Backdoor Service Pt. 02

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Red wine swirled thoughtfully in Julia’s high-stemmed glass. Her package had finally arrived, and this was her night to host the girls of the Backdoor Service Club. After Ashley’s performance, she and the other girls had been so filled with hot lust and exotic energy that an all-girls orgy nearly broke out on that spot. The twins Cara and Colby were quick to intervene and subdue their guests. They had masterfully denied the girls pleasure and directed their sexual tension to the next collection. It seemed fitting to the girls that their gatherings should be called collections due to the shared group experience the collected together. Not to mention the chance to buy new toys, clothes and lingerie when it was their turn.

Reminding the eager girls of the rules, Cara and Colby sweetly recited the rules for the girls’ pleasure taking.

Rule # 1: Your gift to the group will be watched in secret by all.

Rule # 2: We protect each other but will not interfere or participate without a safe word.

Rule # 3: We are the Backdoor Service Club, you will perform and receive anal sex. Oral is highly encouraged, and your pussy is yours to play with – but not to be fucked.

“These are our three simple rules for pleasure and protection. We meet once a week. Turns will be selected randomly. Be creative girls.” The twin’s parting speech echoed in Julia’s thoughts.

Smiling, she recalled her selection… The girls all had to drop their panties into an upturned top-hat, another reason for the naming of their collection. Julia’s black lace panties were pulled from that after Ashley’s gift to the group. She remembered the rush of nervous excitement as she sat bottomless on the couch watching her underwear being paraded around to cheers and disappointed awwws from the other girls.

Eyeing her package, Julia slipped out of her robe letting it fall to the floor. Opening the package, she smiled with anticipation. A red satin corset with white lace awaited her. Red see-through panties, matching heels and a long black jacket accompanied her corset. Awaiting Julia’s attention was her final prize, a glitter coated faux diamond butt-plug. She had ordered it extra large with a vibration feature that activated randomly and whenever a man spoke, but she would have to be close for it to work. The faux diamond with glitter shown happily in the light, catching her eye and her imagination.

She couldn’t resist the urge, and insert the butt-plug into her mouth, deepthroating it and concealing a gag. Surprisingly it didn’t taste like rubber, it was more of a cherry taste. Most importantly, it felt like a real cock. She made sure to get it covered in her saliva before reaching around her ass to insert it into her ass. Getting the large head past her rim was the hardest part, but her saliva served as enough lube for her to force it in with a squeal. After that, it slid into her ass until only the glitter diamond was peeking from in-between her butt cheeks. “So freaking cute!” She thought as she admired her plugged ass. Julia pulled her panties and corset on, her plug easily noticeable and her breasts lifted and barely cupped by the lingerie. She stepped into her heels and covered herself with only her jacket before stepping out of her room to the hotel’s conference room for college baseball athletics, where she was presenting…and recruiting.

She managed fairly well through her presentation, it was only the questions and answers with a microphone that caused her to clench her cheeks, bite her tongue and press her legs together. The butt-plug worked great, activating by voice and sending chills through her groin. The after-party reception was also challenging as she flirtatiously spoke with top athletes entering college, using her feminine wiles and assets to hook them for the program, and to scout her prize for the night. Her pussy became so aroused throughout the event that she had to excuse herself mid-interview to the neighboring empty grand ballroom. “Just a quick rub, I’m so goddamn horny.”

Closing the door behind her, Julia laid herself on the grand piano centered in the room. The butt-plug vibrated and pulsed inside her ass as she slid her fingers down her panties, rubbing her clit in furious circles. She must have been distracted, because the two athletes she had just flirted with had followed her in and watched her disrobe to pleasure herself. The room’s many cameras followed each participant, feeding directly back to the office where the Backdoor Service Club watched in anticipation.

“Oh shit!” Julia cried out as she realized Jake and Alex were watching. Quickly recovering herself, Julia knew this was her opportunity. “So tell me boys… what position do you want to play? Anything goes, but my pussy is out of bounds. You’ll get penalized.”

The boys peeled their eyes from her to correspond, knowing that this was better than the porno’s they’ve been watching for years in between games. They had watched them together canlı bahis to get pumped up, and to coordinate better while planning their next fucks and next moves. Julia didn’t realize this fully, she knew they worked as a great team – but not to the extent of their sexual exploits.

