Babysitting Alex – Part 4

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-=Thanks for the support you all give me on writting these series, thanks you all, for real=-


I woke up and I was alone in bed, so I got in my underwear and went downstairs, Aky and Mark were in their underwears playing Xbox, I was actually starting to see both of them as my little brothers, I was mostly always alone because I am an only child, that led me to be a little cold towards people and of course, a bit shy when meeting new people, but seeing both of them there, made me get warm, and happy.

“Good morning you two” I said.

“Morning” both said not taking their eyes away from the game.

“Some eye contact would be good you know” I said.

“Later Matt…” Aky said sarcasticly, he was actually getting the hang of it.

“Then guess I’ll prepare breakfast for myself you know…”I said moving to the kitchen.

“I’ve heard your food is good.” Mark said.

“And it is!” Aky said.

“ you are getting interested huh?” I said looking narrowly at them.

“Well…I’m kinda starving..” Mark said.

“I’ll prepare something, for everyone” I said.

“Hey Matt…hum…Good Morning” Aky said blushing a little finally looking at me.

“ I feel much better” I said laughing.

After we had our breakfast, we played a little, wrestled and we went to the pool to swim a little as Mark worked a tan. Then Aky let out an idea, skinny dipping, I thought it was ok since no one was around, if anyone showed up we could just roll inside the pool.

“But what about me!? I didn’t bring my Speedos!” Mark said.

“Just get your underwear wet, I can lend you one of mines!” Aky said.

“Alex…you’re 2 years younger than me…” Mark replied.

“I think I have some underwear that will fit you, I got them as a “gift” from my aunt but they were way….small” I said.

“hum..fine then” Mark said sliding down his green boxers, Mark himself was 14, but he had the face of one 9 year old, he was cute. We went into the pool, naked, it felt weird to have your dick bare against the water of the pool, I felt like I was fishing, and I noticed I had just caught a fish, I looked down as Aky was sucking me off, Mark was just looking at my face and he knew what Aky was doing and he came closer to me kissing etiler escort me deeply, Mark’s mouth was sweet, almost as sweet and warm as Aky’s. Aky came up to breath and glanced at us kissing, he smiled evily.

“Hey, how about we go inside again…I see no one wants to swim anymore…” He said moving th the stairs.

“Yeah..I wanna try out something…” Mark said kissing me again and swimming to the stairs grabbing his now wet underwear.

I thought of what he had just said, I swam to the stairs grabbing my wet boxers and I went to my room wrapped in my towel, Aky and Mark did the same, as soon as we got there I was thrown to my bed by both.

“We talked in the morning about what to do and we felt terrible for letting you out of our fun yesterday” Aky said.

“So we are going to make it up to you today, I mean…before I go back home..” Mark said.

“Seems fair…” I said smiling. “But don’t think I’m going to stay quiet” I said grabbing Aky and kissing him deeply, Mark approached my dick and licked it, his tongue felt amazing on my dick, he didn’t seem to be shy anymore, and that felt awsome, I knew I was going to have a lot of fun.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be quiet anyway” Aky said breaking the kiss and moving to my neck, that made me shiver, it felt good, and I’ve never tried that with anyone, he licked, sucked and kissed my neck as I was letting out soft moans, I moved my hand to Aky’s dick and stroked him, he stopped his little play on my neck and moaned softly, then I moved my other hand to his bubble butt finding my way to his little tight hole sliding one finger in, Aky moaned louder and I kissed him again as Mark was still sucking me, then I felt his finger slide down inside my ass, his finger felt really good in me and I moaned louder shooting my load into Mark’s mouth, he kept it inside his mouth, tasting it before swallowing. My dick was still pretty much hard, I kept thrusting my finger inside Aky until he finally came on my chest, Mark watched everything, but he still hadn’t come.

