Backstage Bang Ch. 1

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Lisa couldn’t believe the bastard was cheating on her, 36C-25-35, long black hair blue eyes and sex on her mind constantly. What more could a guy want?

Well she’d show him; at the musicfest tonight she was gonna get fucked and make sure that cheating prick Jim knew about it. It shouldn’t be hard she knew he’d be there. She wore a tiny pair of cutoffs that let the bottom of her ass peek out, a yellow halter that barely contained her high firm 19yr. old tits. Her ankle socks and white tennis shoes completed the picture. She saw Jim almost as soon as she got to the festival, flirting with a couple of blonde bimbos. She knew he was watching her as she strolled up towards the stage. It didn’t take her long to spot her target.

He was hanging out in front of the backstage area, 6ft., about 190lbs. dark and handsome. Lisa walked over to him and gave him a look that would melt ice.”Ya wanna come on back?” he asked nodding his head toward the dressing rooms. “Sure, but first a little dance.”

Lisa said as she turned around and backed her perfect heart shaped ass into his crotch. “Allright” he breathed in her ear as his hands made there way up to squeeze her luscious melons. Lisa ground her hot ass into the studs’ groin and happily noticed how big his cock was getting. Across the way she saw Jim looking at her in wide-mouthed surprise. That was all she needed to see.

“Come on you big dicked stud take me somewhere and fuck me silly!” she said. “Come on” the stranger said as he took her hand and led her backstage. The door to the empty dressing room had barely closed and he was all over her. Casibom He grabbed her hips and ground his crotch against hers as he kissed her. The next thing Lisa knew her halter was around her belly and her big tits were being squeezed, sucked and licked. Her nipples stood up a half inch under this guys’ tongue lashing.

OOoohh! she moaned as the snap on her cutoffs was undone and he started fingerbanging her hot twat. He spun her around, leaned her against the wall and practically ripped her shorts off. She felt the stud yank her thong to the side and he started licking her from stem to stern. “Yess!”she hollered as she felt her cum begin. She grabbed his hair and ground his face into her quivering ass as she came her brains out. “Yeah you taste sweet, now you’re gonna suck me ” he said as he stripped out of his jeans. Lisa’s eyes grew wide and she gasped as his 11″ cock sprang out at her.

“I don’t..I never” she babbled as she backed away from the huge fuckbeast before her. He leaped after her and forced her to her knees. She was eye to eye with the biggest cock she had ever seen, “Please don’t, I can’t handle it” she whimpered.

“Either start sucking or get face fucked bitch.” he growled. Lisa opened her mouth and her stud rammed 6″ of hot cock into her mouth.

“Yeah suck that cock slut” he said as he grabbed her hair and shoved in until his sack hit her chin. Lisa gagged and tears squirted from her eyes as the stranger fucked her pretty face. After five endless minutes he yanked her yap off his dong and said, “Get on the couch bitch, you’re gonna get fucked like never Casibom Giriş before.” Lisa jumped up and started to remove her thong when he said “Leave it, I like to bang a slut with her panties on.”

She hopped eagerly on the couch and spread her long legs. “That’s more like it” he said as he mounted the willing whore. “Hold you’re tits bitch” he growled as he yanked her thong aside and drove the head and first few inches into her steaming, neatly trimmed snatch.

“Oh yesss, fuck me with that huge horsecock you stud, bang your balls off my butt!!” Lisa squealed. He did as she asked, stuffing her pussy to the brim in one thrust. “Oh fuck, oh fuck me hard stud, I’m coming, oh gawd I can’t stop cumming on your fat fuckbeast!!” Lisa wailed.

Her stud rammed into her, long stroking her through one cum after another, pounding his balls off her hot ass. Lisa had never felt so full of dickmeat before. She swore it was in her throat on the downstrokes. Suddenly he started grunting and Lisa felt his big cock swell even bigger inside her well fucked twat.

“Yeah shoot that load stud, make that cumcannon blow its jizzload all over me!!!” Lisa hollered as another cum made her pussy seize up around his cock. “Take it bitch” he moaned as he pulled out, hopped up on her belly and started titty-fucking her. Lisa felt his big cockhead hit her chin and said “Ooohh yeah fuck my tits and my face at the same time you big dicked stud!!”

He did just that, holding her head on his cock while she mashed her big horny tits around the rest of his pole. Within five hard strokes he started to cum. Lisa’s eyes flew open wide and her cheeks bulged as her mouth filled with his hot cum. “Swallow it slut!!” he hollered as his cock kept spewing in her mouth. She couldn’t swallow fast enough as he came more than she could believe. Jizz squirted out of the corners of her cockloving mouth, and she gagged as some jizz actually blew out her nose!!!

He yanked his cock out of her mouth and stroked more hot gobs of cum all over her face and into her hair. Lisa practically had to chew the thick cum he had shot into her mouth to swallow it down. She whimpered and squealed as his hot cum splattered across her nose and cheeks. A big wad glued her right eye shut into a horny wink and was followed by another jizzblast into her bangs. She didn’t think ten men could shoot as much goo as this stud was basting her face with. She watched amazed as he choked his root and pointed his nozzle at her tits.

“Yes on my jugs too!!” she wailed, as he released the pressure and several more bursts of nutbutter splashed her tits. “What a load you hit me with stud!” she gasped as he popped his big cockhead into her hot mouth.

“Keep it hard bitch I ain’t done bangin’ yer sweet snatch yet,” he ordered her. “We’ll keep her motor runnin’ while you get it back up dude.” said a voice from the doorway. Lisa popped the tasty prick from her mouth and turned her cum coated face toward the door.

Through jizz bleared eyes she made out three men, all with their dicks out. Big ones too, she thought, one’s even bigger than the cock that just reamed her so well.

“Get ready baby, we’re gonna bang your brains out!” said the one with the hugest hunk of meat Lisa had ever dreamed of. She felt her pussy quiver, she didn’t know if it was in fear or anticipation.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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