Back in the Saddle Again

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No minors, no one under eighteen allowed, this is fantasy, any resemblance to anyone is purely ridiculous. Try to be nice in your comments, please.


My neighbor lost her husband a couple of years ago. Massive coronary, right in the middle of…well let’s just say he died with his boots on.

The rescue guys and the cops, I guess they have seen it all, ’cause I heard em talking and giggling. There is no reason to laugh at a man’s death.

The man was a great grandfather, a hero in the war many years ago, a volunteer, and a pillar of the community. To pass away in the middle of sex…well it was unfortunate, but it shouldn’t make the poor man the object of ridicule.

“Hey, you guys shouldn’t be talking about Sam like that! He was a good man.”

“Sir, we meant no disrespect. I know he was a great guy. We were only discussing the situation…of his ahh…passing.” Said the one EMT.

“Truth be told, we made the comment that both of us feel like, well… When our time comes, that is definitely the way we want to leave this earth.” Said the second man.

“In the embrace of a beautiful woman. What a perfect way to go! No, we meant no disrespect, more like… Well, I guess you could say admiration. He definitely went out on a high note!”

“He came and went at the same time! That lucky son of a bitch! That’s definitely the way to go! I mean, when it’s your time, it’s your time, but Sam Thompson… That man went out in style! Hey, you aren’t going to say anything to anyone about this, are you?”

“HELL NO. Sam was a good friend. I’ll take this secret to my grave. I’m not even going to tell my darling wife, ’cause then it might as well be front page news. She’s better than CNN for the distribution of gossip. I better not hear it from you guys either! That man deserves his respect. He earned it.”

“We are never going to say a word. We are both veterans, and I spoke with the cops, they are not speaking either. The only other two are the ME from the coroner’s office, and the photographer, and he got there late, so the missus was already out of the bed, and the cops had hid the restraints and the toys and stuff. Both cops are vets as well. I think his secret is safe. You were in the service too?”

“Yeah, I was a Jarhead. But even if I wasn’t, I think we all owe this guy some respect.”

“Yes. Respect and admiration”

“Where is Margaret?”

“The widow? She’s in the kitchen with a priest. That guy had remarkable timing. I don’t know if he got the last rites in pre- or post mortem, but he was here before anybody else. He even beat the cops here.”

“He’s the one that called 911. The wife was a bit, uhh you know tied up!” I couldn’t help it. We all giggled a bit. I’m going to have to confess that sin for sure.

“How did he know to go in the house?” I asked aloud.

“I think the wife was yelling out the window, or screaming. She is definitely going to need some therapy. She was trapped under him for about an hour.”

“Wait, the priest shows up out of nowhere, calls 911. And he DOESN’T UNTIE THE WIFE UNDERNEATH THE HUSBAND? Something’s fucked up there.”

“He couldn’t release her. She had handcuffs on hands and feet! The cops had keys, thank God. I imagine it’s going to be a while before she sleeps in that bed.”

“If ever! If it were me, time for a new bed! Remember sir-“

“- I am Robert Zimmerman. I know, mum ‘s the word. Do not say anything around my wife. That’s her over there. Her name is Faye. Ok guys, Agreed?”

“Yes sir!”



It was a lovely funeral, if you could call any funeral lovely. It was pouring down rain, but they had erected a couple of big tents. The local VFW guys made damn sure he got full military honors. I was even dressed up in my sea scout uniform, I was a pallbearer. I had known the man about a million years, at least I remember him from when I was a teenager…

Yes, back in the day, right when I turned eighteen, I had just enlisted, I guess him and his wife were twenty something, maybe thirty. I think her name was Marge or Margaret or something like that. She was absolutely ravishing, brilliant red hair, green eyes and and hourglass figure. Her chest was big enough for two women, and her ass was just… The woman was just BUILT. Sam was a very lucky man.


Time moved on, I got out of the service, met and married a wonderful woman. Faye is the love of my life, and we have been married for many, many lovely years. She was one of those lucky women who managed to maintain her hourglass shape, and as far as I knew the only thing she did was yoga three times a week, and long walks with her husband, me!


There was my wife, holding Margaret, sobbing on her. I went over and held them both in a giant bear hug. I went to let go, Marge said, “Robert, don’t let go yet, I need hugs. Thank you for all your help.” I held them some more. Marge wept, and so did my wife.

The day of the funeral, I had removed the bed, and purchased Escort Bayan another one like it. I had the installation guys take care of it quietly, while everyone was at the service and the gravesite. They did a good job, no muss, no fuss.

