Baby Susie

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Suzanne O’Halloran drove slowly down the steep mountainside track leading down from the freeway towards the clear blue waters of Harpers Lake and the grey forbidding monolith of the Hargreaves Institute beyond.

Pine trees brushed the fenders of her Cadillac Escalade SUV as she reluctantly steered towards a weeks therapy and rest at Dr Hargreaves state of the art facility at Albrighton Ferris Parker, her employer’s expense. First John Parker had suggested she take a vacation, then Henry Ferris had insisted she take a vacation and finally Harry Illingsworth had assigned her to two weeks work at the Institute so there was no way out.

No one disagreed that she had worked far too hard recently, but she could see no reason to back off the workload while the company continued to struggle in the post Lehmann brothers financial crash, but in the end, she was given no choice.

She parked in the near deserted car park and walked into reception carrying her bags, and impatiently held down the call attention bell push.

Dr Julian Hargreaves waited a few minutes before greeting Ms O’Halloran, he expected problems but nothing prepared him for the coiled spring of impatience that was buried deep in the mind of this curvaceous dark haired, green eyed junior Lawyer.

“Miss O’Halloran, I presume” Dr Hargreaves enquired.

“Do you know how long I have been waiting?” Ms O’Halloran asked.

“Eight minutes and fourteen seconds, why?” he replied.

“What, it’s ok to keep people waiting is it?” she snapped, “I don’t have all day to waste!”

“Oh but you do, seven days relaxation with an option to extend,” he explained, “Please come through” he pressed a button “Mark will bring your bags, please, come through.”

Dr Hargreaves opened the door to the thick carpeted corridor, oak panels and glowering oil paintings of glowering old men lined the gloomy but well lit walls, “We’re in the new relaxation wing with the panoramic views.” he explained, “here we are,” he announced opening a heavy oak door, “Your room.”

The room was huge, the panoramic window fifteen feet by eight gave uninterrupted views far down the valley through the pine woods and on towards the plains and the distant Achapo river.

“It’s all about relaxation.” he said.

Suzanne stood transfixed, her bed was fully forty feet back from the window, with easy chairs and settees arrayed around a coffee table and the wall mounted 72 inch plasma TV.

“I suggest you shower and get used to the facility there’s nothing to do but relax,” Dr Hargreaves suggested,”Oh and please wear our facility nightgown, it’s unflattering but relaxing, there’s one in the shower room ready for you if you would care to go through.”

Suzanne decided there was no harm in taking a shower, she had her lap top in her case and she could spare maybe thirty minutes to get cleaned up before she got on with the backlog of work that needed clearing.

The shower room was compact but functional, washbasin and can one side and the clear glass or acryllic shower cubicle in the corner, she bolted the door and looked at herself in the expanse of mirror tiles behind the wash basin.

Her eyes seemed dull and lifeless far older than her twenty eight years, her lipstick was not quite straight, her dark hair needed shaping and she knew she really did need a rest.

Suzanne undressed and stepped into the shower, she pulled the surprisingly thick and robust cubicle door shut with a loud click and turned the water on, adjusting the angle to keep her hair dry.

Water trickled down her belly soaking her neatly trimmed pubes as her mind wandered to the world of work once more, the water trickling down her shapely legs dripping from her D cup breasts as she dreamed of credit default swaps, and the risks of buy to let real estate.

She turned the water off, and with a click the far side of the cubicle swung open, Suzanne stared, what she thought was solid wall had opened and suddenly a large negro lady in a starched white nurses uniform confronted her.

“Hi lil Susie, Ah’m yo new Nursie,” the woman announced as Suzanne stared, the woman was huge, her pendulous breasts far larger than any off the shelf bra could restrain, and her bulk was enormous, although maybe only slightly taller than Suzanne herself at Five feet Six.

“What’s the meaning of this!” Suzanne cried, as she looked at the trolley laid out with towels and plain cardboard boxes which gave no hint as to what they contained.

“Treatment” Dr Hargreaves explained as he came into view, “Martha will be your nurse for the next few days, so you do what she says or you’ll get a smacked botty.”

“Look, this is ridiculous,” Suzanne snapped, as she surveyed the room, an oversize babies changing table dominated the centre of the room but to one side she saw an oversize babies cot with wood slat sides maybe four and a half feet high and big wheels, oversize casters but a strange collapsing slatted door and a very low floor, while beyond on a shelf sat a glass fronted cabinet with an bingöl seks hikayeleri array of huge man size cuddly toys.

