Back Together with His Ex-Wife 04

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Two more months passed without a word about Anna. Peter had taken the video to the police and they assured him that they’d continue to work on the case. In the meantime he spent hours on the “NET” talking to people about Anna and asking them for any help they might be able to give. Several said that they traveled quite a bit for their jobs and would keep an eye out, but still nothing.

Then one day he got a letter in the mail. It simply read:


With nothing else to go on Peter packed and headed South that evening. Fortunately, he has born in Texas and had relatives there, as well as some of his “NET” contacts. Calling ahead he told everyone about the letter and asked for help. Offers of a place to stay, money, or even a gun where made. Peter asked that they meet him in Laredo and be prepared for a trip across the border.

When he arrived two days later, he found 14 people waiting at the motel he had registered at. He gave each a picture of Anna and another of Ned and watched as they disappeared to become the eyes and ears of his search.

One person stayed behind. A woman in her early thirties, named Beth, stood in the doorway. Long, raven-black hair, chocolate-brown eyes, a deep Southern tan, but with a long sundress that revealed nothing of what might be underneath. “You know they won’t find her,” she said.

“Really? And why is that?”

“They’re all nice folks, and they mean well, but the area of town that your ‘Ex’ was probably taken her to isn’t safe for their kind. They’ll either be smart enough to stay away from it or too stupid and get hurt.”

“Sounds like you know that area yourself …,” he replied.

“Lets just say that part of my ill-begotten youth took me to the area.”

“… and you think you might know where to look?”

“Ya. I know where to look and who to talk to, but only if it’s just you and me. I don’t want anybody getting hurt. Okay?”

Some gut-instinct told Peter that this woman knew what she was talking about as he stretched out his hand, “Deal.”

Taking his hand, she shook it. “I’ll be back in an hour with some ‘friends’. Be ready,” then she left.

Unsure of what the day would bring, Peter grabbed a quick lunch and returned to his room. He watched the clock tick slowly as an hour passed and he dreamed of Anna. A knock at the door brought him back to reality. Quickly opening the door he found a totally changed Beth and six of her “friends.”

Gone was the meek, average woman he had met earlier. Instead Beth was dressed in a red sports bra, that looked two sizes too small as her nipples pressed against the material, a pair of black hip-hugger latex pants, that appeared to have been painted on, and black heels. Her hair flowed loosely over her shoulders and she had applied just the right amount of make-up, which was topped by ruby-red lipstick. Her six “friends” were all over six-foot tall and dressed in biker clothing that was obviously their own.

Beth quietly stepped into the room, with her friends following. “I guess introductions are in order. Peter this is Roy, Guy, Hank, Phil, Matt, and Toby. These are the friends I told you about. Guys, this is Peter.” Each nodded and shook my hand as he was introduced, but never said a word. Beth continued, “The boys and I are going to check things out. I want you to stay here until we get back.”

“That wasn’t the deal. You said that you and I would be looking together.” Peter replied.

Taking him by the hand, Beth walked him to the back of the small room before responding, “Look, Peter. You’d stick out like a white flag in some of the places we need to check. The guys and I can move around without any problem. We’re all “upstanding citizens” now, but we’ve all had our times south of the border when we were younger. I know this is hard but you haven’t seen Anna in months, just give us a couple of hours to find her and make sure we can do it right to keep her safe. It’s one o’clock now. We’ll be back here by three-thirty to let you know what we found. Okay?”

Reluctantly, he agreed and stood in the doorway as they left.

Time again seemed to stand still as he waited; yet barely thirty minutes had passed before Beth returned. “I think we found her. She’s working in one of the better ‘houses’ just off the main drag. She looks a bit different, but as a whole she looks healthy. The owner of the place seems to have a soft spot for pregnant women, cuz’ she’s working the bar as a waitress instead of working on stage or in back. You’ll need to change into these and come with me to make a definite ID,” she said as she handed Peter a small backpack stuffed with biker leathers and colors.

Grabbing the bag he headed for the bathroom.

“Umm, Peter. Considering what might have to be done I think you should change out here and get used to people seeing you naked.”

Stunned, he stopped in his tracks. “What do you mean by that?”

