lube.

I stand up and slowly push my cock into your vagina. When I am buried inside of you, I press two fingers into your anus. I start to thrust both my penis and my fingers in and out of you in unison. I reach around with my free hand azeri escort and start to rub your swollen clitoris. After a few moments I slip another finger into your opening anus. You start to pinch and twist your nipples to bring your orgasm on. I lean over and kiss the back of your neck and then suck hard on the skin over your spine. You cry out and explode pushing yourself hard against me. I remove my fingers from your sensitive areas and hold you close to me as your orgasm rocks your body. After you calm down you turn your head so that we can kiss as I continue to hold you. We start kissing gently but after a few moments the kisses become more and more passionate. Finally you break our kiss to tell me that you want to feel my cock inside you. I smile and tell you that it is already inside of you. You get a frustrated look on your face from my teasing and tell me, “Not there, you-know-where.”

I laugh and tell you that I know as I slowly slide my penis out of your warm vagina. I place the head against your entrance and then slowly push my way in. When the head slides in you moan loudly. I stay still to let you get used to the feeling. After a few moments you push back against my cock taking more and more of it inside you until you are filled completely. When you’re ready you tell me to go ahead and I start to slowly slide in and out of you. After a few moments you ask me to go faster but I want this too last so I continue to go slowly. After a few moments you pull off of my cock and order me to lie down on the counter. I smile and hop up onto the counter and lay down on my back.

I help you up onto the counter and you kneel over my waist. You take my cock in your hand and place it against the entrance of your anus. You slowly push your body down on to my hard cock, taking me into you fully. You stay completely still for a few moments and then you start to slide up and down my shaft, your eyes half closed. You start to quicken the pace as I watch your breast bounce. Finally I’m taken over by lust and I take one of your nipples into my mouth. I suck hard as you ride my cock. You moan and start to ride me even faster. My breathing starts to come faster and you push me down on to my back. You lean down and kiss me deeply and then whisper into my ear, “Cum inside me Baby, cum inside my ass.”

That’s all I can take and I explode inside you. You moan loudly as you feel my hot cum spray into you. I thrust a few more times emptying my cock and then collapse back onto the counter as you fall on top of me. We kiss gently as my cock goes soft inside of you and our hands explore each other’s sweaty bodies. After a while we talk and we agree that we should work nights a lot more often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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