Aunt Jean Ch. 02

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I woke up at my mom’s 2 day’s after having helped Aunt Jean and finding out her secret. A secret that if anyone ever found out would shame her to no end, not only that, but the fact that she had also fucked her nephew. I had a morning woody that wouldn’t quit throbbing as I thought about Aunt Jeans hairy pussy, I wanted some more and soon.

I sat at the table drinking coffee and somewhere in the distance I heard.

“Are you OK son? You look like your in another world.”

“What, Oh, sorry mom. I was just thinking about Aunt Jean, she has to be lonely out there like that.” I was thinking about Aunt Jean alright, thinking about fucking her!

“Well then why don’t you go out and see her after breakfast, I’m sure she would enjoy your company. And she always has something needing done out there.”

“Your right, I think I will mom, thanks!”

I finished my breakfast and left, the 30 minute drive went quickly since my mind was on the things I wanted to do to Aunt Jean today. As I pulled up in her drive I saw her out in her flower bed, bent over and that ass that I liked so much was staring me in the face. She heard me pulling up and a smile came to her face. She met me at my car as I was getting out. I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“What are you doing here today?”

“Well, I came to see if you had been a good girl for me. Have you?”

She looked at the ground, her tone changed, “No Sir I haven’t!”

“I see, and what did you do?” I asked sternly.

“Last night I uh, I touched myself. You know, down there.”

“I don’t remember telling you that you could touch my pussy! Do you?”

Still looking at the ground, “No Sir you didn’t.”

“Very well then, you know what I must do now, don’t you.”

“Yes Sir!”

I led her into the house, I could tell she was excited at the prospect of what I would do to her. When we were inside she followed me into her bedroom.

“You know what I need, don’t you!”

“Yes Sir.”

“The get it, don’t keep me waiting Bitch!” I raised my voice in a menacing tone.

Her eyes lit up and she went to her closet, digging in her boxes she pulled out her paddle. The one I had used on her two day’s ago, the one I was going to use on her today. Aunt Jean brought it to me then waited for my instructions, like the good submissive slut she was.

“Now, since you seem to do what you want to without my permission you must be punished. Don’t you think so?”

“Yes Sir I do.”

“Very well then, assume the position!”

She walked over to her dresser, took her shorts and panties off, then leaned over and put her hands on the edge of the dresser. I pulled her feet back until she was at a very unbalanced angle, if she was not careful she could fall. I rubbed the paddle on her white ass cheeks in small circles, to prepare her for what was to come.

I gave her ass a good whack, then made circles on her ass with it again. I watched as a bright red mark grew on her white ass, along with a small welt the shape of the paddle. I gave her another smack and her hips jerked, a small “Ouch” escaped her lips. I looked at her ass and could see the thick black pubic hair showing between her open legs. I rubbed her ass with the paddle letting her anticipate the next blow. I ran my hand down her large ass and slid my finger along her wet slit, spreading the hair to reach her pussy lips. She moaned as I touched her, her head rose to see me.

“Bitch, you don’t look at me unless your told too! Is that understood whore?”

Her head lowered again, “Yes Master, I’m sorry Sir.”

I gave her ass a firm smack again with the thick Oak paddle, her ass a bright red now. I gave her a total of 10 swats then lay the paddle on her hips, letting her know that if it fall off she would receive another 10. I ran my hand over her hot ass again, my cock hard as a rock from my excitement at abusing this woman. Remembering that a couple of day’s ago she was just my eccentric Aunt, and now she would do whatever I wanted her to for me. If my actions shock you, just remember this, she wanted it this way. It is something she craves, and I am happy to comply with.

I hd abla ran my hands over her hot ass cheeks, feeling them as they seemed to glow from the abuse I had administered. I dropped my pants freeing my hard on, wrapping my hand around it I jacked it off a second, then stepping behind her I slid the head of it along her very wet slit. Wiggling the head around to open her hairy slit then sticking it in about an inch.

Aunt Jean gave a deep sigh as her hips pushed backwards, her arms were trembling from the awkward position she was in as she leaned on the dresser. Her legs shook from her sexual excitement at feeling my cock as it slid up her hairy wet slit, spreading her pussy lips open when I rubbed the head in it.

“You like that don’t you whore! You want my cock don’t you!”

“Oh yes Sir, I do need it in me Master!” her hips trying to force it in her without making her lose her balance.

I stuck it in another inch and her head dropped down and a small moan escaped her lips as my cock spread her thick blood engorged pussy lips further. I gave her ass a light slap and she jerked backwards getting another inch in her. I pulled out and her inner flesh momentarily clung to my cock, her pussy was flooding as I slid it back in even deeper. Her pussy felt so good as I began to fuck her, enjoying her discomfort from the angle she was having to stay in, knowing if she tried to move she could lose her balance.

