Aunt Em Ch. 03

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It felt so strange to hear Auntie Em swearing but it was a clear indication to me that she no longer saw me as her young nephew. I was a man and soon she would turn me into a real man at the same time as I helped her take that long delayed step to full womanhood.

Auntie Em checked the outside door to the street was locked and then picked up the discarded clothing from the floor before turning and walking to the foot of the stairs where she turned and blew a kiss in my direction before starting to climb them.

I was trying to act relaxed and cool and waited for a few moments before following and making my way to Auntie Em’s bedroom at the front of the house.

As I entered the door she had just undone the fastener on her skirt and it fell to the floor leaving her wearing just her panties, her suspender belt and stockings. She was facing away from me and I took the chance to take a good look at her. The panties were actually French knickers and showed her cute backside to perfection. They were the matching pair to the bra that had already been discarded. The suspender belt made up the complete set as it held her sheer nylon stockings. I had never appreciated before quite how shapely her legs were as they were often hidden in loose fitting clothing. Auntie Em had definitely taken this seriously and set out to show off what charms she possessed to the ultimate degree. I was impressed that she had taken so much trouble just for me although I guess it was more about her feeling good and giving her the self-confidence that she often seemed to lack.

She turned towards me and I saw the profile of those small firm tits that not long ago had been surrounded by my lips. I was not sure if the events of the last hour were starting to cloud my judgement but Auntie Em got more attractive with each passing minute. And I sensed the orgasm she had recently enjoyed may have turned her from a timid pussy cat into a tigress who knew what she wanted and how to get it. The bulge in my trousers was now starting to hurt and I hoped it would not be too long before I could find a way to relieve the ache that was spreading from my balls to the pit of my stomach. I was sure that Auntie Em would help me one way or another.

Auntie Em turned to face me and gave me a naughty grin.

“I hope you weren’t put off by my language downstairs, John. Its just that I feel different to normal. I have never been this naughty and it feels quite nice”

“I loved it, Emily” I responded ” It made you sound nothing like my aunt. It made you sound like a very horny lady. I hope that you will carry on talking to me that way. It makes me feel I am helping you”

“I’m not so sure about the lady bit but I do feel very horny, hornier than I ever have. And you are helping me more than you know. I have always dreaded how a man would treat me if this situation ever arose but you have made it just right. I knew that I was making the right choice when I decided to give myself to you and I know I will never regret it”

“As for my present horny state, what are you going to do about it?” Auntie Em enquired with a hint in her voice that said that she wanted to be taken without any further delay.

I bent down to take off my shoes and socks and then undid the belt on my trousers. I was trying to make my performance last but Auntie Em’s eyes were firmly locked on my crotch as my trousers fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. Her eyes seemed to be almost devouring me as she saw how big and how hard my erection was as it struggled to free itself from my underwear.

“Would you like to watch me take off my stockings” Auntie Em spoke with a hint of sexuality “Or would you like to help me”

“I would love to help you Emily, as long as you show me what to do”

I joined her on the other side of the bedroom and with her help was soon undoing each stocking and unrolling bursa eskort each one slowly down her leg, kissing them gently as I went. They felt so wonderful against my hands and I kissed each one again as I laid them on the dressing table. Her skin felt so soft and I gently kissed and fondled her naked legs which clearly met her approval.

“Now the belt” whispered Auntie Em turning her back to me and indicating where the fastening was. That soon joined the stockings on the dressing table.

“And finally the knickers” Auntie Em teased pushing her backside towards me and wiggling it to send my thoughts into over-drive.

I knelt before her and putting a finger in each side of the waistband I slowly lowered them over her rear, over her hips and down to her upper thighs where the weight of the soaking-wet crotch did the rest and they fell like a stone to the floor.

Auntie Em’s backside looked amazing for a woman of her age and I stroked it remembering my first grasp of it in the kitchen not too long ago. Then there had been a skirt and panties in my way but now she was as naked as the day she was born. She turned to face me and I got my first sight of her pubic hair which was blonde and quite wispy and I ran my fingers gently through it before I rose to kiss her even more gently on the lips.

