Back to England Ch. 01

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I wasn’t sure about publishing this update concerning my life but so many of you seemed concerned about my absence I thought an update was well overdue.

As we lay on the straw-filled pallet with the dappled summer-sun beating down through the vine canopy, Izzy and I were content to just lie here and take in our last few moments together before she had to go. It would be the last we saw of each other for a while — Izzy, now a holiday rep with a tour company in Corsica had to fly back that night and I had the reluctant task of packing up the last of my things ready for my return to the UK.

Yes…in order to retain my sanity I’m moving back to the UK. My father’s death in Iraq had hit me hard and very slowly I had drifted into a drink induced depressive state which was made worst when my bastard of a husband announced that he had found someone else and wanted a divorce.

It was some weeks after father’s funeral that Izzy found me, wandering about the estate, naked and ‘highly pissed’ as we say in England having lost the will to live.

Sipping our drinks as we chatted my mind kept drifting back to last night, our final night together. I don’t know what had got into Izzy but for the first time since we had got together she had been really rough; the use of the strap-on combined with the nipple and clit clamps was ok, but the pulling back on the gag whilst my wrists were handcuffed to the head-board was just a bit too painful. I’m not normally into BDSM but to my surprise I really began to enjoy it. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it was the best sex I had for a long…long time, God…I must have been desperate. Just thinking back to it made me blush, sending shivers down my back.

“Cold?” murmured Izzy having seen my slight shiver.

“What!…in this heat, you’ve got to be kidding,” I replied.

“Then why the shiver?” she retorted quizzically.

“Just… just thinking about last night,” That last bit I added almost as a whisper, an afterthought, trailing off when I realised how much of a slut I sounded. Izzy always told me I had a sluttish mind. My train of thought was brought further off the rails when one of her hands reached across, grasp hold of my chin then gently twisted it so that I was now looking into her eyes. They were ablaze with a mixture of lust and question. She knew we didn’t really have time for this but my god, we wanted each other so much, with an animal passion we hadn’t felt for a long time.

My eyes, heart and now soaking wet pussy all betrayed my body and within seconds her mouth was crashing down upon mine. We were making out like we needed this connection with each other to be able to breathe. Her tongue expertly coaxed its way into my mouth until our tongues were together, dancing their own dance of passion. With the kissing and the heat of the afternoon sun my body was burning up, I knew she too could feel it beneath her hand which was still grasping my face, keeping me there in our moment of passion. I squeezed my legs together tighter in an attempt to block out the feeling of need that was beginning to pool between my legs. If I was getting this worked up now then how was I going to cope without it for a couple of months?

Izzy broke the kiss and I realised I was panting want of for breath; it felt like she was literally kissing the life out of me. Still dazed I lay there; lips tingling and bruised, eyes closed, trying to stem the flow of desire that was on the verge of washing over every inch of my body. Izzy had to be at the airport in less than 2 hours, I scolded myself but the next thing I knew I could feel the cold shock of an ice cube circling nipple, the melt water forming refreshing rivulets that gathered together before running away from my breasts, only to be retrieved by the warm tongue of my lover. The contrasting temperatures generated goose-bumps all over my body, my nipples hardened in an instant as I tried to squirm away.

The torture was only made worse as Izzy slowly slide the cube up towards my neck then circled the cube around my chin before popping it through my slightly parted lips, hastily she mashed her lips down on mine before we passed the cube between us until only our mashing our lips, and tongues, together with renewed intensity was left.

Her hand found my right breast then pulled and squeezed at its highly sensitive nipple; I couldn’t help but moan into her mouth as she played. With my left hand resting on the nape of her neck twiddling her hair, my right was free to wonder. Teasingly made its way down her thigh where I began to squeeze, rub and run my nails over her naked arse; following the string of her thong and teasing all the way I finally reached her pussy lips.