“Well, if it is Anna, there are only two ways of getting her out of there. kırgız escort The first is a major fight, probably including guns that could get her hurt. The other is to pay for her. The catch is that you can’t pay the money it has to come from the people in the audience. You and her will have to go up on stage and perform by which I mean fuck.”

“You’re telling me that Anna and I will have to make love in front of the people in the bar and hope we do good enough to get the money to pay for her freedom?”

“No and yes. You’re not going to ‘make love’ to her. You’re going to have to fuck her hard and get her screaming, get her begging for you to fuck her harder and to make her cum. When she’s hot and has the audience turned on, pull out of her and tell them if they want to see more they will have to pay. Make them toss the money up on the stage for you to see. Don’t start again until you have at least half of what you need to buy Anna. Then fuck her as hard and long as you can. Have her squirt tit-milk over some of the guys in the front row to turn them on more. These are usually the ‘regulars’ and are hardened to the routines. Finally, when you do cum you’ll need to pull out and cum on her. Doesn’t matter if it’s on her ass, her face, her tits, or all over her pussy. They just need to see the cum. That is what impresses this type of guy. You got all of that?”

“Ya, I guess so.”

“Okay then strip. Let’s see what we have to work with.”

Grabbing his shirt Peter pulled it over his head and threw it on the bed. Beth’s description of what was going to be needed had given him a huge hard-on that was tenting the front of his pants as he reached for the zipper and pulled it down.

Beth’s eyes followed his every move.

Unbuttoning his pants, Peter pushed them down along with my underwear. His cock sprang from its confines, pointing directly at Beth.

“Verrryyyy niicceeeeee. Good length. Plenty of thickness and hard enough to break a board from the looks of it. Anna’s getting a good deal by being with you. The only problem is that if you go in like that you won’t last a minute and then forget about getting the money and Anna. I guess I’ll just need to help with this situation …,” Beth purred as she knelt in front of him, “… let me do that for you.”

Without another word, she took his hard cock in her hand, and started stroking him expertly, as though she had performed this task a thousand and one times. Peter started to protest, but the words wouldn’t come. The warmth of her hand, the slow, steady rhythm she was using to pump his hard shaft stifled them in his throat. Their eyes met and locked in the mirror. Was that a hint of a smile on her lips?

Releasing his cock Beth removed her top revealing her tits. Average in size and shape they had just the slightest sag. They were capped with light brown areola and nipples that were hard from her excitement. A small snake tattoo on her right tit drew attention to her cleavage.

Following his stare, she lightly touched the tattoo. “You like my little reminder? It is a present from when I was down south. It was originally the letter “S”, but I had it changed. All working women are branded like this, including Anna. It stands for “slut”, which is exactly what I was and am. But now I belong to the guys, more or less. They are the ones that came and got me from the same ‘house’ that Anna is working in … and paid for me exactly the same way you and Anna will pay. All six of them fucked me that night to earn the money. In fact, there was enough left over to set ourselves up here in town and start our new lives. As soon as we crossed the border they released me from my contract and set me free. Now we’re all friends, though I sometime do perform special ‘favors’ for them.”

Reaching out, Beth took Peter’s cock and began to stroke it again. It didn’t take long for the soft, rhythmic strokes to overwhelm him and for the pressure to build. It took even less time for him to clamp his eyes shut as his body stiffened and long white strand of cum to explode from his cock and onto Beth’s tits.

Beth kept stroking him as he came. She milked him dry with her fingers, squeezing the last, sluggish drops of cum out of him withering prick. His legs were shaking from the intensity of the orgasm and he dropped onto the bed.

When she was satisfied that he was done, she looked down at a thick smear of his cum in the palm of her hand, raised it to her mouth, and licked it off the way you might lick the blood from a small cut. “Mmmm,” she moaned huskily, “that’s too good to waste.” Then crawled towards him on hands and knees until she was between his legs and took his balls in her hands and his softening cock in her mouth.

“Beth?” he asked stupidly. “What are you doing?”

She didn’t answer. Her lips slid back and forth on the shaft of his cock a few times and then he felt her tongue wiping the residue of cum from it. Amazingly, his cock started to stiffen again in the insistent warmth and wetness of her mouth.

Peter eskort istanbul looked down at her, but all he could see was the top of her head, and, even as he watched, she engulfed the entire length with one fluid motion, cramming his cock inside her mouth until it touched the back of her throat and she started to apply suction. The power her mouth had over him was unimaginable as she slid her mouth up and down while teasing the nerves under the head with her tongue.

