Aunt Judith Ch. 01

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Public Sex

The other thing with my new job was that it was less than 10 miles away from where my Aunt Judith and Uncle Norman lived. I’d seen them quite a bit as a kid, and I smiled remembering their two daughters Caroline and Mary, who were 3 and 5 years younger than me. We’d all gone away together on holiday once, and they seemed good fun then – which must have been way back in our teens. But then they’d moved away to the south coast with his job, so I’d not seen any of them for ten years or so – and now my new company was based just one junction up the motorway. Of course I got their invitation to visit before I’d even moved. So now I was there I couldn’t not go and see them.

It was a funny feeling going round to their house that Saturday night. Thinking of the other things I could be doing, then reminding myself of duty calls – and anyway the visit would be all over in a short while anyway. But I was also thinking about the way that Aunt Judith’s eyes had a certain twinkle, and half remembering a couple of incidents where there were definite signs of arousal – at least on my part. I certainly remembered having her as one of my ‘goodnight’ fantasies during those early years – especially as she seemed to always be wearing cardigans and jumpers, and showing off her sexy body.

It was a semi-detached house on a leafy suburban road, as I got out of the car and headed for number 22. Almost as soon as I’d rung the bell the door opened, and there stood Aunt Judith, smiling at me with that twinkle in her eye – and wearing a round-necked soft lemon cardigan, buttoned right up to the top, with a darker orangey skirt.

“Oh Andrew, it is so good to see you after all this time!” she said, smiling, then she stepped out of the door to hug me and kiss my cheek. As she squeezed me so my hands automatically went around her, feeling the soft wool of her cardigan, the still slimness of her body, and smelling her old-fashioned perfume. God I did remember those thoughts from my long-ago nights alone.

I smiled back, “Yes it has been a while, hasn’t it? You’re looking very well – how are you?”

“Oh we’re fine!” she said, breaking off, then leading me back into the house. “Come on in and tell us all about everything!”

I stepped past her so she could shut the door, taking in more closely the soft lemon cardigan, which seemed decidedly tight across her breasts. I’d remembered her as being a bit on the flat-chested side, which was why she wasn’t my favourite fantasy at bedtime, but clearly the years of good living had caused her to fill out very nicely.

“Well hello there, Andrew!” said Uncle Norman, stepping out of the living room. He had a mid-grey polo-neck sweater on with dark grey trousers, and also looked to have put on a bit of weight and a few years since I saw him last. He gripped me by the hand as we shook hands. I guess you also need to know at this stage that I was wearing just some black chinos and a black cashmere sweater, with a simple round neck, under a leather jacket. Yes, I still loved that feeling of wool.

“It’s so good to see you again!” said Norman, “I’ll bet you could do with a drink! We’ve whisky, wine, beer or whatever else you’d fancy?”

“I’d love a beer please.” I said, and he went back in the living room to get one.

“Come on through!” beckoned Judith, “Take a seat and tell us what you’ve been up to. I especially want to hear all about your girlfriends!”

“Oh let the poor boy relax a bit first!” chided Norman, “Here, get that inside you!” and he handed me a pint glass with the half-full can to top it up when the froth died down.

We chatted for a bit, getting through the basics of what, where and when, for me and my folks and for them and their daughters – who were now both in their mid 20’s having graduated a couple of years ago. Then Judith invited us through into their dining room where she’d laid on a salad with pork pie and ham – just like in the olden days!

While we chatted I’d obviously been taking her body in, with the new fullness of her breasts looking really arousing in that tight lemon cardigan – and me wondering if she had anything else on apart from her bra. I kept waiting for that little peak of pink between the buttons as she moved, but so far no answer. Her chatty giggles were just as they had been before, as were her little asides about how nice it was to have another man about the house.

During the meal we’d got through a bottle of white wine, and when Judith went to get the cheese and biscuits, Norman brought through the port decanter.

“Well you can’t have cheese without port, now can you?” he smiled knowingly. The conversations continued over the cheese, remembering the times we’d been together and the various holidays and family events with grandparents no longer with us.

Finally we’d eaten our fill – and drunk a fair bit of the port decanter too. They could certainly drink, these two!

