Autumn Dream

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While I was in Arizona, I had quite an interesting dream. I try to write about personal experience, but this was just so intense that I had to submit it.

I was with a friend of mine from New York, we’d been taking a walk through a forest, just hanging out and talking. It was warm and in the middle of the day in autumn, I think we were there for a fair or something but decided to find our own entertainment.

We walked until we were a bit away from all the bustle and you could just barely hear the activity. I had my back up against a tree and was shuffling the dried leaves in front of me. He had been standing a couple of feet away from me with his hands in his pockets for the majority of our talk, except when he was tucking the stray locks of hair that kept falling in his eyes. He always seemed to need to get it cut, but never managed to get around to it. My eyes kept wandering to his smile and his mouth, along his jaw line and the little scruff at his chin. God, he was attractive.

As we talked he slowly drew closer to me till he was within an arms length of each other. I was having trouble keeping my attention on the conversation with him so close. He brought his hand up near the side of my head, resting his body weight on it, bringing his face close to mine.

Finally he brought his mouth on mine, gently at first, testing the waters so to speak. It wasn’t long before the kiss became more insistent. His other arm wrapped around my waist, drawing me in, making me arch my body against his. Suddenly, this nice fall day felt like mid summer in Vegas.

His lips were brutalizing mine, forcing me to submit to him and give him what he wanted from me. My hands clutched at his shirt front, trying to keep me standing against his forceful lips. I loved it, I found myself willingly submitting and bending under him, wanting him to control me, to do what he wanted me to.

I felt him move me and control my fall to the leaf covered floor. The leaves made a muffling moldova escort sound to our fall, cloaking us in an oddly crinkling silence.

He didn’t need to urge my legs open with his own, I wanted to feel his weight on me, to feel him in between my legs. It felt like he was meant to be there. I could feel the bulge of his erection against my painfully heated self. Just from that contact I could tell that he was far more then just an acceptable size.

His mouth worked down to my neck, kissing and biting, just hard enough to make me gasp and revel in the pain/pleasure of it. He ground himself against me, putting me on the brink of coming. My head swam as the sensation of him kissing me, holding my arms over my head, restraining me from touching him while his other hand found its way under my shirt. Not being able to touch and explore nearly drove me wild. What was it about being restrained like that that made me want him even more?

I was panting, begging him to fuck me. I needed him so bad. His hand grasping my breast and squeezing made me whimper. He just smiled as I begged him, taking his time, doing what he wanted, ignoring me. His hands burned me as they removed my left breast from my bra, his fingers pinching and twisting my stiff nipple, I thought I could take it till he brought his mouth down on it, taking it in between his teeth. Stars burst behind my closed eyes at that moment and I struggled like I never have in all my life, trying to get loose from his hands, wanting to have him in me. My hips bucked up against his, in a painful sort of contact, I wanted to be free, but at the same time I didn’t.

He liked to watch me twisting to get free, I could tell. He brought his face up to watch me, I could see the devils smile playing on his lips. When our eyes met, he purposefully started to undo the button on my jeans, quieting my movements, but not my breath. My ragged near sobs seemed harsh even to my own ears, escort istanbul but I didn’t care, I just needed to be filled.

He smoothly slid down my zipper and had his hands down my pants and reached my warm wet core within moments. His grin widened when he saw I wasn’t wearing underwear. His fingers probed me, more gently then they had been with my nipple or his mouth had been on my own. His exploration was painful in its slow deliberateness. This time I couldn’t muffle my cry or stop the tears flowing down my cheeks.

“Please oh pleease pleease, god I need you I can’t take this, please please” Was all that escaped my throat in a hoarse whisper between stuttering breaths and muffled sobs.

I was nearly delirious as he moved his hand from me and trailed a little wetness across my abdomen as he ran his hand behind me and slid my pants off my ass. How he managed to get them down below my knees I’ll never know (gotta love dreams). I couldn’t help moving, my body was begging to be touched, to feel him slide in me. I didn’t even notice the fact that my bare end was cushioned in cool leaves on the ground.

He still managed to keep hold of my hands as he began to undo his own pants. I licked my dry lips as I watched his big, stiff, hard dick spring out of his pants. I squirmed in anticipation of having it inside me. He leaned over me, not to enter me, but place a few lingering kisses on my mouth and my neck. I was completely shocked! How much longer was he going to make me wait! Ever kiss, every touch was a drawn out torture, when I knew that poised just inches away from my already eager self was the fulfillment I craved.

While I was in the midst of my incredulousness he entered me. This wasn’t a gentle `let your body get used to the feeling and ease in` kind of thing. This was out one minute, buried hilt deep the next thrust, taking myself and my body by surprise. I screamed. The aching pleasure was enough to drive the thoughts of someone bulgar escort hearing me from my mind. I felt like I was going to have to tear to accommodate my body to him. He only waited a moment before nearly completely exiting my body and plunging into me again. Each was hard and pounding. I spread my knees trying to make sure he got as much contact and as deep as possible.

In the onslaught he released my hands so he could place them to stabilize himself on either side of my shoulders. I brought my hands down and twined them around his for my own support, to keep myself in one place while he delved deeply into me.

I had been on the brink of orgasm before he’d started to fuck me, but now, I had teetered over into a long drawn out line of gut wrenching release, punctuating each with a cry. I felt like I was nearly bending myself in half as my body arched against him, bringing more stimulation to my clit.

His breathing became quicker and his rhythm increased. I knew he was coming. I couldn’t help myself as I brought my mouth down on his shoulder, biting down hard till I heard his breath catch, it was another sort of release for me along with the orgasms.

With a final arch of his back he came, shouting out. He collapsed on me, remaining inside me till he softened. We both sat there hyperventilating, our bodies tingling from post orgasmic sensations.

Slowly, we came back to ourselves. He raised his head up from my neck and smiled down at me, his fingers ran thru my curls, removing a few leaves.

He said something that made me laugh throatily and he captured my lips in a kiss. He got up off me and offered me a hand up. We rearranged our clothing and tried to get as much of the leaf fragments off of us as possible. We headed back to the fair, smiling and sharing knowing looks, playfully bumping into one another.

On our way back to finding his girlfriend and my husband we heard people talking rather concernedly about hearing something in the woods, apparently people had heard some screaming and were hoping some poor creature hadn’t been hurt. We blushed and moved on.

lol, the dream gave me the action, the experience, and the sensation, and my waking mind had to flesh it out. Hope you all found it interesting ^^

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