Jake lead the duo, walking confidently to the amorous woman in heat displaying herself, legs spread wide and rubbing her clit through her panties. The boys were quick to disrobe themselves and to take their positions. Forcefully grabbing her panties, Jake pulled them from her body with sudden strength.

“You won’t be needing these. And if your pussy is off-limits, then we’ll have to do something about that won’t we?”

One large hand clenched her panties, while the other took her masturbation hand by the wrist. Slowly, Jake began to stuff Julia’s panties into her soaked pussy. Julia arched her back and moaned in excitement, his fingers in her felt great – and her knowing her panties were stuff up her snatch turned her on even more. “You’re thinking outside of the box… by using my box. That’s extra points stud.”

Secretly she was disappointed she didn’t get to play in her panties more, but she knew just what to do with them afterwards. She’d give them to Nicolette… That girl was a sexual freak through and through, Julia knew Nicolette would want to taste them and wear them right away… But that’d be a gift for her later.

Expertly flipping her to her hands and knees on the grand piano, the boys maneuvered Julia to their liking. Jake slapped her ass hard enough to leave a handprint and whistled out. “Alex, this one has a shiny plug, you gotta check this out! This is right up your alley.” Strolling over, Alex took point behind her exposed ass. “Oh I’m going to drive this home for sure…” He exhaled heavily.

Alex toyed with the glitter butt-plug, twisting it, pushing it and pulling at it. Each time he touched it, it vibrated in Julia’s tight ass. Gripping her like a game ball, his thumb continued to toy with her plug while his remaining fingers rubbed her pussy while the edges of her panties playfully peaking out.’

“Bitch, you’re gonna have to suck my cock and get fucked to recruit me and my boy.” Jake bartered at the head of the piano. His dick long and hard, and conveniently positioned near her mouth.

“I’m prepared to win. I’ll take it in the ass and suck you both dry to get you on my team. Let’s see who’s standing in the end. If you win, you get to fuck ass any time you want. If I win, I get to use you as I see fit on my team.”

“That’s a deal then coach. We play dirty”.

Alex tugged on the butt-plug, pulling it out from her ass with a POP from the bulbous plug head and tossed it to Jake. “You’re going to need to hold this for a bit. You’ve got a dirty mouth that needs to be plugged as well.”

Obediently, Julia allowed the freshly removed butt-plug to penetrate her lips, rubbing over her tongue and filling her mouth. She maintained eye contact and began sucking on the plug, her free hands began stroking Jake’s cock from base to tip. It was then that she felt Alex’s man-tool sliding up through her crack, passing over her pussy, teasing her taint and landing on her winking plug hole. She didn’t see how big he was, but goddamn she felt it! His massive penis pressed and stretched her asshole, Julia had to bite down on the butt plug as he fully penetrated her backdoor. His dick might as well be a baseball bat, because she felt him deep inside to her inner walls but didn’t feel his balls against her bare cheeks. She felt it in her throat somehow, and knew then and there that he was the power hitter of the group.

She didn’t realize it, but her grip on Jake’s dick was almost painful before she resumed stroking him. He took it well, and she thought he’d probably been through that before. She felt dirty that she wasn’t their only conquest, even though she was the one who seduced them to her loins.

Alex’s rhythmic pounding was deliberate, forceful and paced well enough that she knew he would have endurance. Her butt-plug had done the job, her ass accepted his dick eagerly, even though he still stretched her pink hole with every thrust. It took her breath away, her pussy clenched around the panties still stuff inside her, and the butt-plug danced in an out of her mouth as she sucked it back in, never letting the bulbous head to escape. She felt like she had to shit, but knew she didn’t. She and Nicolette had some pussy play time earlier, which led to Nicolette giving an enema back in tub. That was a new experience that she would definitely repeat. The two girls had never met before the club, but became fast friends with benefits through their shared interests. She wouldn’t be surprised if she was hiding behind the drapes, fingering her pussy and ass while trying not to be found out.

A fistful of hair and a slap to her face broke her thought process as Jake aggressively took control. The slap made her bahis siteleri spit out the butt plug, wet from her ass and mouth. “What the fuck ma.. Gffffhmm!”

