Bait a Hook Ch. 10

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Chapter 10: First Aid

We were going to spend Thanksgiving at my mom’s sister’s house in Williamsburg, about an hour and a half away. Mom said I could invite Rob; unfortunately, his parents wanted him to spend time with family and not go with his “friend.” The journey there was fine, and the food was abundant and delicious. The trip home wasn’t so pleasant. We were in traffic for over two and a half hours, and only about half way home. We were all fairly grumpy as we arrived, stuffed with food and happy to be out of car I collapsed on my bed and passed out almost instantly.

Rob came by Friday afternoon and wanted to go for a jog to burn off some of the calories from yesterday. I put on my sweats and sneakers and jogged around the town with him. He turned onto the beach and we leisurely jogged into the fading light down the peaceful shoreline.

“Son of a mother damn it bitch.” I screamed as my left foot fell into a hole. Rob was quickly kneeling beside me with a worried expression on his face. I wondered what human or animal had dug that hole, because I wanted to strangle them. Rob helped me into a more comfortable position and took my foot into his lap. He pushed up my pants leg to look at my ankle, carefully moving my foot as I winced at the discomfort and pain.

“I don’t think its broken babe, just twisted or sprained. Let me help you stand up and see if you can put some weight on it.” He stood up and pulled me up under my arms. I stood on one foot before gingerly placing my other on the sand.

“Hurts.” I winced jerking it back up. Rob went into action and gracefully scooped me up, carrying me like I wasn’t a burden.

“I’m sorry babe. I shouldn’t have turned on the beach at night. It was stupid.” He said as he kissed my forehead.

“It’s not your fault Rob, it was an accident.” I said as I enjoyed being in his arms. Maybe I’d have to do this more often if it meant Rob carrying me around all day. “Coach is going to be pissed though, we have regionals next week.”

“Oh God Bobby, if you can’t run. I’m so sorry.” I wrapped my arms around his neck, touched that he was so worried about me. As he carried me off the beach I could tell he was getting tired, even if he wouldn’t admit it.

“Put me down, if you help me I think I can walk.” Rob gently placed me down, my good foot hitting the ground. He wrapped his arm under my shoulder as I snaked mine behind him. He half carried me as I hobbled the rest of the way home, looking like the losers of a three-legged race.

My parents were concerned at the sight of us coming into the house. Mom said we would go to the doctor as Rob, not for the first time, aided me up the stairs. He placed me on the bed before closing the door. Rob gently took of my shoes and socks not wanting to cause any more pain.

“Looks like it’s starting to swell Bobby.” He flashed a mischievous look as I pulled my hoodie over my head and placed it beside me on the bed. “We’ll have to force this blood to other parts of your body.” He said as he pulled down the front of my sweats and underwear. I guess he was trying to distract me from my pain, and man did it work.

“Oh, Rob.” I moaned as he started attacking my soft cock. Within an instant he had coaxed it to life. He worked quickly sucking and licking, twisting his hand around my base, I was lost in the sensations.

“Shit.” I heard Rob as someone knocked on the door. I quickly pulled up my pants and placed my hoodie in my lap as Rob jumped into my desk chair.

“Brought you an ice pack Bobby.” My mom said as she entered the Cebeci Escort room. “The normal doctors’ office isn’t open tomorrow, but the urgent care 30 minutes away opens at 8.” I nodded as she glanced suspiciously at me, and then Rob as she backed out of the room, closing the door as she went.

Rob let out a relieved sigh as he stood up as if to leave.

“Don’t start something that you can’t finish Mr. Johnson.” I said as he turned to the door. I watched him lock it as he flashed me a large toothy grin.

“Didn’t plan on it babe.” He said as he climbed on the bed and immediately had my sweats around my knees. He quickly revived my cock from the shock and had me as hot as ever. He reached his finger into my mouth while he was sucking me. I licked and drenched his finger in my spit as he moaned on my dick. I sighed displeased as he pulled off my dick, but was sated as he tongued my balls, pulling them one by one into his mouth. He removed his finger from my mouth and gently rubbed it around my puckered hole. I squirmed as he teased and played at my entrance.