My wife had asked why I did it.

“Honey, he was dead in that bed. I’m pretty damn sure Marge wants it gone… Can you help me with the bedding? You are smart about that stuff.” I had no clue about that sort of thing. That’s why husbands have smart wives.

“You are so right Robert. I had not thought about that! I’ll get the new bedding, you assemble the bed. Get rid of the old one.”

“I already had the bed installed and the old bed hauled away, the new bed just awaits your touch honey!” She was surprised. Then she surprised me.

“Marge is staying with us for a couple of days. She is very fragile right now. That is ok right?”

“Of course! Hey, what about the grown children?”

“All of them have begged her to come and live with them. But you know what it’s like. They all have kids of their own. She would be couch surfing, and she isn’t up for it right now.”

“Sure, I understand.”

“Robert. Uhhh…she has asked one request. I told her I would ask you first. Well, um, ahh… She wants to sleep with us.”

“SLEEP with us?”

“No, no. Lower your voice. I mean sleep with us. She is going to have nightmares, and she doesn’t want to be alone in that house. Are you ok with this or not?”

“You want me to use the spare bedroom or the sofa?”

“She wants to be between us, for comfort. You know, for us to hold her. Get your dirty mind out of the gutter. She said she trusts you.”

“You know me too well Faye. I can’t help it, I’m a man! My dirty mind lives in the gutter. But you thought it first, you dirty girl you! You are right there with me! Ha! I’m gonna have to spank you again for such dirty naughty, nasty thoughts.”

“You are the best Robert! You tell me to, and I’ll blow you right here and now, my husband and Master. Are you going to fuck her?”

“I doubt it, not just yet. You will tell me when the time is right won’t you Faye?”

“Yes Sir! Please let me suck you. I’m begging you! Please!”

“No, not here, my cute little cocksucker. I want to eat you out first. I miss the taste of your cunt.” Her eyes went wide.

“Will you fuck my ass Sir?”

“Later, my little slut, later.” I pulled her to me and kissed her roughly. “You are mine.” She kissed me back.

“Yes, my master. I love you so much. Can you feel how much I want you? My nipples are so hard for you. I want to suck your cock so bad Sir.”

“You like being my special whore?” She shivered when I said that.

“Yes Sir. Ohmygod I need you Robert. I want you so bad! I need to be spanked HARD. I need your dick in my special place.”

“Say it.”

“I can’t. It’s so dirty!”

“Say it Faye!”

“Ok, ok. I want you to fuck my shithole. I want you to spread me and fuck me hard. And then..”

“Say what you want, slut!”

“I want to suck the jism out of your beautiful cock…and swallow it all! I want to really taste your cum Master.”

“Tonight, my slut-wife. Tonight!”


As we prepared for bed, I simply got naked, showered and shaved. My wife was in her black leather bustier, and had a robe over that. I got in bed.

My wife and Margaret entered the bedroom each in a robe. I said to Marge, “Would you please wait in the bathroom for a minute my dear, I just have a small thing I have to discuss with my wife. Just give us a moment ok?”

“Surely, thank you for having me!”

As soon as she was in the bathroom, my wife turned around and lifted the hem of the robe. She presented her bottom to me. I started to spank her ass, in no time it was cherry red and she was begging me.

“Please Master, I want to suck you so badly! I beg of you!”

“Ok, but just for a minute. We have a guest.”

“Thank you, Thank you so much!” She was on her knees in a flash, my cock in her mouth, her head bobbing like crazy. She loved to suck cock, especially mine. She took it deep in her throat.

She grabbed my asscheeks and pulled my lower body to her. She was fucking her own face, using my hard dick. She was smiling, if that’s possible with a dick pushing on her tonsils and distorting her mouth. She loved being very submissive. She loved me as her master.

“Slow down, you are going to give yourself a concussion from all that high speed suckin’. Relax. Slowly, suck and stroke. Now go deep, take it in your throat, there you go. Don’t rush it. Don’t forget to breathe. Do you like suckin’ my dick?”

“Sir, you know how much I love sucking your cock, I have big, fat orgasms sometimes. I love it!” Her fingers were a blur on her cooter and clit. She was about to cum. She shuddered and moaned around my dick.

“Well, it’s time Margaret came out of the bath, she’s been peeking long enough. Come on out Marge.”

“How did you know I would peek? I am sorry for that,” she hung her head.

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it. I’m afraid I’ll have to spank your naughty ass. Come here now.” She walked over like a child caught in the cookie jar. I moved to the edge of the bed, and grabbed her. I placed her on my lap. My erection was between her thighs, and I knew she could feel it, but she wouldn’t look at me. I lifted her robe to expose her wonderful creamy cheeks.