I slowly fucked her a few minutes, her passion building and her orgasm quickly approaching and as her intense desire for my cock built, I pulled out, to her great disappointment. I heard her give a sad “Nooo!” Aunt Jean knowing better than to question her Master’s actions. I helped her up from the dresser telling her to follow me to her neatly made bed.

“Get on you back and take that shirt off, I want to see your tits!”

She did as instructed and lay back her legs wide for me as I looked down upon her nude body. The dark tipped thick nipples standing on end, Her hairy pussy barely contained her pussy thick pussy lips as they begged for my attention, any kind of attention. I looked at her pussy and held it open for my inspection, then gave her large clit a flick with my fingernail, her hips jerked towards my hand. I had to eat her pussy, the sight of all her hair running down her inner thighs and up towards her belly button drove me crazy with desire.

I held her darker colored outer lips open and licked her slippery slit, Aunt Jean cried out as my tongue hit her thick clit. The hair tickled my face as I inhaled the musky fragrance of her pussy, she always smelled so good and tasted even better. Her creamy salty flavored juices soon covered my face as I licked her pussy. Her tan hands clung to my head trying to get my face to her clit as her hips bucked. I felt her as her orgasm hit and I gave her clit a light bite, causing her to scream out.

“Oh Yes, suck my pussy, Oh Fuck I’m cumming. Don’t stop, Please don’t stop!”

I wrapped my hand around my hard cock, and when I jacked it off my hand got slick from the precum leaking from its head. Making it easier to jack off. But I was not going to waste this hard on in my hand. I moved up between her lags, sticking my cock between her hairy thighs I slapped her pussy with it.

“Do you want this? Do you want me to fuck you Aunt Jean?”

“Oh God yes, Please don’t tease me, please let me have it!”

I speared her with my hard cock, it slid in with ease from her being so wet. I felt it hit the back of her pussy and she cried out.

“Oh yes, Oh, Oh, yes fuck me baby, give it all to me. Fuck me hard. Oh you feel so good in me.”

Her hips moved in unison with the thrust of my thick cock as I was soon fucking her hard and fast, wanting to fill my nasty Aunt with my hot thick cum as soon as I possibly could. Her hot hairy pussy gripped my cock as I pounded her, her legs wrapped around my waist pulling me to her while she was fucking me back.

“Fuck me you nasty whore, fuck me like the nasty bitch you are!”

It drove her wild me telling her that and she was fucking me like she was 20 not in her mid-60’s. I was too hot hentai porno and horny to play the Master/Slave game now, I just had the need to fucking cum in my Aunt’s hot wet hairy pussy.

“Oh yes Aunt Jean, fuck me now, make me cum in you Aunt Jean!”

We fucked like rabbits, fast and furious! Every nerve in my body sensitive to her touch, as her fingernails raked my back and her legs pulled me deeper in her hairy gash. Her thick pussy juices sloshing when my thick cock slammed into her, her hips working as she tried to suck my cum out of my balls with her tight pussy. Aunt Jean cried out again, when she had the most powerful orgasm she had ever had with me, and it made me cum. I shot my thick load in her, shot after shot of my spunk filled her and I felt our cum make her even slicker and it oozed out while I continued to fuck her.

My pleasure was to great to want to stop fucking her and hers equal to my own her hips kept working in time with mine.

“Don’t stop yet!” she said, “I’m cumming again baby, don’t stop fucking me yet!”

I had no intentions of stopping, I wanted to fuck this woman all day and night. Her pussy seemed to get a little loose after her last orgasm but it didn’t matter, she was still the best fuck I had ever had. I got off of her after she came again and rolled her on her side, I wanted to fuck her like I had the first time we had sex two days ago, from behind. She just wanted me to fuck her!

My dick stayed hard from my desire for her, and her hand reached between her legs and aimed my hard on at her cum filled pussy. I felt the thick hair an inch before I felt her wet slit, I put my arm around her and her tit filled my hand. The thick tipped nipple poked my palm, I gave it a firm squeeze. Her breath left her at the feeling of me filling her with my dick again. Her large tit was hot in my hand, I pulled her back to me with it and started to move my hips in her.

This was going to go slow, having quenched my desire for the fast fuck we had. Her hairy gash gripped my dick when I pulled back, she pushed her ass back, her knees up towards her chest allowing me better access to her pussy. I licked the back of her neck, tasting the slightly salty flavor of her early mornings sweat. Her hips moved in small circles while mine moved forward, my dick penetrating her deeper.

I felt her hand reach around and grab my ass cheek, pulling me closer to her. I bit her neck and she gasped holding my ass tightly in her strong warm hand. Her breath coming faster and mine hitting her back and neck. The soft folds of her vagina enveloped my dick as I slid in her slowly.

“Oh you feel so good in me baby, I love how you make me feel.”