She couldn’t finish her sentence before his dick forced its way into her mouth. “I create my own openings to score.” She resisted the urge to bit down, but mostly was blown away by a powerful ass stoke rolled her eyes back. The only way she was going to get through this was to relax all her holes and accept this tag team. Sub-servantly, she redirected her anger to deepthroating this new cock in her mouth. She let it sheave itself past her tonsils without a gag and attempted to suck it back in when on his back strokes. Her tongue explored his shaft, flicked on his cock slit – spreading it for a better taste of his pre-cum. She tried to keep her saliva inside, not to spill a drop on the grand piano, but it was useless as she was spit-roasted like a pig on the 5 figure instrument.

Her body rocked back and forth on the grand piano like a metronome, keeping time between the boys’ grunts and her moans. Her body was the instrument, her holes were the keys. The athlete’s were the maestro’s of her sonnet. Her boobs flung wildly from the motion, rippling from the musicians’ talent.

Julia decided it was time for her to show the boys a thing or two. She flexed her sphincter between Alex’s thrusts, and wiggled her butt like she was crawling in place. The reaction was immediate, Alex’s rhythm dropped a bit, and he started panting harder. Her lips formed a vacuum seal around Jake’s shaft, her tongue dancing on his cock head, leading it down her throat for a deep suck of his dick. Her hands rung the base of his shaft and stroked upwards at the same time. Like his partner, Jake also faltered, succumbing to Julia’s expert dick sucking talent. The effort on her part gave Julia a rush, she had the boys nearly on the brink, and the power made her close to orgasming as well.

She got off on the knowing that their dicks were penetrating her at both ends, one straight up her ass in into her gut, the other abusing her mouth, and her sexy panties stuffed inside her dripping wet pussy. She was going to get them on a double play. She clenched down, squeezing her butt cheeks as hard as she could, capturing Alex’s cock mid thrust, deep in her rectum. At the same time, she gripped Jake’s in a vice grip while she swallowed his dick past her tonsils. With a final push, she flexed her entire body to force her play. Alex came first, his hot load shot into her hungry ass. She already felt full with his massive dick in her ass, but the cum made it feel like she was going to shit cum at any time! His hot seed burned inside of her, stirring on her own orgasm. Her legs quivered, collapsing in on themselves. Alex held her tightly in place, her body its own vibrator in his hands.

Her pussy screamed for attention, ready to explode in pleasure. It took her breath away, and that was the moment that Jake took advantage of her cock filled mouth. His cum shot directly down her throat in quick spurts. Julia gagged and choked as she swallowed his cum to breath. That took her over the edge, and her body pulsed in pleasure as her orgasm flowed from her core, fueled by the her cum filled ass and throat, her pussy quaking as her creamy cum leaked through her wet lips like frosting on a cake. Sharing the same mind in the moment, Jake extracted his dick from her mouth and lips and began ejaculating on her face. His dick continued to spurt in quick shots, his cum shot directly between her eyes, in her hair, on her cheeks and finally expired itself with a shot to her lips. She loved every bit of it.

Paralyzed from their actions, the boys stood quiet but firm. Julia recovered control to her legs as she remained on all fours like an animal. “Looks like I won boys, you’re mine now.”

Jake smiled crookedly at her.

“We’re not done yet. My boy and I are used to double headers. We cum twice. You’re going to be our fuck-toy.”

Julia’s surprise shown easily on her cum covered face, and that was all Jake needed to get his second wind. Swirling his hand in the air, Jake motioned to Alex.

“Come slide your bat into this ball girls’ mouth. I’m going to take a swing at her dugout.”

Switching places, Julia finally saw Alex’s massive 8 inch unit “Jesus, that was in my ass?” She thought as she licked her lips in anticipation of fitting his dick in her mouth.

The boys moved in unison with perfect timing. With Alex’s cum still pooled up inside her ass, Jake slid his unit in easily. Alex’s gigantic weapon forced its way past her cum covered lips and into her mouth for sloppy seconds. Her focus was on getting her mouth around his dick, she loved receiving ass to mouth. The dirty feeling that some guy’s dick was just in her shit hole, and now in her mouth made her feel a perverted kind of filthy. Knowing it was so wrong made her want it so much more.

The bonus here was that she could taste the difference bahis şirketleri between his cum and Jake’s. His was sweeter, like pineapple juice. Jake’s tasted more… savory.