“Are you ready?” She nodded assent. I slapped her ass and she yelped. I slapped her again and again, alternatively on her left and right asscheeks. She whimpered. Her breath was getting ragged however. She was excited. I could smell her pussy, it had a distinct tang, different than my wife’s cunt.

“What did you say?” I thought I heard her whisper. She was getting really excited now.

“Harder,” she could barely be heard. Her cheeks were red from the spanking I was delivering.

“What? Speak louder.” I said loudly.

“HARDER.” She said.

“I still can’t hear you right. What do you want? Come on, say it!

“HIT MY DIRTY ASS HARDER! DO IT RIGHT. POUND ME! I REALLY NEED IT. PLEASE SMASH MY FAT ASS! Just spank my cheeks harder! Pleeeeease!” She wailed.

“YOUR. – SMACK!- ASS. – SMACK!- IS -SMACK!- PERFECT! -SMACK!- IT’S – SMACK!- NOT -SMACK!- FAT! It’s a perfect ass. It’s so, so gorgeous!” I was still smacking her cherry red cheeks.

Her ass was absolutely perfect. Next thing I know Marge is on her knees like she had seen my wife, and my dick was in her hot wet mouth. She shuddered, I think one of her hands was missing! Dirty girl. That was grounds for another spanking.

“Did you just come? Without asking permission? You are so very nasty! Come back up and assume the position.”

She did meekly. I massaged her ass, I applied some aloe, and spread her cheeks a little to put my finger in her asshole. She shuddered again. She wanted to be buttfucked. She was asking to be spanked! I put her on her hands and knees on the bed and got behind her.

“Marge, tell me what you want.”

“I want your big dick in me, sir!”

“Where in you Marge. Say it out loud. Now!”

“I…I need your thick cock in my asshole sir. I beg of you, please buttfuck me. I have been so naughty. I need you to stretch out my asshole and…”

“And what Marge? Say it. SAY IT, WHAT YOU REALLY WANT!”


“What do you want then Marge. Tell me.”

“Then I want to lick your cock clean! I want it so bad.” She was almost in tears.

“Faye, lube her sphincter and my cock, since she is a guest I must give it to her first. Put my cock in her shithole for me would you? That’s it, stroke me into her tight little asshole.” Her ass was so fucking tight on my cock. “Faye, take some pictures and a video, use both our phones.-“

“-My phone too! Please!” Marge wanted a video too!Oh she was a very dirty girl!

“Margaret, you aren’t an anal virgin are you? You are incredibly tight, and I don’t want to hurt you. Do you want me to stop?” I went to pull out.

“No, no, NO! Sir, please don’t take that beautiful cock out of me! You are a lot bigger than what I’m used to. I like a little pain, and I really, really like your cock a lot! I need your big meat pole in my ass! Ughhh yeah!”

“Faye, would you like to suck on her big nipples while I buttfuck her? Do you think she would like that?” I had a hip in one hand, and her hair in the other, pulling her head and spine into a sexy arch

“No sir!” Faye was under her front, on her back as I prepared to assfuck our guest. They were kissing and whispering.

“WHAT?” I thought she was back talking.

“She doesn’t want them sucked on. She wants me to bite them and stretch them. I… I want that too!” Her eyes were on fire.

“Ok Faye. You two are so dirty. I am going to have to get the paddle and tan both your behinds.” More giggles were heard.

Both women had humongous tits, luscious and desirable to a tit man like myself. Both women had wonderful nipples, Faye’s being almost two inches long, thanks to my constant stretching and torturing of the wonderful flesh. I sucked on her nipples nearly every single day, and Faye would always beg me to bite them and maul them. She especially enjoyed the nipple clamps or clothespins. I was a tit man in heaven, as Marge’s big tits had wide and dark areolas, as well as inch thick hard nipples. Marge’s nipples begged to be sucked!

So now, each woman was licking sucking and/or biting each others nipples. Whichever nipple was not being mauled, would be pulled, twisted and tweaked. Both women seemed to relish nipple play. There was as much cooing as gasping as I prepared to plunder Marge’s asshole and rectum.I made sure her beautiful brown eye was well lubricated.

“Faye, would you like to lick Marge while I shove my cock back in her ass?” Her eyes said YES.

“Sir, yes Sir. She is properly lubricated as well Sir!”

