Babysitter’s Lesson

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Cecelia had a problem. She also has a solution to that problem. In theory, anyway. She just wasn’t too sure how it would work when she had to put it into practice.

She was baby-sitting that evening for Jan and Roger Davidson. The Davidson’s were both in their early twenties and appeared to be a nice couple. Their kids were a couple of cuties, too. She’d have to speak to Jan and see what she thought of her idea.

Cecelia rolled up to the Davidson’s place a half hour early. Jan was a naturally gregarious type and if she had time she’d stop for a cup of coffee and a chat. Cecelia would wait and see if her chance came to broach the subject.

Jan did have extra time and was quite pleased to see Cecelia ahead of time. Fairly soon they were sitting at the kitchen table talking. Several times Cecelia started to say what was on her mind, but always backed off again. Jan noticed, but held her peace. Whatever was bothering Cecelia, she’d get around to it time.

While they were still talking about a lot of important nothings, Roger came into the kitchen. He greeted Cecelia, dropped a kiss on his wife and went his way.

Cecelia bit her lip and bit the bullet.

“Um, you and Roger seem to have a very close relationship,” she observed.

“That is quite common between a man and wife,” said Jan with a smile, wondering what was coming.

“Tell me to mind my own business if you like,” said Cecelia, carefully, “but I’m assuming that you and Roger have a healthy sex life. Ah, what’s it like?” she finished off with a rush.

“So, little Cecelia wants to discuss sex,” mused Jan, amused.

“Hmm, just what is it you want to know,” she asked. “I thought they taught sex education at schools these days.”

“They do,” said Cecelia, “and in theory I know all about it. But I’m eighteen now and still a virgin but when I go out my dates are pressing me to do things that, quite frankly, scare me.”

“I see,” murmured Jan. “And you can’t discuss this with your mother?”

“With MY mother?” asked Cecelia, incredulity plain in her voice.

Jan nodded sympathetically. She’d met Cecelia’s mother and knew just what Cecelia meant.

“Good point,” she said. “So how can I help you?”

“You enjoy sex, don’t you?” muttered Cecelia, red-faced.

“I do,” said Jan with a smile. “Indeed I do. Roger is a very skilled lover.”

“Um, were you a virgin when you got married?”

“No,” said Jan, “and before you ask, Roger wasn’t my first lover. I’ve sometimes regretted the fact that I wasn’t a virgin for him.”

“I’m still a virgin,” muttered Cecelia softly.

What was the girl getting at, wondered Jan. She knew that Cecelia was trying to make a point but she didn’t know what the point was.

“Cecelia,” Jan said gently, “instead of talking in circles, why don’t you tell me what the problem is.”

Cecelia took a deep breath.

“When I go out with my boyfriend he’s always touching me up. I don’t mind. It’s quite exciting and I do my own share of touching. But it’s reaching the stage where he’s pressuring me to do more. But he’s only eighteen and although he talks himself up I think he’s probably a virgin too. And he’s a little rough.

It’s reached the point where I’ll either have to have sex with him or break up with him. I’ll probably break up as I’m starting to go off him and I suspect he’ll drop me as soon as he scores. I’m actually a bit worried that he might force me.

You know, I never realised that until I said it just then. That solves one problem. If I’m that worried about him I’m definitely dropping him.”

“Glad to be of service,” laughed Jan. “You said it solves one problem. I take it there is another?”

“Of course there is. Even though I’m dropping him I’ll still be a virgin and the whole thing will start up again with my next boyfriend. That’s why I’ve got to do something about it.”

“You’re losing me, Cecelia,” said Jan.

Cecelia gave Jan a determined look.

“I need to lose my virginity,” she stated. “You said Roger is a skilled lover. I was hoping you could persuade him to initiate me.”

It was probably unfortunate that Jan had a mouthful of coffee at that moment. She choked and coffee decorated the table.

Recovering her breath she turned to Cecelia.

“Explain that to me again,” she said. “The logic went past so fast that I failed to catch it.”

“It’s really quite simple,” explained Cecelia. “I have to lose my virginity sometime, but I feel I should choose a skilled lover to help me lose it. The only boys I know would be rank amateurs, just interested in scoring. Roger, on the other hand, is skilled, you said so yourself, and he’s not interested in just scoring. He’d be doing it as a favour to me.”

“I see. And when would you want this favour to take place?”

“Um, well I was hoping when you got back tonight. You could explain to him while you’re out and see what he says.”