I gasped when I felt his tongue lapping at my door. He was spitting on it and tonguing with abandon until I felt his stiff tongue gain entry. I tried to thrust into his mouth begging for more, lust and need overwhelming my control. He returned his mouth to my cock and let the prodding finger replace his tongue. The sensation of being filled as he sucked me was intense. I needed more as I pushed into his finger. He quickly obliged as I felt a sharp pain, and then more pleasure as I felt two fingers wriggling inside me. I felt my dick hit the back of his throat and couldn’t contain my passion any longer.

The volcano that was my manhood exploded, releasing rope after rope of fire hot lava into my lovers’ mouth. I could feel my insides clamping around his two fingers. My cock jerked and spurted, stars flashed in my eyes. I couldn’t describe the feelings he caused. I babbled something as Rob gently removed his fingers from my now impossibly empty hole. He tenderly licked me clean before he pulled up my pants and plopped beside me on the bed. His kiss was gentle and his gaze was filled with love.

I scooted back and leaned against the headboard.

“Come here Robbie.” I said as I patted my chest. He gave a quizzical look as he straddled me, placing his knees on either side of my body. I started pulling down his pants and with his help his cock was facing me, looking happy to see me. I pulled his ass towards me urging him closer. I licked the dew drop from his mushroom head before I took his cock in my mouth, bobbing happily. I opened my throat and for the first time managed to take him all the way in. His moans of passion egged me on as I felt his pubes tickle my nose as I eased off gasping for breath.

“Holy shit babe.” He moaned as he placed his hands on the top of the headboard and began thrusting into my mouth. I held still as he fucked my mouth. I placed my hands on his hips trying to help control the thrusts. I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat enjoying the sensation until I gagged. Rob slowed down but I pulled his ass against me taking him all the way in one more time. His body stiffened and he moaned as his load shot down my throat. I pushed him back desperately wanting to taste his essence. I let it swirl on my tongue, enjoying the taste of Rob, until I swallowed and gently kissed his softening cock as it slid out of my mouth.

Rob collapsed beside me on the bed panting. “Gets better every time.” Rob held Kolej Escort my hand as he sat there catching his breath. “Thanks babe, I’m really sorry about your foot.” He stood and pulled up his pants as he picked up my spare pillow, folded it in half, and gingerly placed it under my injured foot. Rob picked up the ice pack my mom had left and placed it on my foot, before placing a kiss on my lips.

“Goodnight babe. I love you.”

“Love you too.” I answered as he headed out the room.

Saturday morning mom got me up early so I had plenty of time to get ready before heading to the doctor. It was 7:30 when mom and I were headed out the door. I was surprised when Rob pulled in and hopped out of his truck and grabbed some crutches out of the back.

“Morning Mrs. Thompson, it was my fault Bobby got hurt, do you mind if I take him to the doctor?” Rob said with a sad expression on his face.

“That’s fine dear, such a sweet young man.” Mom said as she kissed Rob’s cheek before doing the same to me. “Good luck Bobby.” Rob grabbed my arms and helped me down the porch steps and into the truck. He grabbed the crutches and put them back in the truck before hopping in the drivers’ seat.

“Rob it’s not your fault. You have to stop blaming yourself.” I said as I took his hand as we headed down the road.

“Babe, I took you jogging on the beach, I just feel so bad. If you can’t run in regionals then you can’t qualify for states.

“Rob, it’s not a big deal. I’ll feel bad if I have to abandon the relay team, but I don’t really care about the rest. I’m not a track star. You have to stop blaming yourself.” I squeezed his hand which got me slight smile.

The doctor said it was a sprain. He told me to use crutches, stay off it, keep it elevated, and ice it for another day or two. Rob asked if I would be able to run in my meet and the doctor didn’t sound too optimistic, but didn’t rule it out.

“Well I’m going to wait on you until you’re better babe. What do you want to do?”

“I’m sure we’ll think of something.” I gave him a wink and squeezed his hand. Rob stopped at a diner and we got a quick breakfast and they filled up a bag of ice for me to keep on my ankle. I propped my foot on the dash which wasn’t very comfortable and let the ice numb my foot.

“My parents went across the bay for awhile; we can chill in my room if you want.” I nodded and called my mom to tell her about the doctor visit and that I was going to watch some movies at Rob’s. Rob grabbed me out of the truck and carried me down to his room and placed me gently on his bed. He put a DVD in but I was focused on him. The way he carried me to his bed had me horny as hell and I just stared at him until he realized the look in my eyes.

