Aunt Rose

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“Oh, that’s good, keep it up, oh yes, I’m going to cum now. Oh god it’s wonderful I’m commminnnng. Mmmmmmm, there’s nothing like a good cum to make you feel so relaxed. Kiss me again. Mmmmmmmm, I’m so glad you could join me today. It gives me such great pleasure bringing you pleasure. Are you comfortable in your chair? Good! I’ve decided I want to tell you a story, so no more of your shenanigans, let me concentrate. A number of years ago around this time of year we had a terrible thunderstorm. Let me tell you it was a lulu. After checking around my place, I decided to head over to my sister Jane’s place to see how she and her son John had fared. I was about to knock on the back door, when I over heard my sister say, through the open kitchen window, that she and John had to talk in a tone of voice which suggested something serious had happened the previous evening. Let me tell you my hand froze and dropped to my side, my curiosity peeked. I listened closely and could barely hear John talk about how, he had slept in her bed when he was a kid, after his father had left them.

“Damn that man. No good to the core. Thank God, Jane never married him because he left her as soon as he found out babies meant late night feedings and early morning diaper changes. Jane let him go and never looked back, loving the boy for all she was worth. But I kept track of the worthless asshole for a while. I figured I might hit him up for a buck or two if Jane needed help. She never did and he got himself killed in a bar brawl over Dixbey way a few years later. Some fight over another man’s woman. I was told he was beaten to death, now I don’t hold with killing, but if ever a man needed thrashing it was him. The man I feel sorry for is the guy doing hard time for the killing. The law’s an ass. Sorry I got side tracked, it’s an old anger I really should try to forget.

“Any ways, where was I, oh yeah, John mumbled something about being sorry and I stepped closer to the window so I could hear better. Well to make a long story short John had crept into her bed during the storm and they had cuddled and kissed awhile, you know, I mean mother and son type kisses, before Jane had rolled over to go to sleep. You should have heard them talk. Jane doesn’t hold with bad language, not like me who calls a spade a spade. Anyways when he thought his mom was asleep, he started playing with her boobs. Took them right out of her nightie, I tell you. Didn’t think the boy had it in him. The way he was talking, I think he thought his mom was mad at him, but I knew better. I could hear the sexual huskiness in her voice. I had heard it before. Poor woman hadn’t allowed any one in her bed close to twenty year. If anyone deserved a good loving, she did. I almost died when he told her not only did he dream about her, you know when he played with himself, but he sometimes thought of me as well, helping her do him. Ambitious, scaly-wag! Then she just had to tell him, how when we were young, living in the same room together, we used to get each other off. Damn, I was ready to kill her.

“She didn’t tell him how we used to go down on each other, some times three, four times a night. God I loved that woman’s pussy. She loved having the hood on her clit sucked, so naturally I would tease like crazy and lick her everywhere down there until her hips were humping her cunt against my mouth and she was begging me to suck her flesh. She found a way to get me back though. I liked a finger in my anus when she licked me, so she’d just rub my asshole a little every once and a while until I was wiggling on the bed trying to get her finger in. Dam that girl I still love her so. But this isn’t getting on with what I want to tell you.

‘It was just about then she stood up and took him into her bedroom. I had heard too much and wanted to hear more so I snuck into the house and stood outside her bedroom door. She hadn’t closed it because there was sex izle no reason to. I risked a peek around the doorframe and there they were naked as the day they were born. He was sitting between her legs on the edge of the bed facing the wall so they couldn’t see me. She was holding him tight against her tits, her pussy hard against his bum. One hand was busy jacking him off while he told her what it felt like. Lord, you’ve never heard two people talk so much during a loving. I think it was because he was insecure, wanting to fuck with his own mom and she was just reassuring him it was okay with her. I swear when he came he hit the wall. I pulled back and listened for a while. Soon he was kissing her all over. Believe me Jane really gets off on being body kissed. But then he began giving her head. I could tell from the way she was talking so I risked another peek. Sure enough his head was buried between her legs and she was thrusting at him with her hips.

“Oh god, I’m getting horny again just thinking about them. You won’t mind if I play with myself a little, I know you like to watch. No, you stay there I’ll look after myself. If you want you can move the chair over a little so you can see better. So she was telling him how good a warm, oh yeah, wet tongue feels. Anyways, oh that’s nice, I had to pull my head back because if she had looked up I would have been busted. Oooooooh, I’m going to cum. Oh lord in heaven. It was such a lovely cum. Did you like watching? I think I’m a bit of an exhibitionist because I always seem to have a better cum when someone’s watching me play.