In later years I would have remained on my knees and given her wet cunt the pleasure of my lips and tongue but at that stage the pleasures of oral sex were unknown to me, and I also suspect Auntie Em, as she made no attempt to steer me in that direction. What joys we could have shared had we been less innocent but for the present my mind was concentrated on just one thing — giving Auntie Em the fucking we both needed so badly.

“You promised me that I could hold your cock” said Auntie Em in a manner that indicated she was keen to get me as naked as she now was.

“Any time you want to Emily” I replied hoping that it would be sooner rather than later. “I am sorry I did not let you hold it downstairs but I wanted to make sure that you got your pleasure first. A lady like you should always come first”

Auntie Em laughed at my comment, realising that she had indeed come first.

“Thank you dear John for treating me this way and putting my needs first. But you look as if you have something there that has needs of its own”

Auntie Em’s eyes moved to indicate the bulge in my underpants. Her right hand moved down and was soon rubbing the front of my underpants in a way that was teasing me.

“It feels so hard and so big” she stated with some hesitation ” I hope it won’t hurt”

“I would never hurt you Emily” I repeated and taking her hand I slid it down the front of my underpants. Auntie Em took a full handful. She gasped and then pulled my underpants down to take a better look. She was clearly impressed but also a little unsure whether she would be able to accommodate it.

“The last time I saw your cock you were still In nappies” Auntie Em joked ” And you have grown a bit since then — a lot in fact”

Auntie Em was obviously enjoying the situation as she slid her hands up and down my erect shaft, tickled my balls and stroked the head. For a woman who had never held an erect cock before things seemed to be coming very natural to her. I guessed there was a lot of banter in the mill and Auntie Em had no doubt stored a lot of ideas away in case she ever found herself in a position to use them. I moaned as I felt the softness of her hands against the hardness of my erection.

“My that feels good” gasped Auntie Em.

“Yes and it’s all for you — right now” I sensed a note of authority in my own voice ” Now get in that bed and prepare to be fucked. I need you – now!! I can’t wait any longer to feel this inside you”

Auntie Em clearly liked the thought of being told what to do and even more bursa escort bayan the unusual situation of a man needing her so badly and in seconds she had released her grip on my throbbing cock and pulling the bedclothes back she positioned herself in the bed ready for me.

Neither of us had any knowledge of positions and so the obvious missionary position was to be the chosen one.

I climbed onto the bed next to Auntie Em and took her in my arms. Her nipples were still erect and stuck into my chest as I kissed her passionately and then positioned myself between her marble thighs. She was still so wet as I started to tease the head of my cock against her pussy lips.

Auntie Em’s eyes were closed, either in fear or anticipation, as I slid the tip of my cock into her wet hole — slowly, gently — taking time to make this an experience neither of us would ever forget or regret.

With precision I moved backwards and forwards and with each forward thrust I felt myself slide further into Auntie Em’s warm and welcoming cunt and with each inward stroke she let out a little whimper of approval. Finally I felt my pubic bone connect with her clitoris and knew that I was fully inside her to the hilt.

Auntie Em had taken all I had to give her without any sign of discomfort or pain but I felt the need to find out for sure. I did not want to think of her lying there for my sake, gritting her teeth and thinking of England.

“Are you ok Emily. How does that feel? ”

There was no response for some seconds and I began to worry that things were not as Auntie Em had imagined they would be during those long nights spent alone. In fact she had been savouring the thought of having a hard cock inside her after all these years and replied eventually ” It feels wonderful….. fucking wonderful in fact.”

Her words left me in no doubt that she meant it and that she was on something of a high.

” I don’t want you to ever take that big, thick cock out of my pussy” she added as my thrusts got a little firmer.

We both knew that was both impractical and impossible but for a young man still in the throes of losing his own virginity it was music to my ears.

I bent forward to kiss Auntie Em passionately and started to thrust in and out of her in a more positive manner. She was clearly enjoying the experience and one hand was running through the hair on my head whilst the other was again stroking my nipple.

Instinctively she was pushing her pelvis against my inward strokes to make sure there was maximum impact on her clitoris and before long I recognised the signs of another orgasm approaching as her body began to stiffen and she clamped her legs tightly around my backside. She broke off from our kiss as the waves of pleasure hit.

