Aunt Helen’s in Town

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This is based on a true story. It took place 8 years after the first two stories of me and my Aunt Helen and our get together in the shower. First, a little information. After our dramatic shower fucking session, Aunt Helen married the man she had been dating for about a year. Like Aunt Helen, he was also divorced and was a good man. I was happy for her to meet somebody like Uncle Jack. What it did, though, is bring to a halt the torrid interaction that was in the beginning stages between me and my irresistible Aunt Helen.

After graduating from Georgia Tech I stayed in Atlanta and took a job with IBM in their sales department. My parents relocated to a retirement community near Hilton Head and were living the dream in a beautiful home on the golf course and a large swimming pool. After 5 years I resigned from the IBM position and was taking a few weeks vacation, visiting the folks and hanging around their pool before beginning my new job. They were leaving me in the house while they took a week’s vacation in California.

Aunt Helen’s new hubby, Jackson, as she called him, was an executive for an oil company. It’s an odd thing about women, they marry a man named Billy and his new wife immediately calls him William. A new hubby named Clay becomes Clayton. So, Helen married Jack and soon renamed him, Jackson. Their first assignment after the wedding was to Puerto Rico and after 3 years they were transferred to Saudi Arabia, which is where they currently resided.

As luck would have it, Aunt Helen took a month’s leave from Saudi Arabia and was visiting my folks for a few weeks. She was going to be at their house the same time as me and was scheduled to arrive the day before my folks left for San Francisco.

My mom picked up her sister from the airport after her long trip from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Helen was quick to tell us it was 2 AM in Saudi Arabia so she wouldn’t be awake but a couple of more hours. My parents also turned in early as they would be leaving the house at 5 AM to make their flight on time. They would have time to visit with Aunt Helen when they returned home in a week.

It was great to see Aunt Helen but I doubted there would not be a resumption of our licentious activities that had ceased almost 8 years ago. After one highly exciting session in her apartment, our playing halted abruptly when she met Jack. We had seen each other a few times in the past few years and she behaved like an ice queen to me. She was nice but guarded, giving off no “fuck me” vibes whatsoever. So I awoke early the next morning and putzed around the house – coffee, cereal, computer, then a quick run to get the blood going. The folks left early and Aunt Helen was still upstairs sleeping away.

After a couple of hours, I decided to head for the pool with my book, sunglasses, a cap, and a pool noodle. This had become my routine. Staying with the parents, sleeping in, eating their food, enjoying their pool. This could become a habit.

Lying in the water on the pool noodle and looking toward the house, I perved Aunt Helen stepping through the gate wearing what looked like her favorite long T-shirt, worn thin and loosely. Her legs looked great and her nipples were perky beneath the thin cotton shirt. She seemed to catch my look and gave me a knowing smile as she walked to the edge of the pool. Maybe I misinterpreted the look.

“Come give your Aunt Helen a kiss, you rascal,” she said.

She sat on the edge of the pool with her legs in the water as I paddled a bit to get closer to her. She leaned over and kissed me lightly on the mouth, her T-shirt dipping enough to show a peek at her breasts, the nipples showing a bit through the thin material.

“You’re coming in?” I asked with my best smile.

“Not before coffee,” she answered. And with that, she turned to go back in the house, but not without showing me a glimpse of her panties and fine ass as she walked away. Only a few years earlier I had held that ass and licked every inch of it. Lordy, lordy would I ever be able to do it again?

The water felt great as I swam and I waited patiently, hoping it would not be long before she returned. In about fifteen minutes I was thinking it might be nice to get out and warm up when the back door opened and Helen stepped out with a cup of coffee. She was still in her T-shirt.

“How’s the water?”

“Pretty good, you should hop in.”

She put her coffee on the side of the pool, then she dived in and swam under the water, coming up just near me. “Ah, that feels good,” she said. “I love this. There are no pools in Saudi Arabia. None that are available to me.”

We floated in the water lazily, swimming and talking, enjoying the moment. Despite feeling chilly after having been in the water for so long, I loved being alone in the pool with my Aunt Helen. She stood near me bringing her breasts just out of the water and giving me sneak peeks at her nipples showing through the transparent fabric. The stirring in my tiny swimsuit was a dead giveaway that I was ensest porno enjoying the view, but I didn’t want her to see it so I kept everything below the surface and I stayed in the water with her.