Jan closed her eyes for a second. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was plain that Cecelia was set Escort bayan on her course.

“”Um, I’ll mention it to Roger while we’re out,” said Jan. “I can’t guarantee he’ll agree.”

“Oh, thank you,” Cecelia almost sang. “I hope he agrees. I didn’t know who else to ask and I don’t want some fumbling clot taking me for my first time.”

– – –

“So, Roger,” said Jan later at the party. “What do you think of Cecelia?”

Roger blinked. “Cecelia? Do you mean out baby-sitter, Cecelia?”

“That’s the one,” said Jan with a smile.

“Well, I hadn’t really paid much attention to her,” said Roger. “She seems a nice kid.”

“She’s no longer a kid, apparently,” pointed out Jan. “She’s turned eighteen, but still a virgin, she assures me.”

Roger blinked again. “Just what do you women talk about when you’re together?” he asked. “Forget I asked that. I suspect I don’t want to know.”

Jan’s smile now had an evil tinge.

“Well, what we were discussing was Cecelia’s non-existent sex life and her desire to do something about it. She’s going to drop her current boyfriend but wants to become a non-virgin before she gets a new one.”

“And how does she intend to do that with no boyfriend?” asked Roger, genuinely curious now.

“It’s easy. She’s decided that she’ll get you to initiate her.”

“I did that with the coffee when she told me,” Jan said after Roger recovered from choking on his scotch.

“I swear, I have never touched her,” said Roger. “I’ve hardly even spoken to her. Where could she have got an idea like that?”

“From me, apparently,” smirked Jan. “I told her you were quite a good lover and she’s decided that you should help her with her problem as she doesn’t want to be treated roughly by some lout for her first time.”

“I trust you put her straight? That idea’s a non-starter.”

“Actually, I told her I’d discuss it with you?” said Jan, turning serious.

“Discuss it? What’s to discuss?” protested Roger.

“Oh, a few little things, like when you bed her, how often, does she have to pay for your services?”

Roger gave his wife an irritated look.

“It’s not funny. I’m married to you. Even if I wasn’t, I’m not a cradle snatcher.”

“Eighteen, remember. Hardly in her cradle. Ripe and ready, even eager, for plucking.”

“It’s not on, and you know it,” growled Roger, closing the discussion.

“I think you should do it,” said Jan, reopening the discussion.

“Is insanity contagious?” asked Roger. “Why would you want me to seduce our baby-sitter?”

“It’s not seduction. She’s ready and willing and offering herself. The trouble is, I worry about her. If you turn her down, who knows who she might approach next? She could find herself in real trouble. You know that there are men out there who wouldn’t have any scruples about taking advantage of her.

If you initiate her, however, I know you’ll be reasonably gentle with her, and I’ll be there to talk to her afterwards.

Seriously, I think she’s making a sensible choice.”

“Might I point out I’m not a stud to be farmed out?”

“That’s the point. There are plenty of studs out there who would leap at the chance. Some of them would have her panties off before she even finished speaking. But Cecelia doesn’t want a stud. She wants a teacher who can show her what to do. You’d make an excellent teacher.”

“You’re insane,” pointed out Roger gently. “You’ve both lost it. I’ll arrange a supply of Valium for you. Something is needed to calm you down.”

Jan grinned and shut up. She’d just sit back and relax now, enjoying the party, while the idea slowly percolated through Roger’s thick skull. He’d come around.

– – –

They were nearly home when Jan raised the subject again.

“Have you thought any more about Cecelia?” she casually inquired.

“Of course not,” said Roger. “It’s a non-starter.”

“Uh-huh. You realise she’s waiting at home for us to get back so you can give her her lesson? Have you figured out how you’re going to turn her down?”

“Tonight? She’s expecting me to initiate her tonight? And why do I have to tell her no? It’s your idea.”

“Not mine, Cecelia’s. And I’m in favour of it, remember?”

Roger was still in a quandary when they entered the house. How, he was wondering, do you tell a young lady that you’re not going to teach her about sex?

Jan and Roger walked into the front room to be greeted by Cecelia, looking happy and hopeful and just a little nervous.

“Ah, Cecelia,” muttered Roger. “Jan told me about your, ah, little proposal, and I’d just like to say, ah, that is, I’m flattered but, um.”

His voice died away and he looked at Cecelia, realising what an appealing little bundle she was. What would she look like naked, he wondered? She sure had a much nicer figure than he’d realised. He turned to give Jan an appealing look.

