Babysitting Daddy Ch. 02

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Recall Ch 01: Robbi Jo became a live-in nanny with my two kids and me. Robbi, then 21, was no more than 95 pounds soaking wet, all of 5’0″, medium-length auburn-colored hair, fair complexion (although she tanned very well), small-breasted, perfectly-shaped ass and legs (former gymnast), and knew exactly what to say and how to say it.

Robbi & I had our first encounter when she was ill one afternoon which led down the path of me giving her a massage, which then led to the most incredible sex I ever had as a 40-something single dad.

Our next encounter was just a few days later when the kids were at their mom’s house for a couple days. Daylight savings had just started, so it was getting darker later now. I came home from work and decided to fire up the grill out back and throw a couple steaks on for Robbi and me. After lighting the grill, I heard a strange (yet familiar) sound toward the other end of my backyard. Curiously, I walked toward the sound and realized that it was coming from Robbi’s room where she had her sliding window and vertical curtains partially open. Her bedroom had mirrored closet doors lining an entire wall, and I immediately saw Robbi laying on her bed, on her back, completely naked, while working a rather large dildo in and around her beautifully-landscaped “landing-strip” shaved ever-so-perfectly. I immediately took in the scene and couldn’t help myself enough to watch the rest of the show.

I did not get too close to the window as I could hear and see everything from where I was standing, and did not want to frighten or disturb her beautiful orchestration of moans, hip-gyrations, and that muffled buzz of a two-pronged dildo eagerly diving in and out of her glistening pink hole while teasing her large, throbbing clitoris at the same time. It was an incredibly hot scene, and I was anxious to see more.

I waited and waited for what seemed like hours for her to cum. I was hard as a rock standing outside her bedroom window escort bursa thinking to myself, “Should I be watching this, ignoring this, or participating in this?” As I reached inside my pants to grab my own stiff rod, Robbi came multiple times right there in front of me. I came, too! I literally SOAKED my boxer briefs and jeans right then and there.

Then Robbi turned her head and somehow saw me from her closet mirror. She did not flinch. In fact, she acknowledged I was there by asking, “Gary, is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me,” I responded.

“Did you enjoy watching me?”

I replied (with my hands still in my pants milking cum from my throbbing member), “Oh yea. Who wouldn’t enjoy watching that?”

Robbi replied, “I knew you were home when I heard the garage door open while I was lying on my bed. I saw the steaks marinating in the fridge and figured you were going to barbeque them tonight. I gotta admit, I sort of planned this for you.” Robbi said all this with a big, satisfying smile on her face.

I replied, “This has been the best barbeque ever, and the steaks aren’t even done yet.”

Then I noticed a black gym bag next to her bed with the top zipper wide open revealing several more “toys” as well as glimpses of some very sexy outfits. I saw a variety of things in that bag — a leather teddie, leather whip, fuzzy handcuffs, oils, etc. Robbi noticed my interest in the bag and its contents. She grinned with a devious smile and said, “I see you like my secrets!”

I replied, “Why do they have to be secrets? I trust you with my kids so I expect complete honesty from you — especially since you also live here.”

She laughed deviously then said, “Don’t worry, your kids are safe with me, and what you just saw was my way of being open and up-front with you. Last week was a conquest for me! I just knew you were attracted to me and wanted me, and you proved it to be true! You know I come from a divorced family. bursa merkez eskort I also told you I lived with my mother the entire time. What I didn’t tell you was that I just wanted my father to be a part of my life as well. Well, he never was thanks to my mother. I missed that part of growing up. You know, being accepted, loved, and appreciated by both parents like your kids have with you and their mother. That’s what drew me to you, I guess. No, I don’t think of you as my father! That would be gross. But I do admire you as a father and am attracted to you for who you are as a father. It’s hard to explain.”

I replied, “I think I know what you’re saying. So now what? Does this change last week, or do we continue with what we started?”

Robbi Jo replied, “Last week I had the greatest orgasms of my life with you. I felt a fantasy erupting inside of me I never knew existed. I can’t explain it completely as I don’t know what it is exactly, but it sure felt real and genuine.”

I didn’t know what to say other than, “Whoa. I have to admit, having such a young, beautiful woman in my bed that afternoon was an unbelievable experience for me, and I felt so attached to you from the moment we first met!”

We both sighed at that moment. Then we realized we were now talking through a window screen. Robbi then asked, “Shall I put on my French Maid outfit and help you cook those steaks out there?”

I replied, “Oui oui, Mademoiselle.”

Robbi showed up outside a few minutes later with the most adorable French Maid outfit I could ever have imagined — complete with white stockings, garters, and stilettos. God, she was beautiful and sexy all at the same time. Robbi had been working on her tan, and her skin contrasted perfectly with her outfit. She teased me on the patio by performing a seductive stripper’s dance utilizing the vertical patio cover supports, the grill itself, and the patio furniture. bursa sınırsız escort She ended her seductive dance by hiking up her short maid skirt with nothing else underneath, while bending over the backyard table.

As she posed there on the table, I turned the grill down to let the steaks simmer, then kicked off my bottom-half clothing and spooned in behind my little French seductress. I arranged her position so that her tight wet hole was directly in front of my heat seeker. Robbi was now bent over the table perfectly. I then pierced her warm pink flesh with my red hard cock — slowly at first, but harder and faster as I intertwined her outstretched fingers with mine to create a resistant force as well as a mutual desire to embrace our ecstasy together. We pounded each other for what seemed like a lapse in real time. I did not want to cum too fast as I wanted to bring Robbi to multiple orgasms. Robbi’s bell “rung” a few times, then it was time for me to shoot pearls. I painted Robbi’s beautiful ass at the end, pulling out just in time to unload on her perfectly shaped bum.

We then moved our outdoor escapade to the backyard hammock. It was a weekday night, kinda late by then, and we watched our surrounding neighbors’ backyard lights turn off, then back on, then back off again. We didn’t care. We were not holding back our passion for each other on that hammock! We both sensed several neighbors were watching us through the surrounding fences and it made the sensations we felt for each other seem even more exciting and erotic. We gave them a SHOW they might never forget. I could only imagine the male neighbors outside our backyard fences watching, enviously, while stroking their cocks as I had previously stroked mine while watching Robbi. Only this time, THEY were watching Robbi AND me fuck like two young horny rabbits. Robbi envisioned the neighboring women dropping to their knees and fingering themselves in sync to our rhythmic pounding and words of exaltations.

Robbi and I then realized we shared another interesting fantasy — voyeurism. We laughed and talked about it later as we ate some rather well-done steak. We knew we had something together. What could we do next we thought and discussed?

Hmmmm….stay tuned………….

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