Pushing aside the flimsy piece of material I began stroking her pussy. Izzy broke the kiss again, reached into her glass for a second cube then bringing it back she circled my hardened nubs with it until I was covered in goose-bumps and shaking all over, not from escort bayan the cold but from the sheer sexual pleasure. Holding the cube firmly against my nipple she made her way in small nibbling/kissing motions over my collarbone, up my neck then to my earlobe. I was moaning with abandon for Izzy knew this was one of my weakest points. Her breath tickled my ear as she gave one of her cute giggles for she knew how worked up I was getting, making my hairs stand on end and my pussy clench in the most delicious way. The nip she gave my earlobe whilst her breathing still tickled my inner ear almost made me come there and then. I was writhing, panting and moaning and stroking her pussy harder now, wanting to give her the pleasure she was giving me.

Izzy released her grip on the ice cube allowing it to slip away from my breasts before making its watery before coming to a chilling rest between the pallet and my back, her kisses returned downwards and in an instant she was licking and nibbling at my hard nipple, her hand tracing the outline of my sopping folds through my thin lace like panties. Dipping a finger around the edges of the material we both moaned, her by my rhythmic massage of her nether region and me at how wet I was down there.

Pushing Izzy on to her back, her moans got louder as I kissed a trail up her chest for I never tire of running my tongue over her stunning body. Once I reached her neck I continued upwards to her face, taking her lips between mine and gently sucking and biting them until she moaned again.

“Fuck, Sarah,” she groaned as I made my way back down past her breast, not stopping until I reached her hips where I licked across the line of her thong. As I did her hips arched up off the pallet. Taking my chance and through its thin material I mouthed kisses upon her mons before hooking my thumbs around its flimsy string-like waistband and pulled it down her legs.

I kiss the little patch of blonde hair above her sex, and then the furrows leading to her treasure. She tensed again, urging me on. Finally, I do. I opened my mouth a little letting my tongue slip out a little to taste her for perhaps the last time.

Wow! Her flavour was so complex and intimate, I absolutely loved it! I opened my mouth more to slide my tongue deeper in her, getting an even stronger taste. She jumped a little as I did this. I realised that my tongue is now in the little tunnel where my finger once was, and I try to connect the vastly different sensations. I rolled my tongue around inside her, drinking in the flavour and scent. I really, really like this!

I explored around for a few more moments, letting my tongue reach every part of her. I looked up and saw her watching me. I keep my eyes locked on hers as I moved to her clit. I sucked on it gently for a moment, and then establish a gentle up and down rhythm with my tongue. Izzy nods gently, breathes in a long heavy breath then moaned as my mind locks fully into licking up and down as I’m filled with the taste, textures, and scent of what I’m doing.

Izzy squirms, and I get lost in eating her out. For many long minutes, I utterly enjoy pleasuring her. After a while, the newness of it all fades, and it becomes simply licking her over and over, feeling her building orgasm in her tensing muscles and soft moans. Something about this turns me on even more than the first few moments. I roll the situation around in my thoughts, until I realise that I’m so turned on by the sheer fact that I am working hard to make my best friend, orgasm!

Izzy suddenly stops me, her hand on my head. I look up, licking off a bit of her juice and sweat from my lips.

“Babe?” she tried to get my attention. “Sarah…please babe, stop now, else I’m going to cum.” she pleaded with me.

“What if I want you to come in my mouth so I can taste you?” I teased slyly, giving her a cocky grin, she didn’t answer straight away but when she did it took the breath out of me.

“What if all I want right now is to be coming on your juicy pussy whilst yours spasm around me with your own climax?” her face was deadpan and serious, her eyes once again glazed with lustful passion. Oh my god. When she spoke to me like that it did things to my insides that made me feel like I was melting and judging by the juices running down my thighs, I’m pretty sure I could have been.

Without another word I crawled back up her body then straddled her leg until our pussy’s meet as her tongue played once again with my nipple.

“Perfect!” I thought to myself.

I slowly pressed against Izzy, mashing her pussy into mine, and causing her clit to sneak its way between my lips. Wow, did that send a charge up my pussy, causing me to leak copiously, all over our entwined pussy’s. She began to slowly grind against me, forcing her lips against mine, driving her clit deeper into my cleft. Sloppy wet sounds emanated from the gooey mess between our legs. I pushed back harder and now we were totally locked together in what izmit eve gelen escort seemed to be a permanent scissors, humping against each other. Izzy bent her knee enough to place her leg over mine then rested her heel against calf.

I began to slowly grind my pussy against Izzy’s thigh and after a few seconds Izzy found herself attempting to match my rhythm as we tightly pulled ourselves together.