After a few minutes, she said, “come on, it’s getting cold. Let’s get warm in the sun.”

We left the pool and headed for the redwood lounge chairs, me turning sideways so my stiff dick wasn’t obvious. We continued talking as we lay in the sun and I began to settle down. She grabbed the bottle of sunscreen and handed it to me. I sat up and applied the lotion to my face and chest then passed the bottle back to her before lying back down.

“Here let me put some on your back,” she offered.

As she started rubbing the lotion on to my back, a tingle went through me. It shouldn’t have been a big thing, but given our history, it felt quite intimate. I enjoyed having her hands on my body. I was not sure, but it seemed to me that her hands lingered a little bit in certain places. Before I could say anything, she stopped and moved back to her chair.

“There, you’re done,” she said.

She started applying lotion to her own body. I loved watching her. Then she laid on her chair and handed me the bottle.

“Your turn to do me,” she said.

That sounded so good, but I chose to ignore it. I loaded the lotion onto my hands and began rubbing it onto her back, relieved she could not see my dick poking the front of my shorts now. I was now entertaining ideas of touching more and taking this as far as it would go. However, I wasn’t sure the mixed signals she was sending were leading me in that direction.

Just then she looked over her shoulder at me. I was sure she glanced at my bathing suit and saw the hard-on there, but she did not say anything about it.

“Hang on a sec,” she said, “I might want to get some sun on my back.”

And with that, she pulled the wet T-shirt over her head and sat shirtless with her back to me. I kept rubbing the lotion in until I covered it completely, from her shoulders down to her butt crack, where I lingered.

She pulled a towel around her as we leaned back in our lounge chairs. I threw a towel across my crotch and pretended to read my book. The sun warmed us quickly.

We talked a bit. She told me how her husband had some problems with his prostate, which led to some erectile dysfunction. The prostate problem was solved, but the ED was not. She hadn’t had sex with him in a couple of years. Although she said it all matter of factly, without a bit of flirtation in her voice – my horny ears heard an open invitation to jump her bones. My aunt.

“Let’s go for another swim,” she said.

“Yeah, I’m ready,” I said.

Standing up, my stiff dick was in full view, held back only by my small swimmer’s suit. It seemed pointless to hide since she had tossed her towel aside and jumped in the water without her shirt on. I went in next and saw a playful Aunt Helen moving behind me as I came to the surface. She splashed me, then the returned the splash as we laughed and continued splashing each other like I was her kid brother instead of her nephew.

Then she moved behind me and wrapped her arms around me in a bear hug. Her sweet naked tits pressing against my back moved the excitement level up a notch. Next, she moved to the front of me and moved her tits into my chest. I was sure she felt my hard-on press into her as I imagined her eyes brightening and her smile beaming as she realized what she was rubbing against. She leaned in and kissed my cheek.

“You are a naughty boy,” she whispered in my ear.

She swam backward a few feet from me, her breasts above the water, clearly visible. Teasing. Her legs extended toward me, barely beneath the water. I held her feet, enjoying the view up her thighs and between her legs.

Then she splashed me again, and laughed and turned to swim away. I grabbed her foot again and pulled her back. Facing away from me, she was still trying to get away but she wasn’t putting a full effort into it. I drew her closer and again our bodies touched closely, my chest was to her back this time. My dick pressed into her backside in much the same position as when I fucked her ass in the shower 8 years ago.

“Let me go!” she shouted. “This is no way to treat your sweet Aunt Helen who you haven’t seen in 2 years. And – this is not even right!”

At this, I dared to pull her closer to me with some force. My dick was still pressed against her ass. She almost seemed to gasp this time, but I wasn’t sure.Then she quit struggling and turned her face to mine and kissed me sweetly on the lips.

“You should stop doing this, you know,” she whispered.

“No,” I replied.

I gave her my sweetest and best smile and let her arms go. As I did so she turned around and faced me, taking my hands in hers before I moved away.

“Where are you going? I didn’t tell you to stop, I said you should stop. You could try harder, you know.”

She escort porno came to me and put her arms around me then wrapped them around my waist. Our bodies were touching and she made no move to avoid my extremely hard dick that was pressing hard and moving against her pubis.

“It seems like the cool water doesn’t affect you,” she said looking up at me, her face inches from mine. Slightly embarrassed, despite our holding each other, I mumbled an apology.