“This is crazy, leave me alone.” Suzanne insisted as Dr Hargreaves closed the door to the shower room.

“There’s a bell push, just push if you change your mind,” said Hargreaves, and Martha started to push the trolley away.

“I need a towel!” Suzanne exclaimed.

“Hop up on the unit then and we’ll dry you.” Dr Hargreaves suggested, and then you can choose a Teddy, or maybe a dolphin.”

“Oh for gods sake!” Suzanne squealed, “Let me out of here.”

“You signed the forms, just lets dry you off then we can discuss things.” Dr Hargreaves suggested, “Hop up, then I can examine you at the same time.” he added.

She didn’t know why but she did as the Doctor suggested, swinging her legs up to sit on the cold plastic of the unit as Martha took a huge fluffy bath towel and started to dry her, carefully wiping and drying every part of her from between her toes to her ears, she just relaxed and when Martha unexpectedly applied pressure to the towel she was wiping Suzannes face with to hold her head down she was unable to react.

Dr Hargreaves took Suzannes left hand and before she realised he slid a soft blue woollen mitten on and laced it firmly round her wrist, then he did the same to her right hand, “Nuff” Suzanne spluttered through the towel but she was helpless.

“Now Susie, hold still, its Bootie time,”

Dr Hargreaves took an oversize soft leather bootie and slid it on Suzies left foot and laced it firmly in place, then he did the same with the left foot.

“All done” he said, and Martha stepped back as Suzanne leapt from the changing unit, she staggered, desperately trying to keep her balance, and then sat down in an ungainly heap.

“They are specially designed baby shoes, you can’t walk in them,” Dr Hargreaves explained, all the weight goes on the instep, so it’s too awkward to walk but the toes are padded for crawling.

“You are seriously weird.” Suzanne muttered as she frantically tried to loosen her mittens and kick off her booties, Dr Hargreaves watched for a few moments before he suggested “Bonnet” and Martha chose a fetching white baby’ bonnet which she swiftly scooped Suzanne’s long dark hair into before she fastened the ties tightly.

“Look you freaks for heavens sake” Suzanne cried.

Martha and Dr Hargreaves looked at each other and said “Pacifier” In unison.

Suzanne struggled but was unable to prevent Dr Hargreaves from taking the orange translucent Pacifier and popping it in her mouth, the pacifier had been adapted with an elasticated strap, and as Martha slipped it over Suzanne’s head and tightened the adjuster they were able to enjoy the sudden silence.

“Susie,” Dr Hargreaves said quietly, “Hop up on the unit then we can choose a teddy.”

The was no option so Suzanne crawled and climbed wearily onto the changing unit, she looked on in silent resignation as Martha and the doctor worked to raise her bottom up and slide a diaper under her, “There, baby all snug in babies nappy” Martha cooed as she pulled the flap up between Suzanne’s legs pulling it tight so it wouldn’t leak before she pulled away the tape and stuck the securing flaps down ensuring it was a good fit.

“Choose a Teddy, Susie choose a Teddy” Dr Hargreaves suggested as he helped Suzanne down from the table, she crawled rapidly towards the display cabinet, exasperated by her treatment and chose the biggest big brown Teddy bear in the display, it was taller than her.

“Which one?” Dr Hargreaves asked as Suzanne desperately tried to balance and point at the right one and then finally he understood and handed it to her.

Then he took it to the Cot in the corner of the room and helped her climb in. He lifted the door into place and secured it with a locking bolt, Suzanne found she could stand and look over the top rail quite easily so she just stood and watched as they started to push her away. there were double doors leading to a long gallery with a view down the valley past the pine trees and across the distant plain.

That’s where the left her, she looked around, there were nine more identical Cots, none of them occupied, she held her Teddy Bear tightly, lad down to rest her head for a moment and fell into a deep contented sleep.

The sunn had set over the Valley when Suzanne woke, “Susie, are you awake, want drinkies?” a soft feminine voice asked from the gloom.

Suzanne nodded and the woman came closer and loosened the pacifier strap.

“For heavens sake let me out of here.” Suzanne asked but the woman merely held babies bottle for Suzanne to drink from, she found she couldn’t grip it so she just drank the milk as the woman held it.

“Have you done wetties or pooh pooh?” the woman asked.

“Don’t be absurd.” Suzanne exclaimed, “Take me to the bathroom.”

“Potty, silly, no you do wetties and I’ll change you.” the woman continued.

“Don’t be” Suzanne said before the woman realised the bottle was empty and silenced her with the Pacifier once more.

“It’s very nice doing wetties,” the woman said,”You’ll see, don’t fight it.”