The tingly sensation seemed to start at the head of Peter’s cock and spread throughout the rest of his body; a fog of lust clouding his brain, and the only thing he was aware of was Beth’s marvelous lips sliding smoothly back and forth along his hard length; the only thing he could hear were the slurpy noises coming from her mouth.

Peter tangled his fingers in her hair, pulling her head back and forth on his cock, and felt the pressure building in his groin again. He felt his cock swell even further in her mouth as she applied more and more suction until he was no longer able to hold back and his cum was about to rocket up from his balls and into her waiting mouth. “I’m going to cummmmm, Beth.”

Beth groaned too, “Mmmmmmmmmm,” as she pulled her mouth from his cock. “That you are, baby, but not in my mouth. You’ve got me so turned on there is only one place that this cock belongs,” she sighed seductively as she stood and removed the rest of her clothes.

Peter stared in amazement as Beth bared herself to him. At 5-foot, 9-inches tall she was the same height as Anna but that was where any similarly ended. Beth’s hair was almost raven-black in color and her eyes were a chocolate brown. It was apparent that she had at least a little Mexican blood in her since her skin was a golden brown. Her tits were 36C but sagged slightly and the ‘S’ on her right tit seemed to draw Peter’s attention into it. Her waist was 29-inches though Peter saw scattered stretch-marks to indicate that at one time she had either been much larger or had a child and her hips flared to 35-inches causing what one friend had once referred to as a ‘womanly’ roundness. Peter also was that her hair color was natural as her pussy was covered with a thick bush of the same raven-black hair.

Beth stood there letting Peter admire her body while she fought her own internal battle. She hadn’t allowed anybody other than her ‘friends’ to fuck her since the day they had rescued her but for some reason today, with this man, she wanted more. Maybe it was the size of his cock or maybe it was the fact that he was going through so much to find the woman he loved but she wanted him. She wanted to remember what it was like to be with someone new who wasn’t part of her old life and profession. After reaching a decision she climbed onto the bed next to Peter and said, “Hurry up, lover. You’ve got me so fucking horny and the only thing that’s going to put out that fire is your cock buried deep inside of me giving me a ‘quicky’.

Peter immediately stood and spun around so his cock was pointing back at Beth’s waiting pussy. The thrill of fucking a woman who was almost a stranger as well as being an ex-whore was evident as Peter’s cock seemed to grow even larger and harder. Stepping forward until it was almost touching her he grabbed her hips.

Beth knew what was coming and wanted it … now more than ever. She wanted this man who was willing to risk everything for the woman he loved. She knew she could never have him for more than the next few moments but it was a start … a start of a new life and the search for a man who could and would love her as Peter loved Anna. Besides which she had always gotten an extra special thrill when she was being fucked by a man with such a large cock. As if a switch had been turned on in her pussy Beth’s juices started to flow until they glistened along her slit. Turning and looking over her shoulder she said “Come on and me, baby. Don’t be shhhhh …” but was unable to finish as Peter plunged forward burying his cock into her depths in a single long thrust. Instead Beth a scream of delight rushed from her, “aaeeeeiiiiiiii. OH FUCK!!” and she dropped her head to the bedding as her body trembled from the feeling of Peter’s cock invading her.

Peter held Beth as she slowly became used to the size of his cock and didn’t move until she looked back over her shoulder at him again.

“Oh my god, baby. I haven’t had a cock that big in me in so long. Now fuck me. Use my pussy and make me cum. Fill me with your cock.”

Peter happily obliged as he withdrew his cock until only the head was still between her pussy lips and then drove forward while pulling her hips back to meet him.

Beth thrilled at the feeling. It had been far too long. Somewhere in her lust-clouded mind she heard the bedsprings squeaking but she didn’t care. Peter was giving her exactly what she had been missing for so long.

“Mmuummpphh … mmuummpphh … mmuummpphh,” the sound burst from Beth each time Peter drove himself into her and the sound only increased his desire for her. genç escort

“Fuck me … use me … fill my pussy … oh god … I need this …,” Beth chanted yet deep inside she knew that she had reached a plateau and needed more.