“Oh yes… yes… yes… ” she moaned as I felt the gush of her hot juices which this time were covering my cock and making it feel as if I was fucking under water.

“Oh my lovely boy” whispered Auntie Em as she dug her nails into my back “This is amazing”

The waves eventually began to plateau as she started to explain. There was clearly now a bond between us and the usually prim and proper lady felt that there was nothing that could not be said.

” I have been planning this for weeks. Ever since I realised you were inspecting my underwear. Only a man could have left my drawers so untidy. I was wondering what it would feel like to have you inspecting them as I wore them. And now I know”

I was a little shocked at Auntie Em’s revelation and stuttered my reply

“I’m sorry Auntie Em….. er Emily. It won’t happen again”

“It better had!!!” she rebuked me “It made me feel good putting on my panties knowing your hands had touched them. I could spend all day at work imagining your fingers having played with the crotch that was görükle escort pressed tight against my pussy and I have to admit that it got me a little hot and bothered at times. I am sorry that they were not more interesting for you but we can put that right over the weekend. I have a mail-order catalogue in the wardrobe and perhaps this evening you can help me choose some that we might both enjoy”

That sounded a delightful way to spend the early evening before we enjoyed an early night in her bed and I felt invigorated as my thrusts became a little harder and a little more forceful.

“Now let’s see if we can make you cum. I want to feel you shoot off inside me”

That was all I needed to quicken my pace even more. My thrusts were hitting the back of Auntie Em’s cunt as she spurred me on with her words of encouragement.

“Yes darling, your big cock feels so wonderful…………….. it is so gentle and yet so satisfying”

“Now fuck me harder…………….. please!!!!

I did as Auntie Em ordered and was now fucking her with all the force that an 18 year old could manage. What I lacked in experience I made up for in sheer strength and stamina as I gave her everything I had to give.

Auntie Em, for her part, seemed to willingly take everything I had to give and it was hard to imagine that this was a first time for us both as her old bed rocked and groaned beneath our love-making.

I began to feel the first signs of what was inevitable. I was surprised it had taken so long but no doubt nerves had played a part in that. I was about to reach that point of no return and my thrusts were now so fast and so deep within Auntie Em’s almost virgin pussy that it was going to be a matter of seconds rather than minutes. She clearly realised my state and in turn it was the ultimate arousal for her as she arched her back a little and used her pussy muscles to take a firm grip on my cock. For a woman who had never done this before she was one hell of a fuck!!! Just at that exact moment I exploded and felt the same happening below me as Auntie Em and I reached that special place at almost the same time. Our hot juices were united and were overflowing onto her thighs and the bedding. Our bodies were locked together in that ultimate expression of love between a woman and a man. My thrusts seemed to go on for minutes as I pumped my sperm deep within Auntie Em’s delicious love hole.

I carried on with my thrusts which gradually reduced in intensity as my cock finally began to return to its flaccid state.

I rolled to the side of Auntie Em and took her in my arms. For ages no words were spoken as no words seemed necessary until a smiling Auntie Em eventually broke the silence.

” That was all I ever dreamed it would be and so much more” she purred ” I hope it was good for you too.

No words seemed good enough to describe how I felt. I was a real man now and all thanks to my lovely Auntie Em.

“It was amazing Emily. And I think that with a bit more practice it might get even better”

“Well we have all weekend to “practice” as you put it” Auntie Em laughed and a good few weeks yet before you set off for university. I think I have some catching up to do”

“That sounds good to me Emily” I spoke with a growing feeling of self-esteem ” And I will try to leave your underwear drawer alone now that I have tasted the real thing”

“Not a bit of it” she scolded ” it’s my treat for us both and, as I said before, you might find it a bit more interesting from now on. I hope they give you as much pleasure as you have given me today”

“And one last thing” she said in a manner that again showed no indication of being up for discussion. ” On Monday when I get home from work I want you to have finished your jobs and be washed and ready and waiting for me……… here in bed. I will be able to spend all day at work looking forward to that. Just imagine how wet my pussy will be as I put my key in the lock and walk into the house knowing what is waiting upstairs for me”

I sensed this was going to be a new beginning for Auntie Em and myself — one that was to bring a lot of pleasure for us both.

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