“Marge, I’m going to fuck you in the ass in a minute. Faye is going to suck your cunt while I do so. Would you like to return the favor? Her clit is very, very sensitive.”

“Sir, I would be happy to! I am so ready for your big dick sir. Please put it back in me sir!”

“What do you want?”

“Oh please, fuck me. Please fuck me hard. I need you so bad Sir.”

“Where do you want my dick? Say it!”

“I want it in my shithole sir! All the way in please!”

I pushed in as Faye touched her cunt lips with her tongue. Marge did not last ten seconds. I felt her shake, and then her ass shuddered as she climaxed. I couldn’t tell if it was from the ass penetration, or my wife’s cunilingual skills. Marge had a very good cum. She had squirted all over Faye’s face.

I pushed about half in her sphincter. I stopped.

“Oh please sir! Don’t stop! Oh how I love it in my ass. Please fuck me good!”

“Did you just cum?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Without permission?”

“I’m sorry Sir, your big dick and Faye’s tongue… I couldn’t stop from coming Sir! I’m sorry Sir!”

“Next time you wish to orgasm you had better ask me first.”

“Yes Sir. I could cum right now, if it would please you Sir.”

“Not just yet. I need you to lick Faye’s cunt. I want her to cum with you.”

I started slowly, but gradually I sped up and increased the depth of my penetration. My balls lightly slapped my wife’s forehead. I knew she loved that. She would lick my shaft now and then, as I fucked Marge’s ass. Marge was starting to shake. She was trying so hard not to cum again. My wife was moaning into her friend’s cunt.

“Would you two like to cum?” I asked them both.

“Mmmm-Hmmm!” From my wife.

“Sir, we’re ready! Please Sir. May we cum? Please?” From Marge.

“Yes, come for me Marge. You too Faye. Come for your Master, NOW!”

Marge shook violently as she came REALLY hard on my cock. She climaxed. Faye moaned like a cat in heat as she had a matching orgasm, shuddering at the same time as her friend. I did not cum. I had plans.

“Sir, you did not cum!”

“No I didn’t. Would you like to suck me off Marge?” She spun around so fast, she almost kicked poor Faye in the head. I was deep in her throat in a New York minute. She truly was a committed cocksucker. She didn’t seem to mind I had just been in her rectum.

“Faye, pinch and torture Marge’s nipples as she sucks my dick.” She did as she was told. Remarkably, Marge came again, just from the nipple play. That was enough for me, I was shooting jizz into Marge’s open mouth, as she was still coming.

“Don’t swallow that spunk! My wife wants some too!” She did as she was told. She and my wife kissed and shared my cum. The sight of two sexy, stacked women, kissing and sharing and SAVORING my cum, well that was an incredibly erotic image.

We were all laying there in a bit of bliss. Something was bothering me. I had to ask her.

“Marge, you can tell me to go to hell, but I have to ask. Is there something you would like to confess about the day your husband died? It did not happen exactly like in the report did it? I’m no priest, but you should unburden yourself by confessing, at least to us. We will never repeat what you say, and you know that.”

She looked back and forth between me and my wife. She said, “Ok, I guess I should tell someone. It didn’t happen the way the police have it. The priest was not just walking along. He was there. Father Mike was… inside me. My husband was under me, in my ass, and Father Mike was in my cunt. Father was fucking me hard, and sucking my nipples.” You could see she was extremely excited just talking about it.

She continued. “They fucked me a long time. Then I was under my husband and the Father was… In my husband’s ass, as he fucked me. My husband and Father came at the same time.I must have come ten times. I was shackled, and I couldn’t move, the father had me clean off his cock. Father Mike just shoved his dirty cock into my mouth! He went to the shower. He left me there. My husband had passed away, still inside me! I was so upset.” She started to cry. My wife held her.

“I screamed forever, until the pastor came back out. My husband was gone. Father Mike gave him last rites and called 911. Those guys were there in three minutes flat. Although they were all laughing so hard… I guess they have seen it all.” She had some tears.

“The Father yelled and railed at them about respect for the dead, and how he was in the war, and a decorated hero. Father said he better not hear one word about this, or there would be hell to pay! I guess that I should thank him for that.”

“Father Mike is the father of my two boys you know.”

“WA-WHAT!” My wife was incredulous.

“My husband could not have children, so we asked the father to help us, and he did. I have been seeing Father Mike about four times a year since then. I am glad I told you about this, it’s been tearing me up inside.”

“Don’t let it bother you! If you ask ten random men what is the best way to go, nine of them would say in the saddle! He died with a song in his heart and a smile on his face, in your arms. He did it right.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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