Her mouth had fully accepted Alex’s penis, his strokes stretched her throat and forced her head back. She felt Jake next, her attention quick changing to his pillaging of her ass. Jake moved differently, with finesse. His thrusts were less of a rhythmic pounding assault, and more of calculated angles and changes in his step that drove her wild. She felt his dick entering and exiting her gaping wet asshole. Each time he entered, he forced his way in to touch a new spot in her anal cavity. Somehow, she felt he ass stretching in new ways, and pulling his cock back into her shitter for more. She had lost control of her sphincter, and now Jake was in charge of her ass, as he was of her mouth. Her body began to quiver again, the penis stimulus was too much too soon for her.

Seeing this, Alex hoisted her up into the air and held her close. Julia’s ass ripped itself away from Jake’s cock, and her leg’s wrapped around Alex’s trunk-like torso, sliding down to meet his heavy branch with her stuffed pussy. His cock stretched her pussy as well, but Julia’s pussy was eager and prepared to be fucked, even with panties stuffed inside. Jake’s entered her behind, his dick pumping at her ass from entirely new angles. The boys had double penetrated her thoroughly, ass and mouth, ass to mouth, and finally ass and pussy. It was all she could do to hold on as the recruits alternated thrusts. She felt Jake’s dick pressing against her anal wall, rubbing against Alex’s huge cock. The feeling was incredible, both holes being used and pulled in different directions, meeting in the middle.

Her cries of joy came relentlessly, she was panting for more in between passionate gasps for breath. She felt Alex’s cum in her ass as Jake’s dick stirred her pot. Strings of cum escaped, falling like a rope out of her ass. Not to be outdone, her pussy wet with her thick ejaculate and cum from Alex’s dick began to hang down as well. She was cumming again, her prolonged orgasm would not wait a second longer as her body flexed hard, followed by a release of all her muscles and fluids. Her squirt sprayed on Alex’s dick, chest and down his legs. Her body was unable to recover, and in control of the merciless ball players.

Expertly, Alex maneuvered her so that she was in a piledriver position. Head and neck on the ballroom floor with her legs and ass pointed upwards. Jake held her steady and proceeded to continue his conquest of her pink cum filled asshole.

“God, how does he always find a new angle? It feels so fucking good!” She thought to herself.

Alex made his move next, his legs straddled her face as his hand groped his huge cock and placed it into her mouth. His mouth found her pulsing pussy and began lapping at her well.

“An upside down vertical 69? While being fucked in the ass? Holy shit, these guys are good. Holy shit… my ass is so fucked and I’m getting eaten out while sucking this massive pole, I can’t concentrate…” Julia mused into pleasurable oblivion.

Her body gave itself away for a third time, nearly choking on Alex’s dick she gasped for air. His lips and tongue expertly played her pussy, teasing out another creamy orgasm followed by a powerful squirt that arced over his back and landed on her cum stained face. Her ass convulsively shook, she felt for sure that she would shit herself, she couldn’t stop her sphincter from flexing open and shut. With perfect timing, Jake grunted in a rising crescendo releasing his second round of sperm directly into her ass and sphincter. She immediately felt fuller than ever, Jake’s cum mixed with Alex’s cum inside her dark cavity, her sphincter finally satisfied began to calm down.

It was Alex’s turn next, having already cum in her ass and eaten her pussy, the felt the tremble in his massive unit through her lips and tongue. The giant snake cock had lodged itself in her throat, she could only breath through her nostrils. She felt the surging power brewing from his balls that slapped against her eyelids and flow through his manhood into her mouth. The release was a forceful explosion of cum, she felt it on her tonsils, quickly filling her cheeks and pooling in her throat. With a coughing gag, it erupted from her mouth like hot lava as she made room for air. She began swallowing the rest, working around Alex’s penis parked in her mouth. He wouldn’t remove it until she had finished the job.

Finally drained, both boys collapsed to the floor in exhaustion. Julia lay spread on the floor, cum leaking from her ass, lips and coating her face.

“Aren’t you forgetting something boys?”

“What”? Jake could barely reply.

“Plug me up, I need to save your cum in my ass for my next game.”

Alex managed to find a bit of strength left, grabbed the faux glitter diamond butt plug with her teeth marks still indented in it, rolled her over and inserted it into her sloppy cum filled ass. The cum leakage stopped with the plug, but the vibrations inside with their mixed cum was an entirely different kind of pleasure for Julia.

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