“Come on, let’s sit down now,” said Judith, “and we can look through some of our old photographs. Ankara escort I know where the albums are, so you just sit on the sofa Andrew, and I’ll come and sit next to you. It must be my lucky night!” she giggled.

So I sat down in the sofa on the far side of the fireplace, with Norman opposite in his easy chair. Then Judith came over with two well-used photo albums, and sat down and squeezed up close to me, rubbing her shoulder and hips against mine.

“Ooh this is just the right place to sit, so nice and close!” she smiled, wriggling her hips against me.

“You won’t remember, but there was a time your mum used to let me bath you, you know!” she smiled, “and I’ve got a photo of you somewhere to prove it!”

Maybe this was one of my vague memories, as she flicked through the album to find it. She moved her leg tight against mine, so she was certainly making her presence felt, then the opened the album to spread across her legs and mine.

“Look, here you are!” she smiled, pointing at the little black and white photo, then looking round at me, “And you can see your little winkle there too, can’t you?” she giggled, “Look!” Sure enough there I was in the bath – it was the kind of photo that I guess everyone has – but not with their Aunt sitting right next to them, gloating about washing you.

“I used to have such fun at bath times!” she went on, “and you just loved it when I started soaping you between your legs, you know! You used to smile up at me and open your legs wide apart – I can still remember the feel of you now, as your little winkle grew hard in my fingers. But of course it will be a lot bigger now, won’t it – you’re a grown man after all!” She paused for a second, “And I’m sure it would get bigger still if I was bathing you again now, wouldn’t it!” she giggled again, pushing her elbow into me with a firm nudge.

“Well, Aunt, it has been a long time since then – and I guess we’ve all grown up a bit!” I said, trying to counter her forwardness.

“Oh, less of the ‘Aunt’ – it’s Judith now you’re grown up!” she replied, “And talking of grown up, I bet you’re a good size, aren’t you. Probably bigger than Norm, I should think, judging by the size of your feet! And he still likes me to bath him, don’t you love? Makes him as stiff as a board when I give him a good soaping!”

Suddenly the conversation was going places I couldn’t believe. What was Judith trying to do?

“Well Judith, you do have a very nice way of washing me, that’s for sure!” smiled Norman, in a relaxed way, as if talking about their private sexual intimacies was something I wanted to hear.

“But I’m sure Andrew doesn’t want to hear all about what we get up to, do you – even if you would like to stroke his cock again! Another glass of port?”

So I quickly said ‘yes’ to the port, and noticed Judith holding her glass out for a top-up too, which Norman filled back to the brim.

We flicked through the rest of the pages, with no more innuendoes, then she put the album on the table, swapping it for the newer one.

These showed various family events – including Caroline and Mary in bikinis on a beach. Suddenly my interest picked up: they had clearly grown into two very attractive young women.

“Should I show him our special ones do you think Norm?” asked Judith, looking over at Norman and winking at him, as we neared the end of the album.

“Well I’m sure he’s seen a nudist beach before – if those are the photos you mean – haven’t you?” he asked, looking at me.

“I guess I’ve been on a couple, yes.” I replied, “On holiday in France.”

“Well here we are when we went to a nudist beach in the south-west of France!” Judith smiled, as she turned the page. “It was only about 5 years ago I think, and we did have such fun! I do hope you like seeing me – it’s a bit like me seeing you in the bath!”

And there, to my amazement, was a whole series of photos of the entire family stark naked on the beach.

There was Judith, sitting back with her arms behind her and knees coyly together, smiling as she showed off her full sagging breasts. They were certainly much bigger than I remembered, and so sexy as she pouted to the camera. Then Caroline and Mary – then in their mid twenties – happily showing off their young bodies as they played some kind of badminton. They’d partially shaved their pubes, and I felt my eyes focusing on the details in the photographs. And there was even a picture of Norman, with his uncircumcised cock hanging clearly for the camera to see. My eyes flitted over the page, taking in these amazing sights, and not knowing quite what to say.

“My, I can see you do like these photos, don’t you Andrew!” smiled Judith, “And you can see the size of Norm, can’t you? His quite well hung, but of course he gets a lot bigger when he’s aroused!” and she stuck her tongue out a little, winking at me as she spoke.

Norman just smiled across at us both. “You do like showing those photos off, don’t you love? – Well let him see over the Ankara escort bayan page too!”