I smiled, “You feel pretty good yourself Aunt Jean!” and I gave her large nipple a tweak, her hips jerked in response to my touch.

I would have never thought about the incestuous relationship a week ago, I mean I always loved Aunt Jean, but only as an Aunt, not a sexually dysfunctional woman that I had found. And I’m not sure dysfunctional is the correct word, but she sure loves my cock and a good ass whipping.

I felt her squeezing my cock with the inner muscles of her pussy, massaging it lightly as I pulled it back. She moaned as I moved slowly, teasing her, wanting her to cum before I did. My hand under her knee and I pulled it to her chest, her pussy getting tighter when I did. I felt every muscle inside her when I slid back and forth, every ripple of her slick pussy rubbed the sides of my thick cock as it gently forced its way deeper in her.

The soft folds of her hot pussy parted, and her snatch was living up to its name as it pulled at me. I hoped she would soon cum, I knew I would not last much longer, she felt too good for me to want to delay any longer.

“Fuck me Aunt Jean, cum with me. Make me cum in you. Hurry, I can’t hold on much longer.”

Her hips worked against mine in a frantic attempt to have her orgasm with mine. I felt her breath coming faster and her pussy gripped my cock in a death grip as she came. Flooding the sheets with her thick cum when it flowed down her leg, and I was quick to follow suit. My kızıl porno spunk hitting her womb, when it exploded forward, her pussy milking it dry as she fucked me. I lay behind her, my dick getting soft in her hot slick pussy. Enjoying how this felt and how much we both loved it and each other.

She got up and went to the bathroom, coming back with a warm wet cloth she washed me clean tenderly. Her eyes looking at my soft cock lovingly as she held it up to wash under it, getting my balls thoroughly clean. She lay beside me and held me in her arms, kissing my face, licking my eyes as she kissed her way down. Her mouth was warm and wet when she got to my sensitive nipples, licking and then lightly sucking them.

Her hand touching my dick, her fingers tracing a line from top to bottom as her mouth worked down my stomach. Aunt Jean tongue fucked my belly button for a minute before moving down to my now hard dick. I had my eyes closed, enjoying her mouth as she kissed and sucked every inch on me on her quest to inhale my cock in her mouth.

Then I felt a hot, wet, tender mouth surround the head of my cock, a pointed tongue as it speared my pee hole then swirled around the head of my cock. The next thing I felt was Aunt Jean swallow the entire length of it as she began to deep throat it. The opening of her throat much tighter than her hot mouth, as it slid past her tonsils.

Her finger went to my ass hole, and her fingernail felt so good as it circled my brown puckered hole. I put my hands on her thick haired head and pulled her face down, trying to force every inch into her that I could, her lips putting pressure on my dick as her face pulled up. She may have been disgusted when the men raped her and my Uncle let them, but she was sucking me like a woman in love, no sign of displeasure, or disgust as her mouth made love to my thick cock.

“Suck my balls Aunt Jean, lick them and suck them for me!”

Her head lowered and her tongue worked my scrotum and the inner thighs beside it, while her hand wrapped around my cock slowly jacking in off in unison with her tongues movements. My legs were open wide giving her access to all of me and her hands went under them right above my knees. She picked my legs up to my chest and her tongue dabbed my asshole, teasing it as it she made circles around it then jabbed her tongue inside me.

My cock jerked every time I felt her tongue enter my ass, her moaning as she tasted the copper penny taste of my ass. If she kept this up I had no choice but to cum, it felt too good not too!

“Oh shit Aunt Jean, it feels too good. I love to feel you fuck me with your tongue. Your such a nasty bitch, lick my asshole, make me cum!”

It wasn’t something she really needed to be told because she was already fucking my ass faster and her hand worked my cock tightly.

“Shit, I’m cumming! Yes do it now Aunt Jean, Make me cum now!”

When she felt me start to tighten up her mouth raced to my dick and she sucked it down with gusto, wanting to taste my cum as it shot into her hot sucking mouth. I felt it jerk as the first shot of thick cum hit her mouth, and Aunt Jean moaning as she tasted it. I grabbed her head and fucked her face furiously, cumming what felt like buckets in her sucking mouth. She didn’t stop until she had milked every drop of what she had craved for years. A man that would love her for what she was, a nasty cock sucking whore and a good submissive slut. Oh Yeah! My kind of woman!

When my cock went soft in her mouth she crawled up to me and gave me a deep kiss, I tasted some of my cum on her tongue as it fought mine. After we relaxed I had her turn over with her back to me. I wanted to take a nap, one just like the one that had started our incestuous affair two days ago. I fell asleep to her even breathing, her warm back and ass pressed tightly against my belly and legs. My hand on her large tit and my face in her hair. I don’t remember ever having a better nap.

Author’s Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened. It was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only!

I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not!

If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about.

Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! 😉

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