There was something in the milk, Suzanne realised, there was a burning itch in her bladder, she needed to pee, she badly needed to pee but all her conditioning and training said she must not, must not under any circumstances wet herself so she struggled.

She felt the first drips escape and held her Teddy bear tight but once it started she was poewerless as her bladder emptied and the soft diaper became firm and warm with her wee, “that’s it let it go, good girl.” the woman spoke from the darkness, “I’ll get Martha.” Martha arrived in her night dress and bathrobe pushing a trolley and the two women changed the diaper in the Cot, putting down a rubber mat and sitting Suzanne on it as they removed the old one cleaned her with wet wipes and applied powder to her pubes and bottom before wrapping the new diaper tightly round her.

“Is baby thirsty?” Martha asked.

Suzanne nodded, and the woman removed the pacifier, but instead of a bottle Martha lowered the door and stood in the gap as she pulled her nightdress aside to reveal her huge left breast. “Here y’are honey, it’s on draught.”

Suzanne stared, transfixed at the huge black nipple, “No,” she murmured even as Martha offered it to her mouth, but she was licking her lips involuntarily even before finally the nipple brushed her lips and as then as the teat slid between her lips she began to suck.

“You sure is hungry you change titties fore I get lopsided.” Martha instructed Suzanne and she quickly moved across to suck the other nipple.

Suzanne drifted off to sleep, against the warmth of Martha’s chest , Martha carefully untangled Suzanne from her and pressed her Teddy Bear against her instead and watched as she snuggled up against it and slept.

The mystery woman was by Suzanne’s bedside when she woke, “Has sleepy head woked up den.” she said, “I’m nurse Annie,” she explained

Suzanne looked at her, suddenly aware she was naked above the waist, she crossed her arms to cover her breasts as Annie said, “You want pretty dress, yes?”

Annie reached down and lifted up a small red dress with a white fur band around the hem and as Suzanne lifted her arms so Annie dropped it down over her, it came just below her waist, obscenely short but a welcome change from her nudity, Suzanne smiled.

“Done wetties” Annie asked, Suzanne shook her head.

“Do wetties then and you can have bottle, and if you’re very good you can have titty later.” Annie promised,

“Nung Phuff” Suzanne tried to explain through her pacifier, she needed to get on with her work.

Annie left Suzanne to play with her Teddy bear, she stared at Annie’e retreating form and threw the bear out onto the floor in frustration.

“Bad baby” Annie scolded as she heard the thump of the falling bear, she turned around, and picked the bear up and pushed it over the side of the Cot again.

“Now, if you do it again you wont have Teddy to play with, Do you understand?” Annie scolded.

Suzanne nodded lamely and Annie turned away, “If you ‘re good we will put your hair into pig tails with pretty red ribbons, will you like that?”

Suzanne shook her head, but Annie scolded her “You will like it, its much nicer than that silly bonnet.”

There was absolutely nothing to do, and as soon as Annie had closed the door Suzanne cuddled up to her Teddy bear.

It seemed so unfair she had so much to do, important things, and yet, here she was with absolutely nothing to do, she couldn’t grip the bear properly but she could hug it, it was like the one she had as a child almost as tall as herself

She found the bottom of the Cot was sprung and if she wanted to she could bounce up and down, and in mid bounce Suzanne suddenly saw Dr Hargreaves watching her.

“Have you been wetties?” he asked, “It’s not good to hold it in.”

She shook her head, she wanted to go but it was just too, she didn’t know what exactly, It was just too, easy, disgusting, she didn’t care, she just squat down and enjoyed the sensation of relief.

“Are you doing wee wee in your nappy Susie?” he asked.

She nodded coyly.

“Clever baby, I’ll get nursie” he promised.

The diaper bulked out with her wee, it felt heavy and warm and deliciously naughty.

Nurse Martha collected Suzanne, wheeling her Cot back to the room with the changing table, where she was told to hop up on the table again, but this time Nurse Annie and Dr Hargreaves were there too and as she hopped onto the table she felt a tiny pricking sensation and she felt very very drowsy.

Suzanne woke back in her Cot, her tummy and front bottom felt funny, as well they might after a complete wax had removed all her body hair below the waist, she saw her bottle was in the Cot so feeling thirsty she found she could grip it with her legs and support it on her mittenned hands and she began to drink, she realised she no longer had the pacifier, and no bonnet either, but from the reflection in the windows her hair was now divided into pig tails each with a pretty red ribbon.

“Hey, what’s going on.” she exclaimed.