So Judith leaned closer against me and her hand rested on my thigh before she turned the page over. This time there was a group shot of all of them, some more of the girls playing, one of Norman sitting down – but then my jaw must have dropped when I saw the two photos of Judith on the right hand page. In both she was sitting back, naked apart from a yellow cardigan draped round her shoulders. One photo showed her pulling the two sides of her cardigan together, stretching the wool tight over her breasts, clearly showing her nipples pressing forward through the wool, and her knees neatly together. The other one was just so amazing I couldn’t help but stare at it. Judith was sitting back with her hands behind her, the yellow wool now hanging loose and framing her gorgeous breasts, with her legs wide apart, revealing her shaved cunt, complete with all her intimate folds showing clearly in the sunshine.

It was as if time had stopped as my eyes flicked over the page, just fantasising about being there with Judith in her cardigan. Her sexy daughters would be nice, but she was just fantastic.

“Do you like looking at me then?” Judith smiled. “Norm does like taking snaps of me with no clothes on – it’s one of our little hobbies now you know. And I do believe that the cardie I’m wearing in the photo is the same one I’m wearing now! It certainly looks the same to me – what do you think Andrew?”

So, taking in all the conversations, I pretended to force myself to look more closely at her cardigan rather than her naked breasts and cunt. It was certainly a round-neck cardigan, like the one she had on now.

“Yes, I think it is the same one,” I managed to say, without my throat drying out too much.

“Maybe I should pose again just to check – would you like that? I know Norm would, ‘cos he always likes me showing off to other men, don’t you love?”

God what to say – how could I see my Aunt naked in front of me – with my Uncle watching?

Norman broke the silence. “Why don’t we just finish off this port,” he said, standing up and moving over to fill our glasses, “Then it will be bedtime. And I don’t think you’re in any position to drive home tonight Andrew with all the drink we’ve had, but we’ve got a couple of spare rooms now, so you can stay over with no problem – if that’s OK by you?”

“Oh yes,” smiled Judith, standing up, “It would be lovely for Andrew to have to stay over and sleep with us – I might even get a chance to bath him again! But first I’ll just sit on the floor like I was in that photo. You will stay, won’t you?”

Hearing their offer, and aware of my drink volume, it seemed like the ideal solution. “Well thanks,” I said, “That’ll be really good. I may need to borrow a toothbrush though!”

“Well that’s fixed – we’ve plenty of spare toothbrushes, so there’s no need to think of a taxi now, said Norman, going back to his seat.

Judith sat on the floor in front of me, facing straight towards me with her back to Norman. First she put her hands behind her and sat back, pushing her breasts forward in the soft lemon cardigan. Then she put her knees together, like in the first photo, before slowly opening them wide apart like the second one. Her skirt was too tight to let her legs open very wide – but then she sat up again and hitched it up a little, before sitting back – and this time getting her legs open as wide as the photo, showing me the folds of her lacy white panties looking damp and so arousing between her legs.

“There, how does that look?” she beamed at me. “Do you think it was the same cardie?”

And before I could answer, she cut in again.

“Oh but of course, you can’t see how it hangs properly, can you? I’ll just unbutton it for you!”

And she just began unbuttoning her cardigan, there on the floor in front of me. Starting at the bottom, she looked up at me when she was half way undone.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she smiled, “but I think you’ll be able to tell better with it undone!”

Then she completely unbuttoned the cardigan, pulling it open to show off her well-filled white lacy bra, before sitting back on her hands again.

“There, how’s that Andrew?” she giggled.

“Well you’ve certainly got the position all right” I said, still playing for time.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Norman slip his hands in his pockets and didn’t dare think what he was doing.

“But is it the same cardie?” she asked again. “I know – you can’t tell with my skirt on, can you? So I’ll just slip it off!” she winked at me, then stood up and reached round to the side to undo the clip and zip, and just lowered her skirt to the floor. She picked it up and gently threw it over to Norman.

“Here you are love, you can put that over your lap to hide your fingers better!”

Then she went over to stand in front of him, and turned her back toward him so she was facing me, crouching down on her Escort Ankara knees.

“Just undo my bra please, love, I’m going to have to pose properly, aren’t I?”