“Get up here…” I told him as he climbed on the bed with Aky rolling to my side recovering himself from his orgasm, Mark kneeled in front of me and I started sucking his dick, his was bigger than Aky’s and it felt çapa escort weird but I loved the taste of his dick inside my mouth, I played with his dick using my tongue and took every inch he had, I grabbed his butt forcing more of him inside my mouth, it was hot, I felt his muscles stiffen and he shot down his load inside my mouth, his cum was sweet and just a little bit salty, he panted hard and rolling to my side, but before I could rest, Aky went over me trying to shove my dick inside his butt, he moaned slightly forcing the head inside, but soon enough he had half my dick inside him, he forced himself down trying to get it fully in.

“If you can’t take it all don’t try forcing it…it already feels’ll just hurt yourself….” I warned him.

“I can take it..don’t worry” He said lowering himself totally, my dick vanished inside him, it felt incredible, his warm, tight ring pulsing the base of my dick he started riding me, I grabbed his hips as he rode me hard and fast, I was ready to cum and Aky’s Glasses were almost falling from his face thanks to his moves, so I took them off putting them on my desk. Aky moaned hard as his shot his load on my chest again, he fell on me almost passing out, so i kissed him again taking my dick off him.

“How about we rest a little…?”

“But you didn’t cum…” Aky said.

“Oh come on..I already had a great time…” I said.

“Then let me do it…” Mark said getting near my face with his ass. “I wanna see how it feels…to be screwed” he continued.

I licked his buttcrack with Aky still over my chest, I kept licking and slid my tongue inside his little virgin hole, he moaned hard, and Aky rolled to my side again, I got on my knees and he got on his knees and hands, I grabbed my dick slowly rubbing the tip against his little hole just teasing.

“Be gentle…” he said.

“I will…” I told him.

I slowly slid my dick inside him, Mark, as well as me and Aky had a cute bubble butt, which I could clearly see now, he was moaning in pain and pleasure, I could tell he was loving each second, and all of a sudden, Mark pulled himself against my dick, I felt as if something had ripped apart, like a sheet of paper, Mark moaned hard and made no move getting used to merter escort the size of my dick inside him.

“You…didn’t have to do it” I said.

“I wanted…everything inside..” he said panting.

“I’ll…start moving now…slowly” I warned him as I moved back and forward slowly, he moaned hard, and so did I, Mark’s ass was totally tight, and that was driving me crazy, but I controlled my urges and kept the thrusts slow.

“Ahh yeah…fuck me Matt! Like the way you did Aky” He said between his moans.

“You’re so tight Mark…it feels so…good..inside of you” I said speeding up the thrusts, he started fucking me back and now I had lost my senses, I fucked him fast and hard for a long time and I was nearing my climax, Aky was stroking himself ever since we started and he was right on the edge as well, he got up and I started sucking him deperately, wanting every drop of his cum, I couldn’t hold anymore. I moaned loud while sucking and started filling Mark with my cum, Mark came on the bed and Aky came again, now, inside my mouth, I swallowed everything as Mark’s moves vanished and he fell on the bed exactly where he came, exhausted, Aky fell on my shoulders and I couldn’t even sustain myself anymore, that was simply the best orgasm I had ever had…and when I looked at both, they had already blacked out…then I heard the phone in the living room, I recollected myself and ran downstairs grabbing the phone.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Matt? Oh hi, it’s Mark’s mother, listen…I know you are babysitting Alex and I don’t want to overload you…but I’d like to ask you a little favor.” she said.

“Sure, anything you need.” I replied.

“I’m going to visit my aunt out of city for somedays to take care of her…and his father is out of city. So I was thinking that since he’s already with you, could you take care of him…just until saturday…” She asked.

“Sure..any time!” I answered.

“Good! Thanks Matt, I knew I could count on you…the key is under the welcome carpet for when you come pick some clothes ok?” She said.

“Ok, no problem.” I answered.

“Thanks again” she said before hanging up. Now…I had to take care of 2 young boys I just had sex with.

“Oh boy…” I thought before sitting on the couch, I felt light headed and I slept there….until evening…was it already too late to have lunch?

-=Here it is folks, part 4, see you again in part 5, special thanks to The Naughty Scientist for previewing it and correcting some mistakes=-

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