Dr Hargreaves heard her and entered the room, “Susie, that’s not very nice, you can say Ma Ma, or DaDa, or Wee Wee or Pooh Pooh, but not big girl words, do you understand.”

She shook her head. “Good girl.” Dr Hargreaves praised her, now suck your Pacifier when you’re through, and if you’re very good DaDa will visit real soon.

She knew better than to ask. “Goo” she gurgled instead.

“Now Susie needs go Pooh, she be bad if she no go Pooh, here take tablet.” Hargreaves insisted.

He held it out to her and popped it into her mouth, before allowing her to drink a glass of orange juice.

Susie just stared at Hargreaves, if making her mess herself turned him on then so be it, he watched as she bounced on the springy mattress and played with the Teddy Bear, then as she stared at him her tummy churned and the smell told them both she had disgraced herself.

“Annie, come quickly, Susie done Pooh Pooh.” Dr Hargreaves called.

Annie came trotting down past the empty Cots, “A big stinky one by the smell of it!” She exclaimed.

They wheeled her Cot to the changing table again and as she climbed up Dr Hargreaves said “Look Susie, its Daddy Parker.

John Parker, fifty something balding, and a partner in Albrighton Ferris Parker, and her de facto boss was watching Hargreaves undo her filled nappy.

“That’s a big stinky pooh, you did Susie,” Parker said, “Did you do it specially for me?”

Suzanne sucked her pacifier in total humiliation as John worked carefully to clean her up with wet wipes, she peered down and saw her pubes were now completely hairless and baby like.

John worked carefully and dilligently and they eased her up to throw the stinking mess away before sliding another Nappy under her.

“I can’t get her quite dry Nurse,” John informed Annie as he tried to dry the area between Susie’s vaginal lips once more,pushing the soft white cloth within her once more.

Susie watched him, she liked it. she decided, especially when he dried her just “Oooh” there, “Oooh,” she cooed again through her pacifier.

Annie kissed her head, “It’s all right baby, Daddy Parker knows.”

But he didn’t, he sprinkled powder over her and started to pull the soft absorbent material tight into Susie’e crotch when she had a fire building between her legs, an itch within her that needed scratching and with her hands trapped uselessly in the finger-less mittens she was helpless to soothe her needs.

She stared helplessly as her baby smooth pubic mound disappeared beneath the pristine white of the disposable diaper once more.

She sucked he pacifier, she wanted to say “Please don’t leave me like this,” But was too ashamed, so she cried.

“Baby’s crying” Annie observed, “Want Titty, do you? Want Titty?”

Susanne nodded, yes the comforting warmth of Martha’s bosom, but there was a shock as John Parker and Annie held Suzannes hands as she walked unsteadily towards the room where Martha reclined on a low bed, a black girl already lay beside Martha suckling her left breast, a beautiful thin girl naked apart from an obscenely short dress and a disposable diaper, a girl with with short curly hair and flawless glistening black skin already suckling.

“Hello Susie!” Martha husked, “You come and suck old Martha’s Titty, Martha go lopsided the way this greedy Baby sucks.

Susie let her Pacifier fall as she nuzzled up against Martha and started to suckle once more, “MaMa” she said.

“I’m yo wet nurse not yo MaMa,” Martha said kindly, “but you drink milky and if you good maybe DaDa let you suck some cream, Baby like that?”

She nodded and continued sucking until she fell asleep and when she woke she was in her Cot once more.

She had this itch, under her nappy, almost inside her, under her nappy where she couldn’t get at it, she tried rubbing it with Teddy, then she lay Teddy down and lay on him to press her diaper into herself to try to sooth the feeling but she just made it worse.

She needed her nappy off so she just did a little wee wee, except she had been drinking rather a lot and suddenly her diaper was heavy and wet and warm and the itch was all wet and warm and nice and she felt all gooey and nice, so she cuddled up to Teddy and went to sleep.

“Susie, you tell Nursie when you do Wee Wee,” Annie chided, the Diaper was bright yellow with leaking wee, and she had to be very careful as she slid the rubber sheet under Susie before peeling back the ties and peeling away the soggy mass of disposable Diaper.

Annie carefully wiped Susies pubes dry and powdered her before pulling another pristine disposable nappy around her, Annie kissed Susie’s forehead and said. “You getting too big for Nappy, Annie get you Potty.” before she put the Cot door in place again and wheeled the trolley away.

Susie became aware that several more Babies like her had arrived, all in oversize Cots, all in Diapers, and several more nurses and Doctors or were they Daddies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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