“This feels so good. So fucking good,” Izzy muttered trying to stay quiet as she rubbed her sodden pussy against mine. Needing more pressure Izzy’s hands were once again on my bottom as she pulled me towards, enjoying the feel of our loving pelvic thrusts we slowly began to find the perfect rhythm.

“You’re so beautiful,” I replied staring down into Izzy’s eyes as I held myself up above her.

With the combine warmth of the dabbled shade and the continuingly building force of our love making it couldn’t be helped that we were both beginning to sweat. Not that I really wanted to stop for the sight of Izzy covered in a thin patina of perspiration was deeply arousing.

As we continued to hump each other and whisper loving words of encouragement driving each other towards orgasm I couldn’t help a desire to taste Izzy’s lips again, to feel her lips pressed tightly against mine. The way her eyes just seemed to stare into my soul as she whispered how good it felt I found it harder and harder to resist the urge. Finally, when she whispered “I love you” I could no longer fight it and nearly knocked the breath from Izzy’s lungs before devouring her sweet, beautiful mouth.

Our fucking was now more frenzied, wilder. Our thrusts missed their mark almost as much as they hit it, but it almost didn’t matter to the two experienced lovers. The feel of each other’s sweaty bodies, our warm wet kisses and the sharp pleasure we both received whenever we found the right rhythm was more than enough.

The ancient pallet squeaked loudly under our thrusts as we pushed each other closer and closer towards mutual release. If I had been capable of thinking of anything besides the joyful expression of lust and love I was sharing with Izzy I would have been more than a little worried about being denied my nearing orgasm which was building rapidly inside me.

Izzy too was feeling as though the world was about to explode in a glorious blast of ecstasy as she moaned into her best friends mouth and pounded her poor, little pussy against her slick thigh. She was finding it hard to breathe with all the exertion, excitement and the seemingly unending kiss, but she refused to end their oral contact. Even as she felt her self-approaching precipice of her orgasm Izzy just couldn’t bring herself to end the kiss until Sarah pulled herself away clenching her teeth and preparing for the glory that was approaching for both of them.

When Izzy felt herself finally reach her climax she simply stopped breathing and froze as I bit her lip in a loving manner before I too came. Izzy froze and held her breath whilst I ground myself even harder into Izzy’s body and seemed to oscillate between grunting against Izzy’s shoulder and holding my own breath only to release it again in another, even more powerful groan that was silenced only by Izzy’s soft, sweaty body. Izzy just panted and occasionally seemed to squeal when the panting became too intense.

It was nothing short of earth shattering for both of us. Silently we embraced contentedly and enjoyed the afterglow and each other’s soft touch for a few blissful relaxing moments. As the moments passed, however, words started to sprout forth as our post coital kissing gave way to some cuddling for a moment.

“That was so fucking hot babe.” Izzy spoke to my nipple in between licks and nibbles before clamping down on the hard nub enough to make my back arch and a moan escape my lips.

With Izzy pushing me on my back we quickly switch ‘head-to-toe’, where Izzy immediately starts passionately kissing and licking my sex, something which I find intensely erotic. No hesitation, just pure lust! She breathes heavily from excitement, and I notice that her hair is damp from sweat. She quickly moves her firm, warm tongue against me, causing my legs to part. I concentrate on feeling the sensations of her tongue and soft lips dancing with the folds of my sex. The sight of her drenched pussy drove me to reciprocate her every move.

It wasn’t long before Izzy used her soft fingers and mouth to tease my clit, and just by focusing her sucking and licking on it, my pleasure suddenly went from fun to downright wild. As I started to twitch uncontrollably it was hard to focus, think, or pay attention in trying to keep my legs open for her to eat me out. Her pleasure jabs came from all different directions, and, almost without warning, I feel my insides freeze up, and then a throbbing orgasm began to run through me like lightning.

My desperate panting grows, and I squeezed my eyes izmit otele gelen escort shut tight as Izzy kept sucking on my clit, threatening to overwhelm me. I open my eyes long enough to see the pulsing image of her pussy and anus. As I wriggled about in pleasure I tried to kiss, lick and poke pleasure to my best friend’s nether region.