“Babe, doc said you have to be careful on your foot, we shouldn’t.”

“Damnit Robbie, you got me so hot when you caveman carried me down the stairs and put me in your bed, you better come over here and do something about it.” I half demanded, half begged.

“You are so fucking hot Bobby.” Rob said as he sat next to me on the bed and slid his tongue into my mouth. “What do you have in mind babe?”

“I’m ready.” I stated as calmly as I could. We hadn’t talked about it, and he hadn’t pushed. I knew he had been getting me ready every time he let his fingers slide inside me. I knew I was ready to feel him inside me.

“You sure babe?” Rob’s eyes widened as he watched me nod. Rob ripped my clothes off as quickly as he could. His soon followed and he was standing above me naked. Yenimahalle Escort He climbed on top of me kissing me as our cocks started dancing creating a slick surface for them to thrust on. I knew I was ready and I was so turned on at the thought of Rob’s cock entering me. He slowly licked down my body. He licked the liquid pearl from my cock head before he started lapping my balls.

I moaned and squirmed when his tongue starting darting around my hole. His tongue danced into my opening and I was awash with pleasure. I was on overdrive; the slightest touch would set me off. Rob sensed my unraveling and placed his mouth over my cock just as it started pulsing into his willing mouth. He did something I didn’t expect, instead of our usual kiss he pulled my good leg up raising my ass in the air, I slowly felt hot lava dripping onto my hole. He was using my release to lube me up as his finger slid in pushing my spunk into me, letting it fall into my needy hole.

“You still okay with this Babe?” Rob asked as he slipped his finger out of me.

“Oh hell yes Robbie, get back in there.” He rubbed my slick hole and then two of his fingers were ballet dancing inside me. I was squirming in delight with a hint of pain, desperate for more, he started brushing my prostate and I was instantly hard. “Now.” I demanded desperate to feel him inside me. Thankfully he obliged, he grabbed me off the bed and sat on his desk chair. I reached down and rubbed the pre-come over the head of his drooling cock. I held it still as he slowly lowered me down until I felt his head at my entrance. I winced as his large head started opening me up.

“Go slow Robbie.” I moaned and winced as I felt him pop into me. The pain and the pleasure were intense I closed my eyes and hissed. Thankfully my release had provided a slick surface for his entry.

“Shh babe, relax.” Rob cooed in my neck as he started nibbling on my collar bone. I slowly slid down his thick cock until I was sitting almost flush in his lap facing him. I was so full, there was a dull pain, but I welcomed it. He kissed me passionately as his hands dropped to my hips. He slowly lifted me up and I felt his mushroom head rub against that switch inside me. I moaned into Rob’s mouth as he slowly slid me back down. I pulled his ear into my mouth and whispered “fuck me” before I licked his jaw and reclaimed his mouth. He held me still and I felt his hips pushing harder and faster into me. I was dizzy and desperate but I held on for the ride. His long steady strokes became short and harder. He stopped thrusting and pulled me up and slammed me down on his cock repeatedly, the furious assault on my prostate triggered another release, I felt my ass clamp and pulse on his grinding dick, my cock shot ropes of come almost to the ceiling, hitting Rob’s chin before coating between our hard stomachs. Rob’s body tensed and his movements faltered as I felt his fire hose shooting his white hot release deep inside me.

I was content, I was sated, and I fell asleep in his lap. I awoke on the bed and felt safe in Rob’s grasp. He was letting his fingers run through my hair.

“You okay? Your ankle?” Rob asked concern in his voice.

“What ankle?” I managed to get out as I took a deep breath and pulled his arm closer to me.

“You are amazing Bobby.” Rob said as I felt his strong hairy pecs press harder into my back.

“You’re not so bad yourself handsome.” I said as I rolled over on my other side to look at my man. He placed gentle kisses on my lips.

“Come on babe, I’m gonna give you a bath and then we’ll go to your house.” Rob said as he clamored out of bed.

“My ass is sore.” I said and Rob had a concerned look on his face. “It’s okay; it’s not bad, just different. You’re going to have to carry me to the bath; I don’t think I can walk.”

“You know what happened last time I carried you.” Rob smirked.

*The story continues in Chapter 11*

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