“No need to apologize for that.” Aunt Helen said. “I’m flattered that you still have a hard-on for me. I’ve missed you, and I’ve never forgotten our time together. And I won’t.”

She smiled at me and then leaned her body closer. This time she kissed my lips, more tenderly and longer than was right for a kiss between an aunt and a nephew.

Then she kissed me deeper, but this time her tongue teased my lips and parted them, slipping into my mouth, our tongues now playing as it moved into a full-blown passionate kiss! It was happening and I was loving it! My hands now moved around her waist, holding her to me, pressing her breasts to my chest. I could feel her hips moving against me, rubbing against my rock-hard dick.

“So, do you like my tits, big boy?’ she asked.

“God yes.”

“You’ve been staring at them the entire time we’ve been out here,” she said.

With that, she took me by the hand and headed back indoors to her bedroom. As nice as her tits looked in the pool, they were even better in the bedroom.

Beautiful, with large pink nipples which, right now are hard as bullets. I took one in my mouth. Feeling the soft hardness of it between my lips as I teased it with my tongue, I felt her hand move to the back of my head and a moan came from her as she leaned back on her bed and pulled me tightly against her.

“Yes, yes, yes. That’s it, suck your Aunt Helen’s breast,” she gasped.

I continued doing so, sucking it mightily and biting her lightly with my teeth, happy to oblige before moving to the other. Her hands moved from the back of my head, down my neck and onto my back. She rubbed my ass and I quivered.

“Time out,” she said.

With that I stopped sucking her tits and rolled over, thinking something was wrong. Maybe she was backing out and didn’t want to take this any further.

“Stand up,” she said.

Doing so, my crotch was now at face level to her as she sat on the bed.”God you’re so hard!” she said, rubbing me through my tiny swimsuit.

“I forgot how hard a young man’s dick can get.” Without a word, her hands pulled down my suit, freeing my engorged 7″ cock. It hung in front of her face. She grabbed my cock and began to stroke it, watching herself masturbate me.

“Oh, I’ve never forgotten what a beautiful cock you have. I can’t wait for this” she said as she stroked my dick up and down in her hands.

She opened her mouth wide and pretended she was going suck it but she backed away. Aunt Helen was teasing me. She kept doing it, then licking it a bit, she was driving me insane.

“Do you like your lover teasing you, making you wait before she sucks your beautiful hard cock?” she asked.

“Do you want Aunt Helen to suck your dick?”

She grabbed my hard dick and pressed it against my stomach, then she licked my balls. Taking each one lightly in her mouth, sucking it and then moving to the next one. She ran her tongue back and forth across my scrotum. I was in heaven.

Then she opened up and took the head of my dick in her mouth before moving the length deep inside to the back of her throat. Am I doing a good job” she asked between sucks?

“Oh yes, Aunt Helen, you are so good at sucking dick, please suck my dick, suck it,” I answered.

“Fuck my face, my sweet boy, fuck my face with your big hard dick. Your Aunt Helen wants to suck it for you.”

I dreamed of this moment during the past 8 years. Now it was happening and I didn’t want it to end. She kept licking up and down the length of my dick, grabbing it by the base with one hand and grabbing my balls with the other. She paused to look up at me as I was watching.

She smiled and then kissed the head before pressing it softly to her lips. Again she moved her lips over the head. Rubbing it over her face, she licked the head quickly before moving back down the shaft to my balls as a woman possessed.

She also had my mind racing like a crazy man. I thrust my hips back and forth wildly while she made gurgling and choking sounds as I rammed my dick into her face. Her eyes went big as I put the full length of my dick down her throat. I shoved it in a couple of times then pulled it back out. That’s when she pushed me away and laid back on the bed. She gasped a few times before she could talk.

“Oh, you’ve got me so hot. Please, please, now I want you to lick my fucking pussy. Fuck, I want you to lick it so bad.” I’d never heard Aunt Helen talk like this, she was horny, she was lustful, she was demanding. gizli çekim porno I would have done anything she told me to do. My state of sexual fever was beyond comprehension. I was a near mad man. Telling me to lick her pussy was the stuff of my dreams. The taboo and naughtiness of her command made my dick harder than I had ever thought possible.