“I hope …you’re close babe… Because … I won’t …be able to last… long …like this,” her voice was staccato and the words came between her thrusts and my moans. I could only moan my agreement; I had no words just pure lust, need and feeling overtaking me like a whirlwind, a tornado ripping through me. The feeling of this position was so raw, I could feel every single inch of Izzy inside me, stretching, massaging and hitting my g-spot with every thrust. The feeling I’d had from earlier started to begin again. Her thrusts became harder and deeper and both our moans became louder. I could feel my mind entering a black hole, the fuzzy edges then that plummeting feeling like the earth was being ripped from beneath me.

“I….I….I’m…I’m coming” I half panted and half wailed just as everything shut off and gave itself over to the feelings of pure ecstasy as my core spasmed between my legs. I was just glad I was lying down else my body would have failed and buckled under the sheer force of the orgasm I was experiencing.

“Me…. too …babe.” I half-heard as I felt cum shoot from Izzy’s pussy, setting off another moan and more convulsions from me. I don’t think I could have ever got enough of that moment. Just as it felt like our joint orgasm was never going to end, I felt the last few twitches of her pussy as she finally stopped thrusting above me, her body weighing me down deliciously onto the pallet. I loved to be restrained by her body weight. After she regained the use of her body she stood back up, I felt her now-soft pussy leave me, bringing with it a trail of our combined juices down my inner thigh Izzy laughed a soft laugh at how broken I looked – lying there all lifeless. Reaching between my legs to the pooling mess of my juices she scooped some up on her fingers bought her fingers to her mouth and slowly licked them clean.

“Mmmmmmm.” I heard her murmur between licks. I watched her, astounded and mouth agape, at her reaction and I could feel my cheeks flame. Izzy was smiling but her grin got even wider having seen my reaction.

“What do you think babe?” Izzy asked as she offered a finger load of her cum to me — “I knew you wanted cum in your mouth so now you’ve got the best of both worlds.”

“Mmmmmmmm.” I began to tentatively lick the juices off her finger, moaning again – jeez, I’d lost all ability to form words in her presence today. The more I tried the more I wanted, the more of her finger I took into my mouth, treating it with the same special attention as if it was her pussy that I expertly lavishing with my tongue.

Sweaty and exhausted, I breathe in and out slowly. Wow, that was amazing! I look up, and notice her watching me with hesitation. I smile, and beckon her towards me. She clambers down, unsure of what I mean, until I position her sex right above me. I watch her heated wetness approach with a deep satisfaction as I took my time to leisurely enjoy licking her pussy. I watch my tongue probe her sex, and I can’t get enough of the taste. The sights and tastes and scents and feel of her body turn me on immensely. The minutes pass, but I don’t get tired of it at all. In fact, the more I experience and feel her sex, the more I seem to enjoy it.

She looks down from above, and we share a laugh or a smile every so often. I absolutely love this.

“I love you,” I tell her cautiously.

“I love you, too,” she says, and then laughed happily. The passion between us suddenly seemed to increase. Was it the matted hair, those bright blue eyes, and lustful expression that drove me wild! Maybe our friendship didn’t have the particular quality to make something like this last for ever for she had left me in the past but it still felt good and I’m certain I’ll be doing this years from now.

With Sarah’s tongue busy itself about Izzy’s pussy, Izzy’s began to think about their ongoing friendship. Yeah, that’s what makes this feel as good as it does, our friendship. It’s so free, so trusting. It feels good, and she enjoys licking me, and neither of us is embarrassed or hiding how much we are loving it. She explores me with her tongue frantically, but I’m not surprised. After all the trouble she went through last night trying to get her tongue in me… I touch her hair gently, and smile at the thought. She returns a grin momentarily, then goes back to licking me.

“Fuuuccck, what time is it Babe?” asked Izzy having hear the distant chimes of the village church.

“5 o’clock…and by my guess you have precisely 70 minutes to get dressed and get to the airport.”

“SHIT!…No time to shower, I’ll just have to dash with the smell of your bouquet all about me….what a slut!”

“You said it but I love you so much, it’s going to be a long time without you.” I uttered whilst Izzy rushed about chasing down her clothing before almost resembling the person who had walked through my door some 72 hours ago.

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