“Well if you’d like to show off dear, I’m happy to help you.” he replied, reaching up under her cardigan to undo her bra. Judith stood up then turned to face Norman, before slipping off her cardigan, draping it over Norman’s lap, then lowering her bra and dropping it on his lap too, scooping her hands around her breasts still hidden from my gaze and showing them off to her husband. He smiled up – how I wished I could have seen that view – the she reached down and picked up her cardigan, before slipping it on again, pulling the sleeves up her forearm, then buttoning it up.

My erection was now throbbing in my trousers, so while neither of them could see me I slipped a hand down my pants to ease myself erect, cursing the tight underpants I’d put on instead of my usual loose boxers, while making sure I didn’t throw the photo album on the floor. It only took a second, then I looked down at those amazing photos – and back across the room to Judith.

When she’d finished with the buttons, she slipped off her shoes and – then to my total amazement just slipped her panties right off, wiggling them in front of Norman’s smiling face. Then she turned to face me, looking every inch as arousing as the photo – but she was here, live in front of me, walking towards me, breasts wobbling gorgeously under the wool with each step she took, and her shaven mound moved closer to my gaze. I was just knocked out by the vision, not knowing what to say or do.

She just sat down on the floor where she had been before, about a couple of feet away from my feet, and smiling but saying nothing, as she rested back on her hands with her knees together, just like that first photo in my lap.

“So does that seem about like the photo, Andrew?” she smiled. “I do like showing off to you, you know. Makes me feel soooo good!” and she wiggled her breasts as she finished the sentence. “There’s no need to feel embarrassed, you know. We’re actually do a lot of swinging with other couples, and Norm just loves it when I show off don’t you pet?”

Norman smiled over at me. “Oh yes, I think it’s great when other people fancy her – it’s just one of those things I’ve grown to like. So if you find Judith attractive, then just slip your hand in my pocket like I have, and you can enjoy her as much as you want. I have to confess I’ve got a great hard-on now just watching her pose in front of you. So just go ahead – slip your hand in your pocket and enjoy!”

I just couldn’t think what to do or say, with my Aunt squirming on the carpet in front of me, smiling up and giggling gently, and now my Uncle telling me to put my hand in my pocket to feel my cock’s hardness! It just blew me away, so in a robot kind of way I just felt my hand slip into my pocket, and feel round to my cock throbbing in the tight underpants. It just felt so good to be watching her, and so unreal at the same time.

“Well now you’ve both got matters in hand,” began Judith, smiling at her own joke, then looking first at me then at Norman, “I’ll just pose for the second photo. As long as you boys would both like that of course…”

Norman spoke almost straight away, in his normal relaxed voice, “Well you know I always like it when you pose fully and show off everything, my love. What about you, Andrew – would you like to see Judith naked yet?”

God, it was just their ordinary way of saying extraordinary things. How could I not want to see her, but she was my Aunt – and he was my Uncle, getting himself off as she exposed herself to me. Where was it going to end?

“Well we’ve gone this far, so I guess we might as well go all the way.” I said, then cursed my choice of words as Judith immediately picked up my unintended meaning.

“Oh, that sounds like fun, Andrew, going all the way! I thought maybe I just show off for you, and you might mess your underpants a little, but if you want to go all the way…” and she looked up wickedly smiling, as she began to unbutton her cardigan, starting at the hem.

It only took a few moments, but she took delight with each button, smiling up and counting as she went. By button five I could see the shadows under her breast, and button six was at the line of her nipples, so the wool started to spread apart revealing cleavage and soft pink skin. I’d counted there were nine buttons.

“Seven,” she said, “nearly there now boys! Next is eight, so only one more button at my neck now. Gosh this feels good, to have you both panting for me!”

I hadn’t really noticed my breath rising, but there was no doubting that Norman was breathing harder now, still smiling with both hands in his pockets as he lay back in the chair, playing with himself as his wife showed off to me.

“So who wants to undo the last one? Norm or Andrew? Maybe I should get you to toss for it!” she smiled, giggling again at her little joke. “Norm, do you want to be the master of the house and help show me off to our young Nephew?”

“No, you’re all right pet,” smiled Norman, ” I’m just in a comfy position here, so let’s let Andrew finish you off – I’m sure you’ll enjoy it more than me!”

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