Peter sensed it too. He knew he could easily have continued and gotten himself off but for some reason he sensed that she wanted more than just a simple fuck from him. Then suddenly an idea popped in his head and he let got of Beth’s hip with one hand, raising it up and bringing it down on her ass … “SLAP!”

“AAAAeeeeeiiiiii,” Beth screamed as she felt Peter’s hand land on her ass. “Yessssss … more … slap my ass … fuck me … slap me again … make my ass burn … just don’t stop … so long … that’s what I need, Peter … slap my ass … spank me … turn my ass red … oh god, it feels so good.”

Peter felt the change come over Beth the second he had spanked her and instantly complied with her request. “Slap … slap …SLAP …SLAP” filled the room along with the increased tempo of the squeaking springs as he alternated which ass cheek he spanked and how hard he did it.

Beth felt the change too. A change she had seldom even allowed herself to even think of. Each slap seemed to break down a piece of the emotional defenses she had built up over the years as a professional until she finally felt the last of them fall and she was totally free. She was no longer a whore but a woman releasing herself to a man to fulfill her own inner desire. “Fuck me, Peter. Fuck my pussy. Make me cum. Fill me with your cum. Help me remember what it’s like to be a woman with a man,” she pleaded.

Peter heard what she was saying and only hoped that he was able to do it as he continued pumping in and out of her while spanking her.

“Yessss … yesssss … yessss … so good … so nice … harder … deeper … more … mumph … don’t stop … almost there … just a little … more,” Beth chanted with each thrust. “Almost … almost … so long … going to … now … now … oooHHHHHH CCCCUUUUMMMMIIINNNGGGG.” Beth screamed as her orgasm surged throughout her body as she fell forward onto the bed dragging Peter with her.

The instant Beth started to cum her pussy muscles clamped down on Peter’s cock triggering his own orgasm. It was only by a twist of fate that his cum began to spew from the tip as Beth dragged him forward and he buried himself against her cervix, coating it with his cum.

The feel of his hot cum filling her immediately set off another smaller orgasm in Beth as she trembled beneath Peter. “Mmmmmmmmm, yesssssssss , soooo niiiiccceeee,” she murmured.

All the troubles of the world outside seemed to disappear as the two of them lay there while their orgasms slowly subsided until Peter rolled off Beth and onto his side.

Beth rolled the opposite direction so she was looking directly at Peter when she opened her eyes. “God, that was good!” she purred, “Thank you. I’d been a ‘professional’ for so long I had almost forgotten what it was like to do this for fun … and for myself. I know this may sound weird but you woke something in me I had thought was gone,” she continued, “beside which, I haven’t had a load like this filling me for a long, long time … and now that you’ve cum twice it should give you more than enough staying power to put on a good show for everyone.”

Dressing quickly they left the motel and drove the few blocks needed to cross the border and reach the ‘house’ that Anna was working at. The outside looked like many of the local hangouts; slightly run-down with a neon sign advertising cheap beer, late hours, as well as public and private dance shows. Beth hopped from the Jeep and casually walked past the two bouncers standing at the door and into the building. Paying more attention to the size of the bouncers, Peter was surprised by the drastic difference from the outside to the inside of the building.

The inside was lit and decorated like the inside of an exclusive New York City Men’s Club. The bar appeared to be at least 50 feet in length and was covered with marble; the sides made of a beautifully stained wood. The tables were scattered around the room to offer the best view of the stages and each had a deep red tablecloth on it. Spot lights immediately drew your attention to the shows on three separate stages while the rest of the audience was lit by just enough light of keep the patrons and staff from tripping over something.

On the right stage was a tall, full-bodied brunette swaying and twisting to the sound of a popular R&B tone as she slowly removed her clothing. On the left stage, a willowy blonde was sitting on the edge and was in the process of an intense orgasm from the dildo buried in her pussy. Two of the men from the audience were assisting her by keeping her legs spread wide open for all to see. On the center stage, a young man was aggressively ass fucking a woman twice his age. She moaned and begged for more with each thrust, but her eyes were dull and bored. Watching the shows were people from all walks of life: businessmen, bikers, yuppies, a smattering of the local population, and almost a dozen women. Circulating among them were several women in various stages of undress, serving drinks or offering other “services,” but there was no sign of Anna.

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