Jan smiled at him and calmly proceeded to shaft him.

“What Roger is trying to say Cecelia, is that he’s honoured by your trust Escort in him and he hopes he won’t disappoint you. Just don’t worry about anything. If you change your mind just say so and he’ll stop. Now why don’t you sit on the couch and relax.”

Cecelia bounced over to the couch and settled upon it, smiling happily at Roger. Roger, on the other hand, leant over and whispered some loving words in his wife’s ear.

“I know I’ve never spanked you but you’ll find that’s about to change later tonight.”

Jan laughed, patted his cheek and faded out of the room, leaving Roger to sort things out the best he could.

Cecelia was starting to have second thoughts. What should she do if he expected her to just lie down while he took her? Would he stop if she protested? Excitement was burning low in her stomach, but there was now a flock of butterflies warming themselves by that same fire. She flinched slightly as Roger settled down on the couch next to her.

Roger set himself to calm her nerves.

“All I’m going to do is kiss you,” he told her. “You only need to kiss me back and we’ll see how things go.”

Before he kissed her, Roger made a quick assessment of what Cecelia was wearing. T-shirt and what looked like a light bra under it, skirt and no tights. Panties, he would assume. No clothes that would cause a problem to exploring hands.

He bent and brushed his lips over Cecelia’s then drew back, laughing softly at her reaction. Leaning over again he repeated the movement, this time feeling a slight answering pressure. A few more gentle passes and his lips closed over Cecelia’s and stayed there for a more passionate kiss.

Pulling back, he lifted Cecelia and put her on his lap.

“It will be easier to kiss you this way,” he told her, before his mouth again closed over hers.

Cecelia was enjoying the light kisses, and the deeper kisses mixed in with them. She’d done far more than this with her boyfriend so it wasn’t really new territory to her. She could feel Roger’s hands wandering over her body, but they were still quite circumspect. Even when he pulled loose her t-shirt and rubbed his hands over her naked skin it still felt right.

One thing Cecelia had missed was the loosening of her bra when Roger flicked the catch undone. She was taken by surprise when a hand moved up over her breast to find that she had no protection there and the hand was actually touching her breast. Her breath caught for a second, but it felt nice and she had still been a lot further than that. She let it go.

Just how her t-short and bra came right off, Cecelia was never sure. It had sort of seemed silly to object when Roger’s mouth was on her breast sucking on her nipple at the time. It had just seemed logical that he would want to push her clothes out of the way.

Cecelia was starting to get nervously expectant. At any moment Roger was going to try to slide his hand under her panties and she wasn’t sure how she’d react. She’d almost had panic attacks when her boyfriend had touched her down there.

“Have you ever touched a man’s erection?” Roger asked her quietly.

Cecelia had blushed and nodded, feeling slightly guilty. Roger had just smiled at her and she saw him reach down and heard his zip going down. She tensed, waiting for Roger to bring his cock out for her to touch, then relaxed as his hand just wandered back up to capture a breast.

The kissing and light petting continued, slowly getting more intense. Cecelia’s excitement was growing, but at a measured pace, not threatening to overwhelm her. And her curiosity was starting to burn. What was Roger’s cock like? All she had to do was reach down and touch it. What would Roger say, she wondered?

Curiosity won and her hand slipped into the open fly and captured what she found there. Cecelia didn’t try to pull it out of Roger’s trousers, quite happy to just touch it, get a feel for what it was like. Big, hard and hot, she thought, and as smooth as silk. Her hand glided back and forth along it.

Roger’s retribution was swift, she found. A hand was suddenly on her leg, stroking along the inside of her leg, drifting higher. It brushed against her panties and then started stroking her through them, apparently in time to the way she was stroking his cock.

She liked it. She felt in control. Roger wasn’t pushing her to do anything. He was just petting her and letting her pet him. It still seemed reasonable to her when he had her stand and her skirt and panties were removed.

Now Cecelia was snuggled up on Roger’s lap, naked. She still didn’t realise how far things had progressed in her seduction. Everything just seemed right. She was aware, however, that Roger was now stroking her mound and not her panties, but it felt good and she didn’t want to protest.

Cecelia’s hand tightened on his cock when she felt that first finger slide inside her and start touching inside her. She froze for a second, and then pushed her pussy more firmly against Roger’s hand, accepting. She had passed a stop point and she knew it. Bayan escort Things were getting hotter.