As I moved my face between her legs, I could already smell her pussy juices. The scent was intoxicating. Primal. She wiggled her panties down, grabbed my head and hovered it directly in front of her vagina, I guess so I could take in the sight of her amazing pussy. “Look at my pussy. Are you going to lick Aunt Helen’s pussy? Have you masturbated thinking about eating my cunt out?”

Man, she was domineering, and it was so sexy. She forced my face onto her pussy and I instantly started licking it up and down.

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s so good. That’s so fucking good. My nephew’s tongue on my pussy is so hot. Fuck, lick my clit, lick it, lick it”

I needed no instructions as I went straight for her clit anyway, my face bathed in her sweet pussy juices. I started flicking my tongue about her clitoris until I was afraid it was becoming dangerous as her orgasms came in waves and her pussy gushed all over my face and the bed.

“Fuck yes, yes, yes! Oh my god! I’m gonna cum! My nephew is sucking on my clit, yes he is, yes he is, yes, yes, yeeeesss!”

And there she went, she came all over my face – her cum soaking my lips, my face and into my mouth. I lapped up every bit of it. I was drinking my Aunt Helen’s juices and cum and it was everything I dreamed of and more.

I moved up alongside her and kissed her, letting her taste her pussy juice that lingered in my mouth. We lay like this for a long while, we may have drifted to sleep, cuddled in each other’s arms. When we awoke Aunt Helen wore a sweet and loving smile.

“Well,” she said, “that was outstanding. That’s all I’m going to say. But I owe you. You, my young nephew, haven’t cum yet and you haven’t put that beautiful hard dick inside my pussy yet.”

There was no way we would let this moment pass without fucking. I leaned in and kissed her, softly at first, then growing firmer as I let my tongue slide into her mouth.

As Aunt Helen re-energized she opened her eyes and saw me looking down at her. She smiled as our eyes met. “Those were the most intense orgasms I have ever had,” she said still trying to catch her breath, “Now it’s your turn to have some fun.”

“It’s hard to believe I’ve never been inside your pussy. I’ve fucked your ass and your mouth, and I’ve licked both your pussy and your ass. But we’ve never fucked properly. That’s damn amazing,” I said.

Without speaking, Aunt Helen leaned me back and climbed on top of me, straddling my legs. She rubbed her wet pussy along my cock until it was hard as ever, then slid it easily inside her pussy. “You feel so good inside of me. I want to feel you cum in me. I asked if you masturbated thinking about your Aunt Helen. Well, I have a big confession to make. Your Aunt Helen screams your name when she cums. I masturbate while dreaming about this moment, riding your cock.”

She said this while looking straight into my eyes. I grabbed her hips and moved her up and down my shaft, enjoying her moans and filthy talk. I knew more orgasms were near when she said “Fuck me hard, baby, fuck your Aunt Helen’s pussy, make me cum for the fiftieth fucking time today. Make me cum on your cock. Make me scream baby!”

I slammed my cock into her tight little pussy as hard as I could. We made the sounds of animals with our grunts and groans, filling the room as we neared our orgasms. Our eyes were locked as I said, “I’m going to cum Aunt Helen, you’re making me cum in your pussy. I want to cum in your pussy, my aunt is a fucking whore!”

“Yes, baby cum in my pussy, I am your fucking whore. This is the best pussy. Oh fuck yeah, I’m cumming too. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, yes, yes, yes” she screamed. Finally, her words trailed off into a whisper and she collapsed onto my chest with no voice, hoarse and exhausted.

We laid in that position for a while. Not saying anything, just holding each other. “That was amazing,” she finally said. “I needed that baby, you have no idea how stressed I have been living in that hot fucking country without anybody to fuck me. This was an amazing release,” Aunt Helen said while leaning forward burying her head in my neck. Gratified.

As my dick slipped out of her pussy I asked Aunt Helen if this was going to be a one-time thing, like it was 8 years ago. Were we going to pretend this never happened, or would it be happening in the future? She rolled on her back and lay next to me for more than a few seconds as if she was asking if I enjoyed the view, “Like what you see?” she asked. I managed a nod. “You can have this whenever you want as long as we keep this our secret.”

Then Aunt Helen leaned over and put the head of my dick in her mouth, moaning, licking cum and pussy juices as it slid past her lips. She kissed the tip and shaft while massaging my balls. I could tell she enjoyed sucking my dick.

“I’m going to keep fucking you for as long as you are willing. We lost 8 years that we should have been lovers. We have lots of exploring to do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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