“Anyways, John could tell his mom had really gotten off on his tongue so he offered to do it again. But no she took a rain check, told him she wanted him inside of her. Can hardly blame her, poor woman, hadn’t been fucked in damn close to twenty years. I guess I‘ve already told you that. It was a glorious fuck. John had already gotten one load off so he had some staying power. His mother humped and heaved under him. I could hear her grunting and then she moaned fuck me. Now you may not think that’s surprising, but let me tell you it sure shocked me. Never in my life had I ever heard my sister use the word. There was some more grunting, then she came yelling out screw me. Damn it was hot. But that’s not the finish. Listen to this. She asked her son if he would like it if she’d asked me, Aunt Rose over for a cup of tea. It was no cup of tea those two were going to be giving me. That boy had woken a sleeping tigress. I snuck out of the house and ran all the way home.

“As soon as I got in the house I headed for the bedroom and stripped down. Got out my favorite neoprene dildo, griped it by the balls, and threw myself on the bed. With the back of my hand firmly against the mattress, the fake prick sticking straight up, I pressed my tits into the mattress, my ass in the air and my snatch hovering over the tool. Then I rammed my twat straight down mounting the tool as though it was John’s prick. I was hot and it felt good. A few strong heaves of my hips and I went off like a rocket, moaning and fucking the tool. With the last spasm, I rolled over pulled out the dildo with a slurpy, sucky sound and replaced it with a couple of fingers. I wasn’t finished yet. Damn I was horny. This time I brought myself off slowly rubbing my clit gently while my other hand clawed its way through my pubic hair. I enjoy pulling on my pubic hair when I’m bringing myself off as you might have noticed.

“So anyways, there I am still unsatisfied, pacing up and down waiting for the phone call hoping like the dickens they hadn’t changed their minds. Sure enough, around two o’clock my phone rang and I was invited over for tea. I agonized as what to wear then settled on my usual knee length skirt and blouse not wanting to appear too knowledgeable. I did leave off my panty hose and panties though wanting to give Jane sikiş izle easy access if she made a move. Besides which, I was literally dripping, if I had worn those items I probably would have had to run home and change before I got there. As it was by the time I got there, my juices were running down my thighs.

“There they were sitting in the kitchen having a cup of tea. Had I misread what my sister meant? As soon as she spoke, I knew I hadn’t. There was a deep throatiness in her voice when she spoke. I could hear that certain sensual huskiness she always had when she wanted sex. She told me she had something she wanted to show me in her bedroom. As soon as we got to her room, she turned and asked me if I still wanted to have sex with her. I don’t know why she asked, she already knew the answer. She had left the bedroom door wide open and I realized how much she loved that boy. It was her full intention to indulge him in his fantasies. She was making it obvious to me she didn’t care if he walked in. She kissed me with a passion I had forgotten. Her tongue so deep it was like if she wanted to slide it down my throat. When she broke the kiss, she bent slightly at the knee and slid her hand under the hem of my skirt, just above my knee. The skirt resting on her wrist rode up as she slid her hand up my thigh.

“What’s that, you think I should get my hand off my cunt if I’m going to tell you the rest of the story. Damn, I suppose your right.

“So she was sliding her hand up my thigh and almost immediately ran into the first rivulet of pussy drippings. She lifted an eyebrow quizzically, but her hand continued up my now trembling thigh. God, my thighs were slimy with juice. I was just so ready for her. I tell you the moment she touched my hot juicy wet cunt I came and came. My pussy thrusting at her fingers. Momentarily, she had to support me, my sticky wet thighs were trembling so badly. Oh, it was such a good cum. Yeah, yeah, I know, keep my fingers out of my twat. Don’t try to kid me honey, I know you like watching me play. Besides which you look excited yourself. Okay, okay, I’ll get on with the story.

“So as soon as she brought me off she stripped and informed me it was her turn. She hadn’t been wearing panties either and her thighs glisten with her nectar. Jane sat on the edge of the bed, arranged some pillows for her head, and then lay back spreading her thighs in invitation as she did. She ran her hands down her hairy pubes and with a finger on either side spread her moist pink gash for my viewing. I hadn’t tasted her, well you know how long it had been, and I was more than ready. I went to my knees, and with my ass pointed at the door, my legs slightly spread, just enough room to get my hand between them. I placed my nose an inch from her open cunt and took a deep sniff. Lord, there’s nothing like the heady aroma of a woman in her heat. I could feel the wetness of her thighs on my checks as I burrowed in with my tongue and tried to suck her labia at the same time. I figured this would be just about the time John would be coming through the door. I stuck my ass higher in the air, ached my back so my pussy was peeking between my thighs and then shoved a finger in it. Sure enough I could feel him standing there, just behind me watching me suck on his mother’s labia. Her hips started to thrust her twat into my face and I knew it was time to suck on her clitoral hood. Jane began to cum as soon as I did, grabbing my head as she fucked my face hard.

“When her hands loosened and her humping died, I rolled over on my back, my own thighs wide in anticipation. I must have been a sight. My face was covered with his mother’s cum, my thighs covered with my own, my gash swollen and colored by need, gapping with want. I told him to take me. I didn’t bother with the niceties of pretended surprise and slow acceptance. He tore off his pants and did me, right türk porno on the floor with his mother watching. He took me hard his dick pistoning into me, my own cunt humping and heaving trying to get more cock in me. Let me tell you, it was one of the finest cums I had ever had up until then. He was to give me a lot more as the years went by. My sister, the moment he withdrew from me, sucked his cum from my pussy, giving me another small orgasm as she did. A little while later, I found myself laying flat on my back with my sister straddling my face her pussy rubbing against my lips. She was holding my legs high and wide for her son. Jane had obviously been coaching him because he had his finger deep in my bum as he licked me to another grand, joyful cum. The years went by and I was over there as often as I could, getting my self laid by them both. Damn it was fine.

“There was only one fly in the ointment; my sister was constantly after him to find a girl friend his own age. Motherly love I guess. It was funny to watch her nag him about it. There’d she be naked as sin, tits bouncing, riding his cock, telling him he needed a girl friend and asking if he was looking. He’d assure her he was, but told her he was very particular requiring some one who would be able to take his mind off her and myself. Then he’d give her a nice cum, roll over in the bed and give me a nice one as well. Well, let me tell you a few months ago things went south. It was the first we knew of her, when he brought her home to introduce her to us. Apparently, they had been going out for months. Jane was ecstatic, I was jealous. She was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. She had a beautiful big bum and tits to match. When I say big bum I don’t mean large in the sense of width or flabbiness. I mean well exercised tight, well rounded, with just enough jiggle to be sexy. To go along with her body was a vivacious, friendly, funny, personality, which was hard not to like. I know, I tried. She’d come and visit us as she got to know us better. I just had to see this body naked, but Jane wouldn’t let me try to seduce her. But she did help me with the next best scenario. John’s girl friend loved to lay out in the sun and work on her tan. Jane and I went out and bought three sexy thong bikinis. We started sun bathing with her, wearing these miniscule bits of fabric pretending we just needed the total tan. We soon had her convinced she should try on Jane’s other suit the one we had left in a drawer just for her. I’ll never forget the afternoon she came out wearing it. My mouth went dry. She had long dark hair, her large tits pendulous, not by age or lack of exercise, but sagging a little from shear weight and size. They threatened to fall out of the small top with every step she took. Her hips flared out from a tiny waist accenting the smallness of the tiny piece of fabric, which covered her loins. Her pubic hair surrounded the fabric. She turned around to show us the back. What back? A small v pointed to the deep crack between her buttocks round and gorgeous. After she went home that night, I fucked Jane for hours remembering her sexy body.

“A few nights later John came home and took us to bed. He thanked us for giving him the time to find her. Told us she was a fantastic fuck, oh he didn’t say it in those words but you know what I mean, while he gently loved us giving us lovely cums. As time went on there was a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as he kissed us while he gently played. Finally, he sighed and told us he was going to ask her to marry him. If she accepted, he told us, it was his intention to be faithful. His mother began to cry in happiness for him, hugging him tightly to her. I began to cry as well, but my tears were from the sorrow of loss. He kissed our tear-stained checks a few more times and then left our bed, for the last time. Oh thanks for the Kleenex. Damn my mascara is going to run.

“Oh lord, look at the time, here I’ve talked your ear off. But by the look of you, you enjoyed the story. Oh, I should tell you why I told you. Jane has asked me to invite you over for a nice cup of tea. You’d like to go? Good! But first, come here and give me another nice cum.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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