Cecelia was getting hotter. She had thought the night was reasonably cool, but not any longer. She was feeling hot and flushed, knowing something was coming. The fingers inside her were teasing her, teasing her in places she didn’t know she could be teased. She was twisting from side to side, pressing against that inquisitive hand.

When Roger finally pushed her to lie on the couch Cecelia just lay there, waiting. She watched as Roger quickly stripped off his clothing, giving a little gasp as she finally had a decent view of the toy she had been playing with. She swallowed. Suddenly it looked awfully big when she thought of where it was going to go.

Roger was kneeling between Cecelia’s thighs and his erection was pressing lightly against her slit. Cecelia closed her eyes, trembling slightly. It was going to happen and she couldn’t stop it now.

“No,” said a soft voice.

Cecelia’s eyes popped open. Roger was smiling down at her, his erection still just barely touching her sensitive flesh.

“I want you to watch,” he said. “And if you’ve changed your mind, now is the time to say so. It will be a bit late when you’re an ex-virgin.”

“I can stop it,” thought Cecelia “but I don’t want to.”

“Do it,” she whispered, biting her lip, her eyes now glued to where Roger was touching her.

Cecelia saw his hand reach for her and ease her lips further apart and then she could feel him sliding into her. She watched as Roger pushed into her. She felt a sharp little sting and bit her lip harder. That had been her hymen yielding, she knew, and she was no longer a virgin.

Cecelia gasped as Roger continued to push into her. How was she supposed to take all that, she wondered, slightly astonished to see so much of him vanishing so easily into her. She could feel his cock inside her, pushing along her passage, forcing it to open for him, stretching her to accommodate him.

Then he was in her, his groin pressed closely against hers, and it felt strange.

“Ok,” she mumbled. “I can handle this. Just don’t move for a while.”

“Cecelia, that would be defeating the whole purpose of what we’re doing,” murmured Roger, humour plain in his voice. “Instead of just lying still, why don’t you move up to meet me when I push into you?”

Cecelia gasped as she felt Roger dragging his cock against her, pulling slowly out. She squeezed her muscles, trying to hold him, not wanting to lose him yet. She gave a little sigh as she felt him stop, and then gave a little squeal as he pushed back into her, much more forcefully than his initial entry.

She felt Roger retreating again, and this time she remembered his advice. When he stopped and came back into her she pushed her hips up against him, meeting him, thrilling to the sudden sensations flooding into her.

Roger started slowly, taking his time and letting Cecelia adjust to the new sensations she was experiencing. He felt her first tentative responses and smiled to himself. When he decided that Cecelia was coming along nicely, he picked up the pace.

Cecelia was lost in a storm of emotion. Roger was doing strange things to her body and she wanted them to continue. More than continue; she wanted them to increase. She vaguely note that Roger was moving faster but that didn’t worry her. She matched his increased pace with ease, and finding it not enough.

Roger observed Cecelia gasping and making little squeaking sounds as he pleasured her. There was a note of pleading in her voice now, and he picked up the pace again.

The faster pace brought Cecelia a bit of relief. This was better, she thought, but soon found it still wasn’t enough. She was twisting under Roger’s relentless drive, but it just wasn’t enough. She started babbling for something more.

Satisfied that Cecelia could handle him, Roger set to work with a will, driving in hard and fast, grinding himself against her, massaging her breasts as he worked on her body. He idly noted that Cecelia’s legs were now wrapped around him and she was clinging tightly to him as she pressed herself up against him, trying to take him ever deeper into herself.

Something more was going to happen. Cecelia knew it. She was tossing her head from side to side, expectancy vibrating through her. Something was happening, and Cecelia was ready. Past ready.

Roger was definitely ready. He was relishing the reaction of Cecelia’s young body to his touch, enjoying the way she was going up in flames as he pleasured himself upon her. Timing it nicely, he finally settled down to bring Cecelia to a climax.

When Cecelia felt Roger ejaculating inside her she knew it was his seed washing through her. She had barely enough time to note that fact when the hot flush of the seed brought a savage reaction from her body and her first climax crashed over her, sweeping her away.

Jan came rushing into the room.

“What the hell happened?” she demanded.

Roger was slowly withdrawing from a comatose Cecelia.

“Um, it appears that little Cecelia is a screamer when she orgasms,” he said, slightly stunned himself at her sudden shriek.

“Oh,” said Jan